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Ignorant Foolish Americans With Money & Calling the Shots

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is full of a bunch of idiots.  Many companies such as Apple recognize this and are pulling out.  When will YOUR company pull out of this bunch of narrow-minded ignoramuses?

Since 1980 when Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter, this nation has embarked upon a Titanic-like course of destruction.  At the helm is the same type of ignorant foolish executive that blasted all the decisions of the captain of the Titanic, insisting, despite all warnings given by the captain and the designer of the ship, that the Titanic go full steam ahead.  We know the boat was unable to avoid the icebergs and was slashed and sunk. 

That executive who gave the ill-fated orders, took a spot in the lifeboats, leaving another person to sink with the ship.  The coward was dis-honored when he returned to the USA.  This is what should be happening to many of the fools who have been charting the USA course since the days of Reagan – more conservatives at the helm than progressives – more Republicans at the helm than progressives.  And look at where we are heading. 

The BRIC nations of Brazil, Russia, India, and China are re-defining the currency and other economic and political matters.  Meanwhile, the stupidity of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce keeps us chugging along with the same old stuff that has destroyed much of the USA already.  F*** them – the cowards within the captains of industry today.  For they are the same as that coward on the Titanic.

Here are a few examples:

  • Reagan and Bush did an about-face of the programs Jimmy Carter proposed for developing an independent energy industry in the USA.   Why?  Because they elevated the role of a foreign nation and its capital (the Saudi Arabians) – for their own gain – while the USA has suffered and continues to suffer.  Meanwhile, we deplete the earth’s resources of oil and come up with NO alternatives.
  • Carrying on from George Bush, Jr., the U.S. Chamber, Dick Cheney, and the conservative cowardly fools today insist that the only answer to America’s energy problems is to continue to work with the Saudi Arabian bastards (while pretending to oppose the Islamic religion) and drilling from land in the USA, thus negating any development of a viable energy industry for the future.
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its cowardly but bullying foolish allies continues to propose a short-term “gotta have it now” solution (drilling in the USA) rather than a long-term solution that will place the USA in a more competitve environment.  They are the same people who nixed the development of any renewable fuels in the past and forced the auto industry to do the same.  They are the same people who, in the 1970s, refused to acknowledge the long-term strategic goals (“I DON’T have to have it now) of foreign (primarily Japanese) auto makers and create our own long-term goals for American industry.  They are the ones who destroyed the American autmomobile industry by refusing to set long-term goals to face a competition that was determined to eat our lunches.  All the time, these bullies insisted there was some kind of “foreign” menace, while cooperating with another “foreign” competition that has ultimately done more to destroy this nation than the one for which these bullying cowards were so paranoid.
  • According to Lee Iacocca’s 2007 book about leadership, George Bush, Sr., negotiated a treaty in Japan that allowed Japanese automobile companies to market freely in this country, but made no reciprocal agreements for our own car companies.  Bush is a traitor to this nation because he encourages foreign companies to come in this nation while destroying our own industries.
  • Southern states provided vast amounts of subsidies for foreign companies and northern Yankee companies to move south.  Yet, these same white bigoted despots claim Obama is a “socialist” when he provides subsidies to American car companies.  Speaking with “forked tongue,” yes sir.  These Dixie bigots stole industry rather creating its own competitive ones, and, in the process, have destroyed American ingenuity, small businesses, healthy competition to make American industry more competitive on the world markets, and literally are lazy unethical thieves who encourage a LACK of opportunities for the Middle Class in order to create a new set of thieves.  This is the turning back of the clock from humanism and the creation of human beings and a return to animalism.  F*** these people for their degrading of the American human spirit.  And then they ask for patriotism – on the terms of bullying cowards.  No dice, amigos.  You bastards. 
  • The bullying U.S. Chamber of Commerce and allies in corporate conglomerates, and  ambulance-chasing type lawyers play into the hands of the BRIC nations by insisting we drill for fuels and thus use up our reserves.  The same people destroyed our industrial base (unless for the killing machines) and have led America down an awful path of destruction.  Meanwhile, BRIC nations are developing renewable fuels.  Right on, you bastards at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – do things for the “comrades.”  The attitude of “gotta have it now” has created debt beyond belief and this is debt that puts us in the clutches of China and other nations.  I don’t want any more of the cowards and their bullying methods in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  We needed to save money years ago.  We need to save our resources in the form of energy. 

As Kenny Rogers song says, “Know when to hold them, know when to fold up…”  This is not the time to “fold ’em” by doing the drilling thing.  So quite bluntly I say, the U.S. Chamber needs to go screw itself, go to hell, and fold up their own organzation, with all the cowards and ignorant bullies with them.  Goddamned rednecks with plenty of money – stealing from the rest of us – in all forms of resources.  Go back to Alaska and form your own nation, you SOBs; and sit on your porches looking across the water at a BRIC nation – you ignorant sluts.  You are un-American greedy bastards working with ignorant sluts who don’t know a goddamned thing.

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