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Florida Dixie Republicans Don’t Know Squat about Living a Good Life – Except Their Own Selfish Greedy Ones

The news explains what our society is becoming.  The rich, lazy, selfish, greedy pigs and the rest of us – the slaves.  Patterned after the life of Southern plantations, with the crackers controlling all the resources and the rest can just work and die.  Check out the story about the 21-year-old banking intern who died as a result of this coercive conformity peer-pressuring drive of Republican fatsos imposing hell on earth:

Now check this story out about how the 1-party state – Dixie Republican – are made up of wealthy lazy ones who wish, hope, and pray that working folks just retire and die.  Better yet, they hope we don’t even retire and die BEFORE we retire.  Selfish swine. Check this out:

I don’t know about you, but I want to live, retire, and enjoy life.

Douglas W. Cornwell

Tioga Herald

Alton Brown Encouraging What the Libertarians Wish for: Anarchy

Ah!  Alton Brown.  My favorite personality on the food and cooking channels.  Humor and in-depth science of food is enjoyable, knowledgeable, and just plain fun!  Alas!  Probably does not make enough money!  So…. what do the knothead executive who worship money and Ayn Rand do?  Bank their money on Alton Brown and “Cutthroat Kitchen!”  After all, with senseless, shameful, shallow Americans today, there will be a money-maker!

Knowledge is power.  THAT’S IT!  This senseless drivel on television, then Americans can no longer gain knowledge and wisdom!  And Americans think this entertaining crap is better!   …. BETTER … than the educational value of what Alton Brown was doing before – the SCIENCE behind preparing foods!  That’s right… No value in the “S” part of STEM, is there?  Because the swine at media corporate HQ tell us so!  Mindless entertainment, so we don’t have to think anymore.  But it is also barbaric.

People can make money at violating an item in the 10 Commandments:  Murder.  Contract murder.  How horrible.  But people are so numb that “Cutthroat Kitchen” and sabotage is not even recognizable as a flagrant abuse of at least ONE of the OTHER – perhaps two others – of the 10 Commandments?  Let alone the consideration for the REASONS and PURPOSE behind the 10 Commandments – to avoid those things which can LEAD to murder.  But alas!  Sabotage cannot possibly EVER lead to murder.

Alton Brown:  maybe you will make the money.  But you are doing nothing more than contract murder, as far as I am concerned.  Maybe it is murder in another sense.  But it is murder.  I hope no one will buy it.  But then again, I don’t hold out much hope for what I WISH would happen.

I have lost all respect for Alton Brown.

Douglas W. Cornwell

Tioga Herald


Here I go again!  Selfishness is one of my biggest pet peeves, so everyone can hear it again.

“I have a RIGHT to my opinion.”  As long as your RIGHT does not reflect your selfishness.  PERIOD.

We all need to take a stand for OURSELVES, defend OURSELVES, and protect OURSELVES.  There is no question.  But we have gone extreme.  Now we have “Stand your ground with guns.”  Extreme selfishness based on false fear, rather than reaching out to our neighbors as Jesus Christ said.  Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”  Extreme selfishness and insisting on our individual rights to such EXTREMES has caused us to laugh when someone says, “Do unto others before they do unto you.”  What do you accept?  The first words emanating from Jesus Christ or the second words of bestial barbarism based on Ayn Rand’s stupid virtue of selfishness?

Most of my opinions are for the good of the overall society, not necessarily for MY individual good.  I am going to be rather presumptuous when I say, my opinions are worth more.  PERIOD.  Because they consider, “we the people,” not “me, myself, and I – and ONLY me, myself, and I.”  “Me, myself and I” is dead wrong and the case of Zimmerman and Treyvon Martin is proof.  Many are saying this, but the loudmouths who think ONLY of “me, myself, and I” drown out the reasonable, sensible, and rational ones, such as Charles Barkley.

George Bush and President Barack Obama continue to use the word, “democracy,” when dealing with other nations.  Where is the “democracy” in Iraq, Mr. Bush?  Will we see “democracy” in Egypt.  In both cases, the missing element is not democracy, but to establish a lack of selfishness and greed and recognizing secular governments.  Nice thing of Mr. Bush to tear apart a secular government, then leave a vacuum for selfish Muslims in several sects to fight – with SELFISHNESS AND GREED – for POWER AND CONTROL and attempting to negate any efforts of secularism.

In Egypt, the military government there is attempting to keep order with a secular government.

In each of these cases – Iraq and Egypt, were the secular governments really “democracies?”  NO.  They were made up of selfish men, but they were men who were able to keep the peace with some semblance of order – through secularism, which allows all religions to co-exist.

In the case of Iraq, one could argue this notion, due to the treatment of the Kurds.  I suppose everything under the Egyptian secular government was never perfect, either.  The same in America.  Look at how the white man has treated the black, brown, and red men.  Not good at times, for a “secular” government.  Men are not perfect, that’s all I can say.  But to impose theocracies based on one religion is insane.  And that is what the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt had intended to do.  Yes, Muslims are in the majority there.  So all the more reason for these people to grasp President Obama’s notions about “democracy,” right?  That big bad government which wishes to silence selfishness and greed which comes with a majority of the people.  The government is good.  This time around, the protestors are greedy pigs wishing to impose THEIR religion on everyone else in Egypt.  And if the Muslim brotherhood intends to use martyrdom to prove their case, well, they do it to themselves, rather than working to produce a secular government.

The so-called “christian” right-wing nut fascist community in the USA and Western Europe is just as bad.  The inevitability of creating fascist christian theocracies and Muslim theocracies is nothing but insane and leading to the “Armageddon” and “doomsday” these christian jerks keep thrusting upon us, rather than attempting to coexist.

I believe GOD is disgusted with all such people, not with the ones these jerks keep claiming are abrasive to GOD.

“Do not covet [pride, jealousy, envy, materialism].”  “No adultery [broader concept – DECEPTION].”  “No graven image before GOD [worship of money].”  These are what is important, not the greed and selfishness perpetuated by Ayn Rand, the atheist.  She does a great job in dividing the world and bringing on a “doomsday,” does she not?  No where in the Bible does it say human beings should create the environment for a “doomsday,” you nut jerks in both christian and muslim communities.

Even efforts to divide this USA with selfishness within the races, cultures, and ethnic groups of America are doing damage.  Should I stand up and demand a WASP heritage month?  All cultures have their foibles and their honors.  But the point is, this is ONE America with a secular government which has worked for several centuries.  The U.S. Constitution was set up with secularism and balance in mind.  The U.S. Constitution begins with the words, “We the people…”  It does NOT begin with, we the corporate oligarchy… or we the Anglo Americans … or we the Hispanic Americans … or we the African Americans……..   or we the … whatever group…

Let me say it again, plus MORE: “WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America, in order to form a more PERFECT UNION…”

Shed this world of selfishness, rather than one another, and just see how much better things could be.  But don’t listen to those of us who suggest this and just continue to say, “I have a right to my opinion!”  And watch how bad things will become.

Continue with the more costly law-and-order approach – once guilty always guilty and never implement the words of forgiveness as suggested by Jesus Christ – and we continue on a downward slope which ends in fascism, tyranny and genocide, as with Hitler who forced the morality of a church upon a population.  Love of money drives the people running the jails.  Love of money drives those hardline criminal justice people who lack any sense of humanity.  Therefore the costs to our society are high – in terms of finances, resources, and people.  And I don’t advocate, as many liberals do, to put people in jail with cushy materialistic surroundings, either.  I advocate a FIRM and FAIR rehabilitation system which admonishes those who cling to law-and-order subversive devices of NON-FORGIVENESS which causes recidivism.  Selfishness and greed on the part of law-and-order advocates who sabotage rehabilitation, in the name of power, greed, selfishness – and the loudmouths which cause fear and intimidation in the process, is a lousy sleezey, scumbag way to proceed.  The hardline approach is wrong, just as the selfish ruling class in Haiti and other insane corrupt and selfish countries are wrong.

Coexist is one of the best bumper stickers I have seen because it means we need to shed our selfishness and greed.  When do we begin?

Douglas W. Cornwell

Tioga Herald

False Judgments

Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:  1 – 17; Deuteronomy 5: 4 – 21

  1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
  2. Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image.
  3. Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD the GOD in vain.
  4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
  5. Honour thy father and thy mother.
  6. Thou shall not kill.
  7. Thou shall not commit adultery.
  8. Thou shall not steal.
  9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
  10. Thou shalt not covet.

My colleagues and I who are professionals in education have been rendered with “false witness against thy neighbor.”  By whom?  Rick Scott and many who proclaim they “have Jesus!”  Plus others who don’t.

My grandmother said, “judge not lest you be judged.”  So, Nanna, when false judgments are hurled at me and my professional colleagues, am I to remain stalwart in following what you advised me to do?

I COULD make some judgments here, after having false judgments passed on me.  I did not pass judgment on Rick Scott at the beginning, just made certain I got my butte to the voting booth, recognizing, unlike many who did not and are now complaining, the importance of voting.  But later, when I listened to Rick Scott’s friends lambast faculty at Palm Beach State College, I could not resist in joining the crowds who insist Rick Scott has also thumbed his nose at Commandment number 8.  Has he?  As with the lawyers of Jesus Christ’s days, we face manipulation of the truth.  I suppose Jesus Christ had no basis for calling these people “hypocrites?”  I guess I should say no more and plead the fifth!

Hypocrites and deception fall under, when you remove the sex part, Commandment number 7.  Adultery IS deception.  Our sex-crazed world gets too tied up with the sex part and cannot recognize the deception part.  Rick Scott does not measure up well with Commandment number 7, either – with regard to DECEPTION and NOT speaking about sex.

We hope the man did not commit an offense contrary to Commandment number 6.

OK.  Sometimes I am not so good with Commandment number 3, even when I think I am getting away with something when I say, OMG!  Or GD – the worse!  Then again, is GD like saying, “Gee whiz” or “golly gee!”  or “darn it all?”  I know nothing about how Rick Scott handles this commandment.

Commandment number 2.  Society does too much of this one and Rick Scott is no exception.  The same can be said of number 10.  Materialism and “keeping up with the Joneses!”  Envy, jealousy, pride.  1 Timothy emphasizes the “love of money” as the “root” of “evil” or “all kinds of injurious things.”  Is this not like making a “graven image?”  Worship of money rather than GOD?  I think so.  Where does Rick Scott, the man who BOUGHT his election, stand on this one?

Also Commandment 1.  “No other gods.”  Rick Scott and his tea party “gods” of the Koch brothers and others.  Fleshly “gods” are more important to Rick Scott than the true God.  More important than the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Whoops!  There I go… making a judgment.  Sorry Nanna!

Douglas Cornwell

Tioga Herald

A Church’s Negative Role Model

The Roman Catholic Church stood complacently by as Adolph Hitler took countless lives and plunged Europe into a war.  Let me remind folks that the opposite of love is complacency, not hatred.  Hatred was what the masses of people had to contain as it raged inside them, particularly the European Jews, among other groups.

The Roman Catholic Church never excommunicated Hitler or Mussolini, either.

As a Protestant, I don’t believe in excommunication because it’s done by a bunch of men who believe they are gods in the flesh.  My grandmother, the daughter of a Methodist pastor, always reminded me of this when she said, “judge not lest you be judged.”

Like the Methodist Church (unfortunately), the Roman Catholic Church remains steadfast in insisting that being gay is a sin and turning to look the other way at promiscuous sex in the heterosexual community.  Ironically, these churches endorse promiscuous homosexual sex, too, as many in the gay community attempt to reduce promiscuity by encouraging monogamous marriages.  Makes sense, right?

The kicker in all of this is the Roman Catholic practice of excommunication.  It encourages the hatred which can fester and grow in homophobic men (and perhaps women) who are uncomfortable with their own sexuality.  How?  Because Hitler avoided excommunication while gay pastors and men do not.  The message from this heretical church is this.  You can murder and steal (and do other things), therefore breaking the 10 Commandments.  The church does not care.  But be a homosexual (like there is some kind of choice – NOT!), and we will go after you.  Then the people who witness this idiocy within the church feel they can be nasty to their fellow human beings who are gay.

Peace be with you.

Douglas Cornwell

Tioga Herald

ObamaCare and False Rumors

False:  With ObamaCare, all corporations will cancel insurance programs.  Not true, but if corporations do these, it’s for one of two reasons:  ObamaCare is less expensive or they are attempting to sabotage ObamaCare.


If ObamaCare is allowed to operate as intended, insurance premiums could go down.  Anti-Obama people who sabotage ObamaCare are traitors to America and the American people.


Douglas Cornwell

Tioga Herald

Cutthroat Kitchen

Sad to say, Food Network and Alton Brown have just stooped to low levels of the sewer with the announcement of a program, Cutthroat Kitchen.   This glorifies sabotage and all the other barbaric brainless and shallow libertarian practices which drive society to anarchy and an uncivilized world.  Many of us attempt to keep our society on a trajectory towards a civilized world instead.

Shame on you, Alton Brown, for agreeing to such a scumbag program.  Of course, i suppose such scum will sell well.  So all we are concerned with today is making and worshiping money.  Scum and the dregs of society.  We need to make money, but not do it with such extremes of greed and selfishness.  Go screw, Ayn Rand and all her followers.  Your virtues are lousy and you destroy civilized life on this planet.

Douglas Cornwell

Tioga Herald


This past week, Mr. Atwater began a process to determine why consumers in Florida are being screwed by big insurance.  He did not say it in this manner, but to educated consumers who have had to deal with big insurance and the huge rate increases (while home values have declined), this is important.

One can only hope something positive for supply and demand regulated capitalism comes about.  CEOs of big corporations have become lazy and take, rather than earn.  They need to be stopped because we need true capitalism, not the gr eedy and selfish money-worshiping capitalism, learned in disgusting Monopoly games by youths,  that takes us back to 17th-century feudalism.

Douglas Cornwell

Tioga Herald

The Final Message from the Crystal Cathedral

It was good to see Robert Schuller, II, on the Hour of Power this morning.  A great message.  It is also good to see Robert Schuller, III, as well.  Sad to see the last service in the Crystal Cathedral.

The message from Schuller was good, especially the positive message about the concentration camp and the “fleas.”  Nazi guards do not like fleas!  Hallelujah

I have not been able to locate the “affirmations” which are supposed to be on the web.  The affirmations I recall from this morning, but wish to include a comment.

Affirmation about “we are residents of God’s universe” and another about “confessing our sins to another human being” (example of 12-step AA program used, as well as what the Roman Catholics do).  Schuller chided Martin Luther for objecting to “confessions to the priest,” saying Martin Luther’s objections were “throwing out the baby with the bath water.”     I  don’t agree about this one.

The “faith and works” discussed by James, the brother of Jesus, supposedly mean the “works” we do to counter our sins, so was rejected by Martin Luther.  That is not the message I was taught.  That is not the message written by a Lutheran theologian in a book about James, the brother of Jesus.   The “faith and works” are what we, as Christians, should do to make life better for “God’s people” who are made in God’s image and are loved by God.  Protestants have removed the “confessional booth, ” due, I believe, to this reason.  We are able to meditate and pray to GOD about our sins, and are not REQUIRED to go to a fleshly “mediator.”  Even Jesus Christ becomes our “spiritual mediator.”  Obviously, we have an OPTION to go to another person and confess our sins, but we are not REQUIRED to do so.

Besides, how many wealthy ones and Mafia bosses actually care about their sins, when they should?  The message about original sin and confession is designed to create fear and intimidation in the hearts of the less advantaged who are then “bridled” in slavery to fleshly “gods” called wealthy humans!  Is this not true?

Robert Schuller (II):  just because you got $57.5 M from the Roman Catholics (and turned down an offer of $59M from Chapman University), don’t sell the Protestant faith totally down the tubes.  Sad to know the Romans will be occupying the Crystal Cathedral.

Douglas Cornwell

Tioga Herald

The Hour of Power episode this morning (Aug. 11, 2013), broadcast the last service in the Crystal Cathedral.  It was touching and positive as Rev. Robert Schuller (II) gave the message.  More on that.

In reviewing this situation I ran into an article about the sale and wish to offer my comments, as I did on the Christian Post.

I am disappointed that the Crystal Cathedral was sold to the Roman Catholic diocese in Orange County, CA, especially after reading the article published in the Christian Post ( Luiza Oleszczuk, “Robert Schuller trusts Catholic Church with Crystal Cathedral,” Christian Post, Dec. 21, 2011,, explaining that the RC bid was NOT the highest bid. This article does not explain why, but many of us would like to know.

On the other side of the coin, the Roman Catholic Church would never take a second-level bid.  Why do these Protestants do this?

I have watched the Hour of Power many times off and on, since its inception in 1980.  Most of the time it has been sitting with my dad in Melbourne, FL.  I recall the message around 1982:  “When times get tough, the tough get going.”

It is not a televangelist movement, but a teaching religious experience, touching on many issues which we face in life.  It is based on God’s love, not on the fear and intimidation imposed by judgmental religions like the Roman Catholic faith and many conservative Protestant faiths.  So it is very sad to see the church being sold to a church which remained silent towards the atrocities of Adolph Hitler, never excommunicating the man, yet today excommunicating people who have NEVER murdered, let alone performed genocide.

When people should have spoken up, they did not.  Only a Lutheran pastor named Dietrich Bonnhoffer did.  It was not the fleas which got to him, either.

Douglas Cornwell, Tioga Herald

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