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PBS Frontline Report: Human beings do it better than computers

After spending today speaking with the scumbag automated system put in place by a huge corporation which caters to hedge hogs, greed, selfishness, and love of money, I ended the day by listening to the PBS Frontline report about the Boeing 737 Max. I come away scratching my head about the common thread which runs through my personal experience with an automated system and the deaths of 300+ people. My experience is not a life and death experience. But it does leave us feeling as if no one gives one damn about the time it takes humans to deal with automated systems which are really screwed up because the big fat pigs at the top, making 10005 plus more than what the ones at the top made in the 1970s by getting rid of human beings.

The automated systems being used on the aircraft are designed to take away the ability of human pilots to have better control over the aircraft. The digital parts then miscalculate and the planes go down, killing all passengers. Love of money, materialism, greed, individualistic fat pigs at the top, and selfishness override human beings. These guys do not give one damn about the people who died in those crashes. It was made very evident today.

The fat pigs at the top of huge corporate conglomerates which automate their customer services, from a newspaper media company to an electric utility to Internet service providers to mobile phone providers (and others), these pigs at the top are not being held accountable. It took an awful lot of corrupt handling of the FAA (by Boeing), over a long period of time, and investigative reporting which finally brought down the CEO at Boeing. FINALLY. 

And freaking Mitch McConnell works to make things even worse by using the money he made from taxpayers to suppress voters and taxpayers in various states because that is the only way such freaking Republicans know how to win an election. They cannot win on issues.  Whether politician like McConnell or the hedge hog big fat pigs, there is the similarity of a lack of concern for people, across the board.

Finally, in the end, the famiiies of those who died in the crashes won big money in a lawsuit. Another example of reactionary actions rather than tough proactive actions being taken by lawyers and politicians (as with personal injury lawsuits and workman’s comp) PRIOR to something like these events. The lousy deregulation environment for “free markets,” by Reagan, Republicans and freaking lousy Libertarians has brought this down on America today. I believe we need to stand up strongly and change to the proactive and dump the reactionary BS. The reactionary stuff is about awarding money, another example of love of money, rather than putting human interests first in a proactive manner.  Tell me. Exactly what good does it do for those people to NOT have their loved ones, but have money instead? You cannot take your toys to heaven, especially when humans are crating a hell on earth.

I have written about this theme over and over and over again. Yet, we see how hard it is to find a solution from crashes and come to a reactionary resolution. Also, how short will the memories of Americans be, after those who suffered, the victims and the families, get resolution. If one person suffers, we all suffer. When will Americans learn from what has happened and be more vocal about the suffering which has an impact on all of us? How long does it take for people to stand up and take the stand, rather than working with freaking lousy Republicans who are trying to repress the voting in America and don’t do one damn thing to solve the problems of America in a proactive way?

Furthermore, the Boeing executive did exactly what many healthcare workers have been doing to me and many of my diabetic friends. If the expensive medications don’t work, then blame the patients. Same thing at Boeing. Blame the human pilots when those pilots had their hands tied when trying to reverse the hellish thing the automated system was doing to the aircraft. Blame the humans because it costs less to take care of digital machines than it does to take care of human beings. Blame those who are victims of the process of giving only blanket solutions which might not work for some people on a one to one basis. Blame the demand side of the market, in favor of the freaking lousy Reagan attitude about supply side economics. How about if we hold the fat pigs at the top accountable more often? How about if we hold fat pig McConnell and the lousy Republican followers of Trump? How about if we hold THEM accountable for COVID-19 and the lack of putting forth a war on a pandemic?  Hospitals which transported patients to nursing homes across state lines are the responsibility of Trump and the lousy Republicans who go along with him and that lousy fascist leadership. They have no interest in human lives. Oh, that’s right. I already said that.

Why do my medications no longer work for me? The money used to pay for this crap, either by me or by way of Medicare, is being wasted when not working. Why?  In my early stages of type II diabetes, a doctor over-prescribed metformin and I was left with lactic acidosis. Lactic acidosis CAN BE FATAL. I count my blessings because, while it ended up giving me some heart problems, I survived. I am a survivor, but we are not talking about cancer. We are talking about the wrong dosage of prescriptions made by a medical doctor and never identified by a pharmacist. The net result was the hospital costs picked up by big insurance. Those costs COULD have been avoided.

Then, when endocrinologists began putting me on insulin, I took two dosages from two different injections each day. I was warned that my numbers might go to low so I should carry glucose tablets with me. How many times did I use those tablets? Zero times. My numbers never went down to hypoglycemic levels. Yet, there was more concern about that than to fix the problem as to why I rarely got my glucose levels below 100. Sure. My A1C did decrease. But my fat on my bones went up exponentially, from 220 up to nearly 280. Just look at the photos of me in 2016 and look at me today. Then to discover that one of the common effects of insulin is to give weight gain.
Today, I am off the insulin injections (Tresiba). By no longer injecting insulin and utilizing an injection of a medicine by Novo Nordisk, I was able to get my glucose levels down and took off enough weight to drop back down to the 220 range. But, I am on the plateau of 220 or so, as I have been for years and can never dispose of the fats on the abdomen. Research shows that fat on the abdomen is what blocks any insulin, even that produced by the body, in doing its job.

And my glucose levels seem to not be responding at all to all of the meds I am now taking. Thus, healthcare workers blame ME, as did the executive at Boeing blame the human pilots. Mr/Ms Healthcare Worker, I have been exercising and cannot drop the weight on the abdomen, so give me a suggestion for what I can do? Mr/Ms Healthcare Worker: “you are not doing enough.” It’s my fault – the fault of the patient, right? “You need to do situps.” I don’t do situps but regularly do standing up toe touchers and others to exercise the same as siups do. I sometimes do the situps, but if I cannot do them, I do the ones to exercise the abdomen in other ways. I ride a stationary bike and/or walk nearly every day. But. It’s my fault, don’t you know. I have heard other diabetics in Florida among the older population describe this situation, similar to mine, so I don’t speak alone.

After all. I am a human being and we need to blame human beings, right? Isn’t that what America has become? A nation which blames imperfect human beings and refusing to find rational solutions? After experiencing what I describe with my type II diabetes, what I experience with lousy customer service run by automated systems, and now what I heard tonight about what Boeing did (with influence over Congress and the FAA), I really am appalled when I add all of this up in America today. Then a Republican leadership unconcerned about the people of America and only about their pocketbooks with a love of money, I find it all very appalling, especially when stupid people wish to blame the Democrats. About the only Democrats i would blame is the bitch from Arizona and the blue dog from West Virginia. Arizona where the bitch is likely running scared at the voter suppression out there. Sorry. Perhaps I should not call her a bitch. One particular bitch out in Arizona is actually the leader of the Republican Party out there. She turns the Democrat out there into someone whom I call a bitch.

My hats off to those who did the story on Frontline. We need far more of those types of stories, especially stories to expose the corruption of Mitch McConnell and the Republican leadership, plus Rick Scott, Ron DeSantis, and Marco Rubio of Florida. Rick Scott with a fifth. Methodist or not, he is an asshole. And the ones who cry “Marxist Democrats” are the ones who ARE the Marxists, as they push the lies of propaganda upon the population and call themselves Republicans when, indeed, they are doing what the Bolshevik (Marxists) did in Russia in 1917. RINOs and DINOs wake up to what truly is happening in America today.

Return Audience Show & Jamie Lee Curtis

Dear Rachael Ray,
We love your new audience shows, the set and the seating which looks so homey. Kudos to you and the crew for doing this.
When Jamie Lee Curtis was on your show and appeared to brush off the attack of the thugs from Proud Boys and other groups in their attack on our government on Jan. 6, I am sickened to hear that. She sounds like a bleeding heart liberal comparable to Al Gore who geve up challenging George W. Bush in Florida at a time when me and many other Republicans like me voted for Al Gore. He gave up, like a damn bleeding heart liberal, ‘for the good of the nation.” In effect, his giving up has made matters worse so that Trump puts a spin on his loss and gets people to attack the halls of Congress. Al Gore really did win that election and the black man who represented the congressional district where I lived in Florida was rejected. Same thing happened in the 1850s when bleeding heart liberals on SCOTUS gave a decision of “justice” so as to appease “the South [and its white supremacy groups].” I refer to the Dred Scott Decision and the documentation of that decision demonstrates the stupidity of the bleeding heart lawyers and liberals who helped keep the war going for white supremacy.

To be blunt, those thugs on Jan. 6, 2021, are traitors and they are lucky to be alive after that event because at one time in America, traitors were hung by a noose and not by vigilante Jim Crow assholes, which is what those thugs are. It is an insult to me and others in this nation who love this nation the successful democracy it has been, not the authoritarian dictatorship which Trump emboldens Proud Boys and other thugs to promote. They take away the freedom, liberty, life, and happiness of those of us who want a democracy. It has nothing to do with “politics,” as the ignorance of a bleeding heart might give us.
My representative in Congress in 2000, had balls and guts to stand up. Al Gore had no balls or guts and, as a result, Trump today takes advantage of that factor. There were many Republicans like me who had the balls and guts to stand up for Al Gore and we were trashed in the process. Was Jamie Lee Curtis one who trashed us? In spite of Al Gore, I switched to Democrat, thanks to a Vermont man named Dr. Howard Dean. Dr. Dean had balls and guts, too, but was shut out of the Democrats when he attempted to be a leader. Still. I remain a Democrat, in spite of such BSby bleeding heart liberals feeling so sorry for traitors. King Charles of England was executed due to his lack of balls and guts and wanting to destroy the British Parliament. King George III lost part of his colonial empire, due to his tough stand against the people and the British Parliament. Now, we feel sorry for the freaking Proud Boys and the thugs who attacked our Congress? What a bunch of hooey.
P.S. I don’t apologize for what I say about lawyers just because your husband, John, is a lawyer. Bleeding heart lawyers and liberals are a disgrace to this nation. I  can only hope John is not a bleeding heart lawyer.

Review of CBS News Report: Social Media Used to Embolden Kids to Vandalize and Attack Teachers: Sounds like a Bunch of Uncivilized and Ruthless Bolsheviks or Hitlerites

The National Education Association, for which I am a member (with AFT) is encouraging “social media”” to regulate what is published. The excuse given by Tik Tok is bizarre. Having worked with the Internet as a pioneer in the age of infancy of the Internet (even DARPANET), I can say that Tik Tok’s excuse is a flimsy one, at best.
We used moderators for anything published in forums and what not and we had no difficulties. Just as articles or letters to editors are submitted to editors who review for accuracy before publishing, a moderator on a forum (forerunner to blogs) moderates by reviewing for accuracy before publishing. It takes time and yes, we need to employ more people to do it. What a shame, right? Employ human beings rather than using computers and robots?
Those days were also the days when the Fairness Doctrine in media still existed. Republicans like Reagan and Bush tore down that doctrine which was established in a bipartisan agreement following World War II and gave us a more civilized nation rather than one with the mentally ill encouraging and emboldening young people to do acts of vandalism and assault. Hatred of fellow human beings was not allowed, especially when it is based on rumors, false conspiracy theories, and other false information. Once the Fairness Doctrine was destroyed, talk radio of hatred and false information sprang up, particularly that of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Then we ended up with “social media” and no controls over it. If someone tries to control it, then the mentally ill who propagate the hatred proclaim such regulations go against “free speech,” liberties, and is a form of censorship. I argue that it is NOT any one of these things because regulation and moderation of such information means the stories are not banned, but are evaluated for accuracy and, if there is partial truth, then the stories are so notated. That takes time and pushes the mentally ill who want instant gratification, like little brats in a sandbox kicking sand at one another – little bratty kid attitudes – upset. They should be upset when someone tries to kick their buttes and stop them from being little children, grow up and mature and become the adults ina civilized world.
CBS News needs to include this aspect for which I am discussing here. But CBS and other media outlets do not do this. Shame on them all. Rather than call this junk in Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, or other sources “social media,” let us call it what it is. “Social technology.” “Social online portal.” “Social online platform.” It is NOT news and information and shame on the media for not pointing this out. What kind of fear do they have? Losing money? If so, shame on such a media where LOVE OF MONEY predominates. Love os money is evil.

My thanks to those of NEA who were given a chance to speak up on the CBS report this morning. So many of us are not given that opportunity and that is sad, too.

To establish power in Russia, by the Bolsheviks, they used hate speech and propaganda (false news) to accomplish the goals of vulgar and vicious people. To establish the Hitler Youth in Germany, there was the use of lies of propaganda for vulgar, vicious, and uncivilized and barbarian attacks on other people. Let us stop this in America and stop it now. Don’t “appease” the other side by going along with their crap about “censorship.” Civilized society needs to moderate the barbarism and stop it. That is NOT censorship, so stop it, and stop it NOW. it is important for America and important for keeping civilization civilized.

Commentary on Recent Dr. Oz Show

​It is sad, but i cannot obtain an email address to write directly to Dr. Oz. Either Tweet him or use an online form. I refuse to do either, so I write to the overall media. Don’t get me wrong. I like Dr. Oz. I just don’t like Twitter which is called part of a “social media.” It is NOT media, so I write to the media. Twitter, Facebook and others are social technology or social portals or social platforms. They are NOT media. But of course, who listens to my perspective on this topic. I was only involved in the early days of the development of the Internet in the DARPANet project. But not as involved as Tim Berners-Lee or Vannevar Bush or… So I am just chopped liver and a stupid idiot, right? 

However, I feel compelled to comment about a recent episode of Dr. Oz. It was about the guy in South Carolina whom, it is believed, had people murdered and then arranged an attempt to have himself murdered. A bizarre and perverted tale, for sure. Just proves the irrationality of so much of America today, the land I grew up loving, due to people in the Binghamton, NY, area like George F. Johnson and Thomas J. Watson, plus others. Shame on me for being inspired by such people who actually provided healthcare and other benefits for their employees. That is another topic for another day.
Dr. Oz went into the increase of murder in the USA today. How sad, for sure. He said there is evidence there are too many who are “getting away with murder.” That, too, is sad and sounds like the bizarre sheiks of Saudi Arabia, the Taliban, and Putin of Russia, among others in the world. Oh, that’s right. Obama and Biden administration made certain that Bin Laden DID NOT get away with the mass murders he committed while Bush with his (and his father’s) personal vendetta against a leader hated by the Saudis and the Taliban (Hussein) was brought down and attention drawn away from what was necessary to do to track down Bin Laden. Yet, the freaking media goes after Biden in the past few months regarding Afghanistan, after nothing was accomplished there by Bush. In effect, I can say, Bush, too, gets away with murder. (Meanwhile, today, the dismal and wimpy Democrats are being laughed at by freaking lousy people like Rick Scott who got away with stealing money at a hospital in Florida. People there KNOW what happened, but Rick Scott pleads the “fifth” and gets away with it with the help of stupid freaking lawyers in America).
What I also need to add to this Dr. Oz discussion is historical information. According to a documentary on the History Channel, the one with the large signature on our Declaration of Independence got away with murder. It is a hidden thing. Yet, we talk about our “john hancock” signature like it is a wonderful patriotic thing. I contest such vile things and wish America would come to its senses. So hearing Dr. Oz describe those who, today, “get away with murder,” is appalling, to say the least.

I wish to sing a song, “Where have all the lawyers gone?” Because they spend their money on commercials about their lousy jobs with personal injury lawsuits and workman’s comp and allow things like murder to pass us by. In this respect, lawyers are negligent in not doing the jobs they SHOULD be doing. Protecting Americans against murder and mayhem. They take money from our government by filing frivolous lawsuits and refuse to seek tort reform, as what exists in Britain. It was a British agent trying to stop John Hancock from illegal importation of rum from the Caribbean who got murdered and then we had a war in the name of John Hancock. Makes me ill to think about this. And the lawyer who ended up helping John Hancock and his friend, Sam Adams? John Adams, the 2nd president of the USA. It is a disgusting thought, to say the least. But this was not discussed on the Dr. Oz Show and perhaps it needs to be discussed.
Don’t get me wrong. We were dealing with a mentally ill jerk named King George of Britain. He was like Trump in his mental illness. George had no sense of what it takes to be a king, let alone a good leader. The democratic process in the British parliament actually attempted to put down George and curtail some of the taxes for which the American colonists objected. But no. The mentally ill king prevailed and we had a civil war. We call it the American Revolution, but in effect, it was a civil war because America was then part of the British Empire.

I know. I speak as if this is not the “norm,” so how stupid I am, right? We don’t want the words of Mister Doug published, so let us rip him apart in every way possible and never take into consideration something Mister Doug says which goes against the norm. Mister Doug may speak with metaphors and parables. But Mister Doug is just plain stupid. Wait! Was there not someone else in history who spoke in metaphors and parables? Got milk anyone?
Thank you, Dr. Oz, for the information, not conspiracy theories like that of a Mark Levin and others, which seem to predominate the lousy brain cells of so many people and with no evidence at all in something we call “social media.” It’s not social media. It is social portals or social platforms and part of social technology. Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts. That is media. Where art thou, media?

Professor Douglas Willet Cornwell (Retired)

Newark Valley, NY

———————————“Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” “The problems of the world are not that some people love in a different way. The problems are that so many people don’t know how to love at all (CGA, 1970).” A Puritan is someone in fear that someone, somewhere, is having a good time. “Liberty and justice for all [not priorities on individual and selfish rights].” “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union [and overall wealth of American society]…” 
​Benjamin Franklin: “​Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are ​affected.” Stacey Abrams: “Compromise about actions, but not about values.”  Oscar Wilde: “​​​I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”  Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Benjamin Franklin: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”  Whoopi Goldberg: “To handle this COVID-19 pandemic effectively, we all need to get on the same page.”  Note: To be clear, I do not like being patronized. I do not express my disdain over what happens to my fellow humans just for my own sake and to pursue favors and handouts. I do it in order to gain R – E – S – P – E – C – T for me and for millions of other Americans of any race, ethnicity, religious belief, or sex and sexual identity who try to walk in integrity as they attempt to achieve, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  PERIOD.  One nation under God [our Creator] with liberty and justice for all.

Law Enforcement in America: CBS News Sunday Morning

Thank you, CBS News, for your report today (Sunday, June 6, 2021) about the state of policing in America. The story about the pastor in a small town not much larger than where I reside in upstate New York really helped to understand the need for improving police coverage. That pastor had become the sole police force in the town. Here in this town, the one-man police force was abandoned and essentially, “defunded,” as the law enforcement was given to the county sheriff and deputies. The one-man police force was a disaster in his attitude towards people, so that was what inspired the change to sheriff and elimination of the one-man force which was the same as in this town in the story here.

The results have been passing law enforcement to a Republican sheriff who refuses to work with the Democrats who run this state and help to reform the attitudes of law enforcement. Rather than this little village being able to fire the other guy and find someone like this pastor in Moville, they abandoned it to a force run by someone even worse. Pastor Edgar is Police Chief Rodriguez. He exemplifies what should be in law enforcement. He represents someone who is not so interested in WHAT the offender did, as to getting to the details of WHY the offender ended up doing what they did.

Police Chief Rodriguez reminds me of a retired NYPD police officer who, upon retirement, heard the call of God and trained to become a pastor. In speaking with this former NYPD police officer, much of what I heard him say some of the same things Pastor Rodriguez said in this account. Yet, some of the most adverse opposition to reforms in policing have come from interviews of NYPD union people in New York City. For shame on those men. For shame on any sheriff who resists the reform.

The final statistics in the report today was to report statistics from polls in America which indicate that slightly more than 50% of Americans are opposed to “defunding,” while only 18% support it. I am part of the percentage not reported by such a survey in being supportive of NOT defunding police if they demonstrate a strong movement to reforming to follow the ways of Pastor Edgar / Chief Rodriguez. Otherwise, if the question were asked properly in the survey, I would be part of that larger number. I would wager that, should the question be tailored about whether the support for NOT defunding would be only if the reform was enforced properly, the results in favor of this move would be far higher than the slight number above 50%. Whatever the questions were on this survey, if there was a “not sure,” I would have been part of the “not sure” crowd. Because support or not, the third choice being “not sure” is the ONLY answer I would give.

Thanks, again, CBS News, for your report this beautiful Sunday morning.

Short & To the Point: Face the Nation & Bernie Sanders

Kudos to Bernie Sanders when he appeared on Face the Nation today (May 23, 2021). He brought out some very interesting points about the conflict in Israel and how the right wing in Israel is helping to inspire anti-Semitism among American Jews (and Jews in other areas of the world). Not a surprise, for sure. He gave President Biden a good review about handling the situation in the Middle East, to which this listener is in full agreement. Stop the anti-Semitism, America, and wake up to what is TRULY happening among the extreme right wing. The Trumpicans are false about accusations of “extreme” left because we don’t see extremism, just a mood for progressing in this world by solving the problems of the world, not by hatred and bigotry by an idiocratic autocratic puritanical bunch of fart faces. Is this enough for short and to the point?

Short & To the Point: CBS News Sunday Morning Report on Homelessness

Kudos to CBS News Sunday Morning and its report today about Homelessness and Housing First. The report about the Colorado mayor hiding and living among the homeless population in his area was very interesting. No surprise that he found the biggest hurdles were economic instability and not being able to pay for the high cost of housing, addictive disorders, and mental illness. His experience reminds me of the inside information I had from a person working within the Mario Cuomo administration in Albany and reporting how Cuomo went out each day for a walk. He found homeless people and talked with them. He thought most of the homeless did not want the help. In working with homeless in Florida, I find this assessment by Cuomo to be bizarre. As a professor, I tutored one veteran and watched as he really DID desire to lift himself out of the position of homelessness. I find the Cuomo assessment several decades ago to be rather bizarre. Then, perhaps it was a time with different circumstances and situations? I also wanted to add to this story from CBS News about a program at my church in Florida called Family Promise. Churches came together and provided homes for the homeless as they worked to get back on their feet. In these days when Republicans claim to follow family interests but then boo Mitt Romney off the stage. This idiocracy based on Trump is teaching a false herd mentality about what a family is by working to make it illegal for gay couples to adopt, in states like Tennessee. My denomination accepts gay people and also supports the Family Promise efforts by opening the doors to our church for homeless families to live and do the activities they need to do. There are some very good people from our church who do this. In these days of rift between the idiocracy of puritanical crap about families, would it not have been a good practice on the part of CBS News to add this part about Family First and the Christians who are true Christians and reaching out to help? Oh, that’s right. We cannot go into details because it takes too much information to be presented to people. Keep it short and to the point, don’t you know? Nevertheless, gracious thanks to CBS News for presenting this report this morning. The statistics about the success of Housing First was really eye-opening and should have been to Americans today who fight this idea to help the homeless. Kudos to Housing First and to Family Promise for the success in helping homeless people get back on their feet. Sad that in one of the wealthiest nations on earth, we have lovers of money controlling real estate and pushing the prices so high that we have such a homeless population. At one time, the frontier was open in America, so people could head to the frontier and start a new life. The veteran whom I helped at been living in a nearby public park, along with so many other homeless people in Palm Beach County, Florida, not far from Trump’s home across the intracoastal waterway. The frontier closed and that was one of the reasons FDR introduced a “New Deal.” The “New Deal” was and is rejected by the stupid idiocracy of autocratic Trumpicans who are in denial about homelessness. They are worse than the Republicans who fought FDR in the 1930s and 1940s. Paranoid idiots are the Trumpican autocratic idiots. Love of money before love of the human species is becoming a “norm” which we need to reject and toss away. It takes more than just my words to do so. The French Revolution was fought and Napoleon ended up in charge. He, too, was a criminal on the level of King George of England and Donald Trump. Neither of them got executed and King George ended up secluded at the end of his life, due to his mental illness. Napoleon ended up being tried and banished to a heavily secured island. THAT is law and order, my friends, not the law and order defined by Trumpicans or Giuliani or others in the idiocracy of wealth and love of money. Am I short and to the point enough? Too bad if I am not.

Short & To the Point: CBS News This Morning Story About Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Bravo to CBS News Sunday Morning and your report about Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. What a wonderful ride down memory lane to the “Deja Vu” album we purchased at the end of the 1960s while just young kids. We loved listening to “Our House” and “Teach Your Children,” etc. America needs these values portrayed by this wonderful band. Glad to hear there is a 50th anniversary remake. What is disappointing is to hear the rift between the band members and hearing that this rift will likely never be fixed because it is like trying to put together a “thread which has been broken.”

Short & To the Point: Words of Free Enterprise & Constitution

Joe Scarborugh’s used of the words, “free enterprise” is like those who use the word constitution to make a point related to the discussion which assumes we all agree on how the wording is used. In one short phrase and without explanation, Scarborough intended “free enterprise” to be contrary to the word, “socialism.” With the references I have for Scarborough suggesting the Republicans should support regulation of capitalism, the phrase “free enterprise” becomes ambiguous to those who say, “rah, rah, rah” to “free markets” and “free enterprise” and with no concern for REGULATING free enterprise. Same is true with pro-gun NRA people who make a claim that the 2nd Amendment is for individual rights when there are many who say no to such crap and that it is more about, since its conception, defending white people while not allowing black people and indigenous folks to get away with the same murder with guns that white people do. Mention the word, “constitution,” and such white racists believe you are supportive of their ideas of the 2nd Amendment to protect white people. Same thing. Ambiguity with words. Actually, I believe socialism AND free enterprise can co-exist and are NOT contrary to one another. Socialism fits in when there is infinite demand in capitalist markets. The concept of socialism for taking over business by the government dose not fit the picture I have of socialism. Socialism can can play a role in helping to balance supply and demand. In fact, the example of centrally planned supply side economics with big business is more like government control advocated by socialism. Just because it is a bunch of wealthy fat cats who have done well financially due to liberals and conservatives, red and blue, Democrats and Republicans over time (and never give the appreciation for this balance of power which helped them achieve what they achieved), does not negate the fact that they use socialist and communist centrally planned economics to destroy free enterprise. One more example of ambiguity in words. It’s centrally planned economics by big corporate monopolies, stupid, not socialism, which causes America’s problems. It is tough to explain in being “short and to the point” because of the ambiguity of words. Yet, I am in a catch-22 with a bunch of dolts in America who refuse to read as extensively as my blue-collar dad who served his country in the Pacific in World War II. He read extensively and it was detailed articles in newspapers which, for the sake of short-sighted dolts today, have been cut back and we in rural America are denied the delivery of newspapers in print copy. Go to hell to such an America because even newspapers are working to destroy America.

Sixty Minutes: The Richie Boys

What a neat story about the Richie Boys, as told this evening (May 9, 2021) on Sixty Minutes. The guys interviewed explained how proud they were to be Americans and to serve the nation they could turn to as Hitler threatened these guys in Germany and they lost family to the Holocaust. Stupid people of the American idiocracy make false claims about the Holocaust not existing, as they claim that Trump won the 2020 election and Biden lost. They have only false information they love to spread and have loud big mouths and people who enable them to spread the lies. These Richie Guys appreciate what America did for them.

The Proud Boys and Qanon and other idiots of this sort need to take lessons about how to appreciate what they have in America. They need to stop the BS regarding the gun folks of the NRA and the violence they promulgate. These idiots in American white supremacy need to express appreciation for what they have, whether it comes from liberal or conservatives, black people or gay people or whomever. Shame on this hypocrisy and vicious attitudes of white supremacists who work to scare Americans.

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