The intent of this blog is to promote human equality, human progress, human peace and justice, and optimism. To accomplish this, to encourage the discussion of ideas after identifying and discovering problems, and then creating positive solutions for "we the people," in order to provide for the "general welfare" and "domestic tranquility" of America now and its "posterity" into the future. To encourage an emphasis on separation of religion and state for all, no matter if this is for those "of faith" in a Maker / Creator (Deists, God-loving people, Christians, various people of spirituality) and atheists or agnostics.

Quote found on the Internet:

“After being in the United States for only one year, Ronald Reagan made this Australian [Rupert Murdoch] a citizen. Then he had his FCC Chairman scrap the Fairness Doctrine which kept newspapers and television programs from lying to the American people. Ever since, Rupert Murdoch has been brainwashing Americans into believing our legitimate press is lying like he lies. Fox News is not news. It is propaganda that the oligarchs use to poison the minds of Americans. It is time we treated it as such.”

With this statement, it could be true. Likely based on circumstantial evidence. It would take further research to find substantiated and conclusive evidence of its truth.

Nevertheless, I have an idea. Let’s build a wall around immigrant Rupert Murdoch and never let him get out? Let’s hold his children against their will (if he has any children). Let us be as barbaric to him as the Russian people are barbaric and approve a barbaric leader called Putin whose barbarism is indicated because he would hide the poisoning of his opponent and then back what the thugs did to the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Perhaps the woman called “First Lady,” under Trump, is as barbaric as other Russians and in her silence promoted the barbarism of Hitler-loving Trump? Nevertheless, Rupert Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Green of Georgia, Matt Gaetz, Steve Bannon, David Duke, Rick Scott, Ron DeSantis, and numerous others who support Murdoch and Trump are barbaric people.  They are savages and they likely think the only savage people in the world are indigenous Americans and people of color. They separated Napoleon from the world, in order to save the world. Let’s do it with these guys. Perhaps isolate them on an island and away from all others?

The same thing with Trumpty Dumpty who gets his parts put back together every time. Build a wall around him and let him suffer there. These guys need to learn what it means to suffer when, after their influence on America, people lose jobs, pay taxes the wealthy don’t have to pay, don’t fight a war against COVID-19, suffer from change for the sake of change due to oligarchs and plutocrats who move people to the heat and humidity of Dixie and herd them into cities resulting in shutting down  the ideas of capitalist competition based on supply and demand, suffer from the lousy privatized Medicare medications ripoffs, and numerous other ripoffs perpetrated by these vulgar and savage beasts called males.

Those who support this s**t and lying from Trump and company take for granted the gains America HAS gained, for more than 200 years, and don’t even recognize that, like Hitler, once Trump fully consolidates his power, he will spit many of them out like seeds in his mouth. Hitler did it. Stalin did it. Mussolini did it. The sheiks of Saudi Arabia are doing it today. All savage, vicious, vulgar, venomous beasts of leaders. Stupid people, those who don’t spit Trump out, like spitting out a big pit from a plum which should not be in our mouths.

Rupert Murdoch, go to hell. You are a lousy venomous person.  Go to hell where Satan and the Evil Spirit need to be put by God, and put there permanently so as to rid the earth of the hell Murdoch and others promote on earth. 

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