The intent of this blog is to promote human equality, human progress, human peace and justice, and optimism. To accomplish this, to encourage the discussion of ideas after identifying and discovering problems, and then creating positive solutions for "we the people," in order to provide for the "general welfare" and "domestic tranquility" of America now and its "posterity" into the future. To encourage an emphasis on separation of religion and state for all, no matter if this is for those "of faith" in a Maker / Creator (Deists, God-loving people, Christians, various people of spirituality) and atheists or agnostics.

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You talk down about Uncle Sam as being the problem and you need an attitude adjustment. For human institutions are imperfect, but you insult me and many others with a legacy behind those who fought our American Revolution and gave support to a fledgling American government. They would be hurdling epitaphs of scorn at such Americans who say this crap and repeat lies about Joe Biden and his son. You have no right to your opinion because you are drawing your own facts just based on what someone like Fox or Sean Hannity is telling you. You don’t have the facts so I want to say this: SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTHS. For if you have nothing good to say with facts, you have nothing to say.

I am sorry that it has come to this that I have to say, “SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTHS.” But those who are saying these things as if “all politicians are bad” and “government is bad” and you are listening more to the lies of Ronald Reagan, the trickle-down economics person who advocated supply-side economics which results in the supply-side of the market regulating itself towards monopolies, not regulated capitalism which is designed to keep small business going by way of regulating the big bully fat pigs from decimating their competition. If you believe Reagan was correct in that statement, then you insult me and my ancestors who date back to the American Revolution, particularly a maternal great-grandfather who fought in the American Revolution and, as a wealthy person, gave money to boost a new government which had none. You want to turn things around, then stop your GODDAMN complaining about government and politicians and give money to this government. Stop your GODDAMN complaining and trying to avoid paying taxes. You insult me, so therefore I describe you as an evil person who needs damnation from God.

Joe Biden is a good man with good intentions for bringing America together. He has done a good job, in spite of the sabotage by Republicans who work more on the basis that they don’t want Biden to succeed than they do about fixing and healing America. Biden does not want red and blue, he wants red, white, blue with yellow fringe. Stop the GODDAMN attitude about whether it is red or blue. Stop the GODDAMN attitude that it is Democrat or Republican. Stop the GODDAMN attitude that it is liberal and conservative because you know what? You are stupid and don’t know the differences between the parts of the political spectrum. And I address both those who claim to be conservative or claim to be liberal because you all dig in your GODDAMN heels regarding actions needed to solve our nation’s problems and do so in the name of your values. You could maintain your freaking values, but compromise, to work together, on the actions for the direction America should be heading. Biden is a good man, as imperfect as he may be. He is far better than Trump and the Trumpicans who divide America. And stop your GODDAMN attitude, thrust on you by people who don’t have the facts, that all Democrats are bad. Stop that GODDAMN shit because you have no facts to back up what you say. You insult good Americans in the process, to the point of disenfranchising many good Americans so they stay home from voting.

Is this nation and its government perfect? Not on your life. Would I prefer the parliamentary democracy which my ancestors rejected in a war? You bet because it is easier to have a multi-party state than to have a two-party or one-party state. But I live with what our ancestors say and I speak out with words, not freaking guns, like the Americans who need an attitude adjustment do in mowing down their own people. Would I prefer something other than an income or sales tax when CONSERVATIVES like William F. Buckley, Jr., once proposed a value-added tax which would not penalize Americans for having an income or force American small business to cut into their profits and pay for lawyers and accountants do their ledgers – for the sake of taxes. But I don’t try to avoid paying taxes in order to get my point across. I also don’t use freaking guns to do so, either, you bastard Americans who claim insurrections are the reason for the 2nd Amendment. Again, you insult m ancestor who picked up a gun against a mentally ill king in England and despised the insurrection in western Pennsylvania (the Whiskey Rebellion) with its GODDAMN insurrection of the late 1700s under our first president, George Washington who fought for liberty against a tyrant in England. Then this ancestor and other wealthy folks gave money to our government for the war effort and for INFRASTRUCTURE to build America. Like all those who helped build transportation (i.e., a canal in upstate NY and General / President Eisenhower’s interstate road system for ALL 50 states whether a separate island or part of the 48 on the continent – for ALL Americans so poke fun all you want at the name of interstate and just let it be that it is an expressway system, not an interstate system), research and development to make America better and provide a better Internet access and phone system with audio which is clear as a bell. Infrastructure improvement to give us a phone system and better Internet access comparable to what other capitalist democracies and socialist democracies have – and Americans are denied due to the GODDAMN attitudes of those who sabotage our progress and are contentious with those who are TRYING to fix such infrastructure. Go blow your GODDAMN attitude out where the sun don’t shine.

I hate speaking in this manner with damnation and GODDAMN. But I am not taking the Lord’s name in vain because how do you know that God does not wish to say GODDAMN those white supremacists who ruin God’s children? How do you know he does not feel that way and will do so after death of such individuals, but right now leaves it in our hands to do something? Are you certain about this because I am not. If I were certain THEN I would be doing blasphemy against GOD. But I am here on earth to work with my brothers and sisters in Christ, not to condemn a government.

What happened between the words of JFK and his inauguration in 1961 and the lousy and despicable words of a charismatic man named Reagan, in 1981? JFK repeated, in words, what my ancestors actually did: “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Reagan’s foul mouth in 1981: “government is the problem.” Those words have had such a freaking lousy impact on too many GODDAMN Americans who need an attitude adjustment. But what happened between 1961 and 1981?

Well. White supremacists lost their position with the passage of the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. Today, they block, even with Democrat freaking Manchin of white racist West Virginia, with more power than what GOOD people in the U.S. Senate seem to have. Are they proud boys for doing this lousy s**t?

Besides white supremacists being taken down a notch or two by passage of those two acts in Congress, which was a good thing, what else happened? We had a fabrication of a lie about Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. It was done for the gratification of that white supremacist core in Texas who had money in oil. They wanted to control the world and used communism as the target to help them do so, sending thousands upon thousands of American youth to their deaths, while maintaining the killing of fetus illegal. Put those out of the womb on the line of fire and sometimes to death, but make sure we don’t kill more fetus in the process, so as to avoid the production of more slaves to take the place of those sent to Vietnam.

Thus, in 1973, we had a good thing called Roe v. Wade, which ultimately opened up discussion about the topic, protected young girls, (not from the noose, but from the coat hangers), and helped CURTAIL abortions in America, and not always increase the numbers of abortions. This was a regulatory attitude to help CURTAIL abortion, not be a human being forcing down our throats an attitude. There are statistics and facts which back this up, taught to me by a Roman Catholic, too, not afraid to stand up to a lainbrained pope who claims to be “representative of God” (now there is a blasphemy as it was Jesus Christ who was the human representative of God, not a damn pope; more blasphemy there than with statements with the word, GODDAMN).

I also have ancestors who fought in the American Revolution and in battles in America BEFORE the American Revolution, who were part of the clergy class to challenge, by way of the ANGLICAN Catholics, that blasphemy of a pope with regard to being a “representative of God on earth.” Certain about all of this? Then you need an attitude adjustment because we need to seek wisdom, not certainty. A Roman Catholic helped me gain wisdom on this topic of abortion and abandon any certainty, by using facts and statistics, not emotions and contrived and fabricated facts in an individual’s foul brain.

What else happened in that period between 1961 and 1981? JFK was assassinated, white racists got their benefit with the wealthy oil people fabricating a means to go to war which never should have happened. Just like with a Drew Scott Decision before the Civil War, we are doing this to “appease” a group of Americans, while abandoning the thoughts about having justice done. This time around, the Vietnam Conflict was done to “appease the Texas oil bastards who were white racists.” To appease them after civil rights and voting rights were legislated. Any Democrats who remain Democrats after that time, rather than switch to Republicans and align with white supremacists there, have their images tarnished. In other words, they refuse to go along with white supremacists, so Republicans target them to whip their asses and tarnish them with hatred, proclaiming that “all politicians are bad” and thus the attitude s**t I see which helps to bolster the election of Republicans with white power and banishing anyone who does not go along. Manchin is a Democrat who resembles the old Democrats of white supremacy, rather than move to the Republican Party as so many other white supremacist Democrats have done.

What else happened in that period between 1961 and 1981? Watergate and a resignation of a president. A moderate Republican president, Gerald Ford, who did a really stupid thing to destroy the moderate base in the Republican Party and ultimately losing his election to Democrat Jimmy Carter: pardon Nixon. When I describe my liking Gerald Ford as the last great Republican leader we had, what is the first thing I hear in reply? A distaste for Ford in pardoning Nixon. They also would say how they voted for Carter, not Ford, in the process. Meanwhile anti-government Reagan and his motley crew split the Republican Party in two and helped defeat moderate Ford in the presidential election of 1976. I don’t say these things about Ford and that election, based on my own facts. No. I say this things after listening to people talk about Ford.I listen and I am a great listener, something Reagan, Bush, and Trump never do. Trump, when he does not like what he hears, turns on people who say such things, with a vengeance – and pits his lousy followers to go after those of us who criticize rather than accept blindly, as if they are facts and the truth, what Trump, Hannity, Fox, and the herd mentality of goons for Trump have to say. You do this and you thus work to disenfranchise voters who are really confused by all of this, with your GODDAMN loudmouths of false information about Biden, Democrats and the fact that all politicians are bad, ignoring the ability to differentiate between the good and the bad, whether the good be in many Democrats or in a number of Republicans who are being silenced today by a dictatorial leadership of Trumpicans and a man who made his money in the U.S. Senate, stealing from the American taxpayer: Mitch McConnell.

You with your lousy attitude towards government and “Uncle Sam” want to hate government, right? Hate Mitch McConnell, not government. Hate the GODDAMN PACS who push our politicians into the direction of prioritizing the winning of elections, not doing what is good for ALL Americans (Manchin, for example). Direct your hatred at something other than the government, but at the lousy Supreme Court justices who changed the words of the constitution from “we the people” to “we the big fat cats and big fat pigs of the plutocracy,” with a lousy decision called Citizens United.

With this decision, people have worked to appease the fat cats and fat pigs, not WE THE PEOPLE. They set a course to pitting Americans against Americans, based upon the foul language of Reagan in 1981 and the love of money attitude of lousy lawyers who drain our tax dollars with frivolous lawsuits of personal injury and workman’s comp (blocking the ideas about healthcare for all in the process). These idiots a bunch of lousy neocons with a love of money and claiming to represent conservatism, when they don’t.

I am more conservative than those bastards who proclaim they are such today, but are really neocon fascists. But no one seems to differentiate and know the difference, do they? Unless one reads the words of economists, commerce people, and business people (and others across the board), including those with a “moral sentiment” (see the book by capitalist theorist, Adam Smith titled, The Theory of Moral Sentiment) and a warning flag about embracing the idea of selfishness and a “love of money,” which was forced upon this nation by a lousy woman named Ayn Rand who, coming from the Soviet Union, had little or no knowledge about Adam Smith and the TRUTH about capitalism v. Marxism. No one seems to know this truth, as far as I can see.

Unless one reads words of columnists who are right, left, liberal, conservative, moderate, Democrats, Republicans, black or white or of any kind, and gets the overall gist of what is happening, they feel helpless when listening only to the bloviating political analysis for which we purchase – FORCED to purchase – on these grand cable television crap with 350 channels, like purchasing all the food on a menu in a restaurant and never allowed to have “on demand” capabilities for this lousy bloviating political analysis.

Since the Bush Recession, newspapers have been overrun by the turds of lovers of money. Do you think this just happened with no strategizing? Think again and learn to gain wisdom, not certainty and dismissal of the truth. With fabrication of what was happening to newspapers as a result of a recession. The new guys brought in at the forced retirement of those who had been doing a good job in newspapers, had a hidden agenda. They had a strategy as part of this hidden agenda with an idea that they could rake in money and to hell with the demand of customers on the DEMAND side of the market. They had a self-fulfilling prophesy for destruction of the newspaper industry and just raking in the money for themselves and with no desire to consider the best practices for profit which benefits more people.

The fabrication by these nutso mentally ill lovers of money is working too well. The results have been a makeover of the newspapers only for the heads of the corporations, the fat cats at the top with a top-down control which ignores the needs of the people. Their lousy makeovers eliminated the publication of a broad array of columnists. The lousy makeover by these lovers of money eliminated many wonderful things about newspapers, thus driving down its readership so these fat ass fat pigs could then feel better about what they were doing to rake in the dough.

In the name of technological change, or change just for the sake of change (when it were not as broke as these bastard SOB fat pigs were saying from the top), they worked to fix something that truly was not broke, or at least broke as badly as was being claimed (and a refusal to fix the things which could INCREASE, not DECREASE readership levels). Thing did not need to be fixed in the manner to which they were speaking. Blatant lies and fabrications by liars with a love of money.

Within our great and wonderful IMPERFECT institution we call our government of democracy, the things which TRULY ARE broken, like gerrymandering, crushing the rights of Americans to vote, systemic racism, infrastructure projects which the wealthy bastard fat pigs of America refuse to support, whether by way of government or not, and these bastards are unwilling to help fund such necessary projects for the sake of America. There are levies in New Orleans which might need fixing, dams which might need fixing, improvements in R&D which have been shipped off to Europe and Asia (and go ahead, find some way to shoot holes in what I say here because it might help you feel better about “winning” and only for yourself). Don’t bother to accept what I say and look into details because you bastards with the attitude and need of an attitude adjustment only want to win. You bastards with the egotism of a vicious barbarian and you just want to falsely name me as a liberal when I am moderate. You want to stain me because I am a Democrat and never even consider that I put America first, not Democrats or Republicans or liberals or conservatives or blue states or red states. You bastards wish to hurdle crap at me behind my back. If that makes you feel better, then GODDAMN you shameful people who do this to me and others. No substantiation. No evidence.

Side note: In fact, a person remarked that the stupidity of Manchin in an op-ed he recently wrote was not substantiated by evidence and facts. What else is new for bluedog Democrats and Trumpicans who are white supremacists? What else is new among the lousy KKK-infused bluedog Democrats and the Trumpicans?

You don’t accept what I say and look into the details of what has happened. I am sick and tired of this sabotage of problem-solving for things which need fixing, while invoking fixes in things like newspapers (and other areas) which are based on fabrications and are meant to give wealth to a few younger people, while denying wealth to others.

I grew up in the midst of something better in America. I watched the improvements in race relations, while noting the areas where there was a lack of improvement. I grew up in the midst of the success of a REGULATED CAPITALISM designed to PROTECT CAPITALIST COMPETITION AND SMALL BUSINESS. Did I say this before? Did you get the point yet? In 1981, Reagan, with Ayn Rand enthusiasts and others, began a process to rip apart the great parts of the America I saw. In 1977, I had a chance to take a teaching job in Canada, but was not sure I wanted to leave the nation in which I was born and which I describe here as progress in this nation. Sad to say, with the idiotic attitudes which pit American against American, based on a lack of substantiation for the truth and the evidence which backs up the truth and the obstruction of justice which I have seen in various forms, promulgated by Trumpicans in their lousy leadership of the Republican Party, I do see Democrats and Joe Biden to be much better, even as imperfect as they are. So if you want to put down Uncle Sam and follow the fabrications which try to say “all Democrats are bad,” then go to hell and may damnation be upon you. I find good Democrats and I find good Republicans, too. But right now, the leadership of the Republican Party has gone all to hell and is evil. If these people don’t want to associate with such bad attitudes of the Republican Party, then leave it and join with the Democrats. Otherwise, you do a disfavor to the United States of America and its wonderful democracy, even if that democracy has some imperfections. Don’t condemn politics because your overriding emotions are so blasted bad that they cloud the overall picture regarding politics, Democrats, and Republicans. Clouded by thugs like Trump, Hannity, and others who use their money and love of money to dictate to the American people their desire to white supremacy and control by means of a hidden agenda.

I hate saying things this way, but none of what I say, or what others say, sink in. The bastards of proud white boys grab at freaking guns, not words with FACTS and EVIDENCE and TRUTH, hoping to justify the use of the 2nd amendment for their lousy attitudes and insurrection. Damnation to Matt Gaetz and the NRA with its false notions regarding the 2nd amendment. May you go to hell. Damnation to Trump and the Trumpicans who falsely lead the Republican Party. Damnation to anyone who stereotypes Democrats OR Republicans in a hateful manner and based on false information.

I just cannot, and refuse to, stop pointing these things out. My hope is that what I say will sink in with the people who can express a collective voice for what is good about America (not racism) and be able to promote a collective voice for having fun in fixing the imperfections in America.

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