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1 August 2011 Extra! Extra! Extra! Read All About Ignorant Slut Anne Coulter Slammed By Joy Rehar!

Hah!  It’s about time some of the falsies out there are exposed.  Joy Rehar put Anne Coulter to the test and asked her questions which she never got answers.  F*** Anne Coulter and her wealth.  To the question posed about how is it the wealthy have had the lowest tax rates in years and for nearly 12 years, yet the job creation numbers suck over that 12 years (not the exact words used by Ms. Rehar):  Coulter:  “well, that’s because all the jobs are created around the Washington Beltway – with high incomes.”  Rehar placed Coulter’s feet to the fire insisting that she asked the questions about BUSINESS PEOPLE, not those in Washington.  The Ignorant Slut Coulter continued to dodge the question from Ms. Rehar.

To Anne Coulter of Palm Beach island, you filthy pig, I have this question to ask you:  “How did you make your money?”  Because the average person coming to Florida to earn a living and make money in Florida DOES NOT HAVE A CHANCE TO DO SO.  This state is about making money elsewhere, taking money from others (through Rick Scott-type ripoffs of government programs like Medicare) by various means, or marrying a filthy rich sugar daddy – then coming here to spend the money and treat the rest of us like slaves who must jump at the command of the wealthy pigs here.

If Ignorant Slut Coulter actually knew how to make money the “old-fashioned way – to earn it,” then she would realize her comment about “incomes in Washington” was a stupid one – from many different perspectives.  Besides being false to what Ms. Rehar was asking, Coulter’s remark indicated her ignorance about how to make money:  It takes more than just income to make money.  There is something about EXPENSES AND INCOME.  When there are people from other states who don’t wish to move to Florida to MAKE MONEY – due to the HIGH EXPENSES IN FLORIDA (PAID TO PRIVATE ENTERPRISE, NOT TO GOVERNMENT) – a state of cheapos with people who DON’T wish to PAY a decent wage for a decent day’s work; a state where the wealthy take absolutely no stock in the value of human labor and, like fascist Hitler types, crack the proverbial whip, then people here DON’T MAKE MONEY.

Thanks, Ms. Rehar, for helping to keep the candle of hope lit so we don’t curse the darkness!  Even in the small role that you play!

1 August 2011 – Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Obama Lacks Balls!

Obama once again caved in.  There were more progressive demonstrators in Washington (compared to tea party small crowd of bastard fascists and military jerks) urging Congress to increase taxes to those who have the lowest tax rate in decades, but Obama and the Democrats once again caved in.  Yet where was the Media coverage?  Oh, yeah, the SOBs in the Bush / Armey bastard supporters believe the Media is nothing but liberal so therefore they PAY – no, they BUY the slaves in the Media to falsely portray what is happening.  George Bush supports the Sun Yung Moon ultra conservative newspaper.  Bastard.  Go to hell.

There were more progressive demonstrators than the bastards in the tea party who support the Saudi / Bush pigs, yet the Media never covered the fact that they don’t wish to curtail payments to seniors.  You bastard young people wet behind the ears and lack wisdom.  YOU ARE BASTARDS.  You are so ignorant you don’t realize when the wool is being pulled over your eyes.  You don’t even recognize the difference between a cup of vanilla ice cream and horse s*** of Hannity, O’Reilly and the f***ing Fox propaganda crew out to make money rather than provide substance of facts and objectivity – for the purpose of egotistical power and control.  YOU BASTARDS.  YOU FASCIST BASTARDS.

What choice did we have in 2008?  McCain or Obama?  Obama is a wimp who lacks any balls to stand up to Wall Street.  He and his Chicago cronies of the Daley Machine are bashing my Vietnam War Generation the same way they did in 1968.  F*** Rahm Emmanuel, you f***ing bastards.  F*** Bush and the others.  You inhumane pigs.  F*** Dick Armey and the others, you inhumane pigs who encourage animalistic tendencies rather than human ones.  Being king of the lions is a despicable role model to follow – you nasty bastard nazi fascists.  F*** ALL OF YOU!

Obama lacks balls!


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