The intent of this blog is to promote human equality, human progress, human peace and justice, and optimism. To accomplish this, to encourage the discussion of ideas after identifying and discovering problems, and then creating positive solutions for "we the people," in order to provide for the "general welfare" and "domestic tranquility" of America now and its "posterity" into the future. To encourage an emphasis on separation of religion and state for all, no matter if this is for those "of faith" in a Maker / Creator (Deists, God-loving people, Christians, various people of spirituality) and atheists or agnostics.

A wonderful thing happened after this nation was formed. Did New York’s Governor Clinton wish to strike out for himself and create the “Empire State” and leave the remainder of the colonies behind? Was he only interested in himself? Were there others who were behind Governor Clinton? What did they do regarding the states’ rights issue of the day? Empire State? Commerce? Economy and commerce by spending, not holding back? Risks? You bet.

According to author, Larry Lowenthal (Marinus Willett: Defender of the Northern Frontier; others, too), Governor Clinton and people who were close to him, such as my ancestor and namesake, Col. Marinus Willett, wished to make New York an empire and NOT join with the other colonies in forming a new Federal Constitution. Governor Clinton’s vision for New York City and the commercial development of New York in its entirety involved leveling hills on Manhattan island and digging a “ditch” from the Hudson River to the area now known as Buffalo, in the Niagara Frontier, located on Lake Erie. President Washington was jealous of this move because he wanted the commonwealth of Virginia to be the “top dog” (Peter L. Bernstein, Wedding of the Waters).

Andrew Carnegie utilized government and business alliances to build railroads. Without the government, westward expansion would not have been completed. One can say it may have been better for the native indigenous people. That is true. There are some things in my own life which, if I could go back and do again, some things MIGHT have been better, too. What’s the point? Progress is progress. The problem is that white supremacists do not want to share the progress with others who have a different skin color.

One of my favorite Republicans, Teddy Roosevelt, said: “Progress has brought us both unbounded opportunities and unbridled difficulties. Thus, the measure of our civilization will not be that we have done much, but what we have done with that much.

Is this difficult to understand?

Senator Barasso of Wyoming, as well as so many of those involved with the Proud Boys and the thugs of America who attacked our government, all forget to thank those of the past, whether white, black, Asian, brown, male, female, gay, Lesbian, or what not, for what they have today which puts this nation in better position than some of the less developed nations of civilization who are BEGGING to receive something like vaccines for COVID-19.

In my first paragraph, I mention my namesake. Others in my ancestry who have all been both patriots and pioneers for the USA, in spite of sometimes wishing for other things (like the Empire State of New York rather than a nation; suppose debatable, but some is what I recall from New York State History class in 7th grade with Art Evans who described the fights NY had with other states/colonies – Massachusetts wishing to extend itself in a straight path westward through what people in New York City/New Amsterdam wished to pursue and the Vermont Green Mountain boys), were also pioneers across a band of the USA, from Boston to Seattle, over many generations. Clinton may have built what those who scoff at the Erie Canal as being “Clinton’s Ditch,” proclaiming and shouting their bloviated crap about it, brought labourers from Europe who came here for seven-year indentured servitude and then released (Italians, Irish, Greek). Carnegie built the railroad westward with help of whom? Was it not from people of Asia called Japanese or Chinese? Whom? Who helped Barasso and others in leading the way for the state which he now represents in the U.S. Senate? What about the expansion to Senator Thune’s South Dakota?

Republican Teddy Roosevelt also said, “He who makes no mistakes makes no progress.” Wish many Americans would bury their damn egotistical operations and take this which was said by TR more seriously.

So, Mr. Expert (drip under pressure), Senator Barasso, you sit there with others and attack President Biden and the Democrats regarding their stimulus package and cite him for mistakes BEFORE we see the results. Rick Scott of Florida wished to cite professionals like me who were teaching in the classroom BEFORE we were assessed and THEN assess us with ridiculous crap, while these senators and the wealthy of big pharma, big insurance, big business, are not held accountable, at all. A whole slew of “experts,” or “drips under pressure,” as we would sometimes repeat when I was working on a U.S. Air Force base. Trump, too. he never makes mistakes and so he makes no progress at FULLY solving the problems of this nation by getting to the details of what we have to do to stop illegal immigration and immigration of those who are criminals with drugs. The wall may have cleared things up for a town or tow on the border with Mexico, but, if it had succeeded, Mr. Drip Under Pressure Senator Barasso, why are there STILL people coming into this nation, even with the wall? And you and others wish to pre-assess President Biden and affix the blame on him? How stupid and despicable. The man who once spoke some sense, until he mentions the divisive thing in order to bash “blue states.” More like, how much can you do to SABOTAGE “blue states,” with the use of a KKK, Proud Boys, or other sources?

Mr Drip Under Pressure (from fear of retribution from Trump and the Trumpicans), I have ancestors who were pioneers to Wyoming. As I said, from Boston to Seattle. From Boston to New York City, up the Hudson, westward into the hinterland in upstate New York, to Michigan, to Dakota Territory, to Nebraska to Wyoming and finally to the state of Washington. I am thankful, due to those pioneers. Are you, Mr. Drip Under Pressure? You don’t seem to appreciate anything which has given us the economy and commerce through progress.

Mr. Drip Under Pressure, do you realize what happened when a bipartisan effort of the late 1990s drained the Federal budget, but replenished it later, as well as improved the economy? Or would you rather be a pessimistic self-fulfilling prophet so as to get your way, when we are now spending money to bolster people and local governments? What is it that Mr. Drip Under Pressure and so many other Republicans want? I have no idea, especially when Judy Woodruff asked the same question THREE TIMES tonight in your interview and you never answered the question once. instead, your egotistical mind went back to what YOU wished to impart and tell Ms. Woodruff and NOT answer the question. After the interview, I really failed to understand what Dr. Barasso was trying to impart. I am not a fool or someone who has difficulty understanding. Barasso gave us no explanation which made any sense.

I sit and listen. Nothing. At one time, I would sit and listen to a former Republican politician who was an engineer at IBM, as he explained many things. I listened and learned. With you, Mr. Drip Under Pressure, I listened but I learned NOTHING.

As a campaign organizer for Bill Clinton wrote in the 1992 election when Clinton ran against an incumbent George H.W. Bush, “It’s the economy, stupid [referencing Mr. Bush].” Sounds like a bloody mean thing to say, eh? It is. But when someone does not get the point and address the REAL issues, that statement is not so far off the mark.

Mr. Drip Under Pressure, Senator Barasso, this stimulus package is about getting the economy humming again and balancing the Federal budget so we can move forward. There is no perfection. You should be ashamed to have an expectation that it will NOT work, is there? But at least give it a chance.

When Trump talked about dealing with China with a tariff and so forth, I had hopes that it might work. I heard some people make a claim that “it won’t work.” I heard the claim, not from a Democrat, but from Republicans. I could understand what they said about it not working. Still, I did not practice “political witch hunting,” as Trump has falsely claimed about Democrats, WITH NO EVIDENCE, except tweets with lies. I had high hopes, in spite of what some were saying. I am more inspired right now about what President Biden and the Democrats are attempting to do regarding the stimulus package.

Tonight, I heard NOTHING from you, Mr. Drip Under Trump Retribution Pressure. Repeat. I heard nothing. I sensed a fear of retribution if you did not carry through and avoid the Woodruff questions. I heard a fear of retribution should you not bloviate lies about immigration and so forth (and Woodruff called you on those lies, did she not?). I heard other lies designed ONLY to put down Democrats, not solve the problems of America. I heard lies to put down blue states, not to solve the problems of America.

Shame on you and the other Trumpican Drips Under Retribution Pressure who lead this nation astray.

Mentioning you are a doctor meant what? That you are like the elitist snotty character, Frasier, in a 1990s sitcom. The character who bloviated that he “was a psychiatrist and a graduate of Harvard” The doctor who won my respect dropped out in his bid to become president and defeat George W. Bush, in 2004. I don’t recall that he lied, but maybe he did and I missed it. I am not a perfect expert.

The stimulus package is about the economy, not acting like a bunch of dumb dimwitted Republicans like those when FDR was in charge and he made attempts to meet half way and then failed to improve the economy. He tried to get us to help Britain when it was being bombed by Hitler, but Republicans refused to go along, until, like other reactionary measures, ultimately it costs more money in the long run so as to avoid spending in the short term.

Historical evidence, stupid, from which we learn, rather than use it so as to seek to REPEAT it – like Jim Crow, suppression of voters, and continuing systemic racism.

I can go on and on and on, but people claim my writing is too lengthy. When I get on a roll, I get on a roll.

I am not perfect, so I write to teach, inform, and consider constructive criticism for errors of fact. Period. I don’t write to express an opinion. If anything, my intent is like Walter Cronkite, who ended each news program with, “And that’s the way it was…” At least we had a better sense of what reality was and not the reality blowing in the air by Tweets or social media – aspiring dictators and their own reality imposed upon Americans.

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