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Media in Dis-Repair?

​Dear NBC News with Lester Holt:
Recently, you featured some middle-aged people in Pennsylvania being interviewed about their impressions of life over the past year. You had these people bloviating about issues for which they had little or no knowledge and were attacking Joe Biden. It was about the economy and inflation and how costs are going up. Naturally. When there is inflation, with it comes lower unemployment. This is actually what is happening. But the timbre was about just letting these people rant about issues for which they had little or no background. Why? Why is this being done and there is no moderation of what is being presented in the news? I really don’t understand, as I see this nation heading towards being imploded inward as long as we don’t take such actions more seriously and do something to counter it all. 

During this same time frame, I have been reading a newspaper from Pennsylvania. Remember newspapers? Here in Binghamton, Gannett ;is one big fat lump of lard with nothing in it. Many newspapers have been heading in this same direction, condensing their newspapers by removing local columnists who address the area regarding foods, culture, arts, music, science, religion, health, puzzles, advice columns which can give a bunch of immature people a kick in the butte, and various other aspects of LIFE overall in the state, region, and nation. We have experienced these newspapers getting rid of an overall political analysis from various angles, rather than just choosing what to pay attention according to what entertains and keeps shallow people happy. Keep people happy when they only listen to those things to which one agrees and a refusal to learn. There was a time when newspapers were a bigger part of the community and not thrashed by a bunch of fat pigs at the top which are only concerned with their hedge [hog] funds and love of money.  There  was a time when people had a chance to look at headlines and skim an article, deciding whether any article is important enough to pursue more in detail or just skim the article. Snippets on an NBC News half hour don’t allow for that, so I have to wonder why Mr. Holt and others allow people to just speak their mind, rather than doing investigative journalism? Is it to make “we the people” feel happy and no concern whether “we the people” open minds to LEARN?
Nevertheless, the newspapers I have been reading (not Gannett Pravda of Binghamton which just wants to shovel out what it wants in a condensed version), there have been numerous articles written about what is happening now in the economy, with inflation and what may be on the horizon for people. Typically, less shallow people would take much of this information and LEARN form it. What can I do?

Furthermore, the newspaper gave its readers information about personal finance and how to deal with many things which are happening. It is a moderated version of information which is not available on damn mobile phones and computers on the Internet. I know. I have observed much of the crap regarding the TRUE nature of fake news, from the time I did a presentation at a college in Florida regarding fake news during the 2016-17 period of time. Much of it was there for people to make money, including those in the Georgia Republic of the former Soviet Union, plus other eastern block nations like Russia.  Tucker Carlson of Fox claims he could not make money unless he entertained with lies.  I find other outlets like CNN and MSNBC not to be so full of themselves and spreading lies as fluently. Yet, Trump and his followers bully me by sending unsolicited crap with lies. Unsolicited is sometimes ok. But not when it is full of lies. It’s not tough for a couple of guys who are well read to NOT differentiate between lies and truth. We can make mistakes. As editors of newspapers did to moderate stuff, there were “error corrections.” Another nice part about daily newspapers. America is being tarnished by this spin on life with the idea that what comes first is change for the sake of change, especially when it comes to implementing technology so young whippersnappers with no knowledge as to what content is about  and are shallow can run our lives. I don’t like my life being dictated in this manner, so I protest and speak up. Anyone willing to join me in this manner?
I learned quite a bit from the newspaper articles written on various subjects, including business. If one does not agree, one has to ask whether our individual thinking is correct and move from there, not just condemn it because of thoughts about disagreeing. 

After three to four years, not just one year (as with Biden) and before COVID-19, there was a great deal of information about an expectation in 2020 and 2021 for a downturn in the economy. We took measures to work with a financial consultant and others who know more about retirement investments, than to blame Donald Trump. I can call the 2008 recession after George W. Bush, but that is just to identify the time eeriod. Rick the Prick Scott blamed his opponents in an election in Florida, when it was actually Republican Jeb Bush and Republican George W. Bush who presided. Rick the Prick blamed Democrats and never said one bad word otherwise.  Trump does the same thing. Then to embolden younger people which are acting like the “Nazi Youth” of the 1930s, NBC News allows some of them to speak out with false information. What is the hope of NBC News to accomplish by doing this? What I see is the ruination of a nation and sending us on the path of implosion which can be compared to what happened when a dictatorial emperor in China made the Ancient Chinese society to implode upon itself.  We should learn from what happened, not live in fear and grab at what ever Fox News or other groups say. 

Newspapers and good journalism was more than just give us the local news. Heck. I can get more local news from a weekly newspaper here in my county than what Gannett Pravda of Binghamton provides for this county. I have explained all the real stuff that newspapers CAN provide, but is anyone in my classroom paying attention? Or looking at their crotches at a hidden mobile phone which gives them NOTHING substantial and can face false crap all the time, without an ability to differentiate between truth and lies.

This nation needs to readjust by making a Middle Class which is knowledgeable. I am not able to find out from young people working in retail outlets where things are located or where there is a business for such and such, or anything else. The teaching of geography, civics, researching the truth, and all those other things have been curtailed by autocratic white supremacists found in the Republican Party leadership. An overall education has been curtailed, thanks to lawyers and accountants used to back up the wealthy administrators over education, as teachers get kicked in the teeth for this lack of overall education which once was a standard in the USA. I have observed this bashing of teachers and professors in some of the written crap on Facebook.  No wonder I feel like kicking those who are kicking me in the teeth.

Nah, nah, nah!  Turn the other cheek, don’t you know? Fine. But what I also see is trends and norms created by wealthy fat pigs who seek power. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Absolute power corrupted the big Philistine giant, Goliath. Tracing the HUMAN lineage of Jesus Christ, we see that King David did not turn the other cheek or he would have died. Collectively, he and others brought the big giant Goliath down. (People will shoot holes in what I say, claiming it was ONLY David who did it; there is proof otherwise in some of the documented evidence, that it was a COLLECTIVE effort; once again, rather than accept certainty as was taught about this event, why not consider seeking wisdom, not certainty?).  And when people do nothing to work collectively, I have to ask, “who needs enemies with such ‘friends’?”
The media needs fixing. We need to return to perspectives with a Fairness Doctrine and the path of journalism which moderated, not censored, what was being written and said. How do I moderate unsolicited bullying crap from Trump in my text messages? I look to unsolicited messages to and fro as being a means for discussing issues about the truth, not bullying others. Shame on anyone who thinks that intelligent discussion is bullying. Shameful people who think like that. Why has the media allowed this? Who and what is truly at fault. I have outlined ideas right here. Who will help pick up the gauntlet and the sling shot to put an end to the centralized big Goliath types and bring local journalism back to the local area and do so, not just for the sake of local news, but for the sake of news, information, sharing of broad commentary, and topics about food, culture, arts, music, science, health, and even the comics and other sources. I might add that there are some sources of free information on the web and yes, some has to do with recipes and information from the ones doing the shows on television. But too many times, we are expected to purchase a publication. Then again. Newspapers also offered such choices, too. Sometimes it was easier to have the pre-set information in print than to go find it in a digital mode.  With this, I address all the side benefits. Just because you find it so easy all the time in digital form does not mean one is correct. The media is in dis-repair. If it’s broke, it needs fixing, for the sake of the American citizens who are confused as hell and sometimes merely turn to shallow entertainment and never discover whether some of the stuff is fake news and information.

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