The intent of this blog is to promote human equality, human progress, human peace and justice, and optimism. To accomplish this, to encourage the discussion of ideas after identifying and discovering problems, and then creating positive solutions for "we the people," in order to provide for the "general welfare" and "domestic tranquility" of America now and its "posterity" into the future. To encourage an emphasis on separation of religion and state for all, no matter if this is for those "of faith" in a Maker / Creator (Deists, God-loving people, Christians, various people of spirituality) and atheists or agnostics.

In 1977, I was offered my first teaching job. It was to teach in the schools of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I thought about this job for some time but eventually turned it down. Ultimately, I took a job teaching in upstate New York.

I turned down this job because I felt uncomfortable moving to a strange land. Yet, the number of times I had visited Canada up to that point in 1977. Why did I turn down the job? Answer could be a lack of confidence. That is all “water under the bridge” and I cannot go back to change things so as to choose the “road not taken” (Robert Frost poem).

Since that time, I have contributed to Social Security and Medicare in America. I contributed, with employers, into the healthcare insurance industry. I contributed to the American Diabetes Association or the American Heart Association, for the sake of others plus for my future into old age and retirement. Today, I am threatened, in America, for that money in all aspects of our lives, to be stolen from me and others who have contributed into the system. The Social Security shortfall can be solved by removing the “cap” which stops those in the upper Middle Class to contribute more into the system by way of FICA. Contrary to the bull manure of Reagan, the problem is not the government. The problem is the thieves who wish to take away our money and those are the ones too strongly INFLUENCING our government.

To pursue retirement in Canada now, there is no possibility unless I have millions of dollars. Why? Because they understand the ideas of capitalist investment and return on investment better than the jackasses of America who make Canada out to be “socialist.” Bull manure. That is a lie for which too many Americans take as being the truth. Tell it over and over again and such a lie becomes the truth (words of Hitler’s propaganda minister, Goebbels).

The big lie being told since 1865 (and before) is that white people are superior to black people, so therefore we need to impose Jim Crow laws regarding people of color who wish to vote in elections. Too many of the Dixie jackass whites (and many other states, too), believe this lie as the truth. They believe that all black people are bad and therefore, in their paranoid state of mental illness, believe they need to have guns protected by the U.S. Constitution, in order to express their paranoid hatred. Yes, validate the 2nd Amendment with hatred and then be in denial of such a hidden agenda and coming up with all kinds of stupidity and asinine things to validate their paranoia.

Here I am, many years after turning down a job in Canada and listening to the divisive asinine American whites who create hell on earth for all of us. Here I am sometimes wishing I had abandoned the land I love for Canada. What I shame that, after some 125 years or so, we still face these jackasses and their loudmouths of power with their lies, gerrymandering election districts in Florida to the favor of white folks and repressing voters in Florida, to the favor of white folks.

Here we are in the years following Richard Nixon. Nixon who was actually more progressive on issues such as human equality and also in fighting drugs by means of rehab, faced an impeachment approved by the paranoid white racist crowd in Dixie. I speak about people like Republican Jesse Helms of North Carolina and Republican Strom Thurmond of South Carolina.

Yet, a true criminal operate in the White House from 2017-Jan. 2021, inspiring thugs of insurrection and the white supremacist loudmouths. These jackasses appear to yield so damn much power they push fear and intimidation to get their way, blocking impeachment of a criminal who performed criminal acts far worse than Nixon did. Add to this their GD interpretation of the 2nd Amendment based on hatred of a race of people, and the formula for success in blocking the conviction of the bastard criminal who occupied the White House during those years. The bastard stupid criminal who REALLY DID lose the election (SURPRISE! SURPRISE!) in November 2020. Such people are about as stupid of folks as the character Bulldog the sports man on the sitcom, Frasier, who lashed out at others each time he lost something. At least Bulldog discovered he was wrong and acknowledged it. You jackasses who believe the false stuff regarding this past election, emboldened by asinine stupid Trumpicans, need to have your heads examined for mental illness and snotty and dastardly attitudes steeped in immaturity. You have had your mental illness manufactured for you by Trump and the Tumpicans who motivate you to your lousy, snotty, bratty egotistical actions, with ignorance which leads to hurt of good Americans.

Here we are. March 26, 2021. We are forced by these people to live in hell on earth. They scare some people so much, but not me. They scare people into thinking, “let’s have peace,” but don’t consider the word, “justice.” Just as the damn Yankees in the 1850s, they wish to “appease the white racists,” for the sake of “peace.” Bull manure to that.

We demand these asinine bastards cease and desist their immature actions based on snotty and mentally ill attitudes. But what good does that do me to “demand” such a thing, right? I can’t go to Canada because I did not contribute enough into the Canadian health system, over time, so I have to live here with these jackass snots and bastards, with hope and prayers that they will stop. The hopes and prayers will continue, but with it, I refuse to stop speaking out with the hope that those with power and money will pay attention. I could receive Social Security in Canada, but not Medicare. So I would have nothing up in Canada. And then, the asinine snotty bastards here want to rid us of Social Security and Medicare with the sabotage they have invoked with their powers, over the years. Why? White supremacy and not wanting human equality for all to receive equal shares of the money from Social Security and Medicare. Capitalist returns on investments ruined by immature snots and the power they seem to wield. Then the stupidity of Mancine of West Virginia, the asinine one who wishes to uphold the filibuster, in spite of the evidence that it has been used in Congress, over many years, to ensure white supremacy. I may have agreed with Mancine at times, but may he go to hell on this one. Oh, maybe he wants to be a part of those who uphold hell on earth? That makes him right at home, does it not?

Benjamin Franklin: “to manifest justice, those unaffected need to speak up for those who are affected.” The bastards who complain the most and get the most microphones in America do not understand how well they have it in life, so they simply want to steal a good life away from others. They wish to steal “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” for all and horde it for their GD asses only.

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