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Daily News: MAGA My Way

Make America great again.Not like big fat piggish ways of Donald Trump fascists with love of money 1st.MAGA my way.

Too Much to See, Too Little Time to See It!

We had planned an extended vacation trip to upstate New York and along the way taking in sites in Virginia.  This was going to be about August of this year.  My dear cousin, Susan, died in July and our plans were altered.  They say there are various ways to see family:  weddings and funerals.  We once had family reunions and about the last time I saw Susan was at family picnic.  God bless Susan.

We attended Susan’s memorial service in Cary, NC, then went on to Williamsburg and Norfolk, VA.  In just a very short time, we took a ferry to Jamestown, stayed one night in a rotten hotel, went to the core of historic Williamsburg – wishing we could stay longer, stayed at a cool hotel, and headed through a tunnel to Norfolk.  In Norfolk, we re-visited areas from the past, when my friend’s father was serving in the U.S. Navy at Norfolk.  It was a trip down memory lane for him.

We returned to Florida, via North Carolina.  We had hoped we could see more of North Carolina, but we mis-calculated the time it took for travel.

On the final day of our sojourn, we returned to our home state of Florida.  Naturally, we then drove through two huge thnderstorms (what else?).  The Google Maps directions were so lousy, that we were unable to stop to see a family member in Orlando.  Google Maps had not included the correct exit number.  When we returned home,  we looked up the directions and discovered the error on Google Maps – it was not our error, as much as many people today wish to blame the people rather than the computers!  (The idea is that it’s the people who are BEHIND the computer operations.  In other words, it’s like always blaming the driver, when things might be mucked up under the hood – in the engine.

Rather than spend the entire evening searching for the address of the Orlando family member, we decided it would be best to return home.  We did so, and arrived at our South Florida home about 2 am in the morning.

Next summer will be another matter.

Mister Doug

Cruises on the Lake

Imagine the pristine hills and lakes of Upstate New York before the European settlers colonized the area.  When cruising on the freshwater lakes of New York and taking in the rural scenery, visions of Native-Americans in their natural habitat arise.  The thought of cruising on a commercial boat – not the urban type of “cruise the club scene” – brings the traveller back to reality.

Cayuga Lake, one of the Finger Lakes, is a gem.  The reason I find this lake to be such a gem is the time I spent on Cayuga Lake and the memories that remain.  I did enjoy other lakes in the region and enjoyed the Fulton Chain of lakes, particularly Seventh Lake near Inlet, NY, but I remain a bit biased towards Cayuga.  

On a map of Upstate New York, place the right hand there with the palm of the hand on Lake Ontario.  Cayuga Lake is the pointer finger.  Owasco, Seneca, Keuka, and Canandaigua Lakes form the thumb (Owasco) and three other fingers. 

Map of Upstate New York showing location of Cayuga Lake

Map of Upstate New York showing location of Cayuga LakeMap of Cayuga Lake and the other Finger Lakes. Cayuga extends northward from Ithaca. The top portion of the lake is situated between Seneca Falls and Auburn.

On July 5, 2007, I re-visited Cayuga Lake and all its splendor.  I discovered Cayuga Lake Cruises ( and the beautiful M.V. Manhattan .  Together with a friend, we enjoyed a scenic tour of the lake and had a delicious lunch while on board.  The Manhattan proceeded up the west side of the lake as we viewed the cottages, boats, and people who lived along the lake. 
Travelling along the East side of Cayuga Lake, July 2007.
Travelling along the west side of Cayuga Lake, July 2007.

About half way up the west side of the lake, the captain directed the boat across the waters to the east side.  The east side was a distinct contrast in terms of geology.  The view of the cliffs was impressive, but less homes are built on the east side of the lake due to the cliffs.       

An occasional home sits at the top of the cliff.  As we
viewed the cliffs along the water, we wondered about the natives who lived here and what they would have viewed.  After all, the word, Cayuga, is derived from the native language.  Cayuga was a tribe and language of the Iroquois nation.
Travelling in the M.V. Manhattan on the east coast of Cayuga Lake
As we ended our journey along the east side of the lake and approached the city of Ithaca, we could see, in the distance, Cornell University on the hill – an awesome view from the lake.
Finally, the Lighthouse – at the end of the “journey!”
Almost 25 years living in Florida did not diminish the memories of Cayuga Lake and the days I spent on it.  Somewhere on the east side of the lake was the cottage my family once rented with another family.  The memories from that vacation are still vivid.  In fact, I can pinpoint the date of August 1963 and the week Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, son of then-President John F. Kennedy, died in infancy.  I recall listening to the news describing the loss of the First Family’s child.  I was eight years old.   
I also recall an Egyptian family lived next door to our rental unit on Cayuga Lake in 1963.  I recall the tasty Egyptian food, some with grape leaves, that was shared with us.  Later, our family visited Washington, DC, and answered an invitation to visit this family at the Egyptian Embassy in Washington.  They were at the embassy as employees of the Egyptian Diplomatic Corps.      
When visting Ithaca, NY, in the summer, this cruise is highly recommended and well worth the cost.  Cruises on Cayuga Lake have been available for many years.  The M.V. Manhattan is not the first and it has been on the water since 1987.  (The owners in 2007 had operated the boat since 2001). 
The M.V. Manhattan is available for dinner, lunch, brunch, and happy hour cruises.  The cruise line also caters to group functions, private charters, and cocktail cruises.  We reserved our seats and paid $28.00 per person for the Luncheon Cruise, but it is best to contact Cayuga Lake Cruises for the latest information about any cruise. 
Captain and crew of the M.V. Manhattan.
Left to Right: 
B.J. Bliss, Nate Newton, and Captain Bob Dutcher,
Crew of the M.V. Manhattan, Cayuga Lake Cruises,
Ithaca, NY
Contact information:
Cayuga Cruise Lines
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 238
Ithaca, NY  14851
Boarding Address:
708 W. Buffalo St. (across the tributary from Kelly’s Grill)
Ithaca, NY   14850

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