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20 February 2011

The opposite of love is complacency, not hatred.  That’s all I will say.

All of us in the Middle Class are in for the ride of our lives.  It’s easier for our lawyer/politicians who control our government to continue with the same old income tax and the credits given to the lower classes rather than scrap the system and start again.  The Middle Class would benefit from such a move, but it would be tougher for the lower classes.  So to remedy this situation, the wealthy with their allies in the lawyer class (the 21st Century Sanhedrin).  It’s easier to create two classes – wealthy and poor.  It’s easier for the wealthy class of new money – a bunch of control freaks who care less about society – to control people.  Thus, we see the wealthy classes funding mob rule with those who work hard in this nation taking pot shots at one another.  After all, “…divided we fall.” 

Those who belong to the tea party think somehow this will be an advantage.  The only advantage might be special priviledges given to the Bolsheviks and the Reds in the Soviet Union once power was consolidated.  It has nothing to do with ideology. 

The other day, a man with whom I discussed the Food Network and Cooking Channel implied I was lucky to have this because he did not have cable television.  I was too busy to discuss the matter.  However, this is my thought about this supposed jealousy of me – a teacher.  (The other man was not a teacher). 

Throughout my life, I have found times when our family was not able to purchase cable television.  We would cancel it.  On a teacher’s salary (which some may be thinking in a jealous mode due to the mob rule created by the greed of the new wealth and their Sanhedrin allies), I have had to do what every other Middle Class person has to do:  evaluate income over expenses.  There are many Middle Class people who have never had to cancel cable television.  I have had to do so many times – and have found other ways to live my life.  Are those people who never have to cancel cable tv – are they  better off than I am?  Maybe.  Maybe not. 

However, my father taught me the value of “needs” and “wants.”  Growing up, there were many times we did not have cable television.  We survived.  It may have been embarassing when one of my classmates stopped by my home and complained, “Oh, you don’t have cable television and cannot watch the Monkees on television?  Gee!”  But we survived.  And the lessons I learned were good ones.

People who are willing to attack teachers and other public employees with their collective bargaining agreements are out of line and doing the will of the wealthy control freaks – the “new” money from the bratty snotty baby boomers who had everything growing up in the 1950s.  These people care more for materialism and technology than they do people.  But theyapparently are successfully creating mob rule which attacks people who are hard working and struggle just as much as anyone else does.  We don’t have any special things.  We struggle just as much.  Why should we be the brunt of the scapegoating created by the 21st century version of Hitler and his style of scapegoating – to falsely blame those who don’t deserve to be blamed for the economic woes of the day.  The problem is with the snotty new money which sits on its money, spends it overseas, endorses building roads in Afghanistan and Iraq, while denying “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for Americans. 

What does this have to do with the man who seemed jealous because I could watch Cooking Channel and he could not?  People who speak this jealousy (and those who sit complacently by) should recognize what is going on.  Rupert Murdock, the foreign man with money and dictatorial powers (owner of The Wall Street Journal and Fox News) has been quoted as being delighted about the prospect which will create a cable television monopoly in charge and putting broadcast television out of business.  When I had no cable television, I could use signals off the air.  When I was not able to pay the ludicrous costs of cable television, I was able to have an alternative.  Americans, particularly those who support the tea party, really need to wake up and observe the damage this party is doing on hard-working Americans. 

Imagine when the only choice is “everyday low prices at Wal Mart.”  Wal Mart, where its employees are nickled and dimed.  Wal Mart, where there are never enough employees to be able to obtain assistance.  The next time you complain about not being as lucky as your neighbor who has cable television or the next time you believe the prices at Publix are too high, think again.  I have never had difficulty finding assistance at Publix.  I’d rather pay the higher price than to spend extra minutes attempting to find what I need.  If things cost too much at Publix, then I make a decision:  there are some things I will just have to go without.  And I do.  As I did when cable television became too costly for me to continue to purchase – at various times during my career as a teacher, both in New York and in Florida. 

Stop the jealousy and wake up, Americans.  Think about what it means if collective bargaining rights are sacrificed on the altar of the worshipers of greed and control freaks.  Think about the fact that teachers and public employees do not have the same treatment with regard to retirement money. 

You may think Florida DROP is terrible (in FRS), but is it really?  I worked in a corporation.  The corporation contributed towards my 401(K).  I knodw others who have accumulated huge amounts towards their retirements – under the 401(K) of corporations.  Under IRS rules, that does not happen with the 403(B) hwich is available to public employees.  There IS no money contributed into a 403(B) from the employer, as with the 401(K) in corporations.  When Florida public employees have an option for DROP, which Rick Scott wishes to eliminate and mob uninformed rule may help him accomplish, that is the ONLY altternative we have. Why should we be penalized?  The fact that 401(K)s and 403(B)s are rotten systems of retirement – that is another issue.  But before you join with the emotionalism of the tea party and their greedy control freaks, check out all the facts.  Check out all the situations.  Before you allow jealousy to drive you to mob rule and scapegoating the wrong people, think.  THINK!  Don’t just accept words of others, but look into the overall picture. 

And consider the huge amounts of money available to lawyers – the ones who have the money to sit in legislatures (teachers and others don’t have this luxury) and dictate laws to the rest of us.  Lawyers tally over $100 per hour and take huge sums when frivolous lawsuits are settled.  They then have the money to run for public office that the rest of us don’t have – and thus WE don’t have a voice.  The rest of us – we attack one another, looking for lawyers to settle our arguments as we dish out the money.  We also pay tremendously (and we don’t even realize it) each time frivolous lawsuits are settled which dole out huge sums of money.  

Finally, we also pay dearly for channels on cable television that we may not wish to view.  It’s comparable to going to a restaurant and paying for everything on the menu, but receiving only one dish to eat.  Ask a cable televsion operator to pay for only the parts you wish to view, like choosing from a menu at a restaurant.  They will laugh in your face.    The Republicans have many convinced that to regulate this industry is tantamount to communism.  I see the Republicans as a bunch of autocrats who endorse centrally controlled businesses – like a bunch of communists – and then blame it all on the government, especially when the government is in the hands of Democrats – the opposition in a supposed democratic form of government. 

Republicans and their “republic” (rather than a democracy) are muddying the water.  A “republic” is nothing more than an autocracy.  No matter how much propaganda Republicans force down our throats about our Founding Fathers, their original intentions, and their ostensible Christianity, the Republicans lie and deceive the American people. 

Wake up, America.  The Founding Fathers were, by and large, Deists, not Christians.  A representative democracy with voices from all walks of “land-owning white men” was the intent – from various professions.  Thank God we have expanded the scope with regard to race, sex, and ethnicity.  With this expansion of scope, we accept the good (Thurgood Marshall, Andrew Young, Hillary Clinton, and others) with the bad (Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, and others).  However, it seems evil to have reduced our politicians to only those with money – and those with money tend to always be lawyers. 

The next time someone talks about how another Middle Class person is so much better off, then stop and consider how much of a voice any of us have these days – and whether jealousy is necessary or could damage us all.  I can guarantee that the solutions of a stubborn rigid agenda from Rick Scott, the tea party, and other Republicans, will not create a utopia.  Some who already have the world will win even more than what they now have while others will lose big time.  There is no perfect solution, despite the claims made by the inebriated tea sippers who probably should be dumped into Boston Harbor, rather than the tea itself.  On the other hand, there are many better solutions which will benefit more in our society than what the tea party offers.  We don’t need mob rule of a tea party which resembles the 20th Century Bolsheviks than they do the 18th Century Tea Party rebels.

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