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The latest. A political panel facing audience forum hears from a laborer, regarding vote to withdraw from EU. The labor person implies big corporations which control politicians have been punching labor in the face. The guy said: “How does it feel to be punched in the face?” 

That issue parallels Bernie Sanders, not Donald Trump. It explains why Bernie said he would never support Donald Trump. Americans should note what happened in Britain because it demonstrates what happens  when people assume things will be okay by not voting. 

By not voting for Hillary just because Bernie lost ignores the role the President and Congress play in defending the civil rights of Americans. Civil rights are not to be voted,but to be protected. The Georgia Supreme Court justice in the 1850s who did not acknowledge the human rights of a race (Dredge Scott Decision) and contributed to plunging this nation into NEEDLESS civil war. I vote considering the forest, not details of the trees.


Pro- choice

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of pro-choice. Five to three even without Scala. That’s why it’s important to elect a Democrat Congress and Democrat in White House. Bigot George Will recommended Hillary but Republican Congress. That way, he could force conservatism on us with further stalemates. That’s best for fascist conservatives who want only one way to think,  shelve secularism and diversity which makes us great, and allow fat cat wealthy pigs to have cake and eat it too.   Then the common man and woman goes without basic protein and carbs to keep us alive.


Britain and Big Corporate and Banking Backlash?

Were the young Brits trying to achieve what younger Americans attempting to achieve with Bernie? They have been shoved under the bus and led to believe by big business and banking, as well as the big pigs trying to remove retirement security from all people,  now and into the future. In attempting to change the world, these people have been encouraged to rip off one another? Are these young people trying to rip off big business and banks,even if the repercussions hit many others in the process? Who can blame them, after watching delegates stolen from someone with less wealth who speaks their language?

The USA with stubbornly ignorant foolish loudmouths attack the very government which, over time, has given us the life we enjoy.  It’s a life far better than many others have experienced around the world. It’s a better life than what our ancestors experienced. Such people are foolish in not recognizing the problem really exists with large business, its control over banks, insurance, media, and government. The younger people recognize this. They spoke in Britain. They are trying to speak in the USA and are being squelched, even by those who pretend to be liberal and progressive – as is the claim of a supposed “frontrunner” (who actually moves the directions of wind and trends).

Republicans de-regulated banks and finance industry, among other business entities in the 1980s. Republicans rid us of regulatory protection from the media “Fairness Doctrine.” Then Democrats control White House  (1990s). People figured there would be an alternative. But alas, it was still a 2-party system winning a 3-party race. The Democrat in the White House strengthened the deregulation begun by Republicans, extending the demise of the “Fairness Doctrine” as well.  Deregulation of cable television and mergers to create large monopolies with single control of the media and begin the implementation of non-objective media under a false claim that the media would be more conservative. A bunch of bull which too many swallowed such putrid cow manure. In effect, all good things which made America strong following WWII and gave us a better standard of living was ripped apart by noisy ignorant fools who were very convincing with the movement’s actor in the White House. Unappreciated s***heads tore down objectivity in news and more competitive capitalism.

In today’s world, these unappreciated non-intelligent s***heads blame government and work to shut it down, rather than regulate big business to be MORE COMPETITIV and destroying monopolies which destroy capitalist competition.

Little people are mesmerized into drug-induced fantasy that democracy works when owning stock and voting as a stock holder. That is one big fat lie. Only the small number who own the largest accumulations of stock run the companies, like a bunch of little napoleon cowards. Together, everyone else, collectively, own most of the stock, but are forbidden from the decision-making process.

That’s likely thereasoning, said or un-said, for Britexit and Bernie Sanders being so popular. That’s the reason George Will left the Republican Party giving tepid support to Hillary and endorsing a Republican Congress. He sees the same thing Bernie supporters see: a Hillary easily manipulated by big business and bank and finance industry. He sees monopolies being enabled to tighten their fascist grip on America and George Will likes the possible results which could be good for bigots like him and the racists and other hateful Americans.


George Will

George Will is leaving the Republican Party. Big deal. He wants Hillary as president and Congress controlled by GOP. Wrong. He wants the party blocking government accomplishing anything to continue stalemate. Foolish stupid man. But then, what can we expect from a man who rejects LGBT, saying he does in writing in his column.

Why does he get his voice heard – a voice of hatred against people like me? Interview me on television as to why I left the Republican Party. I can speak with reason and intelligence.  But then, I insult lovers of money and the bigots. What can I say about America today and its corporate controlled media which gives heed to people like George Will.


Britt and EU

Don’t know what to think about yesterday’s vote in Britain to leave EU. On historical basis and learning from history, its not so good. The reason for the UK joining EU in 1975 was to solve problems of rampant inflation and it did solve problem. Will it work in reverse and lead back to inflation and other problems? Only time will tell. c i

Another example from history, from Zakaria’s book, is about the time Britain first emerged as a world power.Vj China had been world power,  but entered age of isolation about the same time. China fell into poverty while Britain began to thrive.

History can teach us a great deal but bean counters, bureaucrats and barbarians lead the masses in the wrong direction. Learn from history, rather than the latest hothead leading to oblivion.

To be fair to such objective thinking, also look more deeply at Ancient China and its fall into poverty. When China began to isolate itself, it also destroyed small merchants and businesses which had helped China thrive in the world as a world power. Ironically, those encouraging Britain remain in EU were those of big business and big banks. The thoughts of the “exiters” sounded like a backlash against big business and favoring small business. One could argue that the “exiters” were actually encouraging the same small merchant environment as that in existence in Ancient China which the Chinese destroyed, paving the way for Britain and its small business environment to emerge as world power. Comes down to question. Do we want world power or just to live in peace in a comfortable way for all?


What does that say?

Of all the states which have signed on to create constitutional conventions to rid this nation of the scourge of Citizens United decision which defines big corporations as people, I find none from Dixie.   Same pattern with regard to Obamacare.  No state in the Deep South – the power brokers in those states – support ^we the people.”  Read the text of the Drew Scott Decision, written by a Dixie plantation owner from Georgia and discover the reason. The Southern imbeciles, aligned with wealth from Cuba and Latin banana republics with plantations and a dim view of the value of human labor and you can understand.

The North bailed out the South. Rather than show appreciation once bailed out, the South in stubborn ignorance and insisting on power over people who truly believe “all men are created equal,” insists on “rising again,” with its plantation model called “Citizens United.” 

When will the War of Northern Aggression put the Southern plantation and banana republic thugs and bullies out of business?  I want to see it  beforehe thugs put “we the people” out of business.


We are Family

It’s not about family values v. gay people.  There are many heterosexuals with lousy family values. At the same time, there are many homosexuals with lousy family values.  Families are made up of one or two parents or guardians in a loving relationship who love and support their children.  Period.


Right on, Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is wonderful!  Pam Bondi fails to understand human beings.  She also needs to learn that she is not doing her anti-gay-marriage thing for the Florida electorate because she likely did not get half the vote because 60% did not vote.

Cowards Will Say Anything

Amidst the outpouring of disgust against Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick’s statement of “you reap what you so” comment on Twitter, was likely to be found some comments which make reasonable sense.  Patrick is a politician of hatred, caused by stubborn ignorance in believing traditionalist beliefs in the scriptures, rather than attempting to seek wisdom.  He has a finger pointed at the LGBT community, with three pointed back at himself.  Only God makes the final say and anyone else who judges is nothing but a self-righteous coward trying to help him or her to feel better about their own irregularities by trashing others.

I suppose that Patrick believes the African-Americans in that church in Charleston “reaped what they sowed” as a hateful white man gunned them down?  I suppose the little elementary school kids at Sandy Hook “reaped what they sowed” as a hateful man gunned them down?  What about the other attacks of AMERICAN terrorism i this nation?  The victims in each case “reaped what they sowed?”

What makes this tragedy far worse is that the religion from which the killer apparently came believes they are not “cowards” and are actually praised by Allah.  In a civilized world with a belief in a loving God, people like this killer are considered cowards.

What about the LGBT community in all of this?  Unlike the people in Charleston, LGBT are able to HIDE themselves.  The bigots do not attack them due to a different color of skin.  Perhaps Archbishop Akinola of Nigeria needs to understand this and be a real Christian, not bowing to Muslim beliefs out of fear.  And the same can be said of white people living in African nations like Kenya and Nigeria (and other areas).  In all these situations, people cannot change the color of their skin.  However, LGBT people can live in denial of who they are and therefore find safety from hateful people.

In the end, men and women can kill the body, but they cannot kill the soul.  Will God judge cowards – deceptive ones – worse than those who are honest about the way GOD MADE THEM?  None of us know for certain the answer to this question.  But I place my bets that only a loving God would have created the beauty of this earth, including the beauty of human beings, made in God’s image.  And a loving God would not condone awful things against other human beings, as often wrongly portrayed in the “Old Testament” by legends and myths of men who reported life the way it was in those ancient times.  I really do not believe that God condones the killing of babies in the name of God. I really do not believe that God condones the killing of LGBT in the name of God, either.

Evil hateful men and women will stop at nothing to prove their point that they work “in the name of God.”  I said EVIL, did I not?  They follow the ways of Satan the devil, with whom Jesus Christ resisted temptation while confined with the evil person in the dessert.  Pat Robertson makes money from hate and evil and pretends its about Jesus Christ.  Indeed, Robertson is the Anti-Christ.  Of whom does Robertson really hold animosity?  After Hurricane Katrina, he announced. and many stubbornly ignorant folks swallowed what he said, that New Orleans was destroyed due to homosexuality.  Yet, what were the facts about that hurricane?  Katrina had silently crept over South Florida with virtually little or no damage.  Where is there a larger population of LGBT? New Orleans or South Florida and the Keys?  Yet, Robertson convinced a whole bunch of gullible stubbornly ignorant folks that New Orleans was destroyed due to homosexuality.  He never bothered to explain why South Florida was “spared?”

Perhaps it’s a case of – “okay folks, go after the homosexuals first.”  Then when homosexuals are destroyed, “okay folks, go after people with a different skin color.”  Then when they are destroyed, Robertson and other hateful folks (jihadists in both the Christian and Muslim religions), selling hatred which emanates from the Devil, will keep going after innocent folks, until they go after ME who remained complacent in it all.  Who will be there for me?


Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch needs to be challenged and I am one ready for the debate.  But will anyone allow that, or do we have to continue to listen to only one side of every issue without considering there might be some other facts and issues overlooked?

Dana Loesch:  “the godless left.”

Dana, you ignorant slut.  First, you point your finger at a group of people – in stubborn ignorance.  Remember, there are several fingers pointing back at you.

Godless left.  Let’s see.  Some of us supposed “left” believe in the gospels of Jesus Christ and believe that the words of the gospels trump (whoops!  I don’t want to use that word!) – er – negate – negate the words of Paul when there is a conflict.

Conflict!  Conflict!  Conflict!  Paul says “bad associations spoil useful habits.”  Jesus spent a great deal of his time with the dregs of society – “bad association.”  He never would have convinced the hated tax collector, Matthew, to join with Jesus, had Jesus NOT spent time with “bad associations” and remained strong in faith.  Christ was criticized for spending time with Samaritans and lepers and what not.  Today, those with AIDS are considered by pompous people who CALL themselves right wing christians to be, “bad associations.”  Same with transgendered and gay people.  Considered by pompous self-righteous right-wing religionists to be “bad associations,” transgendered and gay people are being attacked – by the likes of Dana Loesch, too.  Dana – you ignorant slut.  You stubbornly ignorant slut because you REFUSE to discuss the issues and do what is basic to our society – synthesize facts which just might not measure up to your own mis-guided interpretations of life.

Conflict! Conflict! Conflict!  Paul said something about men with the same sex.  Jesus Christ never said a word condemning Jonathan’s love of David and Naomi and Ruth.  Jesus also chose NOT to quote the same Hebrew texts which Paul quoted.  And if Jesus Christ quoted Sodom and Gomorrah, it was to inform us that God does not like building walls against aliens – strangers – because God does not tolerate the raping of men AND women in violent acts which put to shame those who visited Sodom and Gomorrah – the “strangers” … the “immigrants.”  If Jesus Christ had quoted from Genesis 19, he was telling us that God hates violent acts of rape.  Period.  Compare Genesis 19 to Judges 19.  In Judges 19, a rape REALLY occurs.  Rape is THREATENED at Genesis, but it does not occur.  And, so.  Tell me, Ms. Right Wing ignorant slut, that God approves of raping and killing women – because GOD never intervened in the story at Judges 19, where a woman was raped and murdered.  It makes no sense to me that God would interfere in an act at Sodom and Gomorrah where rape was only THREATENED, but not at the story at Judges 19.  Makes no sense, Ms. ignorant slut.

And, Ms. Ignorant Slut, Dana Loesch.  Tell me.  Do you support the once-enforced Dixie Jim Crow Laws (until the Federal government stepped in) when a white MAJORITY subjected a black MINORITY to lynchings and unequal treatment?  People voted for those laws – except the minority.  And when a black person wanted services at a restaurant or other business, they were denied, according to the Jim Crow laws.  Because if you support a baker who denies service to a gay couple getting married, you support Jim Crow Laws.  And stubbornly ignorant folks used the Bible to justify those laws, which are false interpretations.  Deceit and being false against the word of God.  That’s blasphemy.  But it’s preached, along with hate based on STUBBORN IGNORANCE, in right-wing churches.

I ask.  Who really are the “godless” ones?  I see left-wing people who reject religious organizations which don’t preach the truth.  But they don’t reject God.  Amen and Allelujah!  So, Ms. Ignorant Slut, Dana Loesch, be careful what you preach because you might be struck by lightning.


Speaking for a PROGRESSIVE AMERICA and HUMANITY AND CIVILIZATION, not stubborn ignorance which leads to hatred and a fascist government of the mob, not the people.

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