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The tea party wishes to impose its will, like a bunch of crazed people thinking they have a “divine right” to do so because they worship the god of money.  Piss on and fuck you.

I am not being very positive these days.  I apologize.  I am appalled because I never thought I would see such snots and pigs taking over our government, with the intent of destroying it.  Bratty snots raised on the notions of fucking Dr. Benjamin Spock, the pediatrician.  My mother hated Dr. Spock, but I was too young to understand why.  Now I do.  My mother, as a Republican, supported President Obama due to the tea party bimbo, Sarah Palin.  Notice that John McCain also has come out against the travesty of his party – a party I once belonged.  Yes, I use the words of “fuck” and “piss” because they are appropriate to describe these snots who worship money and would rather make us all into slaves being directed by a corporate conglomerate in which “we the people” lose ANY hope of democracy at all.  People might criticize our democracy, but then the fuckheads do NOTHING to make it work.  With corporate control and those with the money (who claim a “divine right”) who make ALL the decisions – no input from “we the people,” then “we the people” lose big time.  Do nothing at all about this and remain complacent while a bunch of nazi-type fascist pigs take over this government, and your fucking complacency is part of the problem, not the solution.

This is what we get.  Defining what a MAN is… go fishing and participate in or watch athletics.  Some MEN do not wish to do that.  So fuck you if you have this idea that we all conform to such fucking conformity.  Forcing such conformity is  FASCISM.    I refuse to conform to a few fucking machismo men with big balls who get a thrill about showing off their machismo through bullying – the way Mitt Romney did in high school.  Those who do not conform to this BS includes my dad and many in my own family.

These fucking bastards like Eric Cantor and others complain about some things in which the government controls.  Consider a world without the government.  Oh, yes, we already have, since the trust-busting controls put in place by Teddy Roosevelt have been dismantled by these egotistical perverts, along with other banking controls put in place by FDR.

And there was a day when cable television was regulated – for “WE THE PEOPLE.”  This is a big problem because I have no say as to the inundation of 3 or 4 ESPN and other sports channels to which I pay, but I never watch a single one.  Instead, I am FORCED into cultural channels – by tiers.  Oh, this one is missing?  Well, pay more and go up one more tier.  Oh, it matters not that I am already PAYING for the BS from sports, Fox, and numerous religious outlets which I don’t approve.  Too bad, too bad.  As with the bastard fascists attempting to dismantle our government, your choice is:  have all or nothing.  That is disgusting.

Many of us face the prospect of giving snotty egotistical bastards what they want in dismantling a government – a government which exists for our benefit – while facing unregulated cable and satellite television which belligerently TAKES my money and provides LITTLE to which I am interested.  Oh, yeah!  So I cancel it!  And then what?  Rupert Murdock wishes to destroy local broadcast television and has explicitly said this.

The Florida Philharmonic went broke and the Kravis never programs symphony orchestras.  This is due to the same egotistical BS bastards who force OUR – “we the people” – government to a halt.  Fuck and piss on all of you bastards.  These are our choices.  So, join the crowd and watch sporting events.  Oh, I don’t like such sports events?  Too bad, too bad.   Join in or burn.

The gap between rich and poor has returned to the levels of the 1920s.  The 1920s, a time when America was NOT a world leader with a great deal of success under the collective belt.  So  we might as well turn our calendars today to Oct. 1, 1920.  But then, ignore what I say, mock me – as they did to Jesus Christ in his day.  Fuck all of you for mocking me with your stupid ignorance and inability to seek wisdom.  You fucking idiots destroy what made this nation a successful one.  Do you fucking bastards work for Russia or China?  You bastards who thwart America and push people like me against a wall.  I don’t appreciate being pushed against a wall, so all of you who do this GO FUCK YOURSELVES.  That’s how angry I am – over those bullies, as well as the complacent ones who do nothing.  If you are complacent, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Hello, Oct. 1, 1920 and the perverted money worshipers who are gaining a foothold in the control of our lives, like never before.  And make a judgment about my “rage,” rather than DO SOMETHING – you perverted complacent bastards.  Jesus Christ exhibited “rage,” too, against money worshipers who were making “His Father’s house a den of thieves.”

Where is the comic strip hero, Rage, when you need him?

Again, my apologies for the bad negative language.  But I bet it got your attention, did it not?

Comments on: "Piss on the tea party which pisses on “We the PEOPLE!”" (2)

  1. George Gerson said:

    Lots of good points. However, no party is blameless in the erosion of our nation’s government. They have regenerated the 1870’s Nd 1880’s once again.
    Greed, selfishness, and arrogance.
    There have been few presidents and people in high positions since the 1890’s that put America and it ‘s people first. We may not agree about who they were, but nonetheless, they were there.
    T. Roosevelt, FDR, Harry Truman, JFKennedy, Robert Kennedy, Tip O’neill, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Ronald Reagan(misguided by his party too often), Bill Clinton and just maybe Obama..I am not too sure about him yet.
    I am glad that Charlie has won
    Over many moderates and progressives. I supported him as a Republican and am supporting him as a Democrat.
    Go Hilliary!!! Cannot believe I am saying that..but this old fashioned Conservative loves her guts and loyalty.

    • The 1870s and the Depression… Republicans. The 1929 and Depression… Republican supported by white racist KKK (in 1928 election). 2008… “Great” Recession… Republicans… Again! Why would people vote for such a party?

      I wish it was Teddy Roosevelt who had commandeered the Republican Party in 1912, not Howard Taft and the conservative bullying wing (Morgan and others). For Teddy Roosevelt more closely resembled the party of Lincoln – progressive and endorsing the importance of humans to society. Even then, there were too many Wall Street people who tried to trample on Lincoln, some claiming that the Wall Street people were actually the ones responsible for Lincoln’s assassination – even if they lived in denial and faked their way through it.

      My bet is that Lincoln would have been appalled by the support given Republican Herbert Hoover by the KKK in 1928. While Lincoln gave only tepid support for the Emancipation Proclamation, still, his party existed due to the PROGRESSIVE abolitionists of his day. The KKK is a disgrace to that sort of thinking. And the KKK supported Hoover because his opponent was a Roman Catholic. Do we know what Lincoln thought about Roman Catholics? Ironically, it is a Republican Roman Catholic, Boehner, in today’s House of Representatives who is a complete idiot. Boehner also comes from the same state as Teddy’s adversary, Howard Taft. Apparently, they have a bunch of unreasonable ultra-conservative idiots in that state – and it dates back a century or so.

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