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Dear Editors:

My Grandpa Willet Cornwell (1886-1948)was a resident of Newark Valley from about the turn of the 20th Century or so until he built homes and lived in one in the Watson Boulevard / Hooper Road area of Endwell.  He had a home, sawmill, farm in Newark Valley.  His farm was on Irish Settlement Road.  He had dairy cows within the village of Newark Valley.

During the 1940s and from his farm on Irish Settlement Road, he sold hay to Cuban horse farmers.  My father transported the hay to New York City barges where the hay was loaded and then transported to Cuba.  We believe that a library colleague of mine, her family exiled from Cuba when she was 12 years old and Castro confiscated her family horse farms in the area where we believe the hay from Newark Valley was being sent. 

In 1948, Grandpa Cornwell was living with in Endwell.  My father, just out of the war, was living with them in Endwell, but working for Ross Tappan & Sons (Newark Valley), as he had been doing before his service in the Pacific.  According to the story shared with me by my father during his last few months alive, in early 2018, Grandpa ended up in a hospital (TBD, what hospital?) in 1948.  After a few days, according to my father, Grandpa Willet learned what the hospital bill was going to be.  He realized he did not have the funds to pay for that hospital stay. He checked himself out of the hospital and went to his home in Endwell.  My dad told me that he departed for work in Newark Valley one day and got a call that his father had died at home.  Grandpa Willet was only 62 years of age at the time of his death.

As a result, lawyers swooped in and left my grandmother with virtually nothing. At some point in time, my father purchased an apartment building in Newark Valley. 

Side note. That apartment building still stands, located directly across from the Brook Street junction with Main Street. It is located across the brook from a home I am told was built in the late 18th or early `9th Century.  The home was known as the Silby home.  Purportedly, it had been a tavern where the stage coaches could stop when coming through Newark Valley, where travelers could imbibe in the spirits of the day (something travelers today cannot do in Newark Valley, due to the dictatorial ones who insist no one should drink in an establishment in Newark Valley, following the lousy prohibition put in place by the WCTU and then enforced for “law and order” purposes by the Republicans under Herbert Hoover and others. The apartment building had been converted from a furniture store to apartments when my dad purchased it. 

Nevertheless, my father moved my grandmother into  an apartment he built in the back section of that building.  That was where she lived until she passed in 1962. 

This historical background provides information (in excess?) for what I am about to say. 

here we are.  The year 2022.  Repeat.  In 1948, Grandpa Willet Cornwell died because he was not able to afford healthcare.  My dad was available to help his mother, but he always maintained a sour taste in his mouth for lawyers.  That is how we all act, right? Don’t worry because we can overcome the obstacles, right?  To me, I don’t ask WHY, but ask WHY NOT something better for all of us? 

Private healthcare, according to tRump and the Republicans is what we need. Demonstrates just how much these people don’t know about “private” healthcare.  I know what it was at one time.  Three country doctors in Newark Valley, as a kid growing up here.  That was PRIVATE healthcare.  How many doctors does Newark Valley have now?  We are lucky if we can get an appointment with the one doctor in town who comes from UHS and located in an office on Whig Street. 

Let us return to the 1970s.  The three doctors were all retiring.  Newark Valley did not have a doctor.  My mother, Margaret (Schoonmaker) Cornwell, worked on a committee in Newark Valley, acting as a health services coordinator so as to find a new medical doctor.  They found a MD.  A Jewish MD.  Questions still remain whether the people here had a hidden agenda of anti-Semitism because none had experienced through physical exams, so tried to push the guy out of town.  My mother defended him, for various reasons, but particularly for the sake of her family. 

In light of the recently released Ken Burns documentary about the Holocaust, let me explain that it was discussed in the documentary about the anti-Semitism which was buried in hidden agendas of many white Gentiles in the USA who were claiming other “problems,” so as to keep the anti-Semitism buried.  “Other things” which could be attributed to white Gentiles and others, as well. Even today, some who keep this a hidden agenda while identifying anything they are able to identify as being a problem. As fictional character, Perry Mason would often say, “don’t lie to me.” Now there was a representation of what a good lawyer REALLY is.

​Other information about the 1970s which validates why rural areas went without private healthcare?  (1) My mother mentioned that the problem the committee to find doctors in the 1970s found was due to the changes in society for a predominant love of money.  Doctors were not going into practices as general practitioners (also known as primary care physician), but were looking to make money as specialists.  As specialists, doctors needed to make more money in urban areas where the population was more dense than in rural populations.  With the old private country doctors in Tioga County, they could refer, if necessary, to a specialist.  Otherwise, the general practitioner took care of patients, from annual physical exams and other matters.  I seem to recall that the “specialist” pediatrician my mom used for me was a Dr. Nichols in Owego.  Only memories from my mom and what she said, not exacting research on it.  When she used a pediatrician for me, it was in the 1950s.

I recall Dr. Nichols ​performing as Harold Hill in the Ti-Awahga Players 0production of The Music Man.

​(2) According to various sources, the private health insurance situation changed.  H.R. Haldeman (Watergate burglar) under Richard Nixon, had created an underwriting firm for health insurance. This opened the door for supply0-side economics in private health care.  According to some sources, this opened the door for medical specialists while GPs went by the wayside and there was no interest in pursuing a GP career.  ​How many times, today, have we witnesses a shortage of GPs, except for those IMMIGRANTS who come here from other nations.  No Americans wish to pursue such a career.  Amazon brags about developing careers in technology and robots instead.  And educators who know best are shelved in trying to encourage education for anyone who can find a niche in what our society really and truly needs.  Our reputations as educators are tarnished by lawyers who take control and blame all the public education problems on the faculty. 

Then we have to listen to the BS from tRUMP and Republicans about “private healthcare.”  Let me discuss this matter. 

  • A public hospital doctor who saw this coming when Reagan began to work for privatization of healthcare and hospitals.  What that MD, now deceased, predicted will happen with privatization, is coming to fruition, sad to say. 
  • Rick Scott of Florida (and now in the U.S. Senate)who made most of his wealth through privatization of hospitals

So, when my dad told me, in 2018, about the details of what happened to Grandpa Willet in 1948, I was furious.  As an educator in Florida, I had to face the influence of then-governor Rick Scott, the lousy man who plead the 5th many times when he was investigated for Medicare fraud.  Even tRUMP has said that anyone who pleads the 5th is likely guilty.  This Scott man was instrumental in replacing our retired college president, a man who came up the ranks of education (and had done very well; I can list his accomplishments), with a lawyer with no background in education, as president of the college.  It almost felt like a deja vu moment with regard to lawyers, especially from what my dad explained about his sour and bitter taste towards lawyers, due to what they did when my Grandpa Willet was unable to pay hospital bills and died, as a result of all of that. 

I​ can also go into a mountain of ​more recent experiences with this private healthcare we are experiencing today. It is all worth considering. However, when the money we all put into Medicare is being embezzled and the possibilities are a lousy man who sits in the U.S. Senate now, getting away with “murder” (as we sometimes say in a figurative way), people don’t think that it is our LONG TERM CAPITALIST INVESTMENTS which are being stolen from us.  That is because some stupid people; put the name of “Medicare Tax” on it.  I guess that was to open the doors for thieves like Rick Scott, as they attempt to say, “government is the problem” and then degrade the ideas of healthcare for all by tarnishing the ideas with false ideas that it is “socialism.” I just mentioned how it is NOT socialism, but long-term CAPITALIST investments.  Sad to say, but I have been writing this for the past 20 years or so and NO ONE picks up on it, for the good of WE THE PEOPLE.  (Same thing with FICA – a LONG TERM CAPITALIST INVESTMENT IN POOLED RESOURCE FOR ALL AND NOT TO BE USED FOR ANYTHING BUT WHAT IT IS INTENDED TO BE USED). 

Should there be those who are doing Medicare and Social Security fraud, stop calling it taxes so they can be more firmly convicted in their fraud.  Doesn’t anyone get what I am saying?  Senator Elizabeth Warren, listen up and stop the crap about the “rich paying more for it” and we can put these frauds away by defining unethical stuff like robbery from LONG TERM CAPITALIST INVESTMENTS MADE BY THE PEOPLE. 

Yes, to fund things, we also need to remove the cap on investments in Social Security which means the top wealthy ones pay less out of their income than the rest of us do.  Yes. That needs to stop.  In fact, the wealthy are making a big deal about this gap because THEY ARE TREATING IT LIKE AN INVESTMENT NOT A TAX, while these wealthy pigs screw the rest of us. 

Senator Warren, we are behind you.  We hope you have a handle on what I am saying in this essay, whether Medicare for healthcare or Social Security for retirement.  Both run hand in hand once we all choose to retire, especially if we are FORCED into an earlier retirement than what we might desire, due to health conditions. 

One more thing about healthcare.  Obamacare is based on a model of a Republican governor.  It needs to be reformed, not destroyed.  The fascist Republican leadership today wishes to destroy, not reform.  Such people can be motivated by any errors in Obamacare which need fixing because people find an error and they instantly get on the bandwagon of errors.  One such error with Obamacare is that it ends at age 65.  Then, everyone is forced into the really lousy privatized Medicare established by George W. Bush and the Republicans with its lousy donut hole, subservient to private health insurance and big pharma.  In other words, subservient to supply-side Reaganomics by the fat pig oligarchy. 

​This is a lengthy essay about healthcare.  But what can be done otherwise when people just look for what they can agree, according to their perspective and never considering being humble enough to learn and gain wisdom? What can be done when a lousy person from Australia pushes his agenda with his Fox media and people are listening.  In the end, people are spending more time on Fox and social media and then complain if an essay is “too long.”  That is bizarre because I would bet people can spend less time reading a lengthy essay, time spent doing stupid things on social media or listening to Fox Commentary for long periods of time; or trying to spend a large amount of time maintaining technology in the home in order to do the social media and other bizarre stuff.​ There was a day when I could retrieve a newspaper from the doorstep, sit in an easy chair, and read the newspaper and perhaps do puzzles or games in it.  We could do it in less time than we see people spending on social media and often doing crappy stuff.  Go ahead.  Defend the Internet and social media, rather than reading this lengthy essay about healthcare in America and, particularly,  in a rural America which is suffering.

There I go Again! Local News and Information, Over and Over Again – and Being Mocked by the Stupidity in America for Attempting to Attain Happiness… MAN, HOW AWFUL OF ME IN AMERICA (he says facetiously)… How silly of me to have the expectations I have

I sit down at my computer this morning, in happiness. My happiness is disturbed when keeps sending me email so as to force my face into reading their digital copies of a daily newspaper. I know they are not trying to do this, but the timing of it – while in happiness – are they attempting to rub my face in the fact that I cannot have a print copy delivered to my home?

In order to do the digital, the Gannett Press & Sun-Bulletin, they have turned it, as well as their other newspapers, into something for which they are not unique, deliberately ridding us of one source on paper: local news AND INFORMATION. We are FORCED to use Google where the ones with money-loving intentions can have THEIR websites come up first in the result list. The ones first on the list are usually not what we are trying to locate in information.

We are FORCED to sit at a computer desk reading a newspaper with a computer product which is gray lettering and harder to read than black lettering, regardless of the size (zooming). And the difficulties with zooming in and out are impractical and imprudent given to us by impotent men.

Our happiness for sitting and reading a newspaper in an easy chair is removed. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, especially when we are those who DO NOT put love of money first in our lives, is being removed from us.

Our happiness was about walking across a busy state road to retrieve our newspaper and walking right back so as to sit in an easy chair to read the local news AND INFORMATION (what there is of it) and do puzzles and so forth, rather than do lousy violent video games. At one time, we had the newspaper delivered right to our door. But hey. We can take the change to walking across a busy state road. It is preferable to reading online.

Even when there is an article in the newspaper to save, it is easier to clip and copy on a printer than it is to try to print a digital copy of a newspaper on a printer.

With technology, total lack of using tools which are intuitive. That is, unless one spends 24/7 doing computers and technology – maintaining it and tweaking the settings.

For those who get their jollies from spending most of their time with technology and missing out on human life itself, with its civilization consisting of culture, history, arts, sciences, wellness, they then go on to block those of us who DO wish to pursue knowledge to fill the human brain. With lousy groupthink like those who make a joke of the pursuit of happiness, we are faced with groupthink dictatorship, otherwise known as peer pressure. Peer pressure which benefits the ones who put first priority on money-loving attitudes. Such people are a joke as they push these dictatorial ways upon those of us who want life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Oh, that’s right! But most people are that way in America today! Apparently they are. Like lemmings being led to destruction off a cliff. They dictate to people like me who seek happiness – “come along because you will enjoy the ride [off a cliff]!”

And it is not government at fault. It is the predominance of money-loving attitudes in the supply-side Reaganomics people in the business oligarchs who CONTROL the government. Government is NOT the problem.

Make America great again? OK. Make America great again in the method done during the period of time called the Enlightenment. you know. Mozart and Haydn were two composers of Western Europe during that period of time. It also was the time of Deists and proposals for a democracy with checks and balances. It was the period when Adam Smith (who had contact with Ben Franklin during that time period) proposed we move away from a style of economics we NOW call supply-side economics. Smith proposed hecks and balances in economics, similar to the concepts of checks and balances in democratic government.

In the 20th Century, Teddy Roosevelt saw the robber barons had twisted the ideas of Adam Smith to THEIR liking and to THEIR benefit only. So, he became the trust buster and made America great again in that fashion.

Screw the ideas of charismatic Reagan with his opioid for America: supply-side economics. Reagan set off a path in which followers like Trump, Rick Scott, Ron DeSantis, Giuliani, and other narcissistic crap in America followed so as to NOT make America great again.

Now corporations are dictated by the oligarchic fools with a love of money as being the FIRST PRIORITY. Not money. I said, LOVE OF MONEY. Not best practices for making a better picture for profits, but LOVE OF MONEY.

This goes for newspapers with local news, too. Run by the foolish fat pigs of the oligarchs and in a dictatorial way by telling readers of newspapers what makes us happy. Telling the demand side of the market what makes us happy. Supply and demand means the supply-siders should be discovering the happiness in the demand side, not just one age or group of people and the happiness among a group of people only.

Reminds me of the scene in Star Wars with young Anakin Skywalker (ultimately Darth Vader). Anakin Skywalker used the power of the jedi to convince a person that such person “does not want to do that.” The point of Darth Vader as a young lad was to say, “you won’t be happy if you do that.” Dictating happiness so that one can achieve the love of money which, in scriptures says, is the root of all evil.

An adult student of mine once told me, “professor, you have a great deal of patience in dealing with my classmates..” The student said, “I am not sure I can go into teaching because I would have to have that patience and I am not sure I can achieve it.”

I then told the student that one needs to come to know oneself and make the decision as to the path to take. One might feel they are unable to achieve the necessary patience and that might be true. But at the same time, it is POSSIBLE to learn patience over time. If one wishes to pursue a path to teaching, then do it, keeping in mind what has to be done to overcome obstacles in that path and be willing to LEARN how to overcome the obstacles.

In other words. We don’t have to live our lives by having someone TELL us and DICTATE to us what makes us happy. We need to recognize who we are and decide what is the best path to make us happy. And ignoring the evil sides (Darth Vader type telling us how to be happy – i.e., love of money) as taught to us as a means for happiness is important.

As with the student thinking he could not be patient enough may be a reasonable assessment of what that student can do. On the other hand, as taught by Captain Kangaroo and the little engine which said, “can’t,” we can also turn to thinking, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” But we need to come to know our self better and happiest and stop allowing others tell us what makes us happy.

Stop allowing those who throw the “sin book” (Romans) at us for human beings are not here to judge, but to coexist. Notice the “sin book” was given to a population of barbarians, one of the most barbaric ones in history – the Romans and their fascism. It was designed for that population, but not all are like that nor have to be like that – like people who call themselves “leaders” – Mussolini and others.

What makes America great is a return to the ideas of our American Founding Fathers. The Founding Fathers made America great, in spite of its imperfections.

Before Britain had a mentally ill king (George III) and lost the colonies due to George III’s lousy mental capacities as a leader, it was more deserving of a Statue of Liberty. In the late 16th Century, Queen Elizabeth I opened the English arms to Jews and Protestant Huguenots who sought to be happy, rather than face the genocide of the Roman Catholic Church. “Give me your tired, your poor…” was once what made England a super power. Too bad Americans are so stupid that they might not deserve having that Statue of Liberty at all.

To make a joke out of those of us who wish to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, is as barbaric as the Holy Roman Empire and the Roman Empire before it. Whether we attain happiness by sitting in an easy chair reading a print copy of a newspaper or with other civilized ways, we should not be mocked for standing up and saying, this is what we want which is necessary to our happiness. We are not chopped liver portions of the demand side of the marketplace. All examples of barbaric and dictatorial means. Peer pressure and groupthink. Don’t tell us to just accept it because we won’t.

Money-loving Oligarchs of America are Traitors

Amazon. A river in Brazil, is it not? The home of a Brazilian dictator these days. The home where the rain forests were destroyed so as to create global warming. Perhaps one should shut up, right? One has to wonder about all of the connections here between all that is being identified.

Amazon. Prime. Notice the increasing number of trucks on the road? That is wonderful because we are able to get the products delivered which are in low supply in the stores. Low supply. Centralized economics like the “former” Soviet Union. A former KGB agent from the “former” Soviet Union. Centralized supply-side economics like a communist state and proclaiming as Karl Marx did, that capitalism was at fault when really, it was not a true capitalism which was to blame even in the time of Karl Marx, but it was supply-side economics crapping with manure on the demand side of the markets.

Is this what we accept?

News tip tonight from “Newsy,” a short clip. That FedEx is suffering financially. Then the opinion with no challenge. “It’s the economy.” It’s the economy? So the central supply-side economics can blame President Biden. Economy? Is it not possible that it is Amazon Prime delivery which is putting FedEx out of business? The economy? Who the hell’s opinion is that? The opinion of Jeff Bezos? The opinion put forth by Jeff Bezos so as to get Republicans elected to Congress? The economy? BULLSHIT.

Amazon commercial. Telling us how great Amazon is by training its employees for what? Technology. A world of technology and no concern for the needs of the demand side of the market, plus sending all the other necessary jobs overseas with the help of NAFTA. With the help of George H.W. Bush who pushed NAFTA originally. With the help of George H.W. Bush who threw the American auto industry and the UAW under the bus at trade talks with Japan. How much did George H.W. Bush really do in WWII to defend this nation against Japan and Tojo?

As for the auto industry pushed under the bus, you must read what Lee Iacocca has to say about that after witnessing this happening while at the the trade talks in Japan and George H.W. Bush puked afterwards. Read about it in Lee Iacocca’s book. But no. Let me not give the title because no Americans will read it anyway, will they? As they are mesmerized with the opiate of the masses – television with its screwball programs today and violence with blood all over the screen. Why? Why do these people put such crap on the screen? And don’t tell me money because there was a time when money could be made and we did not have bloody manure on the screen in such a prevalent way.

For me, my 40 to 50 years of experience in education, finding the needs of the community, including leaders of companies in some cases, tells me that there are many needs of the demand side of the market which are necessary and they ain’t technology, either. Electrical. Plumbing. EMTs. Fire men and women. Police. Tool and die.

The list goes on and on. These skills, plus the products and services necessary for our communities, are not being implemented in our society.

Add to that people who work to help other human beings, such as teachers, professors, nurses, healthcare workers, rehab workers (to help those who become addicted to many things).

We in education know what is necessary to meet the needs of the demand side of the market and find that every human can play a role; that it’s not just about sending everyone to college or training everyone for technology. Lawyers running educational institutions because Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis and others put them there, don’t know one damn thing about what it takes to educate for the future, so they wish to use the strategy to create training only related to technology. Change to technology for the sake of change, creation of slaves and sweat shops, and creating deep pockets filled with tons of money for lovers of money in the supply-side Reaganomics money-loving greed, self-centeredness, narcissistic ploys and strategies.

That math is not about forever solving for quadratic equations, but it is the role of learning quadratic equations which can develop the human brain which is only a small portion of it for which Americans are using these days. Or that the arts may not be done by pure music or art literacy (playing an instrument, singing, painting or sculpting), because not all are able to do so and sometimes do not have an interest. Instead, Art INFORMATION literacy so as to develop the parts of the brain which are ignored. Whole brain development, not right brain or left brain exclusively.

Then these supply-side Reaganomics people push for people like Susie Orman to make people feel better with instructions about “the change in the American dream.” That is not the bullshit I want my kids to have. I want my kids to be able to purchase their own home, not to be shoved off into ghettos of homes like in big cities, herded into urban areas like a bunch of animals. No wonder the supply chain has been gutted and local broadcasting and newspapers for rural folk have been intentionally gutted. So they give up and move to the city. In this process, we can all live happily forever, right? Like robots only in a city / urban environment, doing as the greedy fat pig oligarchs say we should all do.

Bezos owns the Washington Post. His former company, Amazon, is putting businesses like FedEx out of business. Yet, with all the Amazon Prime trucks I see, the newspapers COULD be delivered by Amazon Prime trucks. But they are not.

Instead, the fat pigs of money-loving oligarchs are trying to figure out a way to stop delivery of news print, with no concern for the demand side which still wants it. Money is not the reason. Money-loving fat pig SOBs are the reasons.

The deliberate strategy for a number of years has been to get rid of one source for local INFORMATION which has been provided by newspapers. Flash it on channel 12 so we have to take a quick look. NOW. Be quick about it when getting a pen and paper out to write it down because POOF and it’s gone.

Directories of information? Google has become a lousy search engine which dredges up shit paid for by money-loving fat pigs FIRST and not the core of necessary INFORMATION to answer a question. Search engines to find according to what we type. If we don’t know what to type, no directory of local information of any kind for which we can BROWSE through the newspaper for the necessary information.

And consider the shitty way humans are being trained so as to scoff at someone who wants to learn and asks questions. And this is happening at all ages, not just the ones who have been trained by thumbing a cell phone keyboard. The only stupid question is one never asked. But we are getting non-human beings who consider questions asked to be stupid, even when someone is trying to learn something and gain wisdom.

Or to scoff at human beings and shoot holes in what they say and never consider and THINK about what is being said. After all, we need to move lightning fast, like watching a TV screen when information is provided and … get it quickly… or else you are a dumb turd.

It is sicko and perverted. No wonder George H.W. Bush vomited at the banquet in Japan when he negotiated that Japanese cars could be sold in America, but made no means to open the doors of Japan to American cars. And don’t give me the damn answer that America could not sell the cars in Japan because you are a dumb ass who does not realize how, when America has needed to step up to the task, it does. If you shoot holes in what I say in this regard, then you are nothing but a traitor to America. Bush must have felt so guilty that he puked in Japan. And it’s the American people who have suffered, not the fat pig robber baron narcissistic self-centered greedy money-loving oligarch club.


Screw you, Spectrum, and your advertising people for allowing lies.  The ad about criminal bail and Josh Riley is a lie.  Would it not be necessary to provide proof of what is being said in an advertisement, before airing the lies?  It has been an attack against Josh Riley and Gov. Hochul.  The same lies.  Why don’t you figure out where Democrats TRULY stand on the issue of defunding police, before putting lies before the public that the Democrats do.  Because I can give proof of Republicans who have defunded police and Democrats are more rare.  But I have the evidence and the proof.  Republicans apparently think they are above the law when they point out these lies as if they are the only “law and order people.” Yet, when Republicans break the law, these “law and order” piss poor ones suddenly throw aside the talk of “law and order.” 

The example of this sort of attitude is not within Trump’s political life, but before, when he called the Emmy Award not given to him but to another as being the result of “fraud.” 

Then there is your own commercial.  “Let people know whether the people they send to Congress represent them.”  Something to this effect.  This, from a company which allows lies about a congressional candidate named Josh Riley. Surprise but the lying commercial followed Spectrum’s own commercial about how good Spectrum is about getting that “correct information to their listeners.”  Timing is everything, as I learned from a fascist-thinking Roman Catholic football coach.  Good example here with the timing of a commercial after Spectrum’s own commercial. 

Perhaps the Spectrum commercial should mention that they do better than the lies spread by Fox Commentary which inspires the lies of the commercial against Josh Riley.  I guess Spectrum ignored what President Biden said in his State of the Union Address, explaining that Democrats are do NOT stand against law and order and endorse defunding of police.  I repeat.  I have seen many Republicans who have worked to defund police, but I don’t use this as a means of blaming ALL Republicans because that would be as much of a lie as the one that ALL Democrats want to defund the police.  You SOBs supporting Hitler and Mussolini (Trump and Giuliani) fascism in America.  

Spectrum, with your robber baron bosses stop their fornication of lies and forcing supply-side Reaganomics down our throats. Shall I use the magic word?  PLEASE. 

Capitalist Supply & Demand & I Won’t Back Down From Demanding the DEMAND Side with Newspapers

Speaking to people in defense of keeping print copies of newspapers available, I have made a pretty good case in defense of the DEMAND SIDE of the market which has been deliberately curtailed by big fat pigs at the top with a love for money narcissistic and self-centered attitude who simply wish to line their pockets with a USA Today approach like Pravda of Moscow and not considering other aspects about how they can make money with PRINT copies of newspapers.  They DELIBERATELY began to remove the one unique thing which sold newspapers and kept circulation numbers up.  I have been validated with reports from the broadcast media and other sources.  These are not just NEWSpapers, but local NEWS & INFORMATION papers.  These are UNIQUE to local newspapers as the Mustang is to the Ford Corporation.  Would Ford DELIBERATELY get rid of a product which is unique and put in place something which like USA Today and tell all the local people to go to hell and just read USA Today online. 

Because that is what is being shoved down the faces of the demand side of what is SUPPOSED to be a truly capitalist market (not supply side Reaganomics which is NOT capitalism and almost as bad as centrally-controlled government of communists in the Soviet Union) the ultimate result is a destruction of

  • LOCAL OBITUARIES (we think Legacy replaces this? go to h-e-double hockey sticks because one needs an obituary NEWS source which provides the information, especially when one is new to an area and is not on the list of the cliques in town to be informed; Legacy plays another good role AFTER learning of the death of someone
    • LOCAL REVIEWS OF LOCAL POLITICAL CANDIDATES so as to keep people informed and not just listening to the BULLSHIT from news media which agrees and MIGHT NOT be the TRUTH; RESULT of such media? a population which is so stupid they cannot differentiate from right and wrong and digs in its heals with by maintaining the stupidity and a lack of knowledge; what is missing is the ability for people to know what is going on locally in POLITICS, whether at the village, town, county, city, or state

All in this list plus MORE than what is in this list.  The news & INFORMATION, not spread all over so as to search with a lousy Google search engine. 

When the demand side of capitalism answers the way the big fat pigs with mansions hope they would do – stop reading the new versions of what are called local  newspapers, they stop reading and search other sources where they are not TAUGHT but just look for what is in agreement. Yippee!  Then the fat pigs of supply-side newspaper industry Reaganomics can say, “look —— NO ONE IS READING NEWSPAPERS!”  Bullshit.  When you take away the sections and parts which sold newspapers, no one WANTS to read them.  No surprise.  The fat pigs are doing this to the newspaper industry so they can fill their GODDAMN pockets more than others and don’t have to figure out a way to lower overhead or other means.  Ask me.  I have a few suggestions for lowering overhead.  But these bastard pigs modeled after Putin refuse to listen.   

How many times do I get dildo heads who stand up for this supply-side Reaganomics?  All the time.  And I get insulted by such people.  Those who are wealthier than the rest of us simply defending the wealthy and using facts about how circulation has declined.  Of course it has declined.  When the content is condensed, why would it not decline?  Even if The New York Times DOES NOT condense its content, people are NOT being taught to read to learn, but to read to be entertained, as a result of those newspapers which DO condense the LOCAL news.  Besides, The New York Times is not just local but is a better national style news than any of the others, especially on Sundays.  They might have a large market of digital-loving bastards who want technology for the sake of change.  But they don’t take into account the ones who don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of maintaining the freaking technology which is like a little baby, needing constant attention and resources.  The New York Times in print and all we have to do is sit down and read it, not spend most of our time trying to figure out a technology and Internet which is very low quality and lacks any intuitive ways because computers and the ones providing such to the consumers are stupid.  And with gray hard-to-read lettering and really lousy brightness, besides the size of the print, one has to try to face a technology which sucks because it lacks any intuitive ways about it.  Setting up device XYZ12334555.  Or IP SHOCHOIJS10320kpf;jsakljoip.  What the hell is all that supposed to mean to consumers?  Go f yourselves with that bullshit, especially for those of us who are visually impaired and have one more impediment to it all and no one willing to service and maintain such device on the Internet  and on a regular basis.  More people are scammers out there with their hacking and sniper-based cowardly way just to see how well they can trip up the demand side of the market.  This is a barbaric picture of people who don’t give ONE DAMN about one another in America.  They don’t CARE and simply scoff at those of us who complain.  Or ask, “are you ok?” At the time we complain.  YES.  I AM OK.  IT IS THE GODDAMN non-human devices which are NOT OK and the fat pigs who push their national news on us in digital form and with no concern about the demand side of the market because they could no longer earn their GODDAMN money by sitting on their buttes in a lazy fashion. 

My newsprint costs

  • Sunday newsprint newspapers: $494.00 annually
  • Newspapers five or six days of week: $680.00 annually
    • Total: $1174.00 (without delivery, add the freaking gasoline costs a consumer might have: $300.00 (est.)

My technology costs

  • Technology maintenance & replacement: $500.00 annually
  • Internet and phone. About $3000.00 annually
  • Printing & scanning costs: cartridges & paper, etc.:  $300.00 (est.) annually
  • Other costs est. at $200.00
  • Time resource to print ONE article from The New York Times or the Washington Post (etc.) lacks an intuitive touch, perhaps due to the freaking lawyers funneling and wanting to protect royalties, salivating at finding another way to make money with nickel and dime approaches. Compare this to clipping and printing newspaper copy on a copying machine.  Less time in attempting to learn the lack of intuitive approach to do what is needed – with print newspaper. The lack of an intuitive approach to scanning or printing digital copies and no reasonable comparison to copying the newsprint, except the cost of paper and cartridges.  Freaking lawyers in the newspapers disgust the consumer because they probably don’t like the fact that some individual in a household is copying for THEIR OWN personal use what comes from a print newspapers.  Their greedy, money-loving narcissistic self-centered eyes widen with dollar signs from digital. 
  • Constant problems and time spent on fixing problems of technology: 4 to 6 hours in one day’s time, with no assistance (would pay) for regular examination of the problems, while those in the cliques get their own private help and don’t wish to share it
    • Total est. annually for digital:  $4000.00

Digital itself costs almost four times as much.  Almost 2/3 more for the digital.  Add to that the additional times for buffering which is comparable to a 1950s vacuum tube television startup time, plus other problems which are CONSTANT, not just isolated – some est. to be from sniping types of hackers who are nothing but cowards and don’t get stopped by law enforcement which might be more interested in treating those in the black community in a lousy manner.

Meanwhile, the consumers are being screwed. Some behind the cash register complain in stupidity about the price of $6.00 for a newspaper.  Look at these costs and compare these costs outlined above.

And the insulting of me for complaining about being FORCED into reading digitally.  No concern for fellow human beings, but just thinking from their own narrow perspective of life:  me, me, me, and that’s all.  One who states, with blinders on, “her perspective,” knows more about the lack of readers of newspapers than I do who can outline a very wide perspective about this isse, but get insulted instead. 

Others with wealth who insult me.  Perhaps favoring the legal system.  Perhaps defending the system to which one works with technology and wants technology for the sake of change (me, me, me) and does not wish to acknowledge those of us who find CONSTANT and CONTINUOUS problems and expenses of technology and are not WEALTHY enough to spend the money nor the time resources on this, preferring reading the newsprint instead.  We are insulted by such people who call themselves Americans.  But if they think they are friends, who needs enemies?  We would ask for assistance, but the ball is still in our court unless such people live with us.  Not sure such people wish to do that.  Narcissistic money-loving self-centered asses who don’t give one damn about their fellow human beings.  Freak such people with narrow perspectives and blinders. 

Local news broadcasts in one-half hour?  Great for some small minded people who don’t want to learn what is going on.  How many items in the list of local news and information entities above.

There are solutions to this so as to make this a consideration of true capitalist supply AND demand, but no one wishes to consider anything but freaking lousy ideologies with the spinning of a false sense of what capitalism is about by anti-communist jerks on the supply-side Reaganomics fat pigs at the top. 


  • Save newsprint by using tabloid sizes
  • Offer free copies of newspapers at schools, colleges and universities; I have witnessed college students reading newspapers under such conditions; the fat pigs may not be able waddle as much with loaded pockets, but such an increase in circulation can help bolster advertising rates
  • Offer lower prices to consumers who purchase subscriptions for print copies and don’t want the digital (perhaps the GODDAMN sports industry had ought to differentiate between on-demand sports such as football or baseball, rather than a subscription, as was done at one time with attendance at live games; another pet peeve of mine)
  • Have delivery people at busy intersections with newspapers at a very low cost – ANYTHING to increase circulation which is the driving force behind advertising.  More circulation, more readership for which advertisers can benefit and be willing to pay decent prices for the advertising
  • Garage and yard sale kits for placing classified ads
  • Other free offers for placing advertising

The problem with such solutions?  The fat pigs don’t care whether they can lower overhead, just to fill their pockets in easy ways and without having to deal with overhead.  They don’t earn money the old fashioned way because they expect to take money in any way possible, like a Trumpster who needs to be in a dumpster and carried away. 

The demand-side consumers will purchase the newspapers, should the local content not be condensed in such manner as what has happened want a source of local news AND information which brings local news and information in ONE SPOT, not sprawled all over the Internet and a search engine.  It is also easier to go through the white pages of a phone directory, rather than the stupidity of search engines which are designed to pull names and addresses of those who are wealthy and pay at the beginning of a search result list.  Again.  Based on freaking lousy supply-side Reaganomics, not true supply and demand capitalism.  If someone objects to my pointing out true capitalism of supply and demand are lousy humans who likely prefer centralized communism or any anti-capitalist idea beneficial to wealthy pigs.  They are stupid people. 

 I will continue to be adamant and stand my ground against any form of supply-side Reaganomics which is truly Hitler-style business which we don’t need in America.  I will not tolerate insults from stupid and sometimes wealthy people who don’t give a damn about my own desires which make my life happy,  as well as the lives of countless others.  So, Gannett, you can screw in your laziness to eliminate print copy deliveries.  I have offered to help deliver newspapers from another newspaper, as they advertised the need for delivery persons.  I have YET to hear back, so they can all go screw themselves, as well as those who insult me by DICTATING what we Americans SHOULD be receiving in digital.  Go screw and go to h-e-double hockey sticks – by putting them where the sun don’t shine – and that might be in a coffin.  How dare people insult me.  How dare they do that to provoke anger, mockery, and taunting.  This is my country, too, and I demand the freedoms we have with SUPPLY AND DEMAND capitalist considerations.  I am serious about this and find no one to have proof that we MUST have digital.  You have no proof, except the words of money-loving narcissists only. 

Male Wombs & Sea Horses

Dear Ms. Parker:

In our universe, a far time ago, you wrote ab op-ed blasting the idea of research which could allow babies to be carried to the full 9-months in a womb within a male.  Yes.  You blasted the idea.  Are you aware of sea horse males carrying babies to term and then delivering them?

So, what do you think about the fact that sea horse males get the eggs of a female put inside the male body (how? I have no idea) after a ritual fertilization dance?  Interesting. 

I bring this up, not only to be contentious with you about males carrying babies, but for other reasons, too.

A person who was once near and dear to me made a claim that “God made a mistake by creating sea horses in this manner.” Oh my goodness!  God made a mistake?  To which my reply is, only the pope makes mistakes, not God.  You know.  Many o believe the pope is NOT infallible. Our ancestors  who believe this came to the shores of America to escape the fascist type persecution by Roman Catholics which was drawn from one of the most brutal and barbaric regimes in civilization, from the Roman Empire through the Holy Roman Empire and the barbaric inquisitions against the Protestant Huguenots and into the persecution of the Jews in Germany, Italy, and other parts of Europe.  One such family came to these shores after those who were in the 17th Century clergy class of Britain who wrote a treatise critical of the idea that the pope is infallible.  God does not make mistakes.  Human beings do.

Recently, at the New York State Fair, we viewed the livestock exhibits.  We learned that, with artificial insemination, the males were no longer necessary. That is the reason for obtaining veal.  Male calves put to death for food.  For us, we refuse to purchase veal. Sadly, will this spare the lives of male calves?  Don’t know.  Humans make mistakes, not God. 

We also have heard of no necessity for male chickens because it is the females which lay the eggs and, like a human harem during days gone by, there is less need for males, so the little chick roosters are put to death.  How?  I have heard they are ground up alive.  Humans make mistakes, not God.

Did God make a mistake by creating bees?  The males impregnate the queen bee and then are killed by stinging death of the female worker bees in the hive.  So the males get to use their penis and then… wam bam thank you ma’am … are killed.  With stingers, so I am told. 

So, when a person thinks God is bad for making the sea horses the way he does, I have to protest. 

Thus, when Kathleen Parker describes her contention with using males to carry babies in a womb, I have to protest again. 

Gay male couples do a fine job of adopting and raising children.  Lesbians do the same.  There is proof that such situations with same-sex couples who adopt babies and raise them sometimes do a better job than some heterosexual couples who are blessed by the bishops and priests of America.  Some of them do a better job than heterosexual couples.  So what is the problem with the freaking Roman Catholic bishops of America who take offense and give judgments that belong with God, not human beings, regarding masturbation, prostitution (going uncontrolled rather than being regulated and taxed, as in Europe), same-sex marriage, abortion, contraception, and sex outside of marriage? My grandmother always quoted the Gospels with, “don’t judge, lest you be judged.”  Pointing a human finger of judgment at other human beings means there are three fingers pointing back at an individual.  Perhaps if males carry babies, there might be less incest and rape which cause abortions.  But silly me for thinking in such a humane manner. 

Paul quotes Leviticus with regard to gay men.  The reason the scripture exists in Leviticus is due to the lack of males to impregnate females.  The reason why Paul used the scripture was to stop the pagan rituals which were sex-oriented. It had no relation to the original scripture because the pagan sex rituals involved females and males, as well as homosexuality.  Take a testosterone-laden barbaric male who loves to screw women as much as possible to think of some way to be barbaric and mean to gay men, and they can find something in the Bible.  Then establish this traditionalist belief over centuries, backed up by the Holy Roman Empire (barbaric with inquisitions) and VOILA!  We have people judging one another, as if they are God, when they are not. 

There are several on the Supreme Court who are Roman Catholics and some opposed to abortion and same-sex marriage.  Apparently the guys there think with their brains in their penis.  The one who once told me “God makes a mistake with sea horses,” also made that statement about males.  Which is why this all bothers me.  So, what about the female Roman Catholic on the bench, just like the one who got all mixed up about sea horses?  Is the brain of those women in their cunts?  ‘Splain it to me, Lucy. 

Many such people want to tolerate rape and incest, but take offense at someone being gay or having an abortion.  Give me a break because such people do nothing but invoke a dictatorship of THEIR beliefs and do so in a land which has something in the constitution which says there is a freedom of religion.  The Roman Catholics on this SCOTUS are representing a minority of Americans but are a majority on the SCOTUS.  They love to create a hell on earth, unless those who don’t agree with their religious beliefs are executed, as Hitler, a non-devout Roman Catholic, did to Jews in Europe.  As the barbaric Holy Roman Empire did to my Protestant Huguenot ancestors in France and other places in Europe .  Barbarism of the Roman kind has been described as the most brutal in civilization. They were sickos.  Who would get a thrill and a pleasure from throwing Christians to the lions in an arena?  The Romans.  Damn the ones in Italy today who are pushing fascism there. Damn those who want a one-party state with a hidden agenda of fascism, whether that be Florida or England.  Damn them all for creating a hell on earth.

No, Ms. Parker, there is nothing wrong with research to impregnate a male, using his sperm and the eggs of another, so the male can carry the fetus to full term and then give birth.  Rather than killing off males as being of no value to the world, as the worker bees in a hive do, perhaps we can recognize the value of ALL human beings and stop the BS of hell on earth. 

“America less split than seems” (Scranton Times-Tribune, Sept. 11, 2022)

To the Editors of Scranton Times & Kathleen Parker, Washington Post (Jeff Bezos’s newspaper?):

Kudos for an informative op-ed regarding the polarization of America.  The facts presented by John Avlon who has had a career “advancing centrism and fighting extremism” are very well understood and can also advance the ability of Americans to learn rather than dig in with an emotional spark and little or no knowledge.  The statistics demonstrating that a range of about 60 to 75% of Americans support same-sex marriage, cannabis legalization, and are pro-choice.  For many years, we have known about such numbers.  In a national referendum in Australia, we might seem to recall these numbers were close to the numbers here which are based on polls, not a democratic government run by referendums of the people.  Instead, we have a man running Fox News who is Australian and uses the back door to impose his wishes and those of the minority of people who are quoted in this op-ed.  They force control of the U.S. Senate so as to appoint members of the minority to a Supreme Court, including puritanical idiots of the Roman Catholic Church which is a minority in this nation but dictates by way of a court, not the referendums, as in Australia and other nations.  Bravo for the information, but consider that Hitler came to power after advocating gay rights, but once the power was consolidated with guns and violence, he turned on many people, including the LGBTQ community in Germany.  Castro did the same thing in his dictatorship in Cuba, yet idiots like Marco Rubio has blinders on and lacks knowledge and a THINKING ability, so as to react with emotions instead. 

As for referendums of democracy, people also need to know there are at least TWO referendums on different issues than what is outlined here in which the voters approved of the referendums.  This was the state where Trump hides out an with stupid lawyers like Giuliani,  tries to protect his right to classified documents which he HAS NO RIGHT.  In that state of Florida, Rick Scott, now sitting in the U.S. Senate, and Ron DeSantis, now a sitting in the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee, have negated what the voters of Florida approved, on two different issues.  Furthermore, there is no referendum in Florida regarding same-sex marriage, pro-choice, or cannabis, so Ron DeSantis puts forth legislation to attempt to destroy some of those issues, attempt to allow people to stand their ground against those who dissent of the governor by the use of guns and violence, and issues an ultimatum against Walt Disney for dissenting against his stand on sexual identity and the teaching about the truth regarding the history of racism in Florida and America.  As with so many other examples from George W. Bush and the Republicans, these fascist Republicans use these issues as wedge issues of fear, so as to get people who might be on the 70% of the side of the issues, to vote for their candidacy.  They tarnish Democrats and independents who may be people who support such issues. That is the only way such fascists can win elections.  It was the only way that a minority of people in Germany or Italy could win elections enough to take command.  Add to that the guns and violence such people use. 

As to the quotation of the military writer, Thomas E. Ricks, there is a prediction of a low probability of a U.S. civil war.  Very positive thoughts to consider.  Except this ignores the fact that there was really no civil war which brought Hitler to power, either.  And Trump and others have studied the tactics and strategies used by Hitler.  I have read about some in Texas and other areas of this nation who have purportedly studied, with added accolades from many, the tactics and strategies of Tojo of Japan when he rose to power in that nation, too.  The hope and positive attitude of the commentary given by Ms. Parker is very good.  I hate to be negative, but these other historical facts which I mention cannot be ignored.  Perhaps it is necessary for me to apologize for having a negative answer?  Silly me for wishing to seek the truth so it can set us free. 

People in 70 AD also sought the truth when a fascist-supporting army of Roman General Titus invaded Jerusalem so as to destroy (predicted by Jesus Christ).  Trump, Giuliani, and many of their mobster goons goons wish to do destruction and not reform.  To reform is what happens in a democracy.  Historical evidence also points out the times that democracy has worked very well in accomplishing reform and doing so without guns, violence, and bloodshed. 

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