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Healthcare Reform in America

As I was driving to work this morning, I was stuck on FL-713 (High Meadow Ave., Palm City) heading towards I-95 behind a slow-moving Chrysler New Yorker.  The speed limit on this stretch of road is 55 MPH.  This car held up a dozen cars as it piddled along at 35 – 40 MPH.

As the cars finally were able to pass this expensive large tortoise-like thing, we could all take a look at older more wealthy people with a Florida license plate.  It kinda reminded me of when I first moved to Florida about 25 years ago.  I remember feeling disgust when I saw the native Floridian bumper sticker, “When I retire, I’m going to move up North and drive slowly!”  Twenty-five years later, I can relate to the bumper sticker. There is one very big problem. The enslaved workers of Florida will likely never earn enough to retire.  PERIOD!

Those people who have arrived here blocking our roads are also arrogant about paying the taxes for the services that help support their big asses (and other items) as they drive them down the road. More importantly, in their quest for the “fountain of youth” or “John Galt” or God only knows what, they selfishly and greedily proclaim their disdain at paying their grandchildren’s education – or anyone else’s grandchildren.

For instance, in the St. Lucie News Tribune (August 16, 2009), the headline screams, “St. Lucie Schools Take Hits With Budget Cuts.”  AHHHH!  John Galt’s paradise – at last!  Who cares about those little “buggers” (the name used by rural folks where I was raised in upstate NY to describe children) anyway?

What does this have to do with healthcare?

It seems it’s the same Randian seniors who are selfishly clinging to the status quo with regard to healthcare. Little do they think that a change might help them, not hinder them. A change MIGHT make things better than what they have now.  Fear and intimidation by insurance companies convince such people that things could only possibly get worst, not better.

Here is something to consider.  In the August 17/24 2009, The Nation, five doctors (that’s MDs, not PhDs or JDs) explain things this way:

“A healthcare system dominated by private insurers cannot provide families with the affordable coverage they need. A public clone of private insurers won’t help.”

“Only a single-payer reform would make universal, first dollar coverage affordable.  It would save about $400 billion annually on bureaucracy and rein in costs over the long term through global budgeting  and rational health planning.”

Back to St. Lucie County schools. Who raised a fuss when “change” occurred in the public schools?  Did anyone rise up and say, “gee, we need education for our children, why are you making such stupid decisions by cutting the school budgets?”

Did anyone use fear and intimidation to stop the “change” that will only make what is lousy more lousy (in Florida schools)? Did anyone utilize mis-information to counter the “change” (aka cutbacks)? Did any Republicans or senior citizens sabotage and obstruct the school board from making the cutbacks?  Not one. In fact, the strategy to bust the market, force foreclosures in the housing market, and ultimately lower taxes is working just fine.  It satisfies those with Saudi Arabian oil interests just fine.  It satisfies the fictional idiots who yearn for “John Galt.”

In the quest for healthcare reform, those who seek progressive change are faced with obstructionists, saboteurs, and deceitful people who promote propaganda (false information) that creates fear, which, in turn, leads to arrogant ignorance.

Facts about potentially saving on private enterprise bureaucracy costs of $400 billion are glossed over in favor of fear from (supposed) “death boards” and loss of what is currently found in private insurance (which does not satisfy many people – and certainly rapes those who don’t have insurance at all).

That $400 billion “bureaucracy costs” are paying for unproductive and unnecessary jobs in insurance “…tracking eligibility, collecting premiums, marketing to healthy (profitable) patients, demarketing to avoid the sick, and shifting costs to patients and providers.”  Furthermore, insurance companies raise premiums about 20% at a time.  These unregulated corrupt practices are designed to raise tons of money in order to defend the status quo – a status quo that only works well for the CEOs at the top of the insurance companies, not the people who actually need the healthcare.

How do we pay this $400 billion price tag? We claim there is never enough money for real productive jobs producing real goods and services.  Since Reagan and the era of darkness began in America, our corporate leaders have told us how important it is to control prices by controlling labor costs (translated from CEO jargon:  destroy unions).  But we somehow manage to pay this $400 billion cost for bureaucratic horse s***. Silly people – those of us who actually consider it might be nice for a family budget to have something other than a negative balance sheet after figuring income and expenses. Silliness!  Only CEOs can have positive balance sheets!

Then, propaganda and fear and intimidation teaches people to hate taxes. Lower those evil taxes because look how much taxes have risen!  Don’t consider that taxes pay for education, police, firefighters, and other service personnel. Evil bureaucracy in government.  Great bureaucracy in private enterprise. NOT! Consider how much private enterprise bureaucracy prices have risen.

Then there are the 300 jobs destroyed in St. Lucie County. The furloughs at University of California. The destruction of good jobs in America.  The list can go on and on. Essentially, ignorant Americans stand up and defend the jobs of unproductive workers in private insurance industries rather than consider a switch to a single-payer universal health care.  President Obama is ready to throw in the towel on ANY public option.  “Don’t make no sense” (Elton John, in the song, “American Tragedy;” about an unrelated issue of Matthew Shepard).

Thanks to all of these actions of sabotage and obstruction motivated by fear of some fictionalized “death panels,” many  Americans condemn their fellow Americans to death: the ones dropped from pig (er, I mean BIG)  insurance companies, the ones unable to purchase insurance, and the ones with catastrophic health problems.

I know little about Marx. I have learned a great deal about Adam Smith, the truly Christian capitalist. I know about the U. of Leicester (England) study of the happiest people on earth. The “happiest” are NOT in America.  The “happiest” people are in Denmark. Other Scandinavian countries are not far behind.

My desire is to attain happiness for me, my family, my friends and all Americans.  There is a document that talks about our right to “…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” The Scandinavian countries are mixed socialist / capitalist.  I don’t give a damn about their ideology. But I DO like the fact they have solved their problems and make their people the happiest on earth. What is wrong with seeking the same for Americans?

Meanwhile, to the fat asses who are unable to drive the speed limit: go back to your original home – or seek the roads with the speed limits you feel most comfortable and drive the speed limit.  In other words, one percent of the population should not be holding the rest of us back from progress.

Mama Mia! at the Kravis

Mama Mia! at the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, West Palm Beach, was an energizing show. The leading players did an okay job, but the biggest memory coming away from the show was the excitement.

The actor playing the role of Sam did a better job of singing than the actor in the movie.  Meryl Streep, however, created a better “Donna.”

For a person who can rarely afford tickets to Broadway, let alone touring shows at the Kravis, it is considered a blessing to be able to obtain the seats for this concert at such a low price (for the Kravis).  But it also helps me appreciate even more the $45 tickets to see Hairspray up the road at the Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce – and sit in great seats there.

I would probably go broke purchasing tickets to Jersey Boys, A Chorus Line, and South Pacific at the Kravis.  And that is really quite a shame considering that it was easier for me to purchase tickets to road performances of A Chorus Line and Annie in Syracuse, NY, in the 1970s.

But alas, thanks to Jeb Bush and his worship of Saudi fiefdoms and oil, we are deprived of “common man” ticket prices.  The Bush family are traitors who have done more good for the Saudi Kingdom than for American citizens whom they have thrashed with their piggish wealth and “trickle down” horse s*** ideas.  And don’t forget, “Who is John Galt?”  Who gives a damn?

Rick Santorum, The Nazi?

Dateline Iowa:  Rick Santorum visited there.  So what?  2012 is a long way away.  Nah!  Santorum could not be the next Hitler, right?

The pusher … of a fascist state for so-called Christians?

Rather than resort to the horse s*** of a Sarah Palin and the liars and deceptive jerks passing false information about healthcare, I wish to ask the following question.   I ask this question because I don’t want to just come out and accuse Mr. Santorum, the Pennsylvania bigot (whoops!  judgmental – now stop that!!!) of something I am not able to substantiate.  I am a better person than Dick Armey, Sarah Palin, and the other jerks on the conservative side who read insurance company scripts for pay.  (whoops!  more judgments!  —  well, check out Bill Moyers, Rachel Madow, Keith Oberman, and others on this count).

An account written while Santorum was in the Senate claimed Santorum introduced legislation to ban healthcare providers from providing services to “non-Christians.”  OK.  My question.  Is this claim true or false?

Let’s examine this IF… What IF Santorum did introduce this legislation?  What does the legislation mean?  He could have addressed “non-Christians” as Muslims and Jews.  The account I read claimed he specifically identified gay people.  Is this true?  Is there evidence in Congress that he did this?  So, Santorum is GOD and tells us who lives and who does not… that is, IF he really did this.  What about Jehovah’s Witnesses?  Some people say this group of people are NOT Christians?  At this point, I see a pattern.  All of these groups were ravaged by Adolph Hitler, the bastard.  Heard little about Muslims in those days, but certainly Jews, gay people, and Jehovah’s Witnesses were targeted by Hitler and his scum (the likes of which have been picked up by those in the ignorant Aryan Nation searching for John Galt in the Rockies).

IF… IF… IF… Rick Santorum – then Senator Santorum – really proposed this legislation, did he also have in mind the homeless, too?  Deny healthcare to the homeless, too? After all, they rarely get to attend church (possibly Santorum’s only standard used to define “Christians”).  Makes me think of the despicable way Hitler handled the gypsies in Germany, the SOB.  Franco did the same thing to peddlers and gypsies in Spain – as late as the 1970s.  Reagan created a whole new class of homeless that rarely existed before he stole the elections with his suave character in the 1980s.

Not long ago, observed a homeless person with a sign, “have a brain tumor.”  Interesting.  And how does the Heritage Foundation plan to pay for that one?  Or do they really care, the bastards.  (Same name I gave Hitler).

Santorum and his ideas for a fascist theocracy are representative of the Anti-Christ.  Jesus Christ said “his Kingdom was no part of this world.”  It was the reason many of our Founding Fathers separated church from state, despite the objection to others at the time.  I don’t want a change from what our wise Founding Fathers desired.  Santorum is certain about his fascist ideas.  He seeks certainty when our Founding Fathers sought WISDOM!  Go to hell, Rick Santorum – you and your Pennsylvania goons.  GO TO HELL.

Does Rick Santorum also support the Pittsburgh Episcopal bishop in his bigotry?  Does he also support the ignorance of the Central Florida Episcopal bishop and his bigotry?  God is the final judge of all those hateful mean-spirited people.

Does Rick Santorum and his brood of vipers also support censorship of sex, too?  Sex often represents love, when people are not perverted by the likes of narrow-minded people like Santorum and others who make sex out to be dirty (a certain Roman church does this, too).  Yet, I wonder.  Does Rick Santorum support the lies of the anti-healthcare reformers?  If he does, that’s more evidence of the Anti-Christ.  Jesus Christ despised lies.  Does Rick Santorum support the murderous words of Bill O’Reilly who caused the murder of a good doctor?  If he did, he supports the Anti-Christ.  For Jesus Christ did NOT endorse murder.  Make all kinds of screwy claims about murdering fetuses.  Still does not give O’Reilly the right to use hateful words that caused the death of another man.  If these guys actually taught the ones for whom they are responsible CORRECTLY, that’s all God is concerned about.

I spit on the likes of these people.  But I do keep in mind the words of Jesus Christ when he said, “those who live by the sword [gun], die by it.”  That scripture applies to any hateful violence at all.  The principles of Jesus Christ was love, not murder or hate or intimidation and fear.  BTW.  Jesus Christ represented love which is the opposite of complacency, too.

But I could be wrong.  Maybe Rick Santorum is not like this at all?  Maybe.  What are the answers to my questions?

Personal Experience: Belligerence in Health Care Insurance

My son is a great kid.  My requirement is to cover his healthcare.  My employer provides great family coverage that was helpful when three kids were at home.  But there is no 1-dependent healthcare coverage, forcing me to pay three times the amount – for one child.

When I shopped around – and Republicans, even those who promote the Utah plan – claim this stuff should be treated like regular competitive retail businesses – SHOP TIL WE DROP!  —-  I was treated like crap, as if to ask me, “how dare you look for a lower cost!”  How dare I look for a “lower cost???????”  But, gee… Republicans say that’s exactly what we have!  Horse s*** on the Republicans.  Whether it’s Sarah Palin or Mr. Steele (chair?) or Rick “Show-em the Dead Fetus” Santorum, you are all living in a fantasy world.

IMAGINE!  If I were to be treated in this manner as I shopped at Target, Wal Mart, T.J. Maxx, or K Mart, or Sears…  Unthinkable, right?  Why do Republicans believe so fervently that the same thing exists as in the retail market?  A bunch of ignorant fools live in the Republican Party.

I’m not perfect and I make mistakes.  But I certainly try to remain on solid ground.  And if I am not, I hope my friends tell me so…. and I make a change.  I have had to eat crow and acknowledge mistakes.  It really does not hurt.  The Republicans REFUSE to acknowledge their mistakes and make changes.  They love that money – CORRUPTION – from the big companies.

Well, the rest of us have little money left over to INVEST IN AMERICA.  And isn’t that what it SHOULD be about?  Investing in insurance companies at high costs – in order to pay unproductive workers shuffling paper and wasting our time considering pre-existing conditions is not my idea of investing in America in order to make this nation more productive.  Who cooks the books when it comes to figuring GDP?  Not much productivity when I spend 15 minutes or more each time I go to another doctor’s office – as a result of one doctor being dumped by the insurance company.

And then there are the pre-existing conditions.  It’s insulting enough to consider answering such questions when it comes to a middle-aged person like me.  But for a pre-teen?  Pre-existing conditions?  From the same insurance company that insured this kid almost from birth?  And this is productivity in America?  Such crap does not exist and money wasted in systems in Canada and Britain and other WESTERN nations.  OH, SILLY ME!  Those countries have the lowest cost per person for healthcare while America has the highest.

Hey!  Let’s all get on the bandwagon to defend the ideology that validates keeping the HIGHEST COST INSURANCE OF ALL THE WESTERN NATIONS!

Gee!  If I got on the insurance company bandwagon, I would be a winner, then, right? Otherwise, I am threatened by running out of money and then having to die due to lack of ability to pay. And no matter who may be at fault, Republicans would always figure it’s my fault.  Why?  Because CEOs and a few stockholders believe THEIR lives are more important than mine!  Ah!  They must be GODS!  That’s right… they are immortal!

More like IMMORAL in their greed and selfishness. The word used in the 1970s for Richard Nixon is appropriate – not the acronym, but the word – creeps!

Kathleen Parker and Citing Sources

In Kathleen Parker’s op-ed this past Monday (8.10.09) in The Palm Beach Post, we are provided a great citation of the source of a survey.  I disagree with Kathleen Parker with regard to healthcare reform (or she gives all appearances she favors the deceitful Republicans and insurance companies in maintaining status quo; PLEASE – Ms. Parker, if I am wrong, let us all know).  Despite the fact I disagree with Ms. Parker in her conservative approach (and her support of continued greed, based on the Utah example of healthcare), I applaud her use of a citation.  The survey reported that the nation is divided in half with regard to healthcare reform.

In contrast, several op-ed columns in The Post several days earlier quoted support of the Obama plan in the neighborhood of 65% and 76%, but cited no specific study.
For objective evaluation, though, we need to know the dates of ALL the surveys.  For if the survey Ms. Parker quotes was conducted AFTER the huge infusion of money from big business to inundate the media with propaganda, the survey is a sham.  It’s worthless.  It would tell me that Madison Avenue, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, pharmaceutical companies and Dick Armey are doing a good job at spreading the lies of their propaganda.  But does this REALLY say the American people are split in half?  I am rather skeptical of this.
Why do I say this?  First of all, President Obama is a very smart man (unlike his predecessor).  If he saw surveys showing such a small amount of support, does anyone think he would be as belligerent as his predecessor and go ahead anyway?  If you do, you are ignorant and stupid.

And that is the problem with propaganda.  It appeals to those who are not informed and can be easily swayed.

So, Ms. Parker, you may like the Utah Republican plan that just encourages more of the same greed and selfishness in business.  But some of us reject that continued horse s***.

Sarah Palin Lies

Check out the following link from ABC News and discover the lies of Sarah Palin:

A death panel?  The system needs fixing.  The Republicans don’t think it does.  They are out of touch with reality.  Even if they think it needs fixing, they want all to continue as it has – status quo.  That’s no solution.  The Republicans offer no solutions, just sabotage and obstruction.

Now Sarah Palin is a liar.

An Example of the Ignorant Sluts Allowed to Ravage America Like Hitler Youths

Here is an example of the kind of goons in the “Armey” of ignorant sluts who terrorize America today.  And the police and FBI are doing what?

Subject:    I Had Some Real Fun Last Night. I Gotta Do This More
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11, 2009, 1:50pm X-Trace:

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Tres stoopeedo, c’est non?

Last night they were having one of these group suck/fucks and I decided
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So — I’m out walking the dog and…, Oh, yeah! I almost forgot…, I’d
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I left the folded message under one car’s windshield blade. It said,
“Please note that cars with flat tires are the ones with Moonnigger
bumper stickers.” Short, sweet and to the point, huh?

Let’s see how many of the pecker puffers remove that “Obama ’08” and
“Yes, We Can” shit!


SNL Once Called Them Ignorant Sluts – in JEST, But…

Kathleen Parker told us about the “armey” of goons who are disrupting democracy in America, but then failed to admonish what they are doing (The Palm Beach Post, Aug. 10, 2009).  She described a bunch of ignorant people who refuse to allow discussion because fear and intimidation motivates them to “win” by sabotaging any efforts to improve our healthcare system which is sick beyond belief.  Described in Parker’s op-ed were a bunch of people who remove the ability for many of us to seek “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in this nation.  Parker apparently endorses these efforts which are similar to the operations of Adolf Hitler as he gained power in Germany.  Mob violence that shut down intelligent discussion brought Hitler to power.  Ignorant fools in America.

On SNL many years ago, Dan Akroid aptly called his companion “anchor person” on the “fake news” program an “ignorant slut.”  These people who shut down town hall meetings with their yelling and screaming are nothing but “ignorant sluts” who take their orders from Dick Armey and big insurance who are spending millions upon millions to sabotage improvements in our healthcare system.  These “ignorant sluts” are so stupid, they fail to recognize how they are being used by mean-spirited evil people at the helm of many corporations.  In his day, Jesus Christ described the 1st-century leaders as, “your father is Satan the devil.”  It is appropriate to describe the leaders of Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Dick Armey and various others who orchestrate this obstruction of political discussion and saboteurs of democracy as “sons of the devil.”

What good will it do for me to write sensible and intelligent talking points about this issue of healthcare?  For we face “ignorant sluts” of people who work to “win” a supposed ideological cause (greed?) than to solve a real problem.  What good does it do to challenge Kathleen Parker because she quotes some of the horse s*** from the Armey and insurance “scripts” that are typically repeated by Republicans?  All that will happen is that I/we get shot down rather than to have people listen – for once.  We have a bunch of narcissistic arrogant stubborn ignorant fools in America who refuse to listen and consider what is being said.

For instance, Ms. Parker, in her Monday op-ed, mentioned the CBO and the budget deficit.  That is a narrow-minded approach because the CBO did not do any cost-benefit analysis.  When I worked in a corporation, I was asked to often produce cost-benefit analysis.  Never once did the CBO consider the impact on the budget deficit SHOULD we lower the per capita cost of healthcare in this nation.  The per capita cost?  Is this too big of words for the “ignorant sluts” to understand?   Our American horse s*** of a healthcare system costs us, overall, $6000 per person in this nation.  (How about that… is that putting it in words that the “Armey squadrons” of goons can understand?).  In comparison, at the low end of the cost barrel is Japan (which also HAPPENS to have the lowest number of lawyers per person in its nation – the USA has the HIGHEST number of lawyers per person – in the WORLD; of course, I would be remiss to conclude something about these figures – perhaps as stupid as the “ignorant sluts” at a Pennsylvania or Long Island town hall meeting).  Japan, Britain, Canada, and other DEVELOPED WESTERN NATIONS spend only about $2000 per person for healthcare.  And they actually heal people rather than treat with the money symbol in mind.

But you see, thanks to the propaganda paid for by our friendly insurance and pharmaceutical companies, this message does not get through the thick brains of the “ignorant slut” goons who travel America’s town hall meetings, destroying democracy while praising the “establishment” of democracy in Iraq.  Stupid JERKS.

What are you afraid of, Ms. Parker?  Death threats from the “ignorant sluts?”  Why did you not reveal more than what you did?  Why did you not mention that the CBO really did not do a FULL job, but the “Armey squadron of ignorant sluts” grasp this one little thing while ignoring every other piece of evidence.  HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT A PUBLIC SECTOR HEALTHCARE OPTION WOULD NOT HELP REDUCE THE FEDERAL DEFICIT, RATHER THAN INCREASE IT?  HOW THE HELL CAN YOU CONCLUDE THAT A PUBLIC SECTOR HEALTHCARE OPTION WILL INCREASE THE BUDGET DEFICIT?  YOU DON’T KNOW, NOR DO ANY OF THE FOOLS IN THE ARMEY HEALTHCARE CONTINGENT.

Armey and the others SUCK big time in their Hitler-style propaganda.

If the Democrats and President Obama bow to these goons who destroy democracy because, as in the case of Jesus Christ, their “popularity was waning,” then they are bowing to mob violence in this nation.

People in this nation deserve the same coverage the military people receive. PERIOD.  If you don’t agree, then you suck.  I say that because that is what the a**holes at the town meetings are TELLING MANY OF US who want something better in America.

Posting Out of Intelligent Anger is Better Than the Jerks Who Speak out of Ignorant Anger in America Today – About Health Care

Ignorant Americans.  Blind Americans.  Followers of Dick Armey, not Jesus Christ.  This is no Christian nation, you goddamned jerks.  You are blind to the truth, you bastards who are being paid to tear down democracy at town hall meetings.
You are the goddamned Anti-Christ, you bastards.  GO TO HELL every one of you – because that is where you deserve to be.

It is better to speak out of INTELLIGENT ANGER than to speak out of the IGNORANT ANGER PAID FOR BY DICK ARMEY.  Go to hell, Dick Armey, you son-of-a-bitch who destroys any intelligent discussion of this issue.  You anti-democracy f***ing demon from Satan.  You Anti-Christ son-of-a-bitch.

Stupidity of Insurance Companies Putting Money First

There was a day in this country when a person studying finance told me, “don’t buy insurance unless it pays a dividend.”  That was in the 1970s – before goddamned Reagan.  One actually had the “choice” so many ignorant Americans with blinders keep CLAIMING we have in America.  Find an insurance company that pays dividends.  Not.  As long as you are on there Mafia-style shark list with term insurance – it doesn’t exist.  What happened?

Recently, Bill Moyers, on PBS, reported about the CEO of Aetna.  This guy found an IT department to create a database to identify the health insurance plans “most costly” – the ones that paid out more because people had HEALTH NEEDS.  (F*** such a CEO).
Here is something for the stockholders of Aetna – the 99% of them.  How much did YOU benefit from this move?  (F*** the CEO of Aetna).

Here is something else to consider.  A true capitalist company Aetna is not.  Mafia?  Yes.  Using Mafia style tactics?  Yes.  That is NOT capitalism, but based on a lousy religion that controls rather than heals.

Had Aetna been forced to pay dividends to those “better” accounts, there would have been less money for bonuses for those in the 1% bracket at the top of Aetna.  Now THAT is true capitalism.  But we don’t have capitalism, folks, we have a monopolistic greedy system that benefits a few.  Furthermore, the assholes at the top of the corporation would have thought twice about eliminating the “less profitable” who were being healed.  F*** you and all the swine that control our lives and lead people blindly in America – with your big money.  F*** all of you.

Those stupid jerks in Pennsylvania who yelled at Arlen Specter.  You JERKS – consider how blind you are.  There is no choice.  There is no capitalism in this healthcare system.  Why do you blindly defend what the son-of-a-bitch Dick Armey tells you to do?  Are you blind followers of Hitler?  You assholes.

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