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Housing & Taxes

Dear Editors:

Recently, Sixty Minutes broadcast a report about housing in Florida. The report centered on the increased cost of housing, from rental to actual home ownership.  Many homes in Florida, the report said, were being purchased by corporate entities and wealthy individuals and groups which are creating a rental business and thus driving up the rental prices and putting houses in the hands of wealthy people, not the common folk who work for a living below the living wages required in our society today.  What Sixty Minutes did NOT present was the impact on property tax bills for Floridians.  Having been a one-time resident of Florida for nearly 40 years, I have some questions which were not addressed by Sixty Minutes.

Homestead Exemptions and Taxes

Unlike the STAR program here in New York, Florida has a homestead exemption for the primary residence of all people, not just for senior citizens.  Who put this program in place? Many years ago, it was DEMOCRATS who put this in place, not Republicans.  I think people need to know this. Certainly Fox News is not going to inform the nation about this. I am disappointed that CBS did not inform, either, with the report on Sixty Minutes. Homestead exemption gives the ability of homeowners in Florida to not pay taxes on x amount of value of the property.  It is a standard amount and could have changed since I lived in Florida, so that is why I use “x” rather than an exact amount of exemption. 

In Florida, I have had primary residences in Palm Beach County and St. Lucie County.  In southwest Florida, I once owned property considered to be “secondary,” so was not exempt as primary.  I paid a higher rate – the full tax bill – for the property in southwest Florida. 

Due to Rick Scott nixing the idea voted in favor by the people of Florida for a fast-speed train from Orlando to Miami, my primary residence of property in St. Lucie County, along the path of where that train, voted in favor by a MAJORITY of Floridians and backed up by a BIPARTISAN support (the senator who represented my district in St. Lucie County, Republican majority leader in the Florida Senate supported the idea and fought with Rick Scott until term limits put Senator Alexander out of office; unlike the Republican majority leader from days gone by who hailed from an upstate NY area – he was my senator here in New York – who faced no term limits and could accomplish more for the people of New York when a Democratic Party governor here worked against the people).  Between the burst of the real estate bubble and the lack of the voter-approved train, I lost money on the property in St. Lucie County, as I watched the developer of the real estate project fold.  All due to a Republican named Rick Scott.  The property went “under water,” which is an expression typically used for automobile loans and not for real estate because in those days real estate prices were a small but steady increase over a long period of time.  Not any more.  I was also told that, to rent the home, not only would I give up my homestead exemption, there were some taxes imposed by the state of Florida.  I never looked into this later aspect, but just worked to sell the property and move back to Palm Beach County.  I accomplished this goal and sold the Fort Pierce property, then purchased a villa in Palm Beach County. 

In thinking over all of this and viewing the Sixty Minutes report, I have to wonder why CBS News did not present the facts regarding taxes.  In saying that most people were unable to purchase homes there, due to the increased cost of housing from an influx of people with money from the west coast of the USA and what could be considered “slum lord” ownership comparable to the ghettos of Germany under Hitler, I have to ask: who pays the property taxes now in Florida? Those who are able to afford the expensive housing – the wealthy – can pay lowered property taxes due to homestead exemption. Those who are workers in Florida now pay huge amounts of taxes by way of huge increases in rent. Or am I wrong about this assessment?

If the ownership of rental properties are paying, in a corrupt manner, for housing which is “secondary,” not “primary,” taxes with homestead exemption, then the Republicans running Florida are doing “favors” for such slum lords.  With such ownership, regardless of whether there is illegal homestead exemption or not, the renters are paying a large chunk of the taxes and are being denied the ability to purchase homes and pay the smaller amount of taxes available with homestead exemption. Is there a tax that these owners of secondary housing paying the state of Florida? That, I am not clear because I never pursued it with my property in Fort Pierce, but just sold the property. 

In this age with lies about Democrats being “tax and spend” Democrats, words hurled by Trumpicans at Democrats, I repeat. It was Democrats in Florida who implemented the homestead exemption in Florida.  Add to this the fact that the Democrat turned Republican and darling of Ronald Reagan reigned for one term over the implementation of a sales tax on services in Florida.  He was a Republican when he did this, not a Democrat.  And Ronald Reagan had embraced the man at the 1984 Republican National Convention.  Nevertheless, I do believe it was the Democrats who helped repeal that tax on services. The news media in Florida can correct me if I am wrong and my memory is hazy on this issue.  I am not a coward, as are tRUMP, Rick Scott, and Ron DeSantis, should I be in error.  If I am in error about the later statement regarding the service tax, please… let me know.  I am a man and willing to take it on the chin (figuratively speaking). 

The Trumpicans can shut their mouths when falsely using the words, “united we stand, divided we fall.” With those folks, it is more like “united we Nazi fascists stand, divided we fall.”  But by using the words in a more generic sense, they get people to follow them, like lemmings being led over a cliff to their death.  Like cowards, the Trumpicans (like Palladino of New York) use the words which originated with unions and the civil rights movement, referencing ALL OF HUMANITY and particularly WE THE PEOPLE (first three words of the USA Constitution), not fascists. 

Be Careful What you Wish for…

In the 1960s, my grandmother, God bless her, visited her sister in the state of Florida. She came back with the words, “it’s terrible down there with 90 degrees in the shade.”  She did not add that with the heat was such a high humidity, compared to upstate New York when it gets hot, that there is steam coming off the roads after it rains in the summer.  My grandmother said, “everyone is going there to seek a paradise and the fountain of youth. I never saw a paradise and the fountain of youth does not exist. I shall never return there.”  My grandmother never DID return to Florida right up to her death in 1982. 

I would classify living in Florida as negative because of “heat, humidity, hurricanes, and housing taxes [hidden in rental charges and extremely high HOA fees, far worse than village taxes in an upstate New York county – at least 10 times more in order to pay for sidewalks, streets, and social hall within a condo or single-family home development; privatization of services provided at a lower cost in many governmental jurisdictions]”.

To people in Tioga County and upstate New York who are pessimistic and think they have it so bad.  When it comes to moving to Florida or elsewhere, be careful what you wish for…


Perhaps Trumpicans in Tioga County and elsewhere in this nation should wake up to what is happening today with regard to housing and taxes.  What is happening today is due to firing up with false crap and stirring up the mud, by Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, and other 21st Century robber barons. These crappy fat pigs / robber barons have denied the workers of America decent living wages and wish to remove retirement and health security for we the people of America.  At the same time, need to understand that the wages of CEOs with their bonuses have increased more than 1000% since the 1970s. This has been accomplished with the use of supply-side Reaganomics. deregulation, and the ultimate curse of monopoly.  With considerations of housing and taxes, the media is not telling the truth, sad to say. 

Good Morning Americans

Beautiful weather in Upstate New York, this day, 13 June 2022!

Shall We Discuss Trade Deficits?

Dear Editors:

Perhaps I am just weird because I take a different perspective and look at issues by doing so with a goal to effectively promoting humanitarian visions and looking through the lenses of learning from history. I find it appalling the number of times those in the media simply invoke their own conclusions without really digging deep into the details. The trade deficit is one such issue recently identified in your newspaper.

I might also one point (as I extend my writing too much, I am sure). That I like the fact that your newspaper maintains a very complete business section. I also like the other sections which you have and have been ripped out of Gannett local newspapers, whether in Binghamton, Ithaca, Melbourne, Florida, or West Palm Beach, Florida. For instance, sections which focus on culture and not just shallow entertainment we are dished out from shallow companies like Spectrum, Dish, DirecTV, etc. I only wish your newspaper would expand up here to Binghamton and provide capitalist competition here in this area. When I delivered newspapers here in the Binghamton area, there WAS competition. I delivered the Sun-Bulletin in the morning and there was also the Gannett, Evening Press. Today both are merged into one monopoly here. 

OK. Trade deficit. Yes, we are facing a large trade deficit. Do we point fingers or figure out a way to fix this? Perhaps in order to get to the root of the problem, we need to point fingers, so as to LEARN FROM THE PAST, rather than being barbaric and uncivilized and pointing fingers. For in that case, if Trump points one finger at the Democrats, there are three other fingers pointing back at that ass of a business leader who knows nothing about how to treat human beings. So one can say the same thing about me, right, should I point one finger. There are three pointing back at me. But let me be clear. I point the finger and then rely on what Kierkegaard said:


​Let me begin.

When the Republicans under George H.W. Bush proposed a treaty like NAFTA, they was also, according to Lee Iaccoca (2007) in Japan throwing the American auto companies and its unions under the bus. He arranged that Toyota and other companies could come to America, but refused to open up the markets in Japan for American companies to openly sell there. ​No wonder, at the buffet Bush attended when “honoring” that trade agreement, he vomited. Does anyone remember that? Iaccoca describes it, but I recall hearing about it by way of the American media.

Bush with the Republicans then pushed ahead on ideas for what became NAFTA. He lost the election in 1992. The stupidity of the Democrat who won was to “appease” the Republicans and NAFTA was put in place. Yes, the Republicans have reasons today to point a finger at Clinton and the Democrats for NAFTA.

NAFTA has been great for Mexico. It has been great for American executives to steal money from pensions, Social Security, and Medicare by ridding America of higher paying jobs, as we watched them all go overseas to cheap labor. Since Reagan, CEO salaries have increased by over 1000%, with all the bonuses and thievery due to a love of money. Wages and salaries for American labor have been fairly flat during those years. In fact, for me, myself, and I, I LOST salary, due to Republican efforts to deregulate and create monopolies.

Which brings up the point about deregulation. Deregulation was meant to destroy unions and the better salaries with living wages in America. AT&T was deregulated by Reaganomics, in the name of IBM, a NON-UNION company which treated its employees with great benefits. After AT&T was destroyed, the world was an oyster for IBM, but what happened to the benefits once put in place by Thomas J. Watson when there was a reduced competitive environment? You don’t know what I am saying? Look into the wonderful Unix operating system developed by AT&T’s Bell Labs and what has happened to that? Look into the strategy AT&T wanted in those years, but Reagan and his Republican cronies in business destroyed the company. Yes, government WAS the problem, just a few years after Reagan declared government as being a problem and he had fired the air traffic controllers for creating a union. Government controlled by CEOs, monopoly, and corporate PACs and lobbyists and government DID become the problem.  To the stupidity of younger people today: that does not mean we should destroy government with fake news and unproven and lying conspiracy theories.
Get a life and recognize that you bastards on Jan. 6, 2021, were irresponsible in your quest for “liberty and freedom.” You bastards don’t know what liberty and justice” for all really and truly means, so you think you were not treasonous, as you used violence and bloodshed to attempt to work out perverted insurrection. You are wrong. The Republicans who defend it are wrong. There. I had to say this, as I am talking about trade deficit. My apologies for saying this, as I see it related to the stupidity all around regarding conclusions about the trade deficit. You don’t want to fix a democracy, you want to destroy a democracy with lies about the 2020 election. TRUMP NEVER WON YOU DAMN ASSHOLES. TRUMP NEVER WON, YOU DAMN ASSHOLES. GET THAT, YET? TRUMP NEVER WON IN 2020. So let us all live with liberty and justice for all. You talk about your GODDAMN individual rights for liberty and that does NOT provide for justice for all. You try to validate what you damn asses do by saying only YOUR god rules the nation, so “one nation under [YOUR FREAKING] god, with liberty and justice for all.” There are many very good Americans who don’t believe in your GODDAMN god of EVIL and we don’t want you disturbing the peace of America. For peace and justice go hand and hand. So you want to be like the Taliban and execute those who don’t agree, doing so in the name of your FREAKING LOUSY PERVERTED god, and therefore have justice when people are gone.

​Back to the trade deficit.

Let’s be blunt. The Founding Fathers, from the past, gave us ways to handle trade deficits. America was a brand new nation with a HUGE trade deficit. They established checks and balances in politics and economics. Economics based on the TRUE definition established by Adam Smith, a contemporary of our Founding Fathers.  Infrastructure projects were started, beginning with the one begun by Governor Clinton of New York because of his intelligence in recognizing that the flatlands which​ crossed upstate New York from Albany to Buffalo, were an excellent way to increase transportation for the sake of goods being transported. Need I say more about this, or will I go into too much detail for people who don’t understand what this was about?

Later, the railroad infrastructures were established with business and government alliances for INFRASTRUCTURE made it happen. The interstate road system was an infrastructure for the purposes of expanding business and commerce. It destroyed the rail system for which American taxes and business investments had created. All in the name of “change for the sake of change.” In fact, it was CHANGE for the sake of INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS of Americans who clamored after the personal automobile.

We built a business for cars. The American auto industry was once the “Big Three” around the world. We had a fourth one, too, strongly led by a Mormon and former Republican governor(?) named George Romney. The business destroyed public transit like railroads I have been told that there has not been new train engines or train cars built in America for many years. No manufacturing in that area,as America abandoned it for individual rights of drivers and the ability for the wealthy to travel in the air. In the process, we despoiled the air, in the name of individual rights and “I love my car” by macho males and their quest for a brutal personification of the male, so as to attract the females. As a result of NAFTA and that lousy Japanese trade agreement arranged by anti-union Bush, what has happened to our American auto industry? Even when GM was able to build a more efficient car to compete with Japan, Iaccoca (2007) points out GM did NOTHING to market the product and it died. A very good American-produced car, the Saturn, destroyed.

Today, Joe Biden has mentioned the evil which exists with monopolies of technology and he wishes to reverse what Reagan began. Immediately, the fat pigs who have increased their salaries by more than 1000% jump on his case by paying off the media to tarnish all he says. Like Governor Clinton of 19th Century New York, President Biden is scoffed at. In the 19th Century, it was “Clinton’s Ditch” rather than the Erie Canal.  Today ,there is junk about Joe Biden, such as “Sloppy Joe” or “Sleepy Joe.” The sloppy ones were Reagan, Bush, Trump, and their monopolistic fascist cronies in business. Reagan should have been called, “Sleepy Ronnie in the Cabinet.” Get my jist on that one? Don’t bother.

President Biden has been intelligent in describing infrastructure which is similar to what our Founding Fathers envisioned. Let us bring back technology industries here and stop the Chinese communists from making an attempt to grab such industries now located in a small population of Chinese CAPITALIST DEMOCRACY people.  Like Dixie which did not know how to create companies like IBM, to avoid infrastructure projects, Dixie stole IBM and other companies in the same way the Chinese communists wish to steal from Chinese DEMOCRATIC CAPITALISTS. Dixie was made up of a bunch of white supremacist fascists, not communists. But they were too lazy to develop their own types of business. So they stole from the North. The fat pigs of business are stealing from the pensions, Social Security, Medicare, insurance CAPITALIST INVESTMENTS made by WE THE PEOPLE. Meanwhile, President Biden gets the axe in the media by lousy loudmouths who lack any knowledge or intelligence, but have plenty of support from money-lovers galore.

In case people are not aware, the Founding Fathers and generations following the Founding Fathers put forth infrastructure projects so as to reduce the trade deficits. Joe Biden is having his reputation tarnished as he attempts to do the same thing. The Republicans do not even speak with him about what they think might be better. Why? Because they are assholes who are afraid they won’t win and that is all they want – to win. They prefer to win by forcing Democrats to put in place something like NAFTA or DADT instead. Republicans are cowards today who don’t know what it is like to be human beings.

Yet, Thomas Jefferson promised to bring “industry” to Vermont, in return for having Vermont added as the 14th state, done with a provision that Vermont could choose to SECEDE from the USA, as written into their state constitution. Vermont borders on Canada and is known for an “industry” which is very prevalent in Canada: maple industry. Jefferson wanted to stop our trade deficit with the Caribbean islands by opening up the production of maple syrup and maple sugar in America. In later years, without a hot, humid temperature base in large parts of America, we did develop products such as sugar beets, etc.

Then, Thomas Jefferson worked out the Louisiana Purchase. Suddenly, this INFRASTRUCTURE addition was the sugar cane fields in the southern end of that purchase. In other words, the state of Louisiana. 

We also had infrastructure addition, scoffed at with the name, “Seward’s Folly,” in the name of 49th state admitted to the union: Alaska.  We had infrastructure development done by wealthy people in their contribution to government funds, rather than being JACKASS ones trying to avoid paying taxes, because “taxes are only for the little people.”  The wealthy island nation of Morroco, damn it all, has taxes of the wealthy, not in income taxes, but in VAT and real estate property taxes.  So the asses of wealthy fat pigs in America today need to think about what they hell they are doing by not supporting this nation and then complaining about a trade deficit.

The early leaders of the USA, BEFORE THE LOUSY INCOME TAX OF AMERICA, used tariffs to help promote the development of American business. A VAT might be a domestic form of a tariff, but it COULD replace an income tax and thus the transfer of the input of revenues MIGHT offset what the American people no longer pay in income taxes, with all its lousy and perverted convoluted deductions and credits.

The tariff on foreign goods, might not be as good. However, if tariffs were to be used to replace the income tax, is this statement true?

In both scenarios, there is a Catch-22. Should we put a tariff on imported goods and a domestic VAT (replacing sales taxes, too), during a time of inflation. Will there be a negative or positive impact on the price of goods and services during a time of inflation?

Using tariff and VAT to replace income and sales taxes could help in the profit margins of small businesses and small family farms. As a professor, educator, teacher for some 50 years, why should I care about the loss of business for tax lawyers and tax accountants? Perhaps those losses would be offset by the myriad small businesses who pay for those people to shuffle numbers and papers? I have no care about such professionals losing their jobs, as the lack of jobs for educators in upstate New York FORCED me to leave my homeland of New York and move to Florida.
You might just brush this statement off as how I found success anyway. But I lost my homeland the way Castro destroyed the homeland for many Cubans who also moved to Florida. One difference. I hated the heat, humidity, and hurricanes in Florida. Apparently, Cubans do not.

​Only those who are more knowledgeable about economics and commerce than I am, could evaluate what I just said and give us an answer.

But alas. We don’t discuss such matters in this way. The commercial and economics person needs to be non-biased to such ideas and merely look at all of this with an overall perspective not from the perspective of trying to preserve the monopolistic / deregulatory / anti-union environments which brought us to this point. I am pro-union, so another reason why, with my lack of knowledge in this area, I should do such an analysis. Even if there were obstacles discovered in the approaches I mention, there are ways to overcome the obstacles, rather than just shooting holes in the solution and tossing it all aside. 

One final thought about trade deficits. Donald Trump was a stupid jerk in dealing with the topic of tariffs. He had no understanding at all and felt he could communicate with the Chinese Communists in the same way the coward always did in communication in business. Being a white supremacist, he also likely did not like the “yellow” skin, either. He was an insult to America, while dealing with the Chinese Communists who have a hold on America with the debt it can hold over America and rub our noses in it.  Donald Trump, like most Republicans and their GD “wedge issues,” only focus on one segment of the population. That was what Donald Trump did with his proposals for tariffs. One segment of the market, rather than taking an overall approach and doing so with ALL trade partners, for the protection of USA business and commerce. The Chinese Communists literally laughed at the bastard Trump. And he thinks he won the election in 2020? Sometimes the American people are not so stupid and can recognize a scam artist at work. 

Trade deficits. If America works together for the goal of America, not political parties and white supremacist lousy people at the helm of the Republican Party; not for political ideology; not for red or blue; we CAN accomplish miracles that lead to success by overcoming obstacles. How many times have I promoted such ideas? I have lost count.

Lies Not Protected as First Amendment Right, So those who Spread Lies – SHUT YOUR MOUTHS

Lies are not free speech. Big mouths spreading lies about Commander in Chief Biden shut up. Work to fix America, not spread lies.


On the Rachael Ray Show last week, Jamie Lee Curtis was a guest. She made a statement that almost sounded as if she excused the thugs of insurrection on Jan. 6 because “all Americans are angry.” This statement disgusted me because angry people who learn self-control and moderation in life do not become violent and carry guns. She said nothing about the different photos taken when Black Lives Matter were in Washington and security was tight for them so they never could have gone to the U.S. Capitol building to attack it. Yet, with all the white folks on Jan. 6 and not one glimpse of a black person, the security was lax and we all got to see that. Security was lax for a bunch of white thugs who were angry, violent and carrying weapons. The security was tight when there were black folks who were angry but did not act like the thugs of Jan. 6. To me, Jamie Lee Curtis emboldened the white folks with Trump flags and sometimes with Confederate battle flags. Just like the SCOTUS of the 1850s with Yankees who wished to “appease the South [white power Confederate flag-bearing folks]” with the Dred Scott Decision.  We appease the white power and acknowledge they are “angry,” but the anger of black folks and others are not as important, right?

Go ahead and call me stupid for pointing this out, but I viewed a Facebook page filed by a political candidate running unopposed with the contrasting photos between Trump’s march to an Episcopal Church when Black Lives Matter people were trying to speak up and white power thugs on Jan. 6.

Would anyone care about my anger? I doubt it. I can provide a bulleted list of all the things which anger me. Much of the anger applies to senior citizens as group, rather than my own anger. Some of my anger results from the lousy way gay people have been treated and the attempts to bring back that lousy attitude. Other anger applies to my embracing of being a true Christian and following the “theories of moral sentiment” of theologian and economics theorist, Adam Smith (Presbyterian of Scotland?) as he challenged the existence of supply-side economics which, with the greed and selfishness, had caused a banking crisis similar to that around 2006 under George W. Bush. There are other anger parts regarding puritanical dictatorship in America.

You don’t wish to see my list? Oh, well. I will write it anyway. But I write with observations of successful experiences in America and try to include an “according to…” statement, not just my own emotions of anger. I also refuse to pick up a gun to point at other human beings or become violent, even as violent as Jesus Christ became after observing hypocrites (Sadducees, the lawyers of his day and anti-selfishness in the temple). 

Here goes with my list of “anger.”

  • One thing a Democrat might do makes the person a bad person and all good things are overshadowed by the one bad thing. If it’s a Republican, whether George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Reagan, Trump or others, the bad thing is swept under the rug and support is given to the person. Democrat Bill Clinton, and all the good things he said and did are overshadowed by Lewinsky. Democrat Jimmy Carter did one thing and all the good things are overshadowed by the one bad thing. Andrew Cuomo with the same bad thing which former Democrat turned Republican, Donald Trump, but Cuomo ends up resigning while Trump and his cronies block investigation of the thug white insurrectionists of Jan. 6. And then, when I say, “it takes a village,” the goodness possible from that statement is scoffed at, due to the person who said it. This is one big anger I have and those who think badly of “it takes a village,” as far as I am concerned, can go to hell with their lousy attitude in which they need one big kick in the butte. This anger is a long winded. Let me continue.
  • Related to Bill Clinton who said, “safety net is not a hammock.” Republicans support the anti-safety net” position and never consider the “hammock,” while Democrats keep pushing for the hammock.  All due to the name, Lewinsky. Don’t you know that is more important to puritan s*** of America than what is good for America.
  • Anger because people embrace puritanical s*** with forcing and dictating their thoughts, whether alcohol, sex, nudity (in art), porn, or other aspects of life. Thus, as with Prohibition, America never teaches aspects of self-control and moderation in any of theses aspects of life. Puritans: “fearful that someone somewhere is having a good time.” Anger because so many don’t even take these words seriously.
  • Medicare privatization ignores the fact that me and many other senior citizens have invested in Medicare for 40 or 50 years or more, but are denied any interest earned which may give us a good amount and f*** the GD “tiers” and “donut holes” concocted by big business by paying off those in Congress. Medicare is a form of capitalism, not the GD remarks made by pharmacists or Trump groups as being “socialism.” That statement is BS. Democrats not picking up on what I am saying about this never helps gain something better by one inch, giving predominance to the lousy lies, cheating, corruption, false information of Republican bastards who don’t know their butte from a hole in the ground. Medicare and healthcare for all CAN be considered as regulated capitalism with supply and demand factors and returns on investments. Nobody takes note of this. Thus the anger because of going along with stupidity of big business greed and love of money.
  • Ditto Medicare when considering Social Security. No one in Congress wishes to remove the lid on the way wealthy people pay into Social Security. Anger because of individualistic greedy, selfish “rights” which overshadow “liberty and justice for all.” lovers of money get their “liberty and justice,” while the rest of us get bashed. That causes anger for which people like Jamie Lee Curtis refuse to acknowledge, but acknowledge the anger, like a bleeding heart liberal, regarding an attack on our government by people of white power and control.
  • People of the Reagan “flock” who refuse to acknowledge how greedy selfish big corporate businesses accepting corporate welfare (because they pay off Congress) and are so stupid embracing Reagan’s thoughts that “government is the problem.” The problem, due to what Reagan said, is with the pigs and hedge hogs of the big corporate crony club are the problem, helping to enforce interests and benefits for these lousy human beings by way of government. Yes, they MAKE government the problem, rather than helping government by supporting, financially or otherwise.
  • The ruination of small business in America, the backbone of business in America. George W. Bush may have said, “what’s good for business is good for America.” But the stupidity of too many Americans who embrace this ignore the destruction i have observed regarding large corporations with lawyers who have destroyed the small businesses and forced us into a supply-side economics adverse to true capitalism. What George W. Bush actually meant is this. “What is good for big corporate monopolized supply-side business is good for America.” It angers me that few people consider this aspect of the lies (among other lies) told by George W. Bush.
  • When someone like me tries to help people learn about what is happening, we get shut down and censored. We get shut down by those who embrace traditionalist beliefs which the herd mentality passes along with peer pressure, never standing up for what MIGHT BE more correct and better solutions. I learned this from my grandmother who taught me that we need to write to our Congressperson with rational and sensible ideas based on facts. At the time, it was Representative Howard Robison. My grandmother tuaght us to rid ourselves of violence on television. When we stayed with my grandmother on weekends, she refused to allow us to view Mannix or Gunsmoke or Mission:Impossible. When I mentioned that one of her friends loves to watch Gunsmoke, my grandmother stated that she understands, but when we are in her home, we abide by her rules. She did not force her rules upon society or upon others, but did differentiate with her expectations in her home. She took a stand and educated her family. She may not have done as good a job at times doing such teaching of her family in days gone by. A lover of money who rejected teaching as a profession so as to go off in pursuit of “ruby” rewards, poked fun at my grandmother and that still angers me, too. Love of money which predominates human considerations like teaching.
  • Rejection of public education and attempts to privatize and this angers me.
  • Privatization of the prison systems with the hidden agenda of putting black people in on minor offenses so they become criminals and can no longer vote. All in the name of privatized prisons which need to “fill cells” in order to make a profit. This is a hateful bunch of crap created by Jeb Bush in Florida.
  • Privatization of healthcare with a primary push by Reagan and a governor (and now U.S. senator) who followed Jeb Bush in Florida, Rich Scott. For my Grandpa Cornwell, the public system of hospitals was already too exponentially high in the 1940s that he departed from the hospital in order to avoid the costs and then went home and died. It angers me about this because I never got to know my Grandpa Cornwell, as i was born in the 1950s. Privatization by Rick Scott and others has done NOTHING but made costs of hospitals for consumers – the DEMAND SIDE of the market – worse than when my Grandpa Cornwell suffered. Private big insurance fat cats have also made it worse in terms of costs, while lawyers like Mattar and Stanley and Alexander all promote personal injury lawsuits and do nothing to help reduce the costs of healthcare overall.
  • Big pharma. Anger. According to Noam Chomsky, big pharma moans and groans about how much it costs for R&D, but the claim made by Chomsky is that big pharma lies to people. He also says that big pharma, like lawyers, spend more money on commercials and then expect the consumer to pay for their GD commercials. There was a da in America when there was no advertising by pharmaceutical firms regarding prescriptions. There were no commercials on the air by personal injury lawyers. These costs impact the consumer (demand side), unless one has an accident and can squeeze tons of money from the market and government. The demand side of the market suffers and people do not realize this. Anger.
  • Spectrum gets an “award” for best service for rural areas. Oh, really? No one asked me, did they? Why would they? i am no better than others in saying this. I DO have observations from experiences in my life to wonder and scratch my head as to how Spectrum could have won an award for rural areas. For a number of years in Florida, I lived in a rural area separated from the urban sprawl about as much as being in a rural area here in upstate New York. Perhaps I am not as qualified or better able to make a jdgment on this? In rural Florida, there was no Spectrum. We had a choice between Verizon and Comcast. Verizon for land line phone Internet delivery and Comcast with 75-ohm copper cable delivery. We also had options for Dish and DirecTV. I can attest to the fact that the Comcast Internet, even though there were sometimes problems, was better than what I have experienced with Spectrum in rural New York where there are no competitive alternatives (Frontier phone line delivery has been described as being worse than Spectrum). Some choices, right? Thus, whether urban or rural delivery by Spectrum, I see nothing worth an award. It angers me that the company can buy politicians and awwards while the demand side of the market is shafted.
  • Monopolized supply-side economics from Best Buy, Microsoft, Google (etc.) really hampers the ideas that once existed with the Bill Gates version of Microsoft in which we could do DIY with computers. The have made this far more difficult by nickel and diming the consumer. Need I explain the details? Take my word. This angers me. Those who know how to do DIY of the home with Lowe’s and Home Depot can do it. In other words, DIY with the hands becomes more predominant than DIY with the brain. Anger.
  • Flipping homes and deregulation of mortgages and real estate destroys the idea of long-term capitalist investment and return on investment for Americans.The stupidity of focus on primary residence homestead exemption (in Florida) negates, in the name of stupidity of attitudes regarding taxes (and also capitalist long-term returns on investments) destroys decent-cost housing and means we need to create more low-cost housing at taxpayer expense. It is all based on supply-side economics of developer and banker benefits, not the consumer and the demand-side of the market which gets stuffed in the process. Lower interest rates on long-term investments can be regulated and differentiated from interest rateds on short-term investments. Anger because we have relinquished our abilities, as citizens – lost our “…liberty and justice for all” as it is replaced by “…liberty and justice for bankers and developers and to hell with the demand-side of the market.”
  • Invasion of our electronic and technology equipment, from mobile phones to home computers and no recourse offered by law enforcement for protection for cybersecurity. Plenty for virus and malware protection, but nothing for actual cybersecurity as people are able to infiltrate remotely or by local “hidden networks.”
  • Computer updates which pop up on my screen and give me no alternative to reject them, but just an expectation as to when to do it. Whomever does this, company or individual, it gives me no choice for what I want to do. It’s not “if” I want to do it, but “when” would it be done? When I cannot reject the update with a “NO,” I am being dictated to by Microsoft, individuals who remote into my computer, or other individuals. That sucks and there is no law enforcement cyber security to stop it, only computer virus control or malware control, etc. Nothing to stop human organizations or individuals from disrupting my computer. That is my personal property and the shitheads who do this are as bad as the thugs of Jan. 6, 2021.
  • Microsoft eliminating the color purple in Excel workbooks. Why? What is the purpose? Why was it done without the consent of the consumer on the Demand side of a CAPITALIST market? Why?

What I say IS important, so damn those who think it is not. Damn them as they consider the anger of the thugs, as Jamie Lee Curtis did on the Rachael Ray Show and the rest of us “angry” Americans who react without violence and guns are ignored. It takes a village to collectively solve these problems, but too many damn Americans are adverse to this idea, based ONLY on one thing which is promoted by propaganda supporting big corporate greed and their dislike of the person. If my writing sounds like anger, then think again about how much I am trying to describe a problem, pushing forth discussions, and hoping to have a “village” solve the problems. Whether bleeding heart liberals who create a wimpish environment in replying to the irrational ones with the “microphones” supporting extremist right-wing or left-wing values, it is lousy.

To Jamie Lee Curtis: regarding anger, there should be a differentiation between anger of Americans who never get their solutions solved and thugs of insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021. The thugs of insurrection or Jan. 6, 2021, become part of the problem not the solution. Those of us attempting to write and get a microphone for the anger we have need to be considered for the problems we address and discussions about the solutions. When we get set aside as “not being important,” then we become frustrated and the levels of anger can elevate even more. To many, they simply give up and become disenfranchised. When this happens, then those who are the thugs and their leaders who embolden them (like Trump and others) are elevated in what they wish to achieve with disenfranchisement of voters and smaller numbers of people who get out to vote. My anger, too, is at the efforts of the Republican white racists of Florida whom I observed taking power and creating a one-party state by using gerrymandering, lies about candidates, cheating, and working for ways, with privatized prisons, to jail some innocent young people who end up taught be criminals, not those with a reasonable sense of self-control and moderation.

Got No Answer from Microsoft RE: Solution to Limit to COLUMN REFERENCE in FORMULA

I am quite intelligent, but Microsoft Excel exemplifies lousy programming and no answers to detailed questions. How do I restrict formula result to column with formula name? Ex: IF stmnt returns result with code in @DESCRIPTION is equal to formula name (@btsc) with same name as code “btsc”?

One More Time: Big Business Monopoly in America is a Joke

Best Buy Geek Squad people, upon a visit to fix computers at home, told me that my laptop, purchased from Best Buy in early 2019, had to be fixed by setting up an appointment at the local Best Buy. It has taken me some time, but today, I made the attempt schedule an appointment by calling the Vestal store of Best Buy. I was told the local store is not answering the phone and was transferred to centralized scheduling. I can’t talk to a human being about what is happening. No. I have to speak with someone who is sitting in a chair somewhere. Not that person’s fault, but if I mention that I don’t like this being tossed somewhere else and not able to speak with the local store, I get hit with, “I am having trouble hearing you.” Thanks. Thanks Verizon for your lousy American phone system, too, because I face this quite frequently. They don’t face such problems with Internet and cell phones in socialist democracy, Denmark. They don’t face such problems in capitalist democracy, South Korea or Taiwan (yet communists in China wish to take over Taiwan and do to those people what they have done to people of Hong Kong). The American feudal system modeled after Medieval economics with supply side economics really sucks when considering big business in America.

But this customer service person at Best Buy, who actually spoke with me with an American English accent, was mean and rude to me for my wishing to speak to a local person. She ignored me when I said that there is a better return on investment for Best Buy if they worked that way. Another example of people of America who don’t know one damn thing about what capitalism is about and just brush it off.

I have the appointment and now have to drive to Vestal. A monopoly called Best Buy and I will be damned if I can find local businesses who will compete with Best Buy and provide better service.

According to Barbara Ehrenreich (i.e., books, Nickel and Dimed, Natural Causes, Bait and Switch, Living with a Wild God, Had I known) discussed how much Americans are being nickel and dimed, yet they think everything is peachy when it comes to the cost of goods and services. Ehrenreich makes me think about this current situation I face. She also makes me think about my dad’s small business which big monopolies have destroyed, as well as others which are similar to my dad’s business. In other words, Americans, blinded by big business conglomerates, go for supposed enlightenment regarding “high-volume purchases in retail and the wonderful idea (false) that it’s all about selling at a lower price.” Wrong. This is true about lower prices. But in the process, big corporate monopolized industries have ended up jacking up exponentially the cost of servicing such products with “warranty” coverages and at-home visits with a minimum of $100 or $200 per visit, plus jacked up prices regarding parts and services. The big fat cats and fat pigs at the top and those owning most of the stock end up making a bundle, as they close local offices, ship jobs of customer service overseas, and doing centralized customer service with no concern for “bedside manners” (to borrow a phrase about medical doctors) and give praise and honor to the thought of being like used car salesmen.

Corporation after corporation does this. And this is supposed to be good for American consumers when corporations no longer provide the products and services in one bundle (to borrow a phrase from Progressive Insurance which “bundles” its insurance). Instead, some very good corporations, one which is facing bankruptcy and uses the bundling situation as an excuse (any excuse will do, right?), hiring third-parties to do the service and nickel and diming the customers in the process. Meanwhile, customers believe they are doing so well in paying “lower prices?” BS. They are losing out, while small businesses which bundled products and services together, are being trashed by big corporate conglomerates and no one has the balls to challenge the big corporations. Thus, with Best Buy, we don’t have local competition to give the company a run for its money, so the customer service can treat its customers like dirt (or s**t?).

And the “third-party” approach for service does not accept credit cards and insists on same-day payment, rather than a bill and then pay it. They evidently think they are HMOs or PPOs which ask for a set co-payment price at the time service is rendered. However, even in cases of health providers accepting HMOs or PPOs, they accept credit card payments.

And consumers face the sublime to the ridiculous. Those who insist on immediate payment for services rendered and those who refuse to divulge the cost of the services and let them pile up, perhaps to see how much they can grab at the financial balls of the consumer and strangulate them?

Once more. An America with no concern for fellow Americans, allowing the “bedside manners” to go to hell. One more time and I am speaking out against this development in America, the land where I saw many of these things in a much better light than today. America needs an attitude adjustment. Sad to say, but I definitely don’t like a reliance on the lawyers who make themselves careers from ambulance-chasing and government politicians in government. Lawyers who make so much money, even like McConnell in the U.S. Senate, from ripping off the taxpayers while having huge salaries, the best health benefits, and the best retirement benefits. May they go to hell as they get delight out of pitching one American against another. As I said. America needs an attitude adjustment, but no one seems to care to pursue the solutions to make this happen. I am mad as hell and ain’t going to take it anymore. These are lawyers on the take from big business/industry monopolies who destroy capitalist competition and then support this lousy status quo.

It’s 11 AM Sunday June 6, Do you Know Where Your Print Copies of Newspapers, Delivered to Home, Are?

It is 11 AM Sunday, June 6. Our morning newspapers have not yet been delivered here in the Binghamton, NY, area. We are being treated like shit by fat pigs at the top of the Gannett Corporation which refuses to give us the name and phone number of the person who is mocking us with retribution because we complain. I can only hope that these idiots all go to h-e-double-hockey-sticks. SOBs and lousy human beings who have no concern for fellow Americans.

Law Enforcement in America: CBS News Sunday Morning

Thank you, CBS News, for your report today (Sunday, June 6, 2021) about the state of policing in America. The story about the pastor in a small town not much larger than where I reside in upstate New York really helped to understand the need for improving police coverage. That pastor had become the sole police force in the town. Here in this town, the one-man police force was abandoned and essentially, “defunded,” as the law enforcement was given to the county sheriff and deputies. The one-man police force was a disaster in his attitude towards people, so that was what inspired the change to sheriff and elimination of the one-man force which was the same as in this town in the story here.

The results have been passing law enforcement to a Republican sheriff who refuses to work with the Democrats who run this state and help to reform the attitudes of law enforcement. Rather than this little village being able to fire the other guy and find someone like this pastor in Moville, they abandoned it to a force run by someone even worse. Pastor Edgar is Police Chief Rodriguez. He exemplifies what should be in law enforcement. He represents someone who is not so interested in WHAT the offender did, as to getting to the details of WHY the offender ended up doing what they did.

Police Chief Rodriguez reminds me of a retired NYPD police officer who, upon retirement, heard the call of God and trained to become a pastor. In speaking with this former NYPD police officer, much of what I heard him say some of the same things Pastor Rodriguez said in this account. Yet, some of the most adverse opposition to reforms in policing have come from interviews of NYPD union people in New York City. For shame on those men. For shame on any sheriff who resists the reform.

The final statistics in the report today was to report statistics from polls in America which indicate that slightly more than 50% of Americans are opposed to “defunding,” while only 18% support it. I am part of the percentage not reported by such a survey in being supportive of NOT defunding police if they demonstrate a strong movement to reforming to follow the ways of Pastor Edgar / Chief Rodriguez. Otherwise, if the question were asked properly in the survey, I would be part of that larger number. I would wager that, should the question be tailored about whether the support for NOT defunding would be only if the reform was enforced properly, the results in favor of this move would be far higher than the slight number above 50%. Whatever the questions were on this survey, if there was a “not sure,” I would have been part of the “not sure” crowd. Because support or not, the third choice being “not sure” is the ONLY answer I would give.

Thanks, again, CBS News, for your report this beautiful Sunday morning.

Day Number 30 & Lousy Delivery of Gannett’s Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin & Lousy Treatment by the Fat Pigs at the Top of the Corporation

We never received our Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin. Again after how many days that this has happened? Yesterday the morning newspaper arrived by 2 PM. At least we received it. How many times have we complained? How many times has the customer service at Gannett made a promise to fix it? I really believe them, don’t you know, to be telling the truth?

I am the “man in the arena.” This “man in the arena” was described by Teddy Roosevelt in a speech he gave at the Sorbonne in Paris on 23 April 1910. This date was a number of years before I was born, but is on the same day in April which is my birthday. Teddy was disappointed in the Republican president, Taft, who had taken over after Teddy decided not to run for office again (1908). He did run in 1912 as a third-party candidate and became the first candidate to come close to winning the presidency by a third-party candidate. He proved that he was the “man in the arena,” but was fired upon by libertarian types whom they called, in those days, anarchists. TR had to curtail his campaigning. Some say, had the anarchists not shot at TR, he may have become the first 3rd-party candidate to win the presidency.

He did prove that his progressive ideas about capitalist supply and demand in a political arena of democracy were worth the effort because nothing ventured is nothing gained. TR exemplifies that man in the arena “whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood…” What TR accomplished made an indelible mark on America and the success of America for many years after the era of TR, the “trust buster.”

My words against Gannett, big business fat pigs, private insurance for health and other needs, and a really foul healthcare system designed for the wealthy and to suck taxpayer money from a costly court system based on greedy lawyers and the stench of their personal injury and workman’s comp frivolity.

My teachable moments in my writings reflect the ideas of the “trust buster,” TR. However, no one today wants to take such thoughts supporting ethics as being serious and support those of us in a collective voice. They likely have no idea of the success and greatness of the state of New York (TR once governor of NY) and nation.

I, am a man who has concern for all fellow Americans. With these thoughts in mind, I, too, am the man in this arena of contention with brutal forces in our nation who have no care or concern for one another but have only care and concern for their individualist selfish wealthy ideas based on the evil love of money.

I do plan to remain in that “arena” with tenacity and perseverance in order to make life better in America for we the people of all colors, ethnic groups, religions, sex, and sexual identities. We the people. All lives matter. We work to attain, for all, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I shall be persistent in challenging the vulgar lies of those who make the most money from stocks and sit at the top of the big business hoodlum groups, fat cats (term coined back about TR’s days), and fat pigs who have no concern for their fellow Americans but just love to wallow in the mud and get nothing done for the good of America and its progress towards the future.

Print copies of morning newspapers need to arrive early in the morning, not at 2 or 3PM in the afternoon. They need to arrive. If I want digital copies, I can subscribe to and find articles from many different newspapers, not just one. Those copies can go back a century or more. Being visually impaired, I cannot read digital copies on computers with my morning coffee. A MD newsletter from a major medical center recently reversed course and said we DO need to consumer caffeine. We are not going to sit at a computer, drink the coffee, and try to read the news.

In 2008, at the height of the Bush Recession, newspaper tycoon fat pigs decided to utilize this to the advantage of technology. They pared back the newspapers and many columns of interest to readers, kept the sports section, and had no surprise as readers left in droves. In this way, this idiocracy could make claim that “no one wants to read print copies of newspapers.” I’d say it was a deliberate sabotage by a younger group of jackasses taking control and putting love of money first. People I knew were laid off and I don’t believe it was due to a natural loss of money, but a effort to sabotage what was working quite well, making people believe that “it’s broken,” when it was not.

For me, I had lost my job with thousands of others, with a claim that “more money can be made” and manipulating the brains of people to make them think that the corporation was suffering, when, indeed, the corporation was considered a “cash cow” and was not losing money. I think these fat pigs use accountants and lawyers to cook the books and manipulate figures to the advantage of the fat cats and fat pigs. Meanwhile, the hard-working people lose their jobs and the stock in the process. And the fat pigs go running off with millions in the process, making everyone think it is for the better for all of us. NOT.

Thus, don’t have any care and concern for those who ended up losing out and work with a collective voice to make certain these things don’t happen again, including the lousy pigs with their lousy ideas about newspapers. Stop doing this incredible sabotage to newspaper delivery and give us our newspaper early in the morning. No excuses, you bastards. Just do it. As I speak as a man in the arena of contention “whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood…” while there are those who have lost their lives due to some of this crap, including loss of life and limb due to the fat pig leaders of a dismal American healthcare system designed for the wealthy. Tell me we are speaking about socialism and let me puke in your face because you are a liar with no proof, while I have proof that I am speaking like TR, the “trust buster” who recognized the economics of supply AND demand, even when it comes to large demands in healthcare or smaller demands in newspapers. For newspapers, these fat pigs make it sound like there is no demand and that is a lie. This describes my pet peeves while in the “arena.” Ignore them and you are a fool.

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