The intent of this blog is to promote human equality, human progress, human peace and justice, and optimism. To accomplish this, to encourage the discussion of ideas after identifying and discovering problems, and then creating positive solutions for "we the people," in order to provide for the "general welfare" and "domestic tranquility" of America now and its "posterity" into the future. To encourage an emphasis on separation of religion and state for all, no matter if this is for those "of faith" in a Maker / Creator (Deists, God-loving people, Christians, various people of spirituality) and atheists or agnostics.

7 March 2011

Jeb Bush is a liar. Anyone who believes that pensions are a problem, whether in corporations or government – PROVE IT!  PROVE IT!  PROVE IT! Otherwise, you guys like Jeb Bush and Rick Scott are all a bunch of liars and cowards unwilling to face facts.

In Europe, corporations there DO NOT adhere to short-term investments which cause greed and provide CEOs with extravagant UNDESERVED bonuses. These corporations provide pensions. The government collects from salaries 5% each to pay for healthcare (in some nations). The money stays with HEALTHCARE, not the general budget used to blow up other nations.  Across the board, European corporations have HIGHER PROFIT MARGINS, together with pensions, single-payer healthcare, long-term corporate goals, and SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Better PROFITS!  BETTER PROFITS – than American corporations.

Jeb Bush is a liar.  The tea party lies to American people.  Rick Scott is a liar.  Prove that the ONLY solution is to remove pensions.  Prove that it’s pensions which cause state budgets to be in bad shape.  PROVE IT!  PROVE IT! PROVE IT! 

Jeb Bush and Rick Scott are liars and cowards.  Prove there are no other solutions to reduce the budget deficits.  PROVE IT!  PROVE IT!  PROVE IT!  Prove there are NO OTHER SOLUTIONS worthy of discussion.  Cowards unwilling to look across a table at the other side and hammer out solutions.  COWARDS.  What about the solution to equalize taxation for Internet businesses with those in the local mall.  The budget deficit could be eliminate IMMEDIATELY.  Why don’t we do this?  Why do you liars talk about “free markets” but then have some businesses collect taxes for sales, but others NOT!  WHY?  This is not an equal free market.

Jeb Bush is  a traitor.  George Bush is one, too.  Each have more interest in imposing the models of dictatorships from other nations rather than developing what is truly American – with American labor working hand-in-hand.  While John Ellis Bush was governor of Florida, he spoke on Florida Public Radio (that’s why his buddies wish to scrap public radio – because it tells the truth).  John Ellis Bush remarked about how American higher education should follow the lead of China and India.  What?  American higher education is classified as the best in the world!  Unless the obstructionists like Bush and Bush destroy it!  Why should we follow the model of these nations?  What is wrong with AMERICA!  Traitors.  Unwilling to understand the strengths in this nation, just tear down everything – based on fascist ideals of corporate greed.  Forget that we have some positives in this nation.  The Bush brothers forget it.  George Bush thought Pinochet’s example of pensions in Chile was better.  What’s wrong with what we have where we deduct our money through FICA?  What’s wrong with it?  If the greedy SOBs leave the retirement fund alone, then many of us who have contributed into that – and into Medicare – could reap the benefits.  But perhaps the Bush brothers wish to give it all away to immigrants and fat pigs in corporations – then claim there is nothing left.  Stealing OUR money which many of us have contributed for YEARS!  BASTARDS!  LIARS!  COWARDS! 

Now Jeb Bush thinks it best for state budgets to shed pensions by going broke!  That’s right, according to stupido Jebbie, states should declare bankruptcy!  Screw you, Mr. Bush.  There is no evidence that pensions are the problem – otherwise – PROVE IT!  PROVE IT!  PROVE IT!  You liar and coward.

In fact, once again, the man who lied to Floridians telling us that China and India have better models of higher education lies once again by promoting China’s retirement policies.  No pensions.  The children support parents in retirement – the COMMUNIST WAY.  Rather than American INDEPENDENCE in old age, Jebbie proposes that when we age, we lose our independence – like the Chinese COMMUNISTS DO.  Coward.  Looks down upon Chavez and Castro, but unable to stand up to the CHINESE COMMUNISTS.  Bullies the little guys, but cannot handle the big guys – COWARDS.  LIARS – both Jebbie and Rick Scott and others.  Screw the deceptive bastards – all of them. 

And Daddy Bush – loves the dictatorial Saudi Arabians – dicatators.  DICTATORS worse than any we have seen before.  SCREW THE DICTATORS AND THE AMERICAN BENEDICT ARNOLDS who, with their money, prop up the foreign dictators – and hold Americans captive to right-wing fascist ideals about sex, alcohol, and all else.  That is not virtue, it’s lying and deception – things that Jesus Christ DISLIKED.  Jesus Christ disliked greed and selfishness, too.  But boy is there plenty to go around with the Bush family.  Oh, I forget, perhaps these traitors better understand Islam and wish to force that religion down our throats.  Why would these s***heads be concerned about the TRUE teachings of Jesus Christ?  They support atheists in Chinese communism and Muslims in Saudi Arabian oil.  No wonder.  Screw the American traitors who support Saudi and Chinese s*** – then proclaim this as patriotism – forcing their lousy brand of patriotism upon all of us.  I can tell the difference between a cup of horse s*** and a cup of vanilla ice cream.

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