The intent of this blog is to promote human equality, human progress, human peace and justice, and optimism. To accomplish this, to encourage the discussion of ideas after identifying and discovering problems, and then creating positive solutions for "we the people," in order to provide for the "general welfare" and "domestic tranquility" of America now and its "posterity" into the future. To encourage an emphasis on separation of religion and state for all, no matter if this is for those "of faith" in a Maker / Creator (Deists, God-loving people, Christians, various people of spirituality) and atheists or agnostics.


I just received information that Manchin of West Virginia intends to support the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Does this act include abolishing gerrymandering? I don’t know unless I delve into this issue more.

The reason I ask is that I have observed and experienced how gerrymandering has done more than just shut down voting rights, but has carved congressional and state districts in Florida according to those with a majority white population. Thus, in the city where I built a home and lived in integrated communities and not far from a black community, gerrymandering meant the government districts consisted of majorities of people who were white, due to the bastard redneck whites who lived in central Florida. Congressional and state legislative districts, both state House and Senate, ended up being controlled by a white Republican Party power base. The Florida legislature has become a one-party control of Republicans. I have not checked it out, but I would wager that the congressional delegation of Florida is majority Republican. There is only one statewide elected Democrat in the state. Yet, Democrats outnumber Republicans in that lainbrained redneck controlled state.

Then we hear politicians in Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania glorify what Florida has done., due to the RPOF.

Gerrymandering needs to be abolished and go to a system of representation based on geographic jurisdictions, letting the chips fall where they may. That would mean the county where I was living, with more Democrats than Republicans, but with ONLY Republicans representing them in the state legislature (and Republican Brian Mast in the Congress), would actually have representation by and for the people.

Gerrymandering must go. HR1 eliminates gerrymandering. Not sure if it is the same as the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, so I speak out what I believe to be correct.

As I said about the filibuster rule in the U.S. Senate, moderation is not about reforming within rules such as gerrymandering (and filibustering), but moderation is important regarding solutions and actions which make life better for peace, justice, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. Gerrymandering might be considered by some to be a “conservative” issue, but I balk at such designation. In this case, “conservative” becomes the “code word” for white supremacy values. I know. I have observed and experienced this in Florida.

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