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Stop the Wealthy Ones of America Who Think only the Little People Pay Taxes – PLUS MORE ISSUES

Dear Editors:

A documentary told us how a small wealthy nation did not have a regressive income tax. Instead, they use a value-added tax (VAT) and property taxes.  I was tarnished because I identified, incorrectly, the name of the nation and where it was located.  The point about of my writing was about how this nation did not HAVE as many “little people” as the USA does, so it prefers a VAT and property taxes.  In other words, this nation is unable to play around with tax deductions and tax credits because it would do them little good. So, this nation uses a VAT instead. Notice that the wealthy in the USA who don’t wish to pay ANY taxes because they have us “little people” in which they can shove taxes down our throats, while getting away with “murder” of not paying taxes at all, as they invest their money elsewhere, probably in this little nation with the VAT.

This needs to stop and a VAT here in the USA, replacing sales taxes AND income taxes, is an answer, because the tax is on anything the producer price index (PPI) addresses, not what the CONSUMER price index (CPI) and income of CONSUMERS (the “little people”) are forced to do, after the union busting of these wealthy people have increased the income gap between wealthy and the rest of us astronomically – more than 1000% increase for those controlling the corporations since the 1970s.  (See article in 23 April 2022 Business section of The [Scranton] Times-Tribune , “A widening wealth gap,” for more information about what I am saying).

as for criticism about having the wrong nation, it loses the impact about the point I am trying to make. Perhaps some might say I deserve it because I promote accuracy, truth, and lack of hatred in what the media puts out.  On the other side, I can say this.  With the destruction of librarian jobs in the media, as I viewed happening over the past 20 years or so, then the problem is not me, the librarian, but the lack of people checking for accuracy. Thus, I view a documentary and attempt to recall the name of the nation, and get immersed in the lack of librarians to check the facts about such a documentary.

For me, too, as a librarian, I find it more difficult to use a reference to video documentaries.  With newspapers and magazines, it is in print. Therefore, had I read this information in a print copy like a newspaper or magazine, I am able to go back and confirm what was printed. With this video documentary, I am not able to do this.  With technological advances, it is more difficult to do so with digital copies of newspapers, too. Google has become a lousy search engine which goes far from what information / library scientists at Syracuse University and Cornell University developed for natural language searching in the 1970s and 1980s.  Google is lousy and most search engines are lousy. Much easier to clip or copy a print copy of a periodical article. Go ahead. Shoot holes in what I say, based on a love of ME, ME, ME – and “it works for ME, ME, ME.” I have given examples with an overview, not just ME, ME, ME.  I have experience with digital searching and how lousy I have seen it become today, so it is not about only ME, ME, ME. But about Katzer and Salton of upstate New York and the development of such systems. 

The wealthy ones of America have embraced this digital shit, destroyed local control of media, destroyed the jobs of those who research accuracy, truth and lack of hatred. We end up with such wealthy folks going against the very things which developed this nation when my maternal 5th great-grandfather (and many other wealthy folks), during the time of the American Revolution, gave money to the Federal government when it had nothing, “…in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence [defense], promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

Meanwhile, the wealthy of America, with the goons of union-busting, the destruction of the once-sensitive leadership of corporations (i.e., George F. Johnson and Thomas J. Watson) have denied living wages to the “little people” of the USA and work to preserve this by supporting social dissonance with wedge issues and purchasing of votes when there are those who are not gay, black, Latino, Jew. Therefore these folks are ME, ME, ME oriented and don’t wish to support human equality and human justice with “liberty for all.”  In other words, these “little people” say, “I’m not gay, black, Latino, Jew, so why should I care?” Wedge issue and wealthy money behind it, in the Republican “Nationalist” group.  (Nationalist = Nazi). 

The next time you read that some part of what I say, having nothing to do with my main point, has an inaccuracy, THINK, THINK, THINK… about the overall point of what I write. Don’t shoot holes when the main point is important to consider.  THINK… about the destruction of librarian and library research jobs. You certainly would not consider removing jobs of number crunchers and lawyers, would you? The Nazis of Germany were given a slap of sarcasm by the song, “Money Makes the World Go Around” – written by a gay man.  The wealthy pigs of America take the song seriously, along with the “Nationalist” Nazis of America. 

These wealthy fat pigs won’t do the elimination of a regressive income tax in which they play games with deductions and credits, for the salvation of SOME groups of people.  They won’t eliminate such taxes, plus sales taxes on the CPI which require profit margins to be cut into by hiring number crunchers and lawyers. It’s okay to eliminate jobs of librarians and educators, but not the number crunchers and stupid law people with their personal injury lawsuits and workman’s’ comp lawsuits.  They don’t want to use a VAT because they believe in the Nazi view about “money making the world go around.”  

The Canadians do not have such abysmal things as frivolous lawsuits and workman’s comp crap with the fakes who push them. They pay one-quarter of the cost of healthcare than Americans pay in this “private” system tailored to the wealthy and the career lawyers and wealthy business people who sit in and control Congress with PACs and lobbyists, including those of the military-industrial complex which Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about this complex being bad.  Lawyers and number crunchers stand strong while the people just complain about government and we “little people” not only pay the taxes, but also pay four times as much as Canadians for healthcare, while Canadians have increased the average longevity of human beings in Canada.  Only a person in France can be the oldest person in the world, at the age of 118. But not in America.  GODDAMN the fat pigs of America who lead us into the future with “little people” and others being “dashed on the stones” and no one to do something about this situation. 

My point about this discussed nation, whether island nation or peninsula, is that when there are no “little folk” around for the wealthy fat pigs to amass huge amounts of money and then invest in offshore accounts (island nations), while doing NOTHING for the people of America.

Andrew Carnegie, a person who provided money from his wealth, for libraries and education, said that the success of a society is not due to individuals, but due to the society. Wealthy man, Bill Gates, said that people would save money by using a library to read books, not to purchase books for their own individual library.  Yet, the “Nationalist” Republicans reduce educators and librarians by way of elimination of local coverage of newspapers and then claiming “no one reads newspapers,” with a hidden agenda to increase the use of digital technology – for the sake of wealthy ME, ME, ME folks who don’t give one damn about WE THE PEOPLE.  These wealthy fat pigs dictate to those companies which support social progression by acknowledging sexual identity (i.e., sexual identity is more than just about gay folks, but teaching young kids, whether male or female, to be more confident about themselves than to submit to a lousy freaking male teacher in upstate New York who had sex with young girls). These wealthy fat pigs don’t like local media reporters who report the unethical and corrupt behavior at the local level. So, they push to eliminate this aspect of the news, claiming, “no one reads newspapers so do it by digital.”  I have numerous examples in Florida in which corrupt and unethical behaviors were once uncovered at the local level.  It took local reporters AND librarians to do it. These freaking lousy wealthy ones have destroyed us in this field, while supporting lawyers and number crunchers, as if they are deity because, as the Nazis said, “money makes the world go around.”  Not true and we have many examples in history in which money DOES NOT make the world go around, but if it did, it was done for the good of WE THE PEOPLE, not the fat goons of union busters and corrupt, immoral, unethical individuals in society.  Scot Andrew Carnegie, Scot 18th-Century theologian/economist/philosopher, Adam Smith, and many others are examples. And any inaccuracies in media could be stopped with references on PRINT copies. But if it is said in a video or on digital technology, who the hell can find such inaccuracies to consider what was said?   Simplicity comes with the PRINT copies.

Robertson and the god he Creates in Robertson’s image

Pat Robertson says the Russian attack on the Ukraine is god beginning Armageddon. Robertson also claimed Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans “because of the gay people there and god’s punishment. Robertson’s stupidity and that of others who wish to place fear in American minds are so stupid. here is the reason. Before heading through the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Katrina also hit Key West and South Florida (Fort Lauderdale, too) where there is a far larger population of gay folks. There was little or no damage from Katrina in those locations. It picked up steam in heading over the Gulf of Mexico towards New Orleans. The damage was done in New Orleans more to black folks. Just goes to show what a white supremacist Robertson is, as he hides his agenda under the guise of bigotry towards the LGBT+.

Also, hurricanes don’t destroy San Francisco.

There is proof that human fracking has caused more earthquakes than one could imagine a god doing.

Robertson makes his god out to be an image of what his hateful beliefs are and then spouts them on the 700 Club. He has a mind control over the viewers on that program as he puts false information in their brains.

Robertson is a stupid jerk and idiot who is evil and pronounces what an evil god would do, not what a caring and loving God would do.

Daily News: MAGA My Way

Make America great again.Not like big fat piggish ways of Donald Trump fascists with love of money 1st.MAGA my way.


Ronald Reagan, Jr., is on my mind.

Noticing that is in his commercial, is trustworthy. He mentions “freedom FROM religion,” in defense of activities to work for separation of church and state. As a Christian, I am fully in support of separation of church and state. I always have been supportive of separation of church and state.

Seems strange for Ronnie Junior to say “freedom FROM religion,” while attempting to endorse the ideas of separation of church and state. For separation of church and state is related to “freedom OF religion,” not “freedom FROM religion.”

During the 1980s, I always had a problem with Ronnie Senior and the lip service he played to ridding us of communism. I really did not believe the man with charisma. I felt he was a fake then. Now it is evident, even more, what kind of fake Ronnie Senior was.

My father served with the occupation troops in Japan in 1945 after the war ended. Before my dad passed from us in 2018, he spent time telling me about the trip he and the others serving in Japan under USA Supreme Commander, General Douglas MacArthur, from Tokyo to the northern end of Japan.

If one reads the history of the A-bomb and all else which happened in Japan, one discovers that one thing our leaders wanted to do was to block the Soviets from entering Japan from the north. Was my dad part of those troops who were sent to northern Japan? This is written in the documentation of MacArthur biographer, William Manchester. Manchester also describes the emphasis MacArthur took to decimate the communists in Japan.

A few years later, when MacArthur was put in charge of troops in Korea, what did he want to do? He wanted to send troops north and into China. He was no longer the USA (or UN) Supreme Commander in Korea, so he was not able to do that. In fact, MacArthur was fired for attempting to do it. He had led Japan but was not given the leverage to do the same in Korea. My writing this is NOT to discuss whether this firing and the facts surrounding it are right or wrong. It is a matter of making a comparison between the two commands that General MacArthur had. One immediately after the war with Japan and the other during the Korean Conflict. Today, there is a very lousy communist leader in North Korea, while South Korea has been a successful capitalist democracy.

In fact, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan have all been very successful with bringing down the COVID-19 positivity rate, while the communists and other autocratic SOBs have not. Meanwhile, stupidity in America with DeSantis, Trump and others, is siding with the communists in China, while not fighting the war which needs to be fought against COVID-19.

Back to the discussion about Ronnie Junior and religion. Considering that the Soviets created a “religion” and forced people to abide by this “religion” (which many people have indicated atheism is actually a form of religion), then what makes us believe that “freedom FROM religion” is NOT an autocratic and dictatorial way to force one way upon our American population? What makes this any different from a Matt Gaetz or others who want to force one way for those of us who meditate and seek a spiritual means of life, whether in the name of Christ or any other religious belief, different from what Gaetz wants to force down the throats of Christian believers, is any better than Gaetz? As far as I am concerned, Gaetz is a lawyer / politician who is as much a traitor to the USA as Benedict Arnold, Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and numerous others.

How about considering “freedom of religion” among all “religious practices” within a secular society of coexistence? What is wrong with that?

Or else damnation on all those who wish to dictate beliefs to society and upon one another. Period. Damnation to the proselytizers of beliefs about a god or gods as a means of a theocracy, as well as those who wish to dictate an atheistic autocracy upon us.

Too many who are involved in religions use the Bible as a rule book which comes from myths and other writings designed to create a god in the image of men. We have a Creator / Maker / God of love. Humans are made in the image of this God.

The problem lies in those who are hypocrites within religious organizations and turn off people to the true God. This is done in the process of working to maintain power and control over human beings and doing so in the name of a god for which they have made a graven image based on the images of men writing the myths and rule books. Human beings need guidelines for reasoning and common sense in life, not a rule book based on the power of men over other human beings. Men are big on power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Along with such situations, hypocrisy and a love of money reigns.

Matt Gaetz and other fundagelicals are part of such heathens who do this. The American Founding Fathers, if Ronnie Junior and others were intelligent enough to study them, were more than just Masons.

The American Founding Fathers were Deists who believed in a powerful Creator and balance in the universe which can be proven. Translating that to democracy, our Founding Fathers established a government with checks and balances.

Adam Smith, a contemporary to the Founding Fathers, established and wrote about ideas for which there is balance in economics, in a system called capitalism.

During the days of Adam Smith, the aristocracy were, as Trump is today, too fearful of losing their power and money, should there be the balance as proposed by Smith and his theories about capitalism. So, therefore, these powerful wealthy ones did everything possible to put their own spin on what capitalism is all about. Many today don’t realize how much they follow along with the spin put on capitalism by the aristocracy of the 19th Century.

That aristocracy fooled a stupid man like Karl Marx and others in the process, mesmerizing them with mind control, that capitalism is the problem. Capitalism is not the problem and in the 20th Century, people like Teddy Roosevelt, associated with his Progressive Bull Moose Party in later years (after being known as the “trust buster”), proved that regulation does work. The founder of IBM, Thomas J. Watson, and others at NCR Corporation ended up serving time for their roles in going against regulations by attempting to destroy competition. Watson eventually turned around and created a great corporation, IBM, in which he rewarded his employees with good salaries and benefits, regardless of whether they had college degrees or not.

Ronnie SENIOR worked to remove that BALANCE in economics by proposing one-sided economics, SUPPLY SIDE ECONOMICS, based on his attempts to project that all things in America need to be “privatized.” This led to the movement to destroy capitalist competition and many dictatorial businesses with no concern for human beings who work for the head honchos AND no concern for the DEMAND SIDE of a balanced capitalism. Since the time of Ronnie SENIOR, these guys have been attempting to make the government look bad because it is the means for regulating that balance in economics.

Democracy can provide balance. Capitalism can provide balance. Freedom OF religion with separation of church and state can provide balance. Ronnie Junior stating, “freedom FROM religion” and associating it with separation of church and state is no different from what daddy Ronnie said with regard to “government is bad so let’s push for deregulation.” Thousands of Americans were hurt financially by this shit from Ronnie Senior. I was one of them, I know a thing or two.

Ronnie Junior is attempting to destroy balance in a secular society. If Ronnie Junior were truly interested in separation of church and state, he would find allies with those of us who have beliefs in God in order to accomplish his goal. Somehow it does not sound like he wants to work by pulling all Americans together, but has a hidden agenda here.

Ronnie Junior is a “chip off the old block,” in this sense. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Just as Ronnie Senior worked to deregulate and work towards, “freedom by ridding us of government,” Ronnie Junior uses this same method regarding religious beliefs and the spirituality which is very important to so many people.

This crap is nothing but a libertarian and anarchist approach. It is being used as a means to thrust dictatorial ways down our throats. The results of such actions will be barbaric, bullying, and vicious, just as what happened within the Roman Empire with its uncivilized gladiator games and arenas with Christians thrown to the lions.

You might read this and say, “how can this be true?” Trust me. I am not the only one to give warning. Adam Smith gave warning in his writings about “The Theory of Moral Sentiment.” There are many others who have given warnings, too.

For the sake of America and its democracy, capitalist ideas, and spirituality of people, please stop this bullshit. America might not be perfect because we have human institutions and such institutions are not perfect. But let us not destroy the great parts of this system. There are other nations in the world who have worked successfully under such conditions. Stop the destructive aspects based on “individual rights” only which come from libertarians and anarchists.

Come Together and Coexist

I have respect for Ronald Reagan, Jr. Far more respect for him than with Sleepy Ronnie in the Cabinet (Ron, Jr.’s dad).

Recently, Junior has been pleading for continuing separation of church and state. That is great. I learned about separation of church and state from pastors in the religion to which I was born and raised. One such pastor was asked to run for political office and he said he would do no such thing because that would be against his principles for separation of church and state. 

What I did not like about his announcements was that Reagan Junior seemed, to me, to identify his ideas for separation of church and state to only be important to atheists and agnostics. Really? He overlooks, entirely, those of us who have a belief in God but do work for separation of church and state. To which, I wish to address Reagan Junior with this. Are you out of your mind and think of those of us with a belief in God and work for separation of church and stare are nothing but chopped liver?

Suppose I analyze what is happening here. Reagan Junior is stupid? I don’t think so, but have to consider whether he is stupid when considering this particular issue. Does Reagan Junior have a hatred for all Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.? Gosh, I hope not, but have to consider this. Does Reagan Junior think only about dictatorial and autocratic control by atheists and agnostics, while the rest of the people be damned, as what has been done in communist states like the former Soviet Union, Cuba, China, etc.? I rather think this is not the case. However, he has spoken out against his father and his father was adamantly against the communists and atheists of Russia.  Interesting that Reagan Senior was against communism, but embraced ideas from Ayn Rand who departed Russia, due to her adverse reactions to communism (and knowing NOTHING about capitalism, the dumb jerk she was on that count). So, it makes us scratch our heads in puzzling thoughts about what Reagan Junior is thinking here.  After all, Ayn Rand was an atheist. 

Having a difficult time in figuring all this out, for sure. AHAH!  Perhaps if we say that Reagan Junior and his statements have to be taken in light of following the money behind what he is saying? Reagan Senior had corporations like GE back him up and most Americans did not know this.  But the money is about helping to put a spin on things in order to help the fundagelical Christians who DON’T LIKE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE? By making statements regarding Reagan Junior’s thoughts about atheism and agnostics really puts a thorn in the side of such people, does it not? Therefore, the idea is about playing lip service to the goal of separation of church and state when the TRUE strategy here is to divide and conquer the Christians. Is this not a possible motive? Turn off all Christians to thoughts about someone who identifies as atheist and agnostic. Divide and conquer. By all means, right?This way, it truly promotes atheists and agnostics for grabbing power over our society and thus destroys ALL Christians, even those who are allies of someone like Reagan Junior when it comes to separation of church and state.

Why do Americans never look to a plan to come together and find allies for which we can achieve a goal? This example of separation of church and state will help sustain our society better than any type of autocratic control by the bloody Matt Gaetz or the bloody atheists and agnostics. the ideas here are about advancing the causes of autocracy, whether by one side or the other, with a great deal of fighting going on. 

I am a Christian who recognizes that it is the fundagelicals who push people into atheist environments because people see too much of religious organizations which portray themselves as BEING God. My beliefs are sometimes in line with atheist beliefs because I believe that men created rules in the Bible, from fig leaves to white supremacy to bigotry against the LGBT+ to justification of murder and thievery, to justification of slavery (etc., etc., etc.). Most of the justification is done by mythical elements in what we call “scriptures,” as men tried to portray God as an image of men, not the other way around. Thus, many become fed up with churches and the stupidity of hypocrisy, ignoring the fact that Jesus Christ himself ranted about hypocrisy and money changers ripping off the people.  People like Rasputin of Russia, with his hypocrisy really did a number on a man who HAD been seeking the priesthood in Russia, but then joined the Bolsheviks. That man was named Joseph Stalin.  Just like autocratic theocratic dildo heads within the Christian fundagelicals today, Stalin is an example of working to develop an autocratic government all right. That of a communist state.

Come together and coexist on common ground, before it is too late. That meaning is about coming together to promote a secular democracy separate from church and religion, but with a freedom of religious belief. That also means to not allow any style of brutal autocracy forcing ANY style of religion, whether Christian or atheist (etc., etc., etc.), upon the American population.

Short & To the Point: Being Gay and Dealing with Lousy Preachers who Claim to Follow Christ

This past week, there was a controversy regarding a performance by an openly gay artist named Lil Nas X on Saturday Night Live. He often grabbed his crotch while singing on the show. I viewed a video of this performance. Apparently, Lil Nas X was accused of having a “split in his pants,” to which the singer denies that happening in a tweet to address this slap-happy accusation. I have to think that had he had a split, would not the shoddy puritanical Americans be grateful that he tried to cover up something from being shown? But no. He is attacked instead. And to think of the number of times there is violence on the screens of American television, with blood and guts, so people get upset at someone grabbing at a crotch, but not at the damnable violence? Give me a break. Lil Nas X, you have one gay person who is behind you 100% on this. And this gay person also read an article in The Christian Century (5 May 2021) which featured the blasts from puritanical people who claim to be Christians. My thanks to The Christian Century for pointing out what Lil Nas X has perpetrated in his life, with ire directed at him by lousy people who call themselves Christian preachers (not teachers, but preachers preaching their autocratic ways). Many gay people can relate to what was said about the purported “satanic imagery” which has been blasted at Lil Nas X. It was pointed out that the purported satanic imagery in a Lil Nas X video where Satan is killed, is NOT satanic imagery but actually a wish by many that Satan is eventually killed, as some make the claim will happen by God, based on what is written in the Bible. These damn puritanical crappy people who call themselves Christians would rather see violence on television and see other humans killed than that of Satan or his evil ways. They are more perverted than anyone who holds his crotch in a performance. As q writer’s reaction to the video, attributed to an article in Harper’s Bazaar: “[it] isn’t the satanic imagery. ‘It’s the preaching that made [Lil Nas X] feel less than beautiful, sacred, and beloved.” I’ll drink to that assessment! Oh my goodness! Did I say something crass to the puritanical out there who don’t even accept drinking in moderation and thus drive people to drink? Those who don’t accept choices in life, such as reproductive rights, which sometimes require necessity (i.e., in the case of rape, etc.) while rejecting the help necessary for those born in this world who are born into poverty? I wish to remind those who claim to be Christians that Jesus Christ was a teacher, not a preacher. Thank you, writers and editors of The Christian Century. Oh my goodness! I must go and renew my subscription to The Christian Century.

Reality Combined with Pessimism

When attempting to gain support in the plight many of us face due to privatized Medicare for medicine, did not take an interest in what I had to say, but instead felt compelled to dwell on his own personal feelings and thereby take what I say as being a personal attack. In defense of his own personal means, he spouted “this is reality.” It was a personal view of reality based on his own personal survival in this world, not to be inspired to take an interest, collectively, in what many of us face. In the process, it comes off as being pessimistic. It is a reality, too, in which those forces most acceptable to the pharmacist are dictating with self-fulfilling prophecy, what “reality” is.

In the Our Daily Bread entry (“The reason for writing”) on Monday, March 8, 2021, there is a discussion about reality and pessimism. The writer, John Blase describes the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as being “diary account of God’s love for us.” “They’re words to read and believe and share, for they lead us to life. They lead us to Christ” (Blase).

The verse for this discussion is John 10:31. “But these are written that you may believe.”

Blase also says, “The apostle John didn’t sidestep the harsh realities of Jesus’ life on earh; he wrote both the good Jesus did and the challenges He faced. The final words from his gospel give insight into the purpose behind the book that bears his name. Jesus performed ‘many other signs… which are not recorded’ by John. ‘But these,’ he says, ‘were written that you may believe.’ John’s ‘diary’ ends on the note of triumph: ‘Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God.’ The gift of those gospel words allows us the opportunity to believe and ‘have life in His name.'”

Arthur Jackson says, “In John we see Thomas as a pessimist and realist – inquisitive, human, honest. And he’s commonly referred to as ‘doubting Thomas’ because of his words in John 20:25 and Jesus’ response to him in verse 27.

“Doubting Thomas” was skeptical and pessimistic. He was a realist because he was not able to embrace what is described in an epistle as faith: “The assured expectation of those things not beheld.” When Thomas had asked, “so how can we know the way?” Jesus replied with, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” In other words, Jesus is the model of God for which we can get an idea about what God is about.

For the pharmacist and his personal reality, these words have special meaning to me. Reality is faith in God and collectively connecting to the Holy Spirit which emanates from God. Too much reality today, beyond just a pharmacist, comes from fear and intimidation. We can learn how to deal with fear by taking seriously the words of an Episcopalian, President Franklin D. Roosevelt who said: “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” That is truly the reality based on a faith in God. Note, too, that NY Governor FDR worked against fear in taking down the KKK in New York state so that New Yorkers voted for the first Roman Catholic governor, Al Smith. No fear, just do it. Gov. Al Smith then ran for the presidency on the Democratic Party ticket in 1928 and lost to KKK-endorsed Herbert Hoover. In 1932, FDR defeated one-term president, Herbert Hoover. FDR was not a “Doubting Thomas” and he had the reality of faith to stand up against fear. That is the reason I bring a former president into consideration regarding this gospels. It is not about politics. It is about having faith in God and not having fear of those who wave the Confederate battle flag. It is an issue about the basic life of human beings, not politics.

Finally, the Our Daily Bread article of March 8 asks the question, “How are you being led to the heart of Christ through [the gospels]? And the prayer, “Gracious God, thank you for the gift of the [gospels, diaries] written down by [Christ’s disciples] so that I might believe and have life.” Thanks be to God. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Not really supposed to say, hallelujah, during Lent, am I? Besides being diaries of the disciples (the gospels), scriptures are also NOT a rule book and I don’t follow religion from a rule book. I look for guidance and guidelines. This is something which was recently said in a religious column in The Press & Sun-Bulletin, by a pastor. The KKK has one religion and one religion only and it wishes to dictate to all Americans ITS idea of a god. Wonder who that god is? The KKK not only dislikes black people, but also Roman Catholics, Jews, and forward-thinking Protestants like FDR and many of us who are of the same way of thinking. We THINK, not just cherry-pick the Bible with a bias towards finding the parts which agree with human thinking and who listen to hateful speech of people who pretend to follow God, like so many of the non-American (Northern) Baptist denominations do (to name one example). Jesus Christ was not afraid to point out the hypocrites of his day. That was the reality of Jesus Christ.

Cowards Will Say Anything

Amidst the outpouring of disgust against Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick’s statement of “you reap what you so” comment on Twitter, was likely to be found some comments which make reasonable sense.  Patrick is a politician of hatred, caused by stubborn ignorance in believing traditionalist beliefs in the scriptures, rather than attempting to seek wisdom.  He has a finger pointed at the LGBT community, with three pointed back at himself.  Only God makes the final say and anyone else who judges is nothing but a self-righteous coward trying to help him or her to feel better about their own irregularities by trashing others.

I suppose that Patrick believes the African-Americans in that church in Charleston “reaped what they sowed” as a hateful white man gunned them down?  I suppose the little elementary school kids at Sandy Hook “reaped what they sowed” as a hateful man gunned them down?  What about the other attacks of AMERICAN terrorism i this nation?  The victims in each case “reaped what they sowed?”

What makes this tragedy far worse is that the religion from which the killer apparently came believes they are not “cowards” and are actually praised by Allah.  In a civilized world with a belief in a loving God, people like this killer are considered cowards.

What about the LGBT community in all of this?  Unlike the people in Charleston, LGBT are able to HIDE themselves.  The bigots do not attack them due to a different color of skin.  Perhaps Archbishop Akinola of Nigeria needs to understand this and be a real Christian, not bowing to Muslim beliefs out of fear.  And the same can be said of white people living in African nations like Kenya and Nigeria (and other areas).  In all these situations, people cannot change the color of their skin.  However, LGBT people can live in denial of who they are and therefore find safety from hateful people.

In the end, men and women can kill the body, but they cannot kill the soul.  Will God judge cowards – deceptive ones – worse than those who are honest about the way GOD MADE THEM?  None of us know for certain the answer to this question.  But I place my bets that only a loving God would have created the beauty of this earth, including the beauty of human beings, made in God’s image.  And a loving God would not condone awful things against other human beings, as often wrongly portrayed in the “Old Testament” by legends and myths of men who reported life the way it was in those ancient times.  I really do not believe that God condones the killing of babies in the name of God. I really do not believe that God condones the killing of LGBT in the name of God, either.

Evil hateful men and women will stop at nothing to prove their point that they work “in the name of God.”  I said EVIL, did I not?  They follow the ways of Satan the devil, with whom Jesus Christ resisted temptation while confined with the evil person in the dessert.  Pat Robertson makes money from hate and evil and pretends its about Jesus Christ.  Indeed, Robertson is the Anti-Christ.  Of whom does Robertson really hold animosity?  After Hurricane Katrina, he announced. and many stubbornly ignorant folks swallowed what he said, that New Orleans was destroyed due to homosexuality.  Yet, what were the facts about that hurricane?  Katrina had silently crept over South Florida with virtually little or no damage.  Where is there a larger population of LGBT? New Orleans or South Florida and the Keys?  Yet, Robertson convinced a whole bunch of gullible stubbornly ignorant folks that New Orleans was destroyed due to homosexuality.  He never bothered to explain why South Florida was “spared?”

Perhaps it’s a case of – “okay folks, go after the homosexuals first.”  Then when homosexuals are destroyed, “okay folks, go after people with a different skin color.”  Then when they are destroyed, Robertson and other hateful folks (jihadists in both the Christian and Muslim religions), selling hatred which emanates from the Devil, will keep going after innocent folks, until they go after ME who remained complacent in it all.  Who will be there for me?


Republicans Who Support Tea Party are Traitors to This Country

The tea party is attempting to turn people against our Constitutional-based democratic-based country, attempting to destroy our U.S. Constitution which is described by former Israeli prime minister, Menachim Begin, as one of the greatest documents ever written.  The Constitution begins with “We the people…”  The tea party wishes to change it to, “We the corporate monopolists…”  I refuse to accept that this nation is a “republic,” as die-hard Republicans try to claim.  It is NOT a republic, it is a democracy of “We the people…” as stated in the first line of the U.S. Constitution.

Attempting to tear apart “We the people…” is a method of “divide and conquer” so as to tear apart all the accomplishments of Teddy Roosevelt and his “trust-busting” which resulted in one of the greatest nations on earth.  These tea party people and the Republicans who support them suck.  The suckers are those who accept without thinking this attitude to tear apart our government.  This U.S. government has proved successful over many years and needs to be bolstered.

The white racist suckers who take sides with the treasonous tea party are also divisive, playing into the hands of a fascist group of people who promote greed, love of money, and anarchy.  They are wrong.

To be positive, I have positive solutions not based on ideology.  But first, this is the damage being done by the treasonous tea party and their billionaire / millionaire friends (Koch brothers, Rove, Limbaugh, Scott, Walker, Armey, Cheney, Bush family … and others).

1. Removal of the long-term investments in real estate, due to de-regulation of banking and other financial institutions (by Reagan, Bush, and others).  This once provided opportunities for the Middle class, rather than the caste system imposed by these wealthy pigs who are supported by dumb ignorant Middle Class people who have no wisdom.  A home in 1988 could go up only 1% in 8 years.  That was good because one had to wait for the long-term.  But layoffs by greedy tea party type pigs resulted in losing a long-term investment.  Then, the de-regulation of banks encouraged a fiasco in finance between 2002 and 2006 – four years.  The price of real estate became a short-term investment, rising 125%.  Yet, people who lost out STILL will vote Republican.  What dumb jerks, because it was the Republicans who CAUSED it – de-regulation – and did nothing about it when the market moved to slum lords who could “flip” houses.

2.  CEOs began pilfering the nest eggs of Americans, claiming “there is no money for pensions.”  That is the talk of hoodlums and goons and pigs.  There IS money for pensions, but these pensions were used to increase the gap between CEOs and the lowest paid employees by more than 1000% between 1974 and today.  There IS money for pensions, but the CEOs have become a bunch of deceptive liars – and CREEPS.  They forced the average worker into 401(K) plans – NOT DESIGNED FOR RETIREMENT PLANS.  They forced the average worker into a risky market while the CEOs sat by in comfort of their HUGE bonuses which were stolen from employee pensions, even when the BASTARD CEOs failed at their business.  And the boards of directors of these perverted corporate leaders went right along.  Just read Ellen Schultz’s book, RETIREMENT HEIST.

3.  George Bush, traitor as resident of the White House, trashed parts of Medicare and AARP went along.  The man quotes from Nazi propaganda minister, Goebbels, twisting information and mocking and scoffing at those who expose the truth – like a good Hitler propaganda master, with whom Bush’s grandad HELPED to attain power in Germany.  FASCIST dictators, not men of the people.

4.  With Medicare gutted, people have less for retirement.  People laid off after 55 pay the highest for health insurance, but are unable to secure jobs – as the CEO pigs scrap their pension plans.  And now the tea party assholes wish to remove the pools which COULD reduce the cost of insurance to people in this age group whom they have screwed (unless they are brats with lots of money).  Nice opportunity which only Ebeneezer Scrooge could agree.  These bastards attempt to turn the fiction of Charles Dickens and Ayn Rand, too, into reality.  Go f*** off, you bastards.  Someone go for their deep pockets, please!   Bastard snots who don’t even recognize who or what (the government) helped them ACHIEVE what they did.  Bastards.  Low life scum with lots of money.  Even a fiery hell is too good for them.

5.  Tea party attempts to scrap Medicare, Social Security, and Obamacare.  This after removing all capitalist market abilities (pensions and long-term investments in real estate) for the Middle Class to seek opportunities.  These people are attempting to carve a caste system in America into stone.  And what do so many people do? They go along blindly, rather than object.

6.  A former jerk of a Republican senator advertises the biggest screwing Americans can receive – to replace long-term investments in real estate.  The “Reverse Mortgage” is designed and embraced by tea party brats and snots to put people in their places in old age, never allowing children to receive a return on the investment their parents made in a long-term investment.  The banks own those homes in “Reverse Mortgage,” so therefore this also makes it more difficult for young people to obtain housing.  These homes are passed to slum lords with the ability to monopolize and control the prices of homes and RENT.  F*** them.  Screw them.  Someone file a class-action lawsuit against all these people, please!

And to the Democrats.  Stop with this stupidity of “American Dream.” STOP IT.  Get down to the brass tacks of what is really happening.  Speak to the American people who are enterprising people, you dumb jerks in the Democratic Party leadership.  Speak to the ones who are like Congressman Patrick Murphy.  The DREAM makes it sound like people are “ENTITLED” to this.  Dead wrong.  Nobody is entitled to these things unless they INVEST and receive a RETURN on the investments.  Get down to the brass tacks of talking about INVESTMENTS and RETURN ON INVESTMENTS.  A major financial enterprise (Charles Schwab?) once ran advertisements about gaining money “the old fashioned way; we earn it!”  The tea party has REMOVED these things from the “common human,” within the capitalist system and this is wrong.  They pit people against a government which COULD protect them in this capitalist economy.  People are stupid jerks who follow the line of reasoning of a bunch of scoundrels called “tea party.”  Democrats do NOTHING to challenge these notions.  Just continue with “the American Dream.” F*** the American dream and do something different with your approach, you jerks.

The man who defined capitalism (not socialism), following an 18th-Century Scottish banking crisis about on par with the Bush one in 2008 (created by the Republican de-regulation of a decade or so earlier) was a Christian man expecting business people to “naturally” regulate themselves.  But after this banking crisis, Adam Smith changed his mind.  He noticed so many of these Christians were actually hypocrites and determined there should be some regulation.  The tea party quotes this man in claiming no regulation.  They are wrong.  They are dead wrong.

And to the dumb ones who follow Karl Marx.  Karl Marx was a jerk, too.  He blamed capitalism when it was monarchical monopolism which he SHOULD have blamed.  So the tea party twists this to their favor, while re-establishing a type of monarchical monopolism, but indeed this system today, given a blessing by a stupid Supreme Court led by a stupid man named Scalia, is a corporatist system no different from monarchical monopolism.  It’s also no different from the Soviet and Chinese forms of communism and the hierarchical top-down arrangement of the Roman Catholic Church – from Vatican City.

Democracy takes thinking people who understand civics, not politics.  Who understand how a democratic government works.  This takes work on the part of the masses.  We once had masses who were NOT lazy and would embrace this system.  Too many lazy people have poked fun at this system, particularly among my own age group.  They are disgusting people and allow the tea party to rape all of us up the ass.

Scalia believes in the Roman republic and has no idea what the American democracy is about.  Scalia and his fascist friends endorse the idea of slavery, including the corporatist movement to re-make education in order to create slaves, rather than thinking people who understand a broad array of topics from science, math, engineering, technology, social sciences, to physical education, humanities, arts, and yes, the CIVICS of democracy.  These are what education is all about, not the slavery endorsed by colleges with the name, “CAREER.”  Education was designed with a pedagogy which prepared for careers AND lifelong learning.  Just because a bunch of lazy loudmouth Baby Boomers have decided on their own that education has parts which are irrelevant – this is irrelevant to the design of education.  I say to all these jerky SOBs – LAZY ones – to go take a hike and institute their ideas in some third world developing nation, rather than create a lazy one here.  Everyone has the slave attitude of being “entitled” to things slaves receive.

Even BS loudmouth artist, Limbaugh, once said, “slaves have it good because they work and someone takes care of them.”  The SOB “troll” snotty Limbaugh misses the point of the human spirit.  We wish to advance ourselves, no just take care of others.  The Chinese COMMUNISTS impose a system whereby, rather than working towards retirement investment – LONG TERM – the young people are told to get a career (as a slave) and take care of their parents.  What about the AMERICAN WAY, you dumb bastard, Limbaugh, where we are NOT always dependent on children or others.  That we can achieve an independent security.  YOU BASTARDS of the FOURTH REICH.  GO TO HELL.  You bastard remove all abilities for humans in America to achieve a financial independent security and GIVE IT ALL – INDEPENDENT SECURITY  – to the top-level snots who worship money.  YOU BASTARDS.  You destroy something which made America a successful nation – in the name of your stupid f***ing ideology.  Screw you.

I have used some language to suggest solutions.  But are these rejected due to the language?  I never abused the 10 Commandments, but I proposed and supported the ideas of Jesus Christ as he violently demonstrated his anger at deceptive wealthy business people.  To summarize my SOLUTIONS (in case you missed them or were not able to pull them out of what I wrote), here I go.

1. Rather than reduce Medicare, cut some of the military budget and provide Medicare from cradle to grave.  Put our tax dollars to work for the LIVING, not creating the dead.  People in territories like Puerto Rico need to pay into it, or declare independence from the USA.

2.  Stop scrapping Social Security and bolster it.  Keep it at the same age levels.  Force people in territories like Puerto Rico to pay FICA (if they don’t already).  If Puerto Rico does not pay it’s fair share, shove them off in their own independent nation.

3. FIle lawsuits against the billionaires who are scrapping our government.  Whether that be a class action suit or lawsuits by the government.  File a series of lawsuits against Stop the “personal injury” lawsuits which pit the common man and woman against the common man and woman, and direct this dirt against those with deep pockets.  Instead of hurting ourselves, hurt those who are truly hurting us.

4.  Stop the corporatization of education and health care.  These are NOT commodities, they are necessities.

5.  Give all stock holders of public-traded companies equal votes, not just the ones at the top with the most money, as we watch those bastard pigs take away from those who invest their money in the company – and they don’t have any conscience what so ever.  If they were truly being rewarded due to the same “merit” systems these pigs wish to impose on a new slave class, then this would not be necessary.  But these guys have no morals what so ever, figuring they can do anything they wish, like the kings of Europe who felt their power was “heaven sent.” That was BS then and it’s BS now.  There is not “divine rights,” you bastards at high levels.

6.  Regulate the banking and real estate industries to allow moderate long-term growth in housing prices.  This is not a dream.  This is not an “entitlement,” either.  It is just plain common sense for creating opportunities, rather than the type of lopsided top control like that of Haiti and many banana republics, as well as many developing nations.  Corrupt money-worshiping people control these governments – permeated by evil people who perpetuate this crap.

7.  Create a system of retirement security for hard-working people to achieve and I guarantee it would cost LESS than the one which has been created with bonuses and golden parachutes for myriad corporate money-sucking pigs and money worshipers.  I don’t care how this happens, but the best system would be a national pension system bolstered by 401(K) or 403(B) plans – as originally intended.

8.  Stop giving away money in the Social Security system to those who have not contributed or abuse the system with their “disabilities.”  Create another fund for these people.  Primarily, I speak about immigrants who never contribute.  If I go to other nations, I am treated this way.  I suggest a United Nations regulation of this aspect (not an international pooled fund).  It is not right for some people to come to America’s shores and be given money they have come to believe they are entitled to, but me and others recognize we ARE entitled to this money (because we helped fund it) and also recognize we are NOT entitled to funds in Canada or Britain or other Western nations.  Go f***, you people who think you are entitle do our American money.  F*** those who abuse it through corruption.  Strong words?  I resent America being turned into a third world nation, as we accept third world nation people.  Perhaps the corrupt leaders in Haiti and other nations need to take care of their own and stop the corruption.  NIgeria – stop your f***Ing corruption.  Stop it now.

9.  Stop blindly funding wars around the globe which the American people and our government DO NOT have the funds to do so.  Stop listening to an AWOL jerk like George Bush as he flagrantly spent money which he did not have to spend on wars, funding his friend, Dick Cheney (Halliburton), and other munitions companies with OUR (“We the people…”) funds.  STOP IT NOW.  I support President Obama’s diplomacy and think he makes a strong leader.  F*** those who think he is weak because their opinions are BS.

10.  Create an energy-independent America and shed our relations with pigs like Saudi Arabian sheiks.  PERIOD.  Without our military might, the Saudis would be NOTHING.  So make them pay.  The Saudi pigs take advantage of this nation, using traitors like the Bush family and Dick Cheney.  Stop this BS NOW.  Charge Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and other nations with wealthy sheiks for every dollar we lose due to wars in the Middle East.  If they don’t pay, withdraw our military support.  Make this EVIDENT to the American people, despite a f***Ing media which refuses to expose the truth – supported by the [false] divine right corporatists and Scalia.

An Open Letter to Rick Scott

Dear Mr. Scott:

As far as I can see, you purchased the Florida Governor’s Mansion.  You took advantage of a low voter turnout in 2010.  That’s a shame, when considering you are practically a minority governor forcing your will upon a large number who voted against you.

You appear to worship money and consider money to be more important than human beings.  In the healthcare industry, this translates to an unsavory idea about making money, rather than healing people.  You are pushing this same ideal upon public education, you money-worshiping louse.

Your number one priority is to make money, so you worship it.  You claim to be a “born again” Christian, but you are not my fellow Christian.  You are not a “brother in the LORD” with me and others who are on the small and cramped road to everlasting life.  “The road not taken,” which does not follow conformity to the crowds of money-loving materialistic shallow folks.

Perhaps you disdain a letter in the scriptures which says, “the love of money is the root of evil [or all kinds of injurious things].”  So how can you maintain a faith in GOD, our CREATOR, and HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST?  As Jesus Christ himself would say, “you hypocrite!”

Jesus Christ became violently angry about those in the temple who were deceiving others.  VIOLENTLY ANGRY.  Seems to point to a very strong message from GOD and that does not indicate WE become violently angry, but learn from the message.

GOD became violently angry at the deception and violence of rape at Sodom and Gomorrah, too.  It was not anger directed at  homosexuality, which never occurred, only suggested.  Because the towns people were selfish and not accepting strangers in their midst, they would often rape strangers of any sex, in order to embarrass the strangers.  The story is about an intervention from GOD, due to his dislike of raping strangers of ANY kind.

Here are some words you should consider:

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image.
Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD the GOD in vain.
Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
Honour thy father and thy mother.
Thou shall not kill.
Thou shall not commit adultery.
Thou shall not steal.
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
Thou shalt not covet.

What part of this don’t you understand?  Shall we discuss false witness?  How about the deception that comes with adultery?  Oh ,perhaps you never cheated on your wife, but how many countless others have you cheated on?  And I am not discussing sex, either.  Let’s discuss the words, “Thou shall not steal.”  You pleaded the fifth, did you not?  Is this deception like that of adultery?  What about “coveting?”  Worshiping money, rather than the true GOD?  What part of this don’t you understand?

One of the original tea party members was able to “get away with murder.”  John Hancock, a scoundrel bootlegging rum into Boston from the islands, murdered a British customs agent and purportedly got away with murder.  He did it all in the name of selfishness, greed, love of money.  Murder is on this list, too.  One hopes you did not do this and get away with it.  But then, you are a part of the modern-day scoundrels called the tea party, are you not?

We now celebrate with a beer named after John Hancock’s partner in crime, Sam Adams.  Sam’s cousin, John Adams, was forced into joining the tea party when he did not wish to do so, due to his repulsion towards their activities.  FORCED, without choice, by scoundrels and shallow low-life people with money made illegally (rum trade) – like drug dealers today.

Shallow low-life scum like you, Rick Scott, who worship money and step on the lives of people are repulsive.  Then you pretend you like people, just enough to get elected.  And at the same time, you destroy those who DO recognize humanity over money – the teachers and professors of Florida.  Students are not customers and have no idea what is best for them, when it comes to education.  The legacy of what has been accomplished and made our nation successful, in the centuries prior to these students, is what is important.  Money is not to be worshiped.

John Adams, our second president, was a member of the same church denomination to which I belong and have spent most of my life:  the Congregationalists.  Former Governor and Senator, Bob Graham, who opposes both the Scott and Jeb Bush higher education plans, is also a rational-thinking member of the same denomination.  This denomination’s legacy IS public education.  Our denomination advocated for public education and did so, not in the name of the worship of money, but in the name of humanity.  Now you, Rick Scott, wish to destroy public education.  You wish to project those of us who stand steadfastly in favor of humanist and secular public education as being devils.  “Judge not lest you be judged.”

Jesus identified Satan.  “Satan is the father of the lie.”  You and the Bush family embrace (George Bush is even quoted as saying this) the words of Hitler’s propaganda minister as he said something like:  “Tell a lie enough times and eventually it becomes the truth.”  Jesus said Satan is the father of the lie!  Perhaps you use psychologists to twist this even further and disguise your lies and projecting the words of good humanist people as lies.  The U.S. Constitution protects freedom of the press, not freedom of the false press.

But then, as my grandmother would say to me, “judge not lest you [thou] be judged,” so how can I point out these things about another person?  I would bet one of your friends in Southwest Florida remembers my grandmother, even to the point of picking on her – many times.  And this friend of yours also forgot his past and those who helped along his way to wealth, thus slighting my own mother, who faithfully served the Republican Party for many years, as a party committee person in NY.

Jesus also said, “turn the other cheek,” to enemies.  Here it is, Rick Scott, so begin slapping my other cheek.  Go ahead.  Bear false witness against me.  You are a hypocrite.  If Jesus could call the deceptive lawyers and business people of his day, “hypocrites,” then I am only following the model of my LORD and Saviour.  Deception is in the 10 commandments, but gets hidden by sex.  I guess it makes us feel better, don’t you know?

Douglas W. Cornwell

Tioga Herald


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