The intent of this blog is to promote human equality, human progress, human peace and justice, and optimism. To accomplish this, to encourage the discussion of ideas after identifying and discovering problems, and then creating positive solutions for "we the people," in order to provide for the "general welfare" and "domestic tranquility" of America now and its "posterity" into the future. To encourage an emphasis on separation of religion and state for all, no matter if this is for those "of faith" in a Maker / Creator (Deists, God-loving people, Christians, various people of spirituality) and atheists or agnostics.


On the Rachael Ray Show last week, Jamie Lee Curtis was a guest. She made a statement that almost sounded as if she excused the thugs of insurrection on Jan. 6 because “all Americans are angry.” This statement disgusted me because angry people who learn self-control and moderation in life do not become violent and carry guns. She said nothing about the different photos taken when Black Lives Matter were in Washington and security was tight for them so they never could have gone to the U.S. Capitol building to attack it. Yet, with all the white folks on Jan. 6 and not one glimpse of a black person, the security was lax and we all got to see that. Security was lax for a bunch of white thugs who were angry, violent and carrying weapons. The security was tight when there were black folks who were angry but did not act like the thugs of Jan. 6. To me, Jamie Lee Curtis emboldened the white folks with Trump flags and sometimes with Confederate battle flags. Just like the SCOTUS of the 1850s with Yankees who wished to “appease the South [white power Confederate flag-bearing folks]” with the Dred Scott Decision.  We appease the white power and acknowledge they are “angry,” but the anger of black folks and others are not as important, right?

Go ahead and call me stupid for pointing this out, but I viewed a Facebook page filed by a political candidate running unopposed with the contrasting photos between Trump’s march to an Episcopal Church when Black Lives Matter people were trying to speak up and white power thugs on Jan. 6.

Would anyone care about my anger? I doubt it. I can provide a bulleted list of all the things which anger me. Much of the anger applies to senior citizens as group, rather than my own anger. Some of my anger results from the lousy way gay people have been treated and the attempts to bring back that lousy attitude. Other anger applies to my embracing of being a true Christian and following the “theories of moral sentiment” of theologian and economics theorist, Adam Smith (Presbyterian of Scotland?) as he challenged the existence of supply-side economics which, with the greed and selfishness, had caused a banking crisis similar to that around 2006 under George W. Bush. There are other anger parts regarding puritanical dictatorship in America.

You don’t wish to see my list? Oh, well. I will write it anyway. But I write with observations of successful experiences in America and try to include an “according to…” statement, not just my own emotions of anger. I also refuse to pick up a gun to point at other human beings or become violent, even as violent as Jesus Christ became after observing hypocrites (Sadducees, the lawyers of his day and anti-selfishness in the temple). 

Here goes with my list of “anger.”

  • One thing a Democrat might do makes the person a bad person and all good things are overshadowed by the one bad thing. If it’s a Republican, whether George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Reagan, Trump or others, the bad thing is swept under the rug and support is given to the person. Democrat Bill Clinton, and all the good things he said and did are overshadowed by Lewinsky. Democrat Jimmy Carter did one thing and all the good things are overshadowed by the one bad thing. Andrew Cuomo with the same bad thing which former Democrat turned Republican, Donald Trump, but Cuomo ends up resigning while Trump and his cronies block investigation of the thug white insurrectionists of Jan. 6. And then, when I say, “it takes a village,” the goodness possible from that statement is scoffed at, due to the person who said it. This is one big anger I have and those who think badly of “it takes a village,” as far as I am concerned, can go to hell with their lousy attitude in which they need one big kick in the butte. This anger is a long winded. Let me continue.
  • Related to Bill Clinton who said, “safety net is not a hammock.” Republicans support the anti-safety net” position and never consider the “hammock,” while Democrats keep pushing for the hammock.  All due to the name, Lewinsky. Don’t you know that is more important to puritan s*** of America than what is good for America.
  • Anger because people embrace puritanical s*** with forcing and dictating their thoughts, whether alcohol, sex, nudity (in art), porn, or other aspects of life. Thus, as with Prohibition, America never teaches aspects of self-control and moderation in any of theses aspects of life. Puritans: “fearful that someone somewhere is having a good time.” Anger because so many don’t even take these words seriously.
  • Medicare privatization ignores the fact that me and many other senior citizens have invested in Medicare for 40 or 50 years or more, but are denied any interest earned which may give us a good amount and f*** the GD “tiers” and “donut holes” concocted by big business by paying off those in Congress. Medicare is a form of capitalism, not the GD remarks made by pharmacists or Trump groups as being “socialism.” That statement is BS. Democrats not picking up on what I am saying about this never helps gain something better by one inch, giving predominance to the lousy lies, cheating, corruption, false information of Republican bastards who don’t know their butte from a hole in the ground. Medicare and healthcare for all CAN be considered as regulated capitalism with supply and demand factors and returns on investments. Nobody takes note of this. Thus the anger because of going along with stupidity of big business greed and love of money.
  • Ditto Medicare when considering Social Security. No one in Congress wishes to remove the lid on the way wealthy people pay into Social Security. Anger because of individualistic greedy, selfish “rights” which overshadow “liberty and justice for all.” lovers of money get their “liberty and justice,” while the rest of us get bashed. That causes anger for which people like Jamie Lee Curtis refuse to acknowledge, but acknowledge the anger, like a bleeding heart liberal, regarding an attack on our government by people of white power and control.
  • People of the Reagan “flock” who refuse to acknowledge how greedy selfish big corporate businesses accepting corporate welfare (because they pay off Congress) and are so stupid embracing Reagan’s thoughts that “government is the problem.” The problem, due to what Reagan said, is with the pigs and hedge hogs of the big corporate crony club are the problem, helping to enforce interests and benefits for these lousy human beings by way of government. Yes, they MAKE government the problem, rather than helping government by supporting, financially or otherwise.
  • The ruination of small business in America, the backbone of business in America. George W. Bush may have said, “what’s good for business is good for America.” But the stupidity of too many Americans who embrace this ignore the destruction i have observed regarding large corporations with lawyers who have destroyed the small businesses and forced us into a supply-side economics adverse to true capitalism. What George W. Bush actually meant is this. “What is good for big corporate monopolized supply-side business is good for America.” It angers me that few people consider this aspect of the lies (among other lies) told by George W. Bush.
  • When someone like me tries to help people learn about what is happening, we get shut down and censored. We get shut down by those who embrace traditionalist beliefs which the herd mentality passes along with peer pressure, never standing up for what MIGHT BE more correct and better solutions. I learned this from my grandmother who taught me that we need to write to our Congressperson with rational and sensible ideas based on facts. At the time, it was Representative Howard Robison. My grandmother tuaght us to rid ourselves of violence on television. When we stayed with my grandmother on weekends, she refused to allow us to view Mannix or Gunsmoke or Mission:Impossible. When I mentioned that one of her friends loves to watch Gunsmoke, my grandmother stated that she understands, but when we are in her home, we abide by her rules. She did not force her rules upon society or upon others, but did differentiate with her expectations in her home. She took a stand and educated her family. She may not have done as good a job at times doing such teaching of her family in days gone by. A lover of money who rejected teaching as a profession so as to go off in pursuit of “ruby” rewards, poked fun at my grandmother and that still angers me, too. Love of money which predominates human considerations like teaching.
  • Rejection of public education and attempts to privatize and this angers me.
  • Privatization of the prison systems with the hidden agenda of putting black people in on minor offenses so they become criminals and can no longer vote. All in the name of privatized prisons which need to “fill cells” in order to make a profit. This is a hateful bunch of crap created by Jeb Bush in Florida.
  • Privatization of healthcare with a primary push by Reagan and a governor (and now U.S. senator) who followed Jeb Bush in Florida, Rich Scott. For my Grandpa Cornwell, the public system of hospitals was already too exponentially high in the 1940s that he departed from the hospital in order to avoid the costs and then went home and died. It angers me about this because I never got to know my Grandpa Cornwell, as i was born in the 1950s. Privatization by Rick Scott and others has done NOTHING but made costs of hospitals for consumers – the DEMAND SIDE of the market – worse than when my Grandpa Cornwell suffered. Private big insurance fat cats have also made it worse in terms of costs, while lawyers like Mattar and Stanley and Alexander all promote personal injury lawsuits and do nothing to help reduce the costs of healthcare overall.
  • Big pharma. Anger. According to Noam Chomsky, big pharma moans and groans about how much it costs for R&D, but the claim made by Chomsky is that big pharma lies to people. He also says that big pharma, like lawyers, spend more money on commercials and then expect the consumer to pay for their GD commercials. There was a da in America when there was no advertising by pharmaceutical firms regarding prescriptions. There were no commercials on the air by personal injury lawyers. These costs impact the consumer (demand side), unless one has an accident and can squeeze tons of money from the market and government. The demand side of the market suffers and people do not realize this. Anger.
  • Spectrum gets an “award” for best service for rural areas. Oh, really? No one asked me, did they? Why would they? i am no better than others in saying this. I DO have observations from experiences in my life to wonder and scratch my head as to how Spectrum could have won an award for rural areas. For a number of years in Florida, I lived in a rural area separated from the urban sprawl about as much as being in a rural area here in upstate New York. Perhaps I am not as qualified or better able to make a jdgment on this? In rural Florida, there was no Spectrum. We had a choice between Verizon and Comcast. Verizon for land line phone Internet delivery and Comcast with 75-ohm copper cable delivery. We also had options for Dish and DirecTV. I can attest to the fact that the Comcast Internet, even though there were sometimes problems, was better than what I have experienced with Spectrum in rural New York where there are no competitive alternatives (Frontier phone line delivery has been described as being worse than Spectrum). Some choices, right? Thus, whether urban or rural delivery by Spectrum, I see nothing worth an award. It angers me that the company can buy politicians and awwards while the demand side of the market is shafted.
  • Monopolized supply-side economics from Best Buy, Microsoft, Google (etc.) really hampers the ideas that once existed with the Bill Gates version of Microsoft in which we could do DIY with computers. The have made this far more difficult by nickel and diming the consumer. Need I explain the details? Take my word. This angers me. Those who know how to do DIY of the home with Lowe’s and Home Depot can do it. In other words, DIY with the hands becomes more predominant than DIY with the brain. Anger.
  • Flipping homes and deregulation of mortgages and real estate destroys the idea of long-term capitalist investment and return on investment for Americans.The stupidity of focus on primary residence homestead exemption (in Florida) negates, in the name of stupidity of attitudes regarding taxes (and also capitalist long-term returns on investments) destroys decent-cost housing and means we need to create more low-cost housing at taxpayer expense. It is all based on supply-side economics of developer and banker benefits, not the consumer and the demand-side of the market which gets stuffed in the process. Lower interest rates on long-term investments can be regulated and differentiated from interest rateds on short-term investments. Anger because we have relinquished our abilities, as citizens – lost our “…liberty and justice for all” as it is replaced by “…liberty and justice for bankers and developers and to hell with the demand-side of the market.”
  • Invasion of our electronic and technology equipment, from mobile phones to home computers and no recourse offered by law enforcement for protection for cybersecurity. Plenty for virus and malware protection, but nothing for actual cybersecurity as people are able to infiltrate remotely or by local “hidden networks.”
  • Computer updates which pop up on my screen and give me no alternative to reject them, but just an expectation as to when to do it. Whomever does this, company or individual, it gives me no choice for what I want to do. It’s not “if” I want to do it, but “when” would it be done? When I cannot reject the update with a “NO,” I am being dictated to by Microsoft, individuals who remote into my computer, or other individuals. That sucks and there is no law enforcement cyber security to stop it, only computer virus control or malware control, etc. Nothing to stop human organizations or individuals from disrupting my computer. That is my personal property and the shitheads who do this are as bad as the thugs of Jan. 6, 2021.

What I say IS important, so damn those who think it is not. Damn them as they consider the anger of the thugs, as Jamie Lee Curtis did on the Rachael Ray Show and the rest of us “angry” Americans who react without violence and guns are ignored. It takes a village to collectively solve these problems, but too many damn Americans are adverse to this idea, based ONLY on one thing which is promoted by propaganda supporting big corporate greed and their dislike of the person. If my writing sounds like anger, then think again about how much I am trying to describe a problem, pushing forth discussions, and hoping to have a “village” solve the problems. Whether bleeding heart liberals who create a wimpish environment in replying to the irrational ones with the “microphones” supporting extremist right-wing or left-wing values, it is lousy.

To Jamie Lee Curtis: regarding anger, there should be a differentiation between anger of Americans who never get their solutions solved and thugs of insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021. The thugs of insurrection or Jan. 6, 2021, become part of the problem not the solution. Those of us attempting to write and get a microphone for the anger we have need to be considered for the problems we address and discussions about the solutions. When we get set aside as “not being important,” then we become frustrated and the levels of anger can elevate even more. To many, they simply give up and become disenfranchised. When this happens, then those who are the thugs and their leaders who embolden them (like Trump and others) are elevated in what they wish to achieve with disenfranchisement of voters and smaller numbers of people who get out to vote. My anger, too, is at the efforts of the Republican white racists of Florida whom I observed taking power and creating a one-party state by using gerrymandering, lies about candidates, cheating, and working for ways, with privatized prisons, to jail some innocent young people who end up taught be criminals, not those with a reasonable sense of self-control and moderation.

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