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“Electric cars remain out of reach for many” by Jack Ewing (NY Times) (Scranton Times-Tribune Business section, 9 Aug. 2022)

For many of us, we are not able to afford an electric car and wish we could.  The key statement in the report about the cost of the cars is the paragraph which contains the following: “They [the carmakers in the past] introduced technology at a luxury price. With time, the features and gadgets make their way into cheaper cars.” 

Such information is analogous to other historical evidence.  For instance, there was a day when computers were not affordable by most people.  Over time, this changed. Patience is a virtue and we need to stop with the “instant gratification” attitude in America. 

Other examples.  Even in more recent years, as a professor at a college, I had many students who were STILL not able to afford computers when I taught online classes.  In fact, we hear all this stuff about tuition costs which are high.  Working as a professor, I discovered many students were unable to afford the textbooks.  Add to that the fact that many were not able to access e-textbooks because they were not able to purchase the computer equipment of have access to internet.  Professors get blamed due to tuition costs, even when Florida professors made diddly squat in salaries, compared to many other states.  Thank God for the library, which many educators with six figure salaries wish to decimate. It was the academic library which provided access to computers, Internet, and textbooks on reserve. 

I could go on and on with examples.  The bottom line. The capitalist economics run as they should, supply AND demand, not just with the recipients of corporate welfare dictating the supply-side economics, and the prices do come down, but we need to have patience and have the better attitude with regard to long-term investment and return on investment.  We have thrown much of that away with credit card instant gratification and no thought about long-term savings and investments.  We need to do this by making money the “old-fashioned way, we earn it.”  Many people in America need a lesson in this attitude.  Why? Because it DID work, even with its imperfections which need reform, not destruction of the entire process. 

One final note.  (I once was able to sing up to a high C; LOL!).  There was once a computer company called DEC. They produced minicomputers in competition with IBM.  Purportedly, some executive at DEC once remarked that “there will be no purchases a computer for each individual home.”  Where is DEC today?  Pessimism.  Open mouth and “eat crow.”  Working collectively is better than working according to the dictatorial ways, top-down, of the CEOs who benefit from embezzling funds and getting away with it. 

Murder and thievery, among other human acts, are defined in the Ten Commandments as wrongful human acts. It was some men who proposed that the church consider such sins forgivable but being gay as being unforgivable.  And with this among those who are pushing against being gay, is the push for instant gratification to make the deliberate acts – I said, deliberate and no differentiation from errors which are NOT deliberate – of embezzlement acceptable to those who do it and have plenty of money to protect themselves, that lower class people don’t have. Such things become examples for people to attain instant gratification. 

The electric car example is just one more way to push the idea of instant gratification.  “Gotta keep up with the Joneses.” (Is that not the similar to unacceptable acts identified in the Ten Commandments, too?). Thanks to Mr. Ewing (writer of this article), we learn a bit of history regarding how, over time, items become more affordable.  What has happened with the prices of big pharma, protected by lawyers?  Another topic for another day. 

Energy & Big Oil

Dear Editors:

When I hear people putting down solar power and electric cars, I cringe at what I am hearing.  For instance, “What do we have electric cars for when the batteries run out, they need replacing, and there are few places to feed them electricity when on a trip.”  To which I asked the person to consider what life was like when we first began using internal combustion engines and there were few places available to put the gas in the vehicle.  The reply? “Well, then we could just use horse and buggies.”  Perhaps. Perhaps not.  The cost of maintaining horses, wagons, sleighs, and feeding the horses has to be considered, too.  What does one do when a horse dies? Replace it, right? Replace the battery in an electric car. 

And solar fields “are an eyesore.” Oh, really? Maybe so. But consider how accustomed we have become to seeing electric distribution systems or power lines, whether for distribution or the huge transmission lines. How about the cable and television lines we see strung on the poles? We don’t think of them as being “eyesores” because we have become accustomed to them.  In actuality, I don’t see solar fields as being any worse than such equipment we have had in the past. In fact, I would far prefer a solar power field on my own property than to have a power line which is up in the air and looks terrible in comparison.

Then, there are the Republicans in Florida who try to do the marching orders of Big Oil. They want to have offshore drilling off the coast of Florida. After the oil spills in other states along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, most people in Florida have been surveyed they don’t want to be threatened by oil spills along the coast of Florida. But no.  People like Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis, along with Donald tRUMP, don’t give one damn about what the people think, just what the marching orders are, coming down from Texas oil men and others in that industry.

Keystone Pipeline? Who the heck wants possible oil spills from that?  If you do, you are mentally ill. 

The development of alternative fuels such as solar or biomass have been sabotaged by Big Oil. Several reports in the media have discussed this aspect. These reports also indicate that American industry has negated the development of companies doing such development of alternative fuels (green energy) and thus have left the field open for many Chinese from COMMUNIST China to invest for the long-term in such ventures.  So, you complain about negating Big Oil, you are siding with the development for the long-term of the Chinese COMMUNISTS.  You are supporting efforts to continue to use Big Oil’s products, rather than being like an old-fashioned savings bank with savings accounts and saving oil reserves as a means of long-term savings!  Fossil fuels ARE going to run out. PERIOD. This is a fact.

So being worried about replacing a battery in an automobile is the words of idiots.  Excuse me for being so blunt and cruel and saying this. But what I hear is way too pervasive and it requires people like me to step up to the plate, as in the days of the Fairness Doctrine when a Fox News would be REQUIRED to provide an opposing viewpoint (that might just hold to facts, not lies and conspiracy theories).  The Fairness Doctrine was decided by a BIPARTISAN group (Democrats AND Republicans together) in order to protect America from the same type of fascist rule in which we had just fought a war in the 1940s and lost many American lives. 

For the future, we COULD aim to save lives in America by not setting the stage for a war to control the last remnants of oil on this earth, but put those in reserve for the future. For the future, we COULD aim for an America which is still powerful enough to control the new alternative energy forms and not allow the Chinese to take control. How about those who complain about electric cars and the batteries in them, just consider some of what I outlined? Just consider that car companies in Asia and North America are building and selling cars. So, the chances of developing more channels of distribution and repair WILL grow, so as to support these industries. 

Come on, Tioga County.  Stop being mesmerized by the marching orders from BIG OIL and followed by Trumpicans who seek a fascist government.  Come together with a little help from our community of friends who want the best for America’s future, both with energy AND environmental issues. 

Fix or Destroy?

The Beatles: “All you need is love… love is all you need, love is all you need.”

The Beatles: “With a little help from my friends.”

The Beatles: “Come together…” and coexist.

The Beatles:

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it’s evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world

But when you talk about destruction
Don’t you know that you can count me out

Don’t you know it’s gonna be
All right?
Don’t you know it’s gonna be (all right)
Don’t you know it’s gonna be (all right)

You say you’ll change the constitution
Well, you know
We’d all love to change your head
You tell me it’s the institution
Well, you know
You better free your mind instead

But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
You ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow

Don’t you know it’s gonna be (all right)
Don’t you know it’s gonna be (all right)
Don’t you know it’s gonna be (all right)

Stevie Wonder: “love’s in need of love today…”

Somebody says to me, “Americans don’t like change.” Oh, yeah? Then why is it that followers of propaganda broadcasting Fox are getting on board for a Trumpican type of change called DESTRUCTION? That is change.

There are two forms of change. (1) Destroy and (2) reform. Destroy is done with a dictatorship and leaves many people out. Reform is done with democracy and works to attempt to embrace as many as possible, even though it is IMPERFECT as humans and human institutions are. If the person who said this said, “Americans don’t like reform,” I would believe it. But too many Americans are giving in to the FUCKING … yes I said FUCKING…. Nazi fascists in the form of people like FUCKING Trump or FUCKING Palladino or FUCKING ROMAN CATHOLIC RON DESANTIS. FUCKING people who don’t deserve a life because they only want to destroy what is good in America, due to the imperfections THEY DON’T LIKE. Excuse me for using the acronym FORNICATION UNDER CONSENT OF KING (OR QUEEN).

It is not with arrogance I say this. It is with love of country and what the Founding Fathers of this nation gave us. Deists, not Christians, in the Founding Fathers. This is NOT a Christian nation, but a secular nation with the freedom to worship and hold spiritual beliefs each one of us chooses. That is part of LIBERTY and FREEDOM, protected by many people in the past who put their lives on the line to protect this LIBERTY and FREEDOM … LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. Trumpicans have no idea what LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, with all its IMPERFECTIONS, truly means. The arrogant ones are those who follow Fox, Murdoch the asshole and all those others.

Yes, Americans don’t like change. But the change they embrace is destruction of what has made this nation great over many years.

Here are the things which are being done to put in place CHANGE for the sake of the wealthy and the FUCKING puritanical Protestants and American Roman Catholic bishops – dictators, plus for the sake of wealthy fat pigs and the corporate welfare they continue to enforce CHANGE upon America for the benefit of ONLY corporate welfare. This list demonstrates how the person who made this statement about “Americans don’t want change,” to be an imbecilic remark not worth considering. That’s the STUPIDITY in America today. Rather than work to do change which is in the form of REFORM and considering how to make life better for America, theses fucking assholes devote our tax dollars and money to shit so as to destroy, destroy, destroy, not reform, reform, reform.

1. Abortion and Roe v. Wade. It has its imperfections, but the FUCKING AMERICAN CATHOLIC ROMAN BISHOPS, with money from FUCKING LOUSY AMERICANS just want it destroyed and ignore the young folks rape and date rape, from public schools to college and above. Destroy, destroy, destroy, not reform, reform, reform.

2. Rick the Prick Scott, Reagan and the privatization of America’s public hospitals. Destroy, destroy, destroy, not reform, reform, reform.

3. Betsy DeVoss and the Bush family with others (Jeb Bush) to endorse wishes of the Roman Catholic bishops and the fucking pigs who are recipients of corporate welfare, work to privatize public education by DESTROYING public education and then claiming, “it does not work.” That is bullshit because public education, if funded correctly, has proven to work in America. Destroy, destroy, destroy, not reform, reform, reform.

3. The Bush Republicans and their destruction of the FS&L system put in place by FDR and the Democrats. Change for the sake of whom? Neil Bush or George W. Bush and his money in the Cayman Islands rather than invested in America – you know, the fucking idiot who said, “what’s good for business is good for America.” Translated from the corporate welfare pigs: “what’s good for corporate welfare is good for America.” Destroy, destroy, destroy, not reform, reform, reform.

4. The Reagan deregulation and destruction and eventual destruction of PUHCA legislation under Shrub gave us supply-side economics and destroyed the ideas of capitalism called supply AND DEMAND. All of these CHANGES were done and many Americans just embraced them, like lemmings being led off a cliff. Destroy, destroy, destroy, not reform, reform, reform.

5. The change to thumbing practices with noses in cell phones was done with the net result of destruction of local newspapers and a claim, “no one wants to read newspapers any more.” Fuck that because when you remove the local content and DICTATE and PUSH nationalized news upon the people, of COURSE THEY WON’T READ IT. It polarized America in the process while stupid idiots in the lower classes simply went along with the changes and, in fact with this peer pressure groupthink they FORCE us to accept these changes, working with the change mastering destroyers. Destroy, destroy, destroy, not reform, reform, reform.

6. Local broadcasting destroyed in order to make room for the fucking THUMBING and NOSES IN THE MOBILE and for the corporate welfare system to be strengthened. There are people who live on the hills of upstate New York in lower dense populations than those in the valleys who get better reception of local broadcasting than those in the valleys where the population is slightly more dense. And there are those who are ready to defend these changes made, as if it is all for the “sake of money.” Go to hell. If it were, then we would have radio and television which was powerful enough to reach the hills AND the valleys. Fuck the FCC for allowing this, in the name of honor for cell phones. Changes, for sure. Changes in the form of DESTRUCTION. And lousy Americans just sitting idly by and allowing such destruction. Destroy, destroy, destroy, not reform, reform, reform.

7. Don’t pay taxes and place a heavier burden on those who do who don’t want to act like rats and turn in those who do not. In many cases, I am on the same side of those who don’t pay it, but I believe in this nation to try to do my best to pay taxes, not be a criminal and NOT pay taxes. I understand why they don’t want to pay regressive income taxes or don’t want to pay taxes on services, especially if it is a small business which finds accountants and lawyers hired to help them pay taxes are eating into their profits, something which did not happen before “Rocky’s Tax” in NY and income taxes anywhere. Tariffs supported American business and its domestic products, while putting taxes on imported goods which were commonly snarfed up by wealthy fat pigs and robber barons in America. Tariffs are a FORM of VALUE-ADDED TAX. But no, we have fucking lousy regressive income taxes, fucking lousy sales taxes, corporate welfare fat pigs keeping Social Security insolvent by not paying as much into it as the common folk (and resisting the change but endorsing the destruction of ALL Social Security, plus moves under Shrub to change Medicare for the sake of big insurance and big pharma so as to sabotage and create and atmosphere that the common folk jump on the bandwagon like a bunch of lemmings being led over a cliff). Destroy, destroy, destroy, not reform, reform, reform.

Need I go on? I could add a number of other things in which there is change, but change only for the benefit of the corporate welfare state, not for WE THE PEOPLE, the first words of the U.S. Constitution. Or not to create liberty and justice for all. Or not to endorse the ideas about “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for ALL Americans. They do a better job in socialist-capitalist Scandinavia than here in America. Survey after survey says the Danes are the “happiest people on earth.” They don’t have dictatorships, but democracies, alongside the capitalist PRIVATE businesses like Volvo which operate in a capitalist SUPPLY AND DEMAND system, not pretending that robber baron-induced supply-side economics is capitalism. In America, liars, liars, pants on fire. And lemmings in the common folk who are so stupid and idiotic they go along. Silly me for being so mean in saying this. After all, with decades of Trumpican type sabotage of PUBLIC EDUCATION, I should feel sorry for these people. Not if they insist on digging in their heals and perhaps saying I am arrogant. I don’t feel sorry for them with their lack of ability to LISTEN and LEARN. Without the listen and learn, perhaps I should feel sorry for them. But what good does feeling sorry for such people do for America, the land I love.

In line with what I say, let us consider what Warren Buffett and others have said.

Warren Buffett says what? The results of a search in Google can tell us some. But he has recommended easy changes and fixes which might work. But even Warren Buffett is NOT PERFECT. He is just one of many Americans with suggestions for America. One thing I do recall is that the U.S. Code (the words which conclude all the legislation in this nation) is convoluted and that Congress needs to take a vacation from legislating for a time and review that U.S. Code, tossing out all that is part of it which is really too convoluted. Unlike the Trumpicans who want to toss out parts of the U.S. Constitution after taking an oath to defend it (like FUCKING Clarence Thomas and Kavanaugh and Barrett with regard to religious freedom in this nation), the aim should be the U.S. Code. Did Buffett say this? Seems like I recall hearing about it at one time. Read all about it. The results of a search on Google. Read all about it. That’s the way it was… Read and weep.

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Local Binghamton CBS affiliate, channel 12

Dear Sirs or Madams (of CBS Sixty Minutes):

We regularly watch Sixty Minutes and appreciate having this news AND information source available to us. We despise Fox News with its lies. the National Association of Broadcasters needs to put Fox out of business. 

We have a bumper sticker which reads: “We get our NEWS from Comedy Central and our entertainment from Fox News.”  That about describes what we have to the nth degree in America today, due to the Republican destruction of the Fairness Doctrine which was put in place in the 1940s to guard against Nazi propaganda which had destroyed Germany.  In the 1940s, everyone was in agreement, so this was a bipartisan decision.

For some 20 years or more, I have written to publications and the media. I have used local newspapers and local television outlets, as well as networks. I write to Sixty Minutes, especially when I hear the recently repeated story about robots (Anderson Cooper?).  I write about many other news reports. With the demise of local news, by hedgefund lovers of money (also a recent story on Sixty Minutes), I have watched as my writings have not been published.  At first, I was puzzled. As time has gone by and with the wisdom of age, I have discovered the reasons.  Both your Sixty Minutes report and an article in The Economist and other publications have unraveled the mystery and puzzle to me.  When one relies only on intuition and observation of actual events at a Florida newspaper and elsewhere, it is good to find out that what I have been writing about what I KNOW has been correct, it is sad that no one pays attention to me anymore.  At one time, before the older great journalists retired – the people of good will running local newspaper – I was accepted. Now I feel as if I am on the outside looking in when most of what I have written has been correct.

Wat I am finding is that my distribution to a local Binghamton Fox affiliate has been read by such people at Fox. What do they do? Just as Trump does. Put a spin on what I say that is in line with their lies and re-distribute.  There is no teamwork among people of good will in the media business and that is a crying shame.  So, I have removed the Fox affiliate from my distribution.  I have removed Sean Hanity from my distribution list. 

With this being said, what about the other three Binghamton television network affiliates? NBC and ABC affiliates in Binghamton are run by one owner. The local news comes from one outlet: Newschannel 34, the ABC affiliate.  The PBS affiliate has no local news, only the PBS Newshour and other PBS network news analysis. 

This situation leaves the local CBS affiliate, WBNG, channel 12.  The local news is not always “local, but taken from “wire” stories on CNN and other news places. CBS Channel 12 had the best local news source in this area, back in the years when I was growing up.  Today, I would have to say this Grey Company local affiliate is not THE BEST, but it sure is better than Fox 40. 

What bothers me about local channel 12 is the fact it no longer accepts email. This is the device I have used to distribute what I write.  Why does channel 12 do this? Why does a news AND INFORMATION channel not read what I write any more? What the hell is going on? Here we are and I can say my likes and dislikes are pretty much on the same page as channel 12. But none of my writing is accepted there.  Don’t get me wrong. There is never 100% agreement with any humans or human organizations. But my judgment is that, unlike Fox, they don’t lie. They are not liars, liars pants on fire.

Yesterday, I was in an area in which a local Solid Gold radio broadcast (Equinox) was difficult to receive as we have a country music station interfering. So, in the car, we turned to another local radio station with music more acceptable to us, though it was NOT solid gold.  In this area, there are pockets where hills block one signal and from some valley comes another. Back in the days of my youth, with mostly AM broadcasts, that never happened here. Even when FM was introduced, it never happened. We received ALL Binghamton stations plus other smaller city stations. Today, we senior citizens are being relegated to purchasing, on a lower revenue stream in our family budget, Sirius XM. At one time, it was all FREE, FREE, FREE – supported by local advertisers.  But yesterday, in the car, when listening to this other station because we were FORCED to do so by rules emanating from the FCC which is controlled by big business when it should be a third party representing the DEMAND SIDE of the market or WE THE PEOPLE.  It is represented by those on the SUPPLY SIDE of the market. Period.  Money is used to validate this. BS on that because free broadcast once DID make money and could still make money, just not feed the already filled to the brim pockets of those with hedgefund investments like the guy Sixty Minutes reported on who now owns a multitude of newspapers and can buy a mansion in Miami when most of us have had to leave Florida because we cannot afford the housing there (along with factors of heat, humidity, and hurricanes with outrageous costs to put money into an insurance hole for hurricanes and never see it again).  But on this radio station we were FORCED to turn to, as a Cuban citizen might be forced when Castro put a block on many broadcasts from Miami, we listened to the news. At the end, we discovered we were FORCED to listen to Fox News. Fox News ended the broadcast with “all America loves Fox News.” Another lie because all America DOES NOT love Fox News. They say it to inspire groupthink from peer pressure and get Republicans elected. I call the Republicans “republicunts” and “repugnicans” because, due to Fox News, the Republicans have become perverted and are NOT like the Republicans I knew one time, associated with, and was a registered Republican. BTW. How much media is covering those of us who have found that “republicunts” and “repugnicans” have forced us to leave the party? Instead I hear crap about Democrats. 

Interestingly enough, the story on Fox News which we heard and which surprised us, was a condemnation of Joe Biden. It was absurd as this news report did not just report the news, as was the function under the Fairness Doctrine, but made a comment about how bad Biden was because he stood up to Big Oil.  In other words, he stood up to the Koch brothers, Texas slick oil men, and others.  Fox News did not say that, did they? They wish to force the Keystone Oil Pipeline and only do that by drawing a false picture of alternative fuels. Had we been more in line with alternative fuels, due to Fox News, we would not be stuck today with the a dilemma which mirrors the results of the 1973 oil embargo.  It was republicunts which put the axe on alternative fuels – for the sake of BIG OIL

This harks back to a Sixty Minutes report many years ago about the development of green technology and alternative fuels with the help of government “incubator” money for business in America.  The report was a great one in which we the people learned that America, perhaps being blocked by BIG OIL back in those days(?), did not have investors to buy up those companies because it required deep pocket-ed investors for the long term development of such alternatives.  Your report told about investors from China who were purchasing these “startups.”  And to Fox News people, they blame government dollars being thrown to China, while they never report on how much Big Oil was sabotaging Americans who may have wanted to invest, so as to hold the control in thic country. It is the basis for attacks against Democrats, while, as is always the case (and with gun safety and domestic terrorism), it is the Fox followers and their sabotage which are the root cause – with their evil love of money. 

With all of this explanation, I return to the issue of local news CBS affiliate, channel 12. Back in the days when television was first begun, I recall channel 12 being both CBS and ABC. The local NBC affiliate is now Fox40 and a new NBC affiliate was formed after that change happened.  Channel 12 was the only VHF affiliate at that time. It still really is the only “digital” VHF, except perhaps the local NBC affiliate run by ABC affiliate channel 34. Thus, in those early years, few people actually invested in a UHF antenna. I know my dad did not. It was stupid of the FCC to do that, especially when we compare to the city of Scranton where ALL the local affiliates have been UHF and VHF has not existed there. If there were smart people on the FCC back then, they would have handed all the VHF to bigger cities such as Syracuse, Rochester, and so forth. With the VHF affiliate in Binghamton and no one investing in UHF antennas, but purchasing huge VHF antennas to receive channel 12 of Binghamton and the Syracuse VHF stations, that station in Binghamton left the other network broadcasts in the dark as underdogs to channel 12. The news reporting on channels 40 and 34, quite frankly my dear, SUCKED.

When channel 12 was both CBS and ABC, we got to see, in the late 1950s when I was at pre-K age, Mickey Mouse Club. It was broadcast on ABC, so channel 12 picked it up.  (Ironic that ABC is now owned by Disney and the “mouse”).  Thus, my favoritism of CBS channel 12, which went to CBS only at the time channel 34 was created (WBJA) as an ABC affiliate (see the story about the history of channel 34: ). 

Thus, with the sabotage of my stories conducted by Fox and the fact that a better news station (CBS 12 of Binghamton) rejects email, I have to protest this situation because good people are not coming together to solve this problem in America. This is not polarization. It is the news and information being taken over by one network when we have four networks. Fox operates in the same way as the communist party or Nazi party control of broadcasting in a dictatorship. 

I repeat. That is NOT polarization so bleeding heart liberals need to stop being so damn diplomatic about it all and calling it polarization.  I despised the Capitol 4th concert this past week (on PBS) because, once again, it tries to be nice and talk about a divided America. It is NOT divided. It is a nation with the stage being set for dictatorial control just like that of Hitler and Goebbels. We need to stop pussyfooting around with all this BS for bleeding heart diplomacy – as if that is going to fix the problem.  Given the evidence in history in other nations, THIS BLEEDING HEART DIPLOMACY WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM OF THIS NATION HEADING TOWARDS A DICTATORSHIP. IT WILL NOT. I have been correct in EVERYTHING I HAVE SAID AND WRITTEN SINCE THE ELECTION OF RONALD REAGAN IN 1980, so TO BE IGNORED NOW IS REALLY ASININE.  To not be able to write to the local CBS affiliate is asinine, too.  You people need to collect the information, not be concerned about how nice Fox or republicunts or repugnicans are treated.  Stop the BS of bleeding hearts.  Stop scoffing at people like me and ignoring what we are saying. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. People of America consider what German Niemoller said: 

“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.’

This quote was one of many which inspired the creation of the Fairness Doctrine in late 1940s USA.  Cowards are the ones who realize I am correct and use what I write to the detriment of people of good will among the Democrats AND true Republicans (i.e., the Lincoln Project).  It is about time journalism and media reared its head loud and strong against such actions. 

Why does local CBS affiliate channel 12 NOT accept email? What the hell is this in forcing us to do? All to go to ONE monopolized platform called Facebook? Or forcing us to go to social media only?  Forcing us to listen to the lies of Fox and other outlets of hatred?  Listen to the DEMAND SIDE of a capitalist market which SHOULD exist with balance between supply and demand. I speak about such balance and keep in mind this is just as the checks and balances are SUPPOSED to exist in our government between executive, legislative, and judicial, but has been SABOTAGED by people like Trump, Giuliani, McConnell, Thomas, Kavanaugh, Barrett, Kevin McCarthy, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Gaetz, and many other sodomites who enjoy rape of women, but not homosexuality. 

For the DEMAND SIDE, I am speaking. Now pay attention to many of us who want checks and balances in government and economics, not a dictatorship of the SUPPLY-SIDERS.

New York’s Temporary Cancellation of Gasoline Tax, June to End of Year

Dear Editors:

Let me clarify, first, that I consider myself to be an environmentalist who believes the planet is threatened by global warming. I can go further into many aspects of this issue in order to prove that I am an environmentalist. But I will forego such discussion right now. 

Recently, the New York governor and legislature put in place legislation to temporarily cease collection of the New York gasoline tax. I use the word, TEMPORARY, because this is the important aspect of it. So far, I have heard no words about making this permanent. In fact, I am against any retail sales taxes. Period.  I am against sales tax because I observed that, when such taxes were begun in New York under Nelson Rockefeller, small business people were ignored when they pointed out that they were being forced to pay a tax in which they had to cover their asses by hiring accountants and lawyers. It cut into their profit margins. Profit is an ok thing. Love of money is not.  We have conformed, now, to the idea that love of money is not corrupt but a normal part of life.  I also might add that I have always been against the idiotic idea of a regressive income tax and that we should have a simpler tax which does not require hiring so many accountants and lawyers, imposed at the “producer” level (the Producer Price Index (PPI) level or wholesale, not at the Consumer Price Index (CPI) level. I guess I need to clarify this bit of bias, too.  The tax at the PPI level is called a Value-added Tax, or VAT. The wealthy island nation of Morocco has a VAT and property taxes, no income tax. Thus, I have clarified my position on all of this, with regard to a temporary no-gasoline-tax legislation.

I believe that there are environmentalists who push the envelope too far. Yes, we do not want our water supply inundated with chemicals resulting from fracking.  To be sure.  Yes, we do wish to wean New York and this nation of fossil fuel consumption which pollutes the atmosphere.  There is no doubt about this, in my mind. But to speak out against a temporary stop to collection of gasoline taxes, just because it could reduce the price of gasoline and cause consumers to purchase more gasoline, is absurd. The reasons for me saying this are because such talk against doing a temporary tax reduction does not take into account various aspects of this issue.

1. IT IS TEMPORARY. Read my lips. IT IS TEMPORARY. I would be against doing this permanently, unless it was taken up with a package to rid the state of ALL sales taxes and the income tax and replace it with the VAT. 

2. There are consumers who are suffering, due to the situation today.  A war and the remnants of a pandemic (which seems to be as strong as the Everready bunny as it keeps on going).  Such a tax could help consumers in a bad situation to kind of get back on their feet once again.  The environmentalists sound as bad as Republicans and their efforts to curtail getting the economy going again. It is a smart and wise decision.

3. Among the consumers who are suffering, where do they purchase electric or hybrid vehicles and how much must they spend on them? Can they afford such vehicles? No.  At the end of the day, too many of these consumers are caught between a rock and a hard place. If the environmentalists want to do their duty and protect the environment, I would suggest stop putting down this temporary elimination of a gas tax and work to raise money to help consumers invest in non-gasoline fuels and vehicles.  There is a stock market in which they can utilize brokers like Robin Hood brokers and other sources to put money where there is more development of such non-gasoline and less-polluting endeavors. 

4. The TEMPORARY nature of this legislation also helps consumers take a small respite in higher prices so as to gear up for the possibility of purchasing an electric, hybrid, or other non-gasoline vehicle when the elimination of the tax is reversed in January 2023.  In other words, there is time for auto manufacturers to gear up for this, consumers can invest in the development of such companies, and we can find an alternative on the LONG-TERM horizon which can benefit the environment.

My dad once ran a pickup truck with a switch. When he did not wish to use gasoline, the switch gave him a chance to use the propane gas which was aboard his truck.  Is it not true that propane gas is less polluting? That’s a good question.  Those were the days when gasoline prices were very low.

Of course, we need to take into consideration that there were predictions this past year that propane would also rise in price by some 43%. I am just throwing the solution out there in the air.

In contrast, the predictions said electric prices would rise only about 6%.  All predictions for which I don’t know the answers. But before environmentalists go speaking out against the temporary injunction against a gasoline tax, perhaps they need to check out the statistics and facts first.  But try to purchase an electric or hybrid car today. I have heard of the lack of supply and that sends prices high on such vehicles.  Apparently gasoline cars are a somewhat cheaper alternative.  Perhaps there should also be a cancellation of the sales tax on electric and hybrid vehicles?

All in all, I support Governor Hochul and the legislature in taking the steps mentioned here: a temporary elimination of gasoline taxes. 

Call it a carbon comeback? Really?

Dear Editors:

There is truth to the fact we are seeking out high-polluting fossil fuels, as we face the world dilemmas.  No argument from me on this score. 

As an educator and librarian for some 40 years, my ideas are to learn from the history as to how we got to this point of feeling helpless due to fossil fuels and going to our supplies which are kept in reserve.  Of those 40 years, I worked 11 years as a research librarian in an energy-related utility.  This nation has gone to lawyers making money and gotten rid of the research librarians with whom I worked in the 1980s and 1990s. How sad when considering information about what is happening, as posted by the Energy Information Administration, an organization upon which we relied upon data in the period of time to which I refer, while doing energy research. 

The downfall of what we were doing during that period of time was instigated by scientists at MIT who refuse to believe there is a problem with global warming. Their chickens are coming home to roost now, as we consider the dilemma today. What a shame.

The R&D efforts of the corporation for which I worked, along with scientists at universities such as University of Florida, were all destroyed. May I remind people that the word, “destroy,” is frequently used by the Hitler-type Nazi plutocratic supply-siders today. 

I lost my job, while high-paid lawyers were not laid off at that corporation. The head of R&D was laid off, even as he promoted the ideas from the Electric Power Research Institute (and U. of Florida) for researching hydrogen as a power source, fuel cells, and something called cold fusion. All gone and funding for such research pulled out.  Granted, cold fusion needed more research and ingenuity. Americans have proven to be able to “build the better mousetrap” in the past. But the funding to do it was blocked.  There were those who proclaimed that cold fusion, opposite to nuclear power, could have had as an output, water. However, in those days, it yielded only about a thimble full of water from the vast amounts put into it. MIT claimed, as Einstein was attacked, “it goes against the laws of physics.” The detractors, like the 19th-Century NY Governor Clinton detractors of his “ditch,” scoffed at there being any chance of anything developing.  The projects were abandoned.

More recently, President George W. Bush proclaimed that the use of switch grass could produce fuels which have lower pollution levels. Biomass production. Where is it? There were possibilities for such projects, but none developed. The fermentation of switch grass is a quicker process than many plant-based fermentation and could have been developed so as to improve the wastes released from burning the fuels. Where are they today? Do we see them? And let me say that there were a number of issues from George W. Bush which I did not agree. But that one stands out as having been more promising. 

Instead, we have developed more solar and wind power for the benefit of electric utilities, not for the benefit of weaning the consumer of the utility umbilical cord, as promised by the lousy deregulation folks in the 1990s, so as to assuage the feelings of those of us being laid off.  We have had a big effort to form supply-side economics with M&A of electric utilities into huge corporate conglomerates, as they moved to solar and wind power under the CONTROL of the deregulated M&A companies formed by deregulation.  Thus, the EIA statistics and the Rice University Public Policy Institute statistics give us a grim reminder about our reliance on fossil fuels, as Russia invades Ukraine.

Is it too late to learn from the perversions I describe in the history of energy development? I believe there is. But it takes a village to insist we do it, not my voice alone. Has the “village” been lost or is it still ready to be tapped? 

Daily News: MAGA My Way

Make America great again.Not like big fat piggish ways of Donald Trump fascists with love of money 1st.MAGA my way.

THREE-PENNY OP-ED: Balance Between Fossil Fuels and Renewable Energy Fuels (Biomass, etc.)

NOTE: it is quite possible that WordPress blocks this article from being sent to my personal email in Google. Damn WordPress for doing this and not being willing to help me out in stopping it.

The June 5, 2021, op-ed by Thomas Friedman (New York Times; title of article: “Progress in getting fossils off fossil fuels” or under another title: “The ‘Mean Greens’ are Forcing Exxon to Clean up its Act”) was well-received by this author. Reading the first article title, I think I like it better than the one put on the article by editors of the New York Times (the second title). I believe it is because of a conversation which I had with a former upstate New York propane gas business man who moved to Florida and opened a seafood restaurant in the Tampa Bay area, when talking about the man’s friend and a vice-president at the company where I was working by the name of John Hancock. You see, Mr. Hancock headed the “fossil fuels” division of the electric utility where I was working. No surprise that this “fossil fuels” head was a friend of a former business man who sold a type of “fossil fuel” in the Southern Tier of New York, near Binghamton and Endicott, the former home of IBM. When I mentioned to this person from upstate New York that I was working with John Hancock at the electric utility, this guy from upstate New York laughed and said, “well you say hello to that old fossil fool friend of mine!” To which I did. Thus, with Friedman’s article titled, from newspaper editors in the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania, something regarding “fossil fuels” rather than the “”mean greens” indicated by editors at the New York Times, I chuckled over this.

My dad told how, in the 1940s, he would drive a huge truck full of hay produced on Grandpa Cornwell’s farm to a New York City barge and then have it shipped to Cuba on the barge and sold to Cuban horse farmers there.

(Side note: my Cuban colleague from Florida told me about how HER grandfather owned a horse farm in Cuba in the 1940s and spoke about getting shipments of hay from America, but she never knew some of it was from upstate New York! Small world, is it not?).

Back to the story about shipping hay. My dad reported that, on his return trip from New York City, he would stop in the hills near Scranton-Wilkes Barre, PA, and pick up a load of coal and bring that load home and sell to customers in the Southern Tier, in the same area where the guy I mention about “fossil fuels” had a propane gas business (before moving to Florida). My dad, as he got older, went to work for that propane gas man and was working for him in 1948 when Grandpa Cornwell died at his home in Endwell, NY. After the gas man left the Southern Tier, about 1965, my father started his own propane gas business and appliance retail sales, which lasted about three decades after that. That business my dad had you can see today in the facility on Route 38 south of Newark Valley called Suburban Propane. Propane is great around here because the stupid residents of this town have voted against putting in natural gas, which some of us would like to have and perhaps could generate our own electricity independent of NYSEG. Voting against business opportunities here, whether the stupid Trump-like tea-totalers and Prohibition, dictating THEIR desires upon a population, removing the possibility of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” There. I had to get that part into my op-ed. Nevertheless, coal and propane, together with hay produced in New York. Quite a combination.

Now, tied to all of this is what Friedman says about the “fossils” of Exxon-Mobil” and how my thoughts go to the Florida propane gas man, seafood restaurant man, grouper fishing fleet man, whom I knew in the 1980s and 1990s in Florida. Friedman reports that the fossils within the Exxon-Mobil organization are being challenged by new investors who are described as the “mean green” crowd because they also would like Exxon-Mobil to diversify for the future and expand into non-fossil fuels. If anyone follows my own writings, they would discover that I have said something similar to Friedman, but without a reference to Exxon-Mobil. I have said that we need a balance between the green technologies and fossil fuels. Rather than building pipelines which pollute the atmosphere, build stockpiles of fossil fuels for the future, in the way FDR prescribed building federal savings and loan organizations, war bonds, victory bonds, and promoted the March of Dimes to fight a polio pandemic, for long-term investment into the future. But alas, Republicans have destroyed the means of long-term investment, even long-term housing investments with the greedy selfish approach of flipping homes, Florida over-developing new homes for the benefit of developers and banks, not the common folk, and an increase of common folk in Florida being left homeless because they cannot afford the homes of plantation-owning-mentality real estate people in Florida. Slum lords purchasing recycled homes and selling at a higher price or renting at astronomical rates and claiming it is “free market capitalism,” which is BS for “me, myself, and I” capitalism of the supply-side fat cat order and no concern for the demand side. Then when the Democrats wish to push money to more people and to the common folk, Mitch McConnell and gang refuse to work out a compromise, but insist that it ONLY be the way they want it. How does one expect Democrats to take this? Lying down and up where the sign doesn’t shine? Saving for long-term interest, whether in fossil fuels, real estate, or other resources, rather than promoting bank-style, “me, myself, and I” mentality of selfishness and instant gratification really destroys this nation, with Mitch McConnell, who made his money by being a U.S. Senator and nothing else, leads the damn charge and thinks he is a Teddy Roosevelt on San Juan Hill, when he is nothing but a lazy dumb ass who made him money, not by EARNING it, but by stealing it from taxpayers and lobbyists. The dictator on Capitol Hill, telling Republicans how they should vote against anything the Democrats propose, not working out a compromise unless the Democrats do as the McConnell Trumpican dictators want to have done. It is refreshing to hear of a bit of balance and moderation, as reported about Exxon-Mobil by Thomas Friedman. Will this last? I hope so.

Tied to this, as well, is my war with Gannett and the newspaper industry about delivery of print copies of newspapers in little Newark Valley. My grandfather came to this town because he was a classmate to the propane-seafood giant of Florida and that man’s father. I am told they were classmates at Syracuse University, so my grandfather, who became a teacher, was enabled to get a job teaching here in this town. Two of his children, including my mother, worked for this propane gas king, son of the SU classmate to my grandfather. What does this have to do with anything? Because I heard it told that my grandfather, who grew up in Fabius, NY, near Syracuse, and read the Syracuse Newspapers’ Post-Standard, Herald-Tribune, and Sunday Herald-American, was able to have those Syracuse newspapers delivered to his home in Newark Valley, NY, which is situated halfway between Binghamton and Ithaca, where there are two newspapers which are owned by Gannett. (There was once a third newspaper in Binghamton, the Sun-Bulletin, which was owned by an independent local publisher, then bought out by Gannett).

Thus, as I say things about this, I suppose someone could also conclude I am a “fossil” about reading newspapers. I wish to point out that my position about reading print copies is not fossil, but a responsible way of approaching reading which is acceptable to many people who are not fossils, but are ignored by the dictatorship of Gannett and its USA Today Network, with no capitalist competition to provide an alternative. Yet, I fully believe that moderation, as what Friedman describes happening with Exxon-Mobil, is fully possible in the newspaper industry. We need to rid the newspaper industry of those who grasp technology and force in a dictatorial way, their notions upon everyone and never acknowledging the words of us “fossils.” In this case, reading a print copy and re-implementing the details of the newspaper, as it once existed before people began dropping newspapers when the newspapers were changed as the “old coots” retired due to a Recession that did not beat around the bush and these young bastards grasped at a means of “change for the sake of change” so I can satisfy only, me, myself, and I, individualism, and these fat pigs and fat cats don’t give a damn about others. They fabricate reasons for why this happens in the newspaper industry and never wish to help the “fossils” out.

Kudos to Friedman, too, for revealing the progress being made at Exxon-Mobil. We can only hope it continues. We will try to continue to find Mr. Friedman’s column again and again. By the way. To those in America who are so stupid and having a lack of desire to learn in a lifelong learning environment, the Friedman op-ed was a very lengthy one with plenty of details to help us learn about what is happening, rather than relying on a quick video snippet which does not reveal the full details. Like a Sixty Minutes on CBS which is NOT a video snippet, but an in-depth report on what is happening, without all the BS of political analysis and bloviating political idiocy. Funny thing. Every time I speak with people about this topic of bloviating political analysis on cable television today, they tell me the same thing I am thinking. WE DESPISE THAT AND WE ARE THE PEOPLE TRYING TO TELL THE FAT CATS THAT IS NOT WHAT WE WANT. Do the freaking fat cats and pigs listen? NAH. They refuse to listen. And why is this junk like Fox News and others, so successful? Because the bastards of that network get paid much money and the viewers have no choice or “on demand” service for Fox, CNN, or MSNBC, or CSNBC, and others. They make money from ME when I never watch the damn crap, but I pay for delivery of a newspaper each morning and get nothing but crappy service and no one to fix the service.

And Sixty Minutes? I pay for Binghamton’s channel 12 which delivers the program through Spectrum, but I COULD receive it as a free broadcast, but that is rough to do. It is rough, due to the stupid commissioners of the FCC who side with big corporate fat cats in helping them rake in enough money so that freaking Sean Hannity has enough money to purchase the hate monger’s mansion in Palm Beach – the late Rush Limbaugh. I have done better things to deserve an award than Rush Limbaugh and it was not due to bloviating hatred, either, but having a love for all human beings and never concerned about the color of the skin.

Sure, I am contentious against the lack of balance, moderation, regulated capitalism and balance, and the checks and balances designed into our system of democracy. My contention and hatred is with the evil spirit and the one who runs the evil spirit, or devil or Satan, with his demons like Trump and other Trumpicans.

Interesting, the drawing of “Lady Liberty” in a New York Times book review of a book titled, Noise. Rather than holding a scale to balance out justice, the image is a sarcastic reminder of the legal profession today with its ill desires of love of money when “Lady Liberty” holds two dice (you can view this image by accessing the link to the book review). Believe me, there was a day when FCC commissioners and others did make some reasonable decisions not tailored to big business and we did not have to rely on love of money to decide our justice. My contempt of this system says one thing: peace does not exist without TRUE justice for all of us. That is possible, so when are we going to collectively get to work, write to our leaders and those in business and express what we wish to see happen. I hear it in the voices of people who say they don’t like to pay for entire menus of cable television offerings or who don’t want to pay for electronic editions. What is holding people back from speaking out? Fear of Republican and fat cat retribution?

Perhaps I am saving the best for last when I offer a final remark about Friedman’s op-ed about fossil fuels. There is the point about moderation, but also about weaning America of the oil controllers in Saudi Arabia, a nation which sent people of its monarchy to New York City on 9/11/2001 and which has a monarchy which inspires the Taliban and others to behead their own citizens. Unacceptable; and don’t give me the BS designed to shoot holes in these facts with fabricated BS about Biden and his son. The truth gets buried under fabrication of theories. Fantasies and conspiracies and the truth gets buried. And a people in the USA who have no brains and are able to differentiate between fabrication and truth because, as the Nazis say, “we can tell a lie over and over again and it becomes the truth.” There is no lie about the fact that Saudi monarchists were responsible for 9/11, yet we went after a foe of the Saudis while the Taliban and friends of the Saudis went free in another form of obstructing justice. Peace without justice cannot happen. It was Obama and his administration which brought down Osama Bin Laden and don’t you ever forget that as fabrications are tossed out there and you are expected to believe such fabrications and are unable to discern the truth.

Friedman’s point is about weaning America of the Middle East dictatorial control of oil and to do that, we need to encourage the “fossils” and the “mean greens,” together, or it won’t happen. We also need to designate oil from the ground as a reserved saving account for the days when oil is less available. I add this. That the “fossils” and the “technologists” of the newspaper and media markets need to work together, too, and right now, Gannett is like a centralized newspaper from communist Soviet Union called Pravda, not a pertinent American newspaper with an interest in local news, which was the content which got Gannett off the ground, originally.

Competitive capitalist forces between the “mean green” and the “fossils,” as well as the media “technologists” and the “fossils” can help us to bring down the prices and provide better service because that is what has been proven is the important part of capitalist competition. The goal in newspapers should not be the lousy one with blinders on and a total direction to embrace technology only.

To control the prices, government wage and price controls, pushed by liberals in the past, are not the answer. The answer is regulated capitalist competition and moderation in implementation, as Friedman points out in the energy industry and Exxon-Mobil.

And one note about the faculty of Florida where I found my career. Because the faculty salaries in Florida suck so badly, why did I have a concern about losing some of the state’s best educators to other areas of the nation? There were several I have known who departed Florida and did so at younger ages, before becoming entrenched with a fear of age always being considered last as it loses out to youth. It is called capitalist competition with an ability for, in this case, faculty to find better pay elsewhere. No one could consider the me, myself, and I instantaneous heads of the organizations about this, as we attempted to negotiate with them. They only saw their own salaries and contempt for removing the cap on FICA deductions to a more fair one for all (justice for all) as being better than making education better by keeping good educators rather than considering better salaries in order to keep the better ones. And those better educators went to states where they, too, could gain tenure, which the high-paid heads of the organization disdained, for some reason, and never would negotiate something feasible and better for all. In this respect, there is one big problem here. Capitalist competition would be better if the doors around the world were more open, as we talk about the globalization of business, but never consider the globalization of education and other items within our cultures. For me, I was fully recognized in the international community, but denied access to it by America and Florida. We don’t have open doors with Canada and other nations, regarding faculty (and other careers), so it makes it nearly impossible for open capitalist competition on a world-wide basis. When I get treated like crap by lousy Republican administrators, especially if I am part of a union, I lose my ability to capitalist competitiveness where I am accepted in a large audience.

Energy. Newspapers and the media. Education. Information industry. All “industries” with a common thread, but also differences in how they should be handled. Friedman’s article points to energy. I have brought up the fringe elements in the other areas where there is a common thread.

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