The intent of this blog is to promote human equality, human progress, human peace and justice, and optimism. To accomplish this, to encourage the discussion of ideas after identifying and discovering problems, and then creating positive solutions for "we the people," in order to provide for the "general welfare" and "domestic tranquility" of America now and its "posterity" into the future. To encourage an emphasis on separation of religion and state for all, no matter if this is for those "of faith" in a Maker / Creator (Deists, God-loving people, Christians, various people of spirituality) and atheists or agnostics.

Here is what is on my mind today. I am as angry as my distant relative, Teddy Roosevelt was back in the early 20th Century when they allowed anger to be expressed without guns and did not give people like TR ritilin. During a time of common sense in America. If TR got reactions of vengeance and vindication like Trump followers do today when receiving criticism, it was likely from super billionaires who falsely called themselves “capitalists” but had no idea what capitalism was intended to be: supply AND demand economics to overturn aristocratic oligarchs and plutocrats. Who were those guys who challenged TR? Carnegie, Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan. Quite possibly the ones behind sending an anarchist to try to kill TR. Why? Because anarchists, like “libertarians” today, want an “anything goes” deregulated environment in order to expand their ruthless ways and call themselves capitalists when they line their pockets by way of monopolies. Monopolies. Feudal lords before Adam Smith defined supply AND demand capitalism ran monopolies and supply side economics only.

So, what do I have to say today? Big fat pharma. Puts out commercials of Ozempic with someone speaking and claiming it lowered A1C from 8.2 to 6.8. That never happened with me with 15 years of taking insulin. Went on Ozempic and finally my numbers did lower, but never below A1C of 7. NEVER. With Ozempic. Big fat monopolist supply-side big pharma charges $1000 for a pen which has helped me a bit, but not like their GODDAMN commercials say.

So. Last night. I took my last dose for the month of Ozempic. This morning, my glucose numbers, after diet, exercise all weekend, were 245. TWO FORTY FIVE. From a medicine Nova Nordisk helps keep glucose down. TWO FORTY FIVE. TWO FORTY FIVE.

So. With a complaint like that, how do people in healthcare react? Doctors and BIG FAT PHARMA? I think they are more prone to vicious vindictiveness about the problem the customer faces, not about SOLVING THE PROBLEM. THERE IS A PROBLEM HERE and I am disgusted at health officials who play the GODDAMN BLAME GAME AND BLAME THE PATIENT. WHY? SO THE DOCTORS CAN CONTINUE TO LINE THEIR POCKETS AND NOT FOLLOW THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH? As the character Hawkeye Pierce on M*A*S*H said about conservative idiotic doctor Frank Burns (another character), “not enough bedside manner” – or Hawkeye would say this in some sarcastic way. We need doctors like Hawkeye Pierce who had concern for the guys being shot up in the war scenes of Korea. Not freaking lousy doctors who like the Trump way or the RICK THE PRICK (supposed founder of HCA) way of “privatized”
medicine, putting money first.

And for others to say, whether we get refused in healthcare or other “business” areas, “it’s not against the law to deny a patient service.” OK. So, you don’t have to tell me that information because I am quite aware of it. Tell me what you intend to do about it? Don’t fill me with the crap of information about “what’s going on.” DO SOMETHING. SHOW THAT YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT, whether you have money or not. Because I worked with college students in the 1970s to do something when Gov. Hugh Carey wanted to shut down several SUNY colleges, by way of the SUNY SGA and other sources. And we were poor and had no money. If we could do something then, what stops people today? DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS SHIT in which the lack of a mean and angry “trust buster” like Teddy Roosevelt DID SOMETHING to bring down the assholes of his day.

BTW. Teddy Roosevelt is related to me by my maternal line of Dutch people. His cousin, FDR, had a granddaughter who married into my Dutch family. But there are plenty of other examples from the past in which there was inter-marriage with my maternal family. And we had a captain who fought for the PATRIOTS who made sense back in the late 18th Century, in spite of his wealth. He also did not AVOID paying taxes, but put forth extra money to help this government get going. A human institution which gave us many good things, in spite of examples of human imperfections which are part of being HUMAN. I am proud of my Dutch ancestor who did this. But do I face vindication and those who have the name or stand up? So I don’t mention the Dutch name. Shameful as this is. But those PATRIOTS of the 18th Century were far better people than the SHIT thugs of Trump MAGA, Proud Boys, Qanon. They attack our Federal Capitol building.

The PATRIOTS of the 18th Century were AGAINST a dictatorial KING of England, not against Parliament. They did NOT go to Parliament in London to take over the Parliament building, but they sure did try to bring King George down. On the same token, there were many IN ENGLAND who disliked such a dictator. The Parliament DID NOT TREAD ON THE COLONISTS and made attempts to COUNTER the taxes King George insisted on pushing on the colonists. Parliament tried the best they could and succeeded on several fronts, but not all. Fact is. They did not all go along with King George. My ancestral AMERICAN PATRIOTS fought the king, not the Parliament, but were forced into a corner by the dictatorial king.

Ben Franklin knew about TRUE capitalism because he spent time in Scotland with the man who defined capitalism to challenge the crown: Adam Smith. Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers may not have spent time in Scotland, but did so in other European nations. George F. Johnson, a co-founder of Endicott-Johnson Shoes in the Binghamton area, spoke about being “sensitive” to the community and the people and used words like “industrial democracy.” Thomas J. Watson repented of his following the ways of Carnegie, Rockefeller, and J.P. Morgan and created IBM. Due to Teddy Roosevelts trust busting regulations, Watson, in working for NCR in a role to DESTROY competition (another part of capitalism which is NOT monopoly) came close to a jail sentence. I read where John D. Rockefeller was rejected by his own parents because he was such a greedy ass.

Teddy Roosevelt is one of my heroes. So, with anger, like TR, I use some vile language in what I write. I don’t have the money that TR had, but I am still proud, no matter how much I express anger at what is going on and the lack of people doing something about it. The people at the 1968 political convention were beaten by police there, as they attempted to speak out. BEATEN BY CHICAGO POLICE. I have seen the photos. BEATEN BY THE POLICE for the only means they had was to speak out in anger and NOT CARRY GUNS. I have yet to see the Proud Boys or others associated with Trump Republican’s lousy freaking MAGA get beaten. Not once. Gay people congregating together, and not always for sex, either, were BEATEN BY POLICE while attempting to live in peace with one another. You cannot have peace without justice, so they rose up in protest, WITHOUT GUNS, at the Stonewall Inn.

We are HUMANS, not animals. In fact, good and decent hunters who hunt animals have told me they would NEVER use an automatic weapon. But asses use them to kill human beings.

Many of us can live together in peace, while there are those who DISTURB THE PEACE and face no repercussions. Come on, Biden and the Democrats play hardball with such idiots in America today who call themselves patriots. I am a PATRIOT, but such asses like MAGA and so forth ARE NOT PATRIOTS, but traitors and terrorists.

Meanwhile, if I criticize healthcare, I get vindicated. Perhaps the doctor in Florida who put money first with me thinks I turned him in for not paying taxes? I had no idea. But there were many others who were disgusted at that and could have turned him in. I did not do it. But because I speak out against those who don’t pay taxes, as if they are BETTER THAN ME, makes me a bad guy, according to the idea of groupspeak and going along with the crowd? So, I get angry so therefore I go along with the Trust Buster Teddy Roosevelt and not the crowd with groupspeak being defined by FOX NOISE PROPAGANDA BROADCASTING?

Something is wrong with the meds being prescribed to me. For me, this is a matter of life and death. I get lovers of money throwing shit in my face, rather than assisting me. And if I complain, these younger doctors and healthcare providers just want to be vicious towards me, not accepting anger which develops when the criticism and looking for solutions does not work. We don’t have leaders like TR today because they are all taking ritilin. Instead, we have stupid idiots like Trump, DeSatan (DeSantis of Florida), Rick the Prick Scott (of Florida) and many others who don’t want us to live in peace and justice, but to control us like dictators and tell us how to live our lives. Shallow individuals who are corrupt and get away with far more than any others. And they don’t like criticism, either. They don’t even know what it meant when George F. Johnson described “industrial democracy” and was successful in doing it. Same thing with Thomas J. Watson. Those who took over for the two men were absurd in claiming that such means of operating companies don’t work. That is because they sabotaged such efforts so they would not work. Same thing with privatized healthcare today and the destructive forces from Trump MAGA who want to destroy Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security and public hospitals (among many other things on their lists), putting America into a have and have not situation. The wealthy afford the care and those without wealth who are not able to afford proper healthcare. Screw such false divinity people who act like money is god and those who have the most as gods..

Yes. I am here to complain. You can call it complaining. Or you can call me a critic who wants to make life better for all. I am like the local newspaper restaurant critic who has a desire to make life better for the customers going to restaurants. The best ones were the ones who wrote a good analysis and did not just bloviate the bias they have.

Two newspaper music critics I knew in Florida. One I considered to be an ass and a snot because of being an elitist high-brow SOB. The other one was very fair in judgment, even to be kind to the performers in opera. A specific circumstance was when, at the last minute, the maestro fired the orchestra and those on stage had to do the performance accompanied only by a piano. The pianist was great. An opera without an orchestra? This music critic was kind and concentrated on the good parts of what the singers did on stage. And they were very good. That newspaper music critic was a graduate of Eastman School of Music. The snot was from New York City and felt better than everyone else.

These are my experiences to share with the world. Sad to say, America has become a nation of too many snots with money. I recall a day in America when there was not such a predominance of such people. A complaint is no longer considered constructive criticism, but an attack. The reason this happens is because there are too many younger people taught not to get angry, usually on drugs which keep anger to a minimum, and then lack any confidence. They demonstrate the lack of confidence by being vengeful to those who put forth constructive criticism. Refusal to provide service of any kind? Go to hell with such a notion. Too many Americans need an attitude adjustment and that means Biden and the Democrats need to play hardball because the world is NOT the type of world of decent human beings in politics which may have been more predominant when Biden was in the U.S. Senate. It was not a perfect world then. But it sure has not become closer to perfect today. In fact, the imperfections are more a part of life than before. It’s time we accepted constructive criticism, when people feel helpless and go to anger, and other means for human communication, rather than laughing at someone who learned to promote communication because it was one of the skills required on job listings. Silly me for learning to be like that.


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