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Education & My Life

When I attempt to get my point across from my 40 years of experience in education, libraries, and training, why do I get nothing but glazed eyes and have to let people know about my accomplishments I achieved in Florida? Besides genealogical research seminars and my regular librarian / professorial duties, doing several presentations with colleagues at National Association of Developmental Educators (NADE), the Florida edition of NADE, Special Libraries Association Fla. & Caribbean Chapter (SLA, an international organization) conferences?  Or presentations at the Professional Teaching & Learning Center at my college (etc.)? Or writing for a PEER-REVIEWED INTERNATIONAL LEARNING JOURNAL?  Then, getting rejected by American educators in attempts to get peers in the USA to consider what I am writing about.  Canadian library association asking me to do a presentation when the Florida Library Association rejects me. 

In music, my accomplishments at singing and substitute choir directing.  Add to that my instrumental experience. 

I have to fight to get noticed by American educators and librarians?  But I get recognized by people around the world, from Australia to Canada?  But not Americans?  Are Americans thinking they are the best in the world?  Really? 

After reading that America, since Prop 13 in California and reduction of taxes for PUBLIC education, it now lags behind the rest of the world in education, I have to think about this.  Rejected by American education professionals.  Accepted by professionals on the international scene.  What the hell is this?  My own people rejecting me.  It makes me want to spit on America at times.  But I try not to do that.  What if I decided to be like the QAnon bastard who invaded the Pelosi home with the intent to “break kneecaps” and break kneecaps of Rick the Prick, Ron DeSantis, Jebbie Bush, or Donald Trump?  Would I not be stooping to a low level of scvummy human being? 

At the same time, privatization of prisons have led to the largest population of incarceration in the world – in AMERICA.  Then Republicans put an ad on television degrading the ideas to HELP human beings, but the law and order manure of, “let’s HANDCUFF” them.  Never realizing that we have reduced public education in America. Is it not possible the net result of this has been an increased population in our prisons where those with minor offenses have been educated by hardened criminals instead?  Privatized prisons which have as a goal to put as many people in prison in order to support a PROFIT motive. 

This sounds like Hitler who, because Jews and others, dissented against him, he gassed them in concentration camps.  We have not yet reached the level of “gassing,” but unless we vote these tyrant dictatorial fascists out of power, we might. 

What else? Hitler killed a Lutheran pastor by framing him for something he DID NOT DO, because the pastor spoke out in the name of Jesus Christ, against Hitler.  Disgusting to think that a grandson of Hitler-loving Prescott Bush was the one who began the pursuit of privatization of prisons and education, thus increasing Florida prison populations.  His name?  John Ellis Bush, also known as Jeb Bush.  Jebbie wanting privatized prisons and privatized education.  Rick the Prick and DeSantis to follow him, in spite of TERM LIMITS in Florida. 

We have bulging prison populations and with this Reagan fixation on lowering taxes because “government is the problem,” we have destroyed public education in America.  We are unable to recognize those of us who work to help advance the ideas of public education. 

In addition to what I describe happening in education, we have Rick the Prick who makes money from privatization of healthcare systems and elimination of public hospitals so as not to be as well prepared for a virus and its strains.  We have made money for CEOs of Wackenhut and other companies, at the expense of many Americans, primarily the black population. 

And people just look the other way or their eyes glaze over with a mindset of “it’s always been this way” when I talk about being certified with training teachers with 4MAT Conceptual Learning (Bernice McCarthy) and me being tested as whole brained after returning to music following many years devoted to a science – library science – and being analytical left brained.  People think I am crazy when I go against lousy mindsets to preserve what they believe.  It is awful. 

This past week, I did research about the history of public schools in my hometown of Newark Valley, NY.  I learned some new information.  For instance, that in the late 18th Century, the first schools were begun here in Newark Valley.  According to my research, the intent was (paraphrased) to create the best education for ALL of the residents.  This is contrary to the notions about education at that time in Britain, the nation we shed, with its Oxford, Cambridge, and others. I do not wish to return to such a form of education designed only for those with money (aristocracy). 

If I say I am Progressive Conservative, my desires are to overturn what has been done to help us move to the older ways of aristocratic Britain.  Teddy Roosevelt was a Progressive Conservative but called himself a Progressive Bull Moose.  He was a “trust buster” so as to bring us to a life defined by Adam Smith (friend of Ben Franklin) with supply AND demand side economics, not the supply side economics of an aristocracy which twisted the words of Adam Smith to their own narcissistic benefits.   I am a Progressive Conservative American who desires to use ideas from the past which work and are good for community and society, not JUST the aristocracy and the oligarchy.  Reagan’s ideas support the development of supply side economics and the return to the robber barons Teddy Roosevelt opposed. 

Perhaps people need to have an attitude adjustment, rather than look down upon matters which are proven to work for the progress of our children, but are not based on the framework which is the same as what people stuck in a rut of corporal punishment education in America have been doing in the past. Measures that are NOT corporal punishment based DO WORK.  Conceptual learning, information literacy (learning to learn) and other important matters are being shoved aside as people look at me with their eyes glazing over – as if to say, “you are insane in thinking about these things.”  I am also whole-brained, too, according to the last tests I had taken.  I was also told by a psychologist I should be joining a group like MENSA.  Can’t take these things about me?  Too bad. 

I have observed anti-corporal punishment accomplishments.  Handcuffs put people in jail to learn from hardened criminals.  Or else face the “gas chambers.”  Former students of my Grandpa Floyd B. Schoonmaker, here at Newark Valley (teacher and librarian, 1940s to late 1950s at NV) always talk about how tough he was with the corporal punishments he used at that time.  Perhaps the best description of my grandfather is a page devoted to him, written by students and published in the 1955 NV yearbook.  For in that yearbook, it describes the sense of humor Mr. Schoonmaker had.  People can be tough as nails without using corporal punishment. I have observed some of the with both black and white professional colleagues. We often noticed that beneath that “tough exterior” was a person with a “heart of gold.”  Sounds like my Grandpa Floyd Schoonmaker, who was performing his teaching duties as defined in the 1940s and 1950s by a man born in the late 1800s.  . 

​ My life and public education.  As Rodney Dangerfield said, “I don’t get any respect.”  I did achieve success with my students.  Sometimes a sense of humor was utilized.  One student even returned one Friday evening while I was working at the Circulation desk in the library and told all the students about how, the personj lifted himself out of homelessness and succeeded (an Army veteran), had succeeded, due to Mr. Cornwell. 

But in the overall scheme of things, I wonder why I get little or no respect from professionals in education in the USA, but received peer approval in an international journal of learning?  I actually felt more respect when reading how America now lags behind the rest of the world in public education and has one of the largest prison populations in the world. Yet, I received approval and respect from those outside this nation, with its failing public education system.  At least I know ONE homeless person who never ended up in jail, but succeeded in life.  How many others were there? Making me feel better is Aretha Franklin’s song:  “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.”  ​Other words.  Dignity.  Walking in integrity. 

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