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Rural Right Wing?

Dear Editors:

While your assessment of a movement by rural folks to the right wing is a good assessment, I have to ask what people are going to do to stop this?Just sit by and let it fly?

People in Tioga County have been controlled by the Republican Party.  They complain and try to put the blame on Democrats.  Why?

One person thought he was being really smooth by calling Democrats “dumocrats.” 

Yet, if one asks people why the blame on Democrats, there is no real reason and one finds out people are finding a strong and pervasive groupthink.  A groupthink which needs to be stopped.

When pessimism strikes about this area being impoverished, I have to ask why? After all, the responsibility lies with the local Republican Party and only fools would reach out to blame others in Albany.  Let me tell you about the complaints many of us had in a Democrat-majority county in Florida about the Republicans in Tallahassee which have controlled that state with one party, like a communist state, for 20 years or more.  Was that all this Republican-turned-Democrat did but to only do the blame game on the Repugnicans in Tallahassee?  No.  We came together at the local level to do what was needed to be done to solve our problems. 

Ask someone why they don’t like Nancy Pelosi and they usually don’t have an answer because they are like a bunch of lemmings being led off a cliff. 

To continue to vote for Republicans and not be able to differentiate right from wrong is horrific.  Slander by Molinaro as he tried to use scare tactics to get people to vote against Josh Riley or else be so scared they don’t go in and vote at all.  I observed that same thing happening in Florida, over and over and over again. 

When people complain and then go and vote Republican, they are mentally ill.  For they don’t get it.  They don’t realize that to do the same thing over and over and over again, expecting different results, is a mental illness. 

For me, I judge the candidates according to telling the truth and not just slandering opponents.  I see this more in the Democratic Party.  In fact, Josh Riley’s commercials merely told of his accomplishments.  Molinaro refused to debate issues with Riley and put commercials forth with slandering of Riley.  But when I see what is being put forth by a lousy leadership in the Republican Party, I cringe and look for something better.  That ain’t the Republican Party with fools who are mentally ill voting for the same thing over and over again.

I was once a Republican.  My family line was Republican, back to the years following the Civil War.  But in Florida, I had the rug pulled out from beneath me, several times, by greedy, snotty, vicious Republicans.  Note I call them Repugnicans.  It was the Democrats who helped give me opportunities to move on.  So when people stupidly put down Pelosi or call Democrats, “dumocrats,” I am insulted.  Why?  Because I have an appreciation for those who helped provide opportunities, not handouts, for me.  In the cases when the rug was pulled out from beneath me, I often thought about how, when times are tough, the tough get going. 

I see too many people in rural America who have no idea as to how to meet the challenges when the rugs get pulled out from beneath them. They don’t know how to be tough  and get going in order to solve our problems by considering the best proven practices. And being tough does not mean a proclamation of being “god” and using a gun or violence.  They just sit with a mindset for “that was how we always have done it.” 

That mindset does not work, so get tough and find something else.  Being reactionaries means just let the chips fall where they may, rather than being proactive for the future. 

Examples of local people who were more proactive are two very fine gentlemen:  George F. Johnson and Thomas J. Watson. These two plus many others, too.

A white racist bigot said to me, in opposition to what I write to light fires to get people moving to move forward, said to me:  “get a grip.”  I have a “grip.” That “grip” is on standing firm in my humanity convictions (i.e., human justice, human equality, human communities, etc.) and finding the best practices, not ideology, to solve our problems.    

My writing is more important than a letter to the editor and restricted to a certain length.  My writing falls in the op-ed or commentary “My Turn” category.  My writings have been curtailed since Trump took over the Republican – no REPUGNICAN – Party.  An example of fascism in America for which voters should be turning away from such turmoil and differentiate right from wrong.

Economy, Inflation, Gasoline, Oh MY!

Washington Week, Oct. 21, 2022

My factual commentary, not an opinion editorial (op-ed).

First of all, this is no way for contacting you – by form. I despise it. Same thing with social media. It’s all about the opinions in short messages. I object. A person whose funeral was celebrated in the past two weeks, reminded us by way of her eulogy, that using technology and phones was so un-human when considering we no longer talk face-to-face. Thumbs thumbs thumbs and not speaking with one another.

Now I have that out of the way, the reason for me contacting you.

On your program last night (Fri., Oct. 21), your analysts proved once again how media concentrates on analyzing opinions, not providing the facts. As on a one-time television program, the police detective said, “just the facts, ma’am, just the fax.” The character of Perry Mason said, “I am not interested in your opinion, only the evidence.” You use opinions as evidence far too much. Those two television series were models for the American public in the 1950s and 1960s, as reading by Americans declined (according to George Will).

Recently, a wonderful actress named Angela Lansbury died. In her series after the time period I describe above, she would often say, “I have a theory, but I need the evidence.”

I ask you wonderful media people, with due respect, why do you constantly analyze the opinions of people and never look for evidence to support such people. Where did the opinions of voters, brought forward last night, derive? From surveys? From just a few voters? Where did those opinions about issues derive?

Recently, in waiting for my car in a detailing shop, I waited some two hours in a bar. I was not drinking, but just needed to get a soda and burger to eat and the establishment was the closest for walking. Just to clarify because I rarely visit bars.

Perhaps I should visit bars more often. Because what I heard spoken by the people (mostly men, but a woman, too) was this. How lousy healthcare in America was, particularly focused on one PRIVATE local healthcare unit. I never heard one thing about the “bail issue in NY.” That “bail issue” lying commercial was prevalent – from the Republicans. Lies in the commercials. Not one word was spoken about any of the other issues for which Republicans in New York are lying so as to gain votes. Hitler’s Goebbels: “tell a lie so many times that it becomes fact.”

Never once do I ever hear the media of any kind speak about what is happening with regard to lies. Just presentation of analysis of the various opinions, even some voters. Just the facts, ma’am. Just the TRUTH, ma’am. And in the process, your remarks do nothing but scare voters away from the polls.

Last night, you had a clip of the debated between Stacey Abrams and Kemp of Georgia. Kemp was quoted as saying (paraphrased) that he made the voting registration process in Georgia an online system easier to use. Beg your pardon? You broadcast that piece of information and later last night, I get a call from a person who recently moved from Florida to Georgia. He described the voter registration, online, as being a nightmare, so he did not do it. There goes one vote from Abrams, whom he likes a great deal.

My bet is that it is now too late for this person to register for the upcoming election in which he favors Stacey Abrams. Every vote counts. So, I suggested he vote absentee in Florida since his address is still in Florida and he would vote for Charlie Crist rather than Ron DeSantis. Every vote counts.

Instead, this person reminded me of what it was like to vote absentee in Florida. He lived at a residence far from where he was attending college. It was a nightmare. I recall when I turned 18 in upstate NY, living at college but my primary residence being my home some four hours from college, doing absentee ballots then and finding it to be far less complex than what Florida made it, for the sake of the Republicans. More Democrats in the state of Florida, yet somehow the Republicans win and have a one-party state there.

Where is the historical evidence when discussing inflation and gas prices? There were many times of inflation in my life. We never pointed at the government.

Gas prices today are equal to about what they where 50 years ago (1973) during the time of the oil embargo. Historical economics evidence speaks mountains. First of all, if people would read newspapers, an op-ed columnist wrote about how, on the basis of inflation over the LONG TERM, the prices of gasoline today are lower than in the early 1950s when there was a gas increase and LOWER THAN the prices during the oil embargo, WHEN ADJUSTED FOR LONG-TERM INFLATION. Look at the salaries of the big oil conglomerate oligarchs today, compared to those earlier years? Did you do that? No. I know that oligarchic salaries since the 1970s have increased 1000% or more today. Even the salaries of workers paying for the gasoline are higher and give them a higher earnings level than those during the oil embargo (but not as much as 1000%).

The SAME PEOPLE who gave us the oil embargo are the problem today. Trump and big oil of Texas LOVE the Saudis. Trump and big oil LOVE Putin and the Russians. Putin is a by-product of those years during the oil embargo.

Did this historical evidence ever get revealed last night? Not once did I hear such examples. Instead, we heard the presentation of opinions on the side of “what the voters are saying.” Does it ever behoove media to present historical evidence which might show these voters being mesmerized by the very people who are the cause of the problem – Trump and his cronies, big oil, and the remnants of OPEC? What is presented is stupid people too easily mesmerized by lies who are snotty brats moaning and groaning like a bunch of spoiled brats.

I say this because in the years of the oil embargo and high gasoline, we came together more often to do something. We did NOT point fingers at a president or the government, due to the oil problem. We did not look at handouts from a government. How many times did I take my 4-hour trip to college in the cars of other parents other than my own? Car pooling on our own, not done by a government. How many times, when I purchased my OWN car, did I share rides with other college students (four of us to be exact) on the 4-hour drive to college and back? I saved those parents the gas money for each of four potential car loads of students. My parents never paid me for the gas. I would sometimes receive some cash from some of the riders, but I never insisted on it.

There were others who did the same thing. Voluntary car pooling. No one FORCED us to do it. Some did the car pooling from Long Island to the college, typically a six to eight hour trip. Some rode the bus.

We used different modes of transportation Only after a few years did some local governments set up car pooling options for the residents. AFTER the years we car pooled. Had electric or hybrid cars been available, we would have rejoiced. Big oil is trying to sabotage that and captures the stupid imaginations of too many stupid people.

The other thing about last night’s broadcast. Never mentioning the accomplishments of President Biden and the Democrats, except to brush them off with no analysis of WHAT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Unemployment is down and has been reduced since President Biden took office. That should shoot holes into the lies of Oz in Pennsylvania, based on big oil, when discussing a Keystone project. “Loss of jobs.” OH? And what about the increase in jobs in the economy which has caused a lowering of unemployment? In other words, it’s lousy to lower unemployment but boy is it lousy that there is a lack of jobs due to – Keystone – offshore drilling in Florida, etc., etc. etc.

And then to hear some dwell on the reason to be against electric vehicles is the unfunded mandates for putting such vehicles in public transit. I have seen Republicans do unfunded mandates MANY, MANY, MANY times – to the detriment of public education. Don’t notice these people who are whiners complaining about those unfunded mandates which cause the taxes for public education to increase.

As for inflation, those of us who lived through inflationary periods have a great deal to teach, but are being shut down by the listeners of false information – from Fox News. how many times have I tried to take the opportunity to TEACH (my career was teaching) and other on the “red” side of the coin simply talk over me and not allow me to say one thing? My only way to say anything is writing, as in this example. But the media makes it more difficult to get published, with short snippy little tweets full of emotions and opinions, not the facts.

And who reads newspapers, right? Those of us who don’t like what I describe here which happened in last night’s Washington Week. The rest of the snotty young spoiled brats don’t read newspapers. Yet, in the newspapers of LOCAL INFORMATION and so forth, we have read information explaining how to overcome inflation. Instead, the Republican jerks of America rely on the fact that people don’t read such information and wisdom of age and inspire these brats against the government of Joe Biden and the Democrats. People who are NOT PERFECT, but have a record of doing some good things to counter what has been happening. The good things apparently are being BURIED by the strategies of lies and emotions emanating from a Republican Party leadership. Thus, these bastards LOVE it that we don’t come together as a nation and figure out how we can all deal with the inflation. They just expect someone to fix it.

When I was recently in a grocery store and looking for short ribs for a recipe I came across, the prices of short ribs exceeded $10 per pound. WOW! I was not going to pay that price. Sometimes, due to the cost, the stores just did not stock that meat.

When speaking with a human being called a butcher (at the store), it was suggested to me there is a less expensive cut of beef I could consider using to replace the short ribs. It was still on the expensive side, but it was worth considering. My thanks to human beings like that on the supply side who can help those of us on the demand side of a capitalist market, during these days of turmoil.

Yes, these examples are from the Middle Class. Yes, there is some suffering in the Middle Class. But so far, it has been Republicans who have worked to decrease the opportunities for people to live in the Middle Class, hoping to have “trickle-down economics” to all who become slaves and more impoverished. It has already been happening. Jack Walsh of GE, an anti-LGBTQ bigot, destroying the pensions of employees, leaving them with higher risk individual retirement accounts, while he and others have been corrupt and unethical in taking all the money for their bonuses and the 1000% increase they have gained since the 1970s. Many other CEOs, in particular big oil and the Koch brothers, have worked for the same results. Hording money at the top and denying it, but in a trickle, to the bottom, while private business and privatization have increased the costs for us in the Middle Class.

Did your media folks even delve into this issue? Not. Once again. Analyzing opinions only.

Mortgage rates. 3% in the 1950s when our parents purchased homes. 12% and 13% when we attempted to purchase a home in the 1980s. This was done under the REPUBLICANS who had PROMISED to reduce the interest rates. In 1982, under Reagan, 12%. In 1988 under George H.W. Bush, about 10 or 11% – still double figures.

Promises, promises, promises so as to only blame Democrats and unseat Democrats by not fulfilling the promises they likely COULD NOT fulfill. Those Republicans only delivered for FIRST-TIME HOMEBUYERS, not those who had already owned a home. Historical evidence, once again. Those of us who had already purchased homes at the high rates did not see relief into the single digits until Democrat, Bill Clinton. Meanwhile, Reagan and the Republicans had won over the YOUNGER Baby Boomers who were the first-time home buyers. It was such people and younger who are the mean-spirited and vicious ones defending Republicans today, with their bratty spoiled attitudes, especially when things don’t go their way. They own huge acreage and more than what i can afford on a teacher’s salary and still wish to ask for more. Just like Ebeneezer Scrooge and the LOVE OF MONEY and MATERIALISM, before human beings.

Today, the fault with high housing prices and a possible head to high interest rates has been caused by Republican bank buddies, flipping of homes and corruption in selling new homes in new developments (particularly in Florida, as written by investigative LOCAL NEWS reporters, backed by librarians doing research, in the early 2000s). All of this opened the doors for corporate slum lords to move in to purchase homes and FORCE the people of Florida to rent rather than the “American dream” of house ownership for the LONG TERM. (And Suze Oman validates this with “the new American dream,” so as to make young folk feel better about all of this, rather than rid us of the thieves of business who are doing this – robber barons. What a joke).

And then there is the complaint by some regarding how President Biden is following precedence with the Chinese and taxes. Such spoiled brats are irritating and obnoxious because they ignore the ideas of the use of infrastructure development to light a fire under development of the U.S. semi-conductor industry. Why would he do such a thing? Because the semi-conductor industry is based in Taiwan, China realizes this, and intends to take over the nation. You think the tax situation with China is bad? Think about what would happen should all semi-conductors be made by THE COMMUNIST CHINESE. Better yet, think about coming to the defense of Taiwan and what that would entail. Give up our rights in America for the sake of averting war? Go to hell.

Again. Why did your media folk not go into what I have mentioned? Why do you not interject the facts and just concentrate on analyzing opinions? WHY? Unless this is changed, it will be the downfall of American democracy. Makes me wonder who is TRULY paying for the media in America today.

“Purple mountain majesty…” America the Beautiful. It does not read, “red mountain majesty…” It does not read, “blue mountain majesty…” It reads PURPLE, a combination of red and blue. How appropriate. How interesting that this portrays a beautiful America, a nation which SHOULD be working together for the betterment of this beautiful land, not scoffing and scarring those who are trying to do so. Working against one another, rather than blasting one another with guns, ammunition and “the bombs bursting in air…”

It is said that the most popular song played by the U.S. Marine Corps band is NOT the “Star Spangled Banner,” but “Stars and Stripes Forever.” Not “stars and bars,” which is the symbol of a certain battle flag. I suppose we can see that the later one is a verse with words that rhyme. Rhyme has nothing to do with the words we use, in this case, because the only rhyme or harmony, in this example, is inclusive only to white supremacists.

Let us work together for beating inflation and gasoline prices, not argue for one side or the other. Such ways are an abomination against democracy, supported by Satan and the Evil Spirit.


Sense of Humor About Google Spam

How does Google email handle spam filters and messages coming as “subscribed” when a person never “subscribed?” Inquiring minds wan to know. Because Google does not have computer systems to manage this well.

I am opposed to fascist Republicans which control the political party to which I once belonged. Shall I name names? If you wish.

So, I am receiving many email messages.

Just lately, many messages which are friendly to my cause are being sent to spam and I have to release them from spam. I spend time doing this and I have better things to do with my time. This is how technology has made my life better and junked good jobs for humans to receive incoming calls, rather than computers? Humans who are able to get a step in the door at a corporation, learn skills and move onward, if they desire. How far do computers move?

Just lately I have been receiving messages from Trump folks which I disdain. They do not often go to spam. And when I check them, I notice I have a link to “unsubscribe.” I did not subscribe to these messages, so to have a link to unsubscribe is absurd.

Perhaps this is all a form of mockery. So those who wish to mock me, have a great time in laughing about it as your form of humor. I will tell you where such people with their sense of humor should go. I will zip my mouth on that and only hope they get spattered with manure and rotten tomatoes.

Here is my smile: 😃 Notice I am bearing my teeth, like a bear ready to chomp.

“America less split than seems” (Scranton Times-Tribune, Sept. 11, 2022)

To the Editors of Scranton Times & Kathleen Parker, Washington Post (Jeff Bezos’s newspaper?):

Kudos for an informative op-ed regarding the polarization of America.  The facts presented by John Avlon who has had a career “advancing centrism and fighting extremism” are very well understood and can also advance the ability of Americans to learn rather than dig in with an emotional spark and little or no knowledge.  The statistics demonstrating that a range of about 60 to 75% of Americans support same-sex marriage, cannabis legalization, and are pro-choice.  For many years, we have known about such numbers.  In a national referendum in Australia, we might seem to recall these numbers were close to the numbers here which are based on polls, not a democratic government run by referendums of the people.  Instead, we have a man running Fox News who is Australian and uses the back door to impose his wishes and those of the minority of people who are quoted in this op-ed.  They force control of the U.S. Senate so as to appoint members of the minority to a Supreme Court, including puritanical idiots of the Roman Catholic Church which is a minority in this nation but dictates by way of a court, not the referendums, as in Australia and other nations.  Bravo for the information, but consider that Hitler came to power after advocating gay rights, but once the power was consolidated with guns and violence, he turned on many people, including the LGBTQ community in Germany.  Castro did the same thing in his dictatorship in Cuba, yet idiots like Marco Rubio has blinders on and lacks knowledge and a THINKING ability, so as to react with emotions instead. 

As for referendums of democracy, people also need to know there are at least TWO referendums on different issues than what is outlined here in which the voters approved of the referendums.  This was the state where Trump hides out an with stupid lawyers like Giuliani,  tries to protect his right to classified documents which he HAS NO RIGHT.  In that state of Florida, Rick Scott, now sitting in the U.S. Senate, and Ron DeSantis, now a sitting in the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee, have negated what the voters of Florida approved, on two different issues.  Furthermore, there is no referendum in Florida regarding same-sex marriage, pro-choice, or cannabis, so Ron DeSantis puts forth legislation to attempt to destroy some of those issues, attempt to allow people to stand their ground against those who dissent of the governor by the use of guns and violence, and issues an ultimatum against Walt Disney for dissenting against his stand on sexual identity and the teaching about the truth regarding the history of racism in Florida and America.  As with so many other examples from George W. Bush and the Republicans, these fascist Republicans use these issues as wedge issues of fear, so as to get people who might be on the 70% of the side of the issues, to vote for their candidacy.  They tarnish Democrats and independents who may be people who support such issues. That is the only way such fascists can win elections.  It was the only way that a minority of people in Germany or Italy could win elections enough to take command.  Add to that the guns and violence such people use. 

As to the quotation of the military writer, Thomas E. Ricks, there is a prediction of a low probability of a U.S. civil war.  Very positive thoughts to consider.  Except this ignores the fact that there was really no civil war which brought Hitler to power, either.  And Trump and others have studied the tactics and strategies used by Hitler.  I have read about some in Texas and other areas of this nation who have purportedly studied, with added accolades from many, the tactics and strategies of Tojo of Japan when he rose to power in that nation, too.  The hope and positive attitude of the commentary given by Ms. Parker is very good.  I hate to be negative, but these other historical facts which I mention cannot be ignored.  Perhaps it is necessary for me to apologize for having a negative answer?  Silly me for wishing to seek the truth so it can set us free. 

People in 70 AD also sought the truth when a fascist-supporting army of Roman General Titus invaded Jerusalem so as to destroy (predicted by Jesus Christ).  Trump, Giuliani, and many of their mobster goons goons wish to do destruction and not reform.  To reform is what happens in a democracy.  Historical evidence also points out the times that democracy has worked very well in accomplishing reform and doing so without guns, violence, and bloodshed. 

The Book Thief

Dear Editors:

As a librarian, I think the librarian who burned books about Trump needs to read a book titled, The Book Thief. For the book describes book burning and  censorship in Hitler’s Germany. When we do the same thing Hitler did, we stoop to that low level of barbarism. 

With this being said, it also applies to the same barbarism of Ron Desantis of Florida. 

This also applies to the Bible thumping fundies in Florida who wanted books removed from library shelves in Florida because they were about sex, homosexuality and other topics in opposition to fundie supposed Christian ideas. 

To deal with this issue, a Florida library colleague provides us with a good example. When a group of fundies from a Southern Baptist group visited the librarian’s public library, they insisted that any books discussing sex be removed. The librarian did no burning. Instead, she picked up a number of Bibles and threw them in a trash can. “There. I have complied with your wishes.” They were flabbergasted and walked out. 

Book burning and censorship are stooping to very low levels of the fascists and Nazis. It is only a last resort.

Recommend reading about this topic. The Book Thief is a good start.

Shall We Discuss Trade Deficits?

Dear Editors:

Perhaps I am just weird because I take a different perspective and look at issues by doing so with a goal to effectively promoting humanitarian visions and looking through the lenses of learning from history. I find it appalling the number of times those in the media simply invoke their own conclusions without really digging deep into the details. The trade deficit is one such issue recently identified in your newspaper.

I might also one point (as I extend my writing too much, I am sure). That I like the fact that your newspaper maintains a very complete business section. I also like the other sections which you have and have been ripped out of Gannett local newspapers, whether in Binghamton, Ithaca, Melbourne, Florida, or West Palm Beach, Florida. For instance, sections which focus on culture and not just shallow entertainment we are dished out from shallow companies like Spectrum, Dish, DirecTV, etc. I only wish your newspaper would expand up here to Binghamton and provide capitalist competition here in this area. When I delivered newspapers here in the Binghamton area, there WAS competition. I delivered the Sun-Bulletin in the morning and there was also the Gannett, Evening Press. Today both are merged into one monopoly here. 

OK. Trade deficit. Yes, we are facing a large trade deficit. Do we point fingers or figure out a way to fix this? Perhaps in order to get to the root of the problem, we need to point fingers, so as to LEARN FROM THE PAST, rather than being barbaric and uncivilized and pointing fingers. For in that case, if Trump points one finger at the Democrats, there are three other fingers pointing back at that ass of a business leader who knows nothing about how to treat human beings. So one can say the same thing about me, right, should I point one finger. There are three pointing back at me. But let me be clear. I point the finger and then rely on what Kierkegaard said:

​Let me begin.

When the Republicans under George H.W. Bush proposed a treaty like NAFTA, they was also, according to Lee Iaccoca (2007) in Japan throwing the American auto companies and its unions under the bus. He arranged that Toyota and other companies could come to America, but refused to open up the markets in Japan for American companies to openly sell there. ​No wonder, at the buffet Bush attended when “honoring” that trade agreement, he vomited. Does anyone remember that? Iaccoca describes it, but I recall hearing about it by way of the American media.

Bush with the Republicans then pushed ahead on ideas for what became NAFTA. He lost the election in 1992. The stupidity of the Democrat who won was to “appease” the Republicans and NAFTA was put in place. Yes, the Republicans have reasons today to point a finger at Clinton and the Democrats for NAFTA.

NAFTA has been great for Mexico. It has been great for American executives to steal money from pensions, Social Security, and Medicare by ridding America of higher paying jobs, as we watched them all go overseas to cheap labor. Since Reagan, CEO salaries have increased by over 1000%, with all the bonuses and thievery due to a love of money. Wages and salaries for American labor have been fairly flat during those years. In fact, for me, myself, and I, I LOST salary, due to Republican efforts to deregulate and create monopolies.

Which brings up the point about deregulation. Deregulation was meant to destroy unions and the better salaries with living wages in America. AT&T was deregulated by Reaganomics, in the name of IBM, a NON-UNION company which treated its employees with great benefits. After AT&T was destroyed, the world was an oyster for IBM, but what happened to the benefits once put in place by Thomas J. Watson when there was a reduced competitive environment? You don’t know what I am saying? Look into the wonderful Unix operating system developed by AT&T’s Bell Labs and what has happened to that? Look into the strategy AT&T wanted in those years, but Reagan and his Republican cronies in business destroyed the company. Yes, government WAS the problem, just a few years after Reagan declared government as being a problem and he had fired the air traffic controllers for creating a union. Government controlled by CEOs, monopoly, and corporate PACs and lobbyists and government DID become the problem.  To the stupidity of younger people today: that does not mean we should destroy government with fake news and unproven and lying conspiracy theories.
Get a life and recognize that you bastards on Jan. 6, 2021, were irresponsible in your quest for “liberty and freedom.” You bastards don’t know what liberty and justice” for all really and truly means, so you think you were not treasonous, as you used violence and bloodshed to attempt to work out perverted insurrection. You are wrong. The Republicans who defend it are wrong. There. I had to say this, as I am talking about trade deficit. My apologies for saying this, as I see it related to the stupidity all around regarding conclusions about the trade deficit. You don’t want to fix a democracy, you want to destroy a democracy with lies about the 2020 election. TRUMP NEVER WON YOU DAMN ASSHOLES. TRUMP NEVER WON, YOU DAMN ASSHOLES. GET THAT, YET? TRUMP NEVER WON IN 2020. So let us all live with liberty and justice for all. You talk about your GODDAMN individual rights for liberty and that does NOT provide for justice for all. You try to validate what you damn asses do by saying only YOUR god rules the nation, so “one nation under [YOUR FREAKING] god, with liberty and justice for all.” There are many very good Americans who don’t believe in your GODDAMN god of EVIL and we don’t want you disturbing the peace of America. For peace and justice go hand and hand. So you want to be like the Taliban and execute those who don’t agree, doing so in the name of your FREAKING LOUSY PERVERTED god, and therefore have justice when people are gone.

​Back to the trade deficit.

Let’s be blunt. The Founding Fathers, from the past, gave us ways to handle trade deficits. America was a brand new nation with a HUGE trade deficit. They established checks and balances in politics and economics. Economics based on the TRUE definition established by Adam Smith, a contemporary of our Founding Fathers.  Infrastructure projects were started, beginning with the one begun by Governor Clinton of New York because of his intelligence in recognizing that the flatlands which​ crossed upstate New York from Albany to Buffalo, were an excellent way to increase transportation for the sake of goods being transported. Need I say more about this, or will I go into too much detail for people who don’t understand what this was about?

Later, the railroad infrastructures were established with business and government alliances for INFRASTRUCTURE made it happen. The interstate road system was an infrastructure for the purposes of expanding business and commerce. It destroyed the rail system for which American taxes and business investments had created. All in the name of “change for the sake of change.” In fact, it was CHANGE for the sake of INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS of Americans who clamored after the personal automobile.

We built a business for cars. The American auto industry was once the “Big Three” around the world. We had a fourth one, too, strongly led by a Mormon and former Republican governor(?) named George Romney. The business destroyed public transit like railroads I have been told that there has not been new train engines or train cars built in America for many years. No manufacturing in that area,as America abandoned it for individual rights of drivers and the ability for the wealthy to travel in the air. In the process, we despoiled the air, in the name of individual rights and “I love my car” by macho males and their quest for a brutal personification of the male, so as to attract the females. As a result of NAFTA and that lousy Japanese trade agreement arranged by anti-union Bush, what has happened to our American auto industry? Even when GM was able to build a more efficient car to compete with Japan, Iaccoca (2007) points out GM did NOTHING to market the product and it died. A very good American-produced car, the Saturn, destroyed.

Today, Joe Biden has mentioned the evil which exists with monopolies of technology and he wishes to reverse what Reagan began. Immediately, the fat pigs who have increased their salaries by more than 1000% jump on his case by paying off the media to tarnish all he says. Like Governor Clinton of 19th Century New York, President Biden is scoffed at. In the 19th Century, it was “Clinton’s Ditch” rather than the Erie Canal.  Today ,there is junk about Joe Biden, such as “Sloppy Joe” or “Sleepy Joe.” The sloppy ones were Reagan, Bush, Trump, and their monopolistic fascist cronies in business. Reagan should have been called, “Sleepy Ronnie in the Cabinet.” Get my jist on that one? Don’t bother.

President Biden has been intelligent in describing infrastructure which is similar to what our Founding Fathers envisioned. Let us bring back technology industries here and stop the Chinese communists from making an attempt to grab such industries now located in a small population of Chinese CAPITALIST DEMOCRACY people.  Like Dixie which did not know how to create companies like IBM, to avoid infrastructure projects, Dixie stole IBM and other companies in the same way the Chinese communists wish to steal from Chinese DEMOCRATIC CAPITALISTS. Dixie was made up of a bunch of white supremacist fascists, not communists. But they were too lazy to develop their own types of business. So they stole from the North. The fat pigs of business are stealing from the pensions, Social Security, Medicare, insurance CAPITALIST INVESTMENTS made by WE THE PEOPLE. Meanwhile, President Biden gets the axe in the media by lousy loudmouths who lack any knowledge or intelligence, but have plenty of support from money-lovers galore.

In case people are not aware, the Founding Fathers and generations following the Founding Fathers put forth infrastructure projects so as to reduce the trade deficits. Joe Biden is having his reputation tarnished as he attempts to do the same thing. The Republicans do not even speak with him about what they think might be better. Why? Because they are assholes who are afraid they won’t win and that is all they want – to win. They prefer to win by forcing Democrats to put in place something like NAFTA or DADT instead. Republicans are cowards today who don’t know what it is like to be human beings.

Yet, Thomas Jefferson promised to bring “industry” to Vermont, in return for having Vermont added as the 14th state, done with a provision that Vermont could choose to SECEDE from the USA, as written into their state constitution. Vermont borders on Canada and is known for an “industry” which is very prevalent in Canada: maple industry. Jefferson wanted to stop our trade deficit with the Caribbean islands by opening up the production of maple syrup and maple sugar in America. In later years, without a hot, humid temperature base in large parts of America, we did develop products such as sugar beets, etc.

Then, Thomas Jefferson worked out the Louisiana Purchase. Suddenly, this INFRASTRUCTURE addition was the sugar cane fields in the southern end of that purchase. In other words, the state of Louisiana. 

We also had infrastructure addition, scoffed at with the name, “Seward’s Folly,” in the name of 49th state admitted to the union: Alaska.  We had infrastructure development done by wealthy people in their contribution to government funds, rather than being JACKASS ones trying to avoid paying taxes, because “taxes are only for the little people.”  The wealthy island nation of Morroco, damn it all, has taxes of the wealthy, not in income taxes, but in VAT and real estate property taxes.  So the asses of wealthy fat pigs in America today need to think about what they hell they are doing by not supporting this nation and then complaining about a trade deficit.

The early leaders of the USA, BEFORE THE LOUSY INCOME TAX OF AMERICA, used tariffs to help promote the development of American business. A VAT might be a domestic form of a tariff, but it COULD replace an income tax and thus the transfer of the input of revenues MIGHT offset what the American people no longer pay in income taxes, with all its lousy and perverted convoluted deductions and credits.

The tariff on foreign goods, might not be as good. However, if tariffs were to be used to replace the income tax, is this statement true?

In both scenarios, there is a Catch-22. Should we put a tariff on imported goods and a domestic VAT (replacing sales taxes, too), during a time of inflation. Will there be a negative or positive impact on the price of goods and services during a time of inflation?

Using tariff and VAT to replace income and sales taxes could help in the profit margins of small businesses and small family farms. As a professor, educator, teacher for some 50 years, why should I care about the loss of business for tax lawyers and tax accountants? Perhaps those losses would be offset by the myriad small businesses who pay for those people to shuffle numbers and papers? I have no care about such professionals losing their jobs, as the lack of jobs for educators in upstate New York FORCED me to leave my homeland of New York and move to Florida.
You might just brush this statement off as how I found success anyway. But I lost my homeland the way Castro destroyed the homeland for many Cubans who also moved to Florida. One difference. I hated the heat, humidity, and hurricanes in Florida. Apparently, Cubans do not.

​Only those who are more knowledgeable about economics and commerce than I am, could evaluate what I just said and give us an answer.

But alas. We don’t discuss such matters in this way. The commercial and economics person needs to be non-biased to such ideas and merely look at all of this with an overall perspective not from the perspective of trying to preserve the monopolistic / deregulatory / anti-union environments which brought us to this point. I am pro-union, so another reason why, with my lack of knowledge in this area, I should do such an analysis. Even if there were obstacles discovered in the approaches I mention, there are ways to overcome the obstacles, rather than just shooting holes in the solution and tossing it all aside. 

One final thought about trade deficits. Donald Trump was a stupid jerk in dealing with the topic of tariffs. He had no understanding at all and felt he could communicate with the Chinese Communists in the same way the coward always did in communication in business. Being a white supremacist, he also likely did not like the “yellow” skin, either. He was an insult to America, while dealing with the Chinese Communists who have a hold on America with the debt it can hold over America and rub our noses in it.  Donald Trump, like most Republicans and their GD “wedge issues,” only focus on one segment of the population. That was what Donald Trump did with his proposals for tariffs. One segment of the market, rather than taking an overall approach and doing so with ALL trade partners, for the protection of USA business and commerce. The Chinese Communists literally laughed at the bastard Trump. And he thinks he won the election in 2020? Sometimes the American people are not so stupid and can recognize a scam artist at work. 

Trade deficits. If America works together for the goal of America, not political parties and white supremacist lousy people at the helm of the Republican Party; not for political ideology; not for red or blue; we CAN accomplish miracles that lead to success by overcoming obstacles. How many times have I promoted such ideas? I have lost count.

Daily News: MAGA My Way

Make America great again.Not like big fat piggish ways of Donald Trump fascists with love of money 1st.MAGA my way.

Additional Comments About Ross Douthat and “Odd Juncture on Race”

Correction: Adam Serwer is a staff writer for The Atlantic.

My additional comments about Ross Douthat’s op-ed, “Odd Juncture on Race,” (title is headline as it appeared in the (Scranton, PA) Times-Tribune) are blunt and to the point.

Mr. Douthat attacks the 1619 project, plus many other very positive and good things about America and its multi-cultural history. My families arrived on the shores of what became the USA, the nation for which I have loved because of the resulting melting pot and multi-cultural society we have, in 1638. I love such a nation and do not like it when people like Douthat believe they are doing America a service by being negative about attempts to fix systemic racism. Systemic racism does exist in America, ladies and gentlemen.

My Cornwell / Cornell family arrived in the Boston Colony from Saffron Walden (County Essex), England. It is figured they arrived here on a boat during the Great Migration in 1638. Mr. Douthat attacked changes in education because of the teaching about the firsts Africans arrival in 1619, prior to my own family’s arrival. My Albro family and various other ancestors arrived in New England about the same period of the Great Migration, perhaps earlier than my Cornwells and perhaps earlier than the first Africans in Virginia. I really don’t care about the time frame because I had a few others who “coming to America” was in the 19th Century.

My progenitor, Thomas Cornell, arrived with his family in 1638. Thomas Cornell, Jr., has the line in which Stephen Cornell was derived. Follow this line to the 19th Century and we have the line consisting of Ezra Cornell, one of the founders of Cornell University and Western Union.

On the other hand, my Cornwells descend from a brother to Thomas, Jr., (Richard Cornwell) who had departed for Flushing at the time the Dutch were in control in the jurisdiction now known as New York City. Ezra Cornell was one of the first Republicans and a TRUE Republican. Ezra Cornell was an abolitionist in Upstate New York.

Early in the time sequence of the history of Cornell University, during the time of Jim Crow in the South, it had an integrated population of students, which included Simon Haley, the father of Alex Haley. On the opposite side of Ithaca, from Cornell University, was Ithaca Conservatory of Music, now Ithaca College. This was where Alex Haley’s mother, Bertha Palmer Haley graduated in 1925 (according to the footnotes in Haley’s book, Roots). This was the same year my grandmother graduated from Ithaca Conservatory of Music. Within two or so years following my grandmother’s graduation, she gave birth to her first son, my uncle. Alex Haley, too, was born about that same time. My grandmother’s line is an English line which came to New England and then to New Jersey and Philadelphia in the early 1600s as well. One who watched the mini-series, Roots, would know that Bertha Palmer Haley descended from Kunta Kinte, an African slave forced to these shores on a boat with squalid and horrific conditions.

Yet, Mr. Douthat apparently believes my grandmother was better than Simon and Bertha Haley. With Douthat’s foolish account, we are led, falsely, to the true account the history applicable to the Haleys should not be shared in the public schools. To which I say, Mr. Douthat is nothing but a fool for saying this. As a college student of the 1970s, in upstate New York, we were assigned portions of Haley’s book to read, as it was published in sections in The Reader’s Digest. In high school in upstate New York, we had units we could choose in black literature. All of this was a great learning experience and no foolish cruel Republicans or Douthat should be smearing such education. I resent such fools doing this. And, a further note. The Haley book was given to me as a birthday present when it was published. The note in the front was a teaser written by the person giving me the present, stating, “bet in a year you will not have completely read this book.” Wrong. In just a month or two, I read that book and I have continued to read that book many times over.

I have heard white genealogists condemn Haley for errors in the book. It is a piece of historical fiction. It is very clear with the documentation Mr. Haley provided at the end of the book that there are records used to support the information in the book. Historical fiction, though, can be based on true facts, but the fiction part of it indicates there may be fiction to fill the voids in the historical evidence. A white man like Bernard Cornwell writes historical fiction and he does the same thing.

Yet, the 1901 author, Rev. John Cornell, of supposed non-fiction, the genealogy of the Cornell family, has many errors in the genealogy and unsubstantiated facts. One such error is the claim that Thomas Cornell accompanied Roger Williams in seeking the charter for Rhode Island before the British Parliament. Genealogical researchers about a decade ago, determined they were not able to find anything to substantiate the fact that Thomas Cornell was on that boat. A piece of historical fiction, but not identified as “historical fiction” and written by a white man of the clergy class in America. It was a nice feeling to have, thinking my ancestor was one who helped obtain the charter for Rhode Island, but it is fake news and there are those who are able to validate it as such.

Douthat is foolish in defending those who are actually with a complex of white superiority and proclaiming, “there is no systemic racism.” They all are liars who entice other white idiots who feel insecure. Perhaps Douthat needs to read what New York Times staff writer and author of a forthcoming book titled, The Cruelty is the Point: The Past, Present, and Future of Trump’s America, Adam Serwer, says in the New York Times op-ed, “The Cruel Logic of the G.O.P.” It is no surprise that I feel as if I am the focus of Trumpicans who can behind the scenes cause trouble on my computer and cell phones because I speak out against the Trumpicans. Yet, people who follow the line of Democrats at times (plus I follow the line of logical and intelligent, reasonable Republicans who don’t follow Trump – yes, they do exist, but they are in hiding, out of fear and are being “disenfranchised, according to Serwer) and believe in the true multi-cultural history of America, noticing that Thanksgiving is more than what is described in New England, but also about Spanish-speaking people of St. Augustine, FL, of the late 1500s, and a Thanksgiving with pork, not turkey.

The title of Douthat’s op-ed is: “Odd Juncture on Race” (headline used by the (Scranton, PA) Times-Tribune. The one who is odd is Douthat and any followers of him who have white skin and are insecure out of fear that their culture might be changed, due to the skin color of Americans in the wonderful melting pot we have. The people of this melting pot have also helped settle and build this wonderful nation of ours beginning in the late 16th Century and continuing to today. We need to give all people of any race, color, creed, ethnicity, sex, or sexual identity credit for this. Changing history to reflect this part of our history more accurately and effectively will do the job.

This nation is not great because of white people who control the nation with a dictatorial iron fist over the others using vigilante groups with Jim Crow lynching and the shooting of black slaves (justified by the 2nd Amendment). This nation is not great due to a dictatorial iron fist of control and shutting up those of us who are white who find life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in such a melting pot of a nation.

In spite of white Republicans who may have ruined our finances and our happiness about living in this nation, we move on. It just happens that I am blessed because when a white Republican I name as “Rick the Prick” Scott devastated my finances in a dictatorial way and against the will of the voters – the PEOPLE – of Florida, I suffered due to it. I had to pick myself up by my bootstraps and move on. The incident does leave a sour taste in my mouth when we should have leaders and politicians who try to gain support with honey, not lemons and “cruel logic” with lies (referring to the Serwer op-ed, titled, “The Cruel Logic of the G.O.P.”). The honey, too, can be better for all, rather than feeding people sour crap after the Republican-supported white fat pigs at the top trickle down what they think is necessary for us to survive. Perhaps I should be positive and say, at least it’s sour lemons which trickle down, right? But is that not exactly the way these fat white pigs want us all to feel?

Review of Ross Douthat op-ed (29 June 2021): “Odd Juncture on Race”

Systemic racism exists in America. When the white superiority party of Republicans gerrymanders the state of Florida to its advantage, it has created white-oriented political districts with a minority of people with a white superiority. It happens to be that most of those people are Republicans, so we consider it partisanship. It’s not partisanship, but systemic racism. There might be less Democrats controlling the Florida legislature, but let’s count the number of black people there and see what we come up with.

As with so many people today, Douthat identifies the lousy progressives when referencing the changes in the teaching of history to reflect the masses which consist of people of all colors. In the process he stereotypes conservatives as being opposed to this. I have some conservative ideas in this regard and with other issues and I don’t fall in lockstep (goose step of a Nazi) with this attack on changes which will provide more coverage of history as it really did happen.

Douthat makes no substantive argument regarding why we don’t need to change it and that is the problem. His quotes of various writers provides absolutely no substantive opinions and conclusions. In the process, the reader merely wallows in the mud and we solve no problems in order to make America a better place to live and coexist together in the name of achieving peace and justice. We all wish, whether black, brown, white or otherwise, to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The problem with those like Douthat is a perverted idea of what civility and humanity truly are, as they attempt to justify the hidden agenda to preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness only for those who figure they are superior due to the white color of their skin. The odd juncture on race is caused by such white ones with a superiority complex because they feel insecure about themselves so have to press their way or the highway, as a dictator would do.

THREE-PENNY OP-ED: Akshar, Bias, and Healthcare

​​​A statement from Fred Akshar was published in the newspaper regarding the “collective voice” influence on young children wearing masks was interesting. It was well taken about “the collective voice being able to accomplish more than a single voice.” How true and the change in requirements about the young kids wearing the masks was a good example.
I have a question, though. All this time I have been trying to inspire a collective voice for some very pertinent issues and I keep feeling I am all alone in lighting the fire for a collective voice. Fred Akshar has money and I don’t? WIth that being said, who is it I need to pay off?

Fred Akshar and his bias against healthcare for everyone is able to have the voice that goes against the collective voices who have suffered from their pocketbooks or have lost their lives due to the inability to pay for medications, healthcare, and health insurance. My individual voice wrote about the comparison many of us face with paying huge amounts in private health insurance, compared to the costs to fund Medicare for all, and my voice never got heard. Akshar asked the question in a survey he conducted from HIS website which could generate the results HE wanted to have, with 75% against healthcare and single-payer healthcare for all. Of course, the question begs the answer which put 75% against it and was a non-scientific poll which has no merit. 

Is that the collective voice or is there a collective voice out there which has its pocketbooks drained, due to lawyer politicians (is Akshar a lawyer?) who see nothing wrong with the waste of taxpayer money and the clogging of the court system by personal injury lawsuits and resolving workman’s compensation injuries. Someone add up all the figures of taxpayer expense and listen to lawyers bloviate about “how expensive it is to provide single-care healthcare. Taxpayers are never told about how much it costs to decimate government budgets by clogging the court systems of America with personal injury lawsuits and workman’s comp lawsuits, sometimes frivolous and fake jobs, too. Americans are never informed of this and thus, our system is sabotaged and we are not able to progress as a society. People with REAL health problems are FORCED by lawyer-politicians to bow down to big pharma and big insurance with mountains of money charged to we the people who need it, but are not as wealthy.

I ask the question. Why is it only females like Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren who boldly speak out in favor of healthcare for all? Because then they become targets of males and Trumpicans, so no one else wants to use the freedom they have to speak out about REAL topics which hurt and murder REAL people of America? I am not sure I have heard one male say one thing in favor of healthcare for all. Not one. Yet, I know various people, both male and female, who have lost life, limb, and body due to the lack of healthcare for all. And if someone gets hurt in an automobile crash, there is someone there. For the person who needs the meds or attention to solve a problem of diabetes and/or heart conditions, well forget it.  Go away because we don’t want you.And then Akshar LIES on a survey and then, to look good, puts out a freaking statement about the “collective voice” regarding the “mask for toddlers” issue. No collective voice for anything else because jackasses like Akshar block the collective voice through ludicrous surveys with questions based on a bias.  Akshar is a liar and we don’t need such a lying jackass in the New York State Senate. 

Wealthy autocrats and plutocrats at the top of much of the American business operations tell us what makes us happy and if we don’t like it, then we can go pound salt, suck eggs or f**k ourselves. I remain persistent about challenging this. I could cry over spilled milk because I made a choice in 1977 NOT to take a teaching job in Canada and to remain in the nation where I was born and raised. Nobody cares that I made such a decision then and now want America to stop being controlled by plutocrats, autocrats, with a movement to top-down supply-side trickle-down economics and commerce. It’s a centrally-planned business dictatorship which controls our government and removes control from the grass roots of “we the people.” Trump and the Trumpicans make a claim to represent “we the people” and they all lie. They have no interest in “we the people” when discussing “private healthcare.” Private healthcare is designed for those of wealth who have the money, not “we the people.”

Private healthcare can make tons of money from big insurance, privatized Medicare, big pharma (write the prescription Mr. Doctor but don’t look into the details). Repeat. People who don’t have the money to ante up then lose their lives, their limbs, and live life in a hell of suffering on an earth which should be designed for ALL human beings, not just the wealthy. The stupidity of those who vote for Trump and the Trumpicans is so ludicrous, I wish I could vomit on them, including Akhar.  There is not an overall approach to medicine and healthcare, so when I was on insulin and tried a means of fighting diabetes by drinking vinegar, I did just that. I vomited. Here is the “vomit” for the fat pigs of autocrats with a dim view of lives from the top. And Trump and the Trumpicans get support when talking about “private healthcare.” Those who show him such support among the Middle Class and lower are doing nothing but shooting themselves in the foot, unless they figure they will gain by those at the top confiscating property and resources from good people in America.  BUT WAIT! Does that not describe how the Bolsheviks took over in Russia, or Castro in Cuba, or Mao Tse-Tung in China? Confiscate the resources from good people who may have made money the old fashioned way, they earned it, not to take the freaking liberal handouts put in place because freaking Trumpicans sabotage and block good solutions which could benefit more than just the lousy people filing for blame in personal injury lawsuits so as to TAKE money from others and not EARN money – because we don’t have the money due to the tax dollars stolen to put these crumbs of humans before the courts rather than use such funds for the good of “we the people.” Fred Akshar is a pukey individual who promotes such actions and the stupidity of idiotic lemmings follow along and go off the cliff, taking good people with them. 

Akshar and his idiotic survey with a question about healthcare based on the evident bias of the man, can go to h-e-double-hockey-sticks.

Professor Douglas Willet Cornwell (Retired)

Newark Valley, NY

———————————“Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” “The problems of the world are not that some people love in a different way. The problems are that so many people don’t know how to love at all (CGA, 1970).” A Puritan is someone in fear that someone, somewhere, is having a good time. “Liberty and justice for all [not priorities on individual and selfish rights].” “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union [and overall wealth of American society]…” 
​Benjamin Franklin: “​Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are ​affected.” Stacey Abrams: “Compromise about actions, but not about values.”  Oscar Wilde: “​​​I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”  Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Benjamin Franklin: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”  Whoopi Goldberg: “To handle this COVID-19 pandemic effectively, we all need to get on the same page.”  Note: To be clear, I do not like being patronized. I do not express my disdain over what happens to my fellow humans just for my own sake and to pursue favors and handouts. I do it in order to gain R – E – S – P – E – C – T for me and for millions of other Americans of any race, ethnicity, religious belief, or sex and sexual identity who try to walk in integrity as they attempt to achieve, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  PERIOD.  One nation under God [our Creator] with liberty and justice for all.

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