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True American Patriotism

Being a PATRIOT. I am a patriot. I have been accepted into the Sons of the American Revolution. I was accepted into the group just about the same time that Jebbie Bush of Florida was accepted.

I joined the SAR based on my maternal line. None of my paternal line with an English name fought in the American Revolution. Perhaps it was because those in that line happened to be either too old or too young (a kid) to be involved. There were others in that English family who did serve, just not in my line.

My maternal Dutch line, related to several presidents and other leaders from the past, is the line for which I joined the SAR. I have an Irish ancestor who served in the American Revolution, but I am not accepted based on that ancestor. He has the same surname as an idiot who served in the Trump administration has. He worked with another relation to me who was a friend to Aaron Burr.

My Dutch ancestor was a patriot. I am a patriot. That Dutch ancestor was a model for me so as to learn how to be a patriot. Captain Frederick J. Schoonmaker was his name.

Captain Schoonmaker was a wealthy man who lived in Ulster County, NY, along the Hudson River. When his nation to be called, he answered the call. He rejected the Crown of a mentally ill king. That king was on the same level of mental disorder as Trump, DeSantis, Scott, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kevin McCarthy, Matt Goetz, and numerous others who have been given too much power by wealthy ones who CLAIM to be patriots. They are not patriots when they refuse to pay any taxes at all and want to de-fund the IRS.

When a fledgling government, at the end of the 18th Century, struggled to survive with little or no money, Captain Schoonmaker gave of his money to help get it started and reject a mentally disturbed king across the “pond.” That kind, too, was GERMAN, like Trump is German. Whoops! We should not stereotype. Slap my hand for doing a stereotype. My ancestor was Dutch, not German and that makes him better than the Germans. No wonder Sigmund Freud had many examples with which to work.

Kidding aside. There are many good German people. Why have we, in America, been stuck with such idiots from the German race? First it is King George and then it is little twit Donald who thinks he is a king.

Captain Frederick J. Schoonmaker helped to fund the building of the chain across the Hudson River which was used to stop British boats from sailing up the Hudson. After all, the British occupied New York City for most of the war, so they had easy access to one of the biggest ports in the world and could move up the Hudson from there. Captain Schoonmaker was one who was responsible for curtailing those actions. That chain was run from the area which is now West Point to the opposite side of the river. In those days, West Point was Fort Clinton. Fort Clinton was where Benedict Arnold was caught as a traitor.

My paternal line had relatives who labored for the building of that chain, while Captain Schoonmaker (and others) provided the money and leadership.

Over the years, many good leaders came out of West Point. But two, specifically, were traitors. Benedict Arnold (out of Fort Clinton) and Robert E. Lee. Had U.S. Grant stopped hitting the bottle, perhaps he would have proven himself as a better leader.

Long before JFK gave us the phrase, “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” my ancestor was living those words with his actions. Navy veteran, JFK, gets shot down after saying those words. Shot by a fellow American.

Purportedly, JFK could have survived by ducking down away from the shooter’s range, had he not had the brace he was wearing, due to the injuries sustained by serving his country in the U.S. Navy. A true patriot shot down by an idiotic immature little brat of an American. There is evidence that JFK did NOT wish to commit troops to Vietnam. A true patriot, rather than being subservient to the slick oil men of Texas who THINK they are patriots when they are not. Abbott is not a patriot.

So, we are subjected to lousy Repugnicans today who do the work of the wealthy in today’s America. They claim they work for the little guy so they can grab power based on lies. The group which voted against the infrastructure projects but went home and lied to constituents about supporting it, as they identified with the projects which benefited the constituents. Egomaniacs and hypocrites are what they are. And they now have more power in the House of Representatives.

Infrastructure. Another Dutch person for whom I am related. He had an English surname but a maternal Dutch line. Sounds like me. Shall I boast like a Trumpie? He did one of the first infrastructure projects in the nation, just after the American Revolution. People scoffed at him the way Repugnicans scoff at President Biden. President Washington of Virginia was jealous of this New Yorker because he recognized the benefit of the “wedding of the waters” and the positive impact it would be to New York and not Virginia.

People scoffed by calling the infrastructure “Clinton’s Ditch.” Yet, it had a tremendous impact on helping to build upstate New York. It had more impact on making New York City one of the largest commercial centers in the world. People outside New York are jealous of this commercial development and attempt to scoff at New York today.

Then Repugnicans call President Biden with his infrastructure proposals, “Sloppy Joe,” just as the jealous egomaniacs who existed in the early 1800s did. Fortunate for America, such egomaniacs were not the power base at that time. Sadly, there are too many of them who have, like a Hitler of Germany, been working to become the power base. They proclaim they are the example of “patriots” and remove a person serving on a House committee because she does not measure up to their idea about patriotism which is based more on Benedict Arnold and Robert E. Lee than on what a true patriot is.

And with “Clinton’s Ditch” (in case you don’t know, it was actually called the Erie Canal), people like Jebbie Bush of Florida who joined the SAR at the time I did, I do believe his ancestor, Timothy Bush benefited from that 19th Century infrastructure project. The rest is history.

But I was told (hearsay causes conspiracy theories!) that Jebbie objected to acceptance of African-Americans into the SAR, even when there is evidence they have African-Americans who SERVED in the American Revolution. Same attitudes can be described for the DAR, too, as I am told. My mom, whose ancestor was the same Captain Frederick J. Schoonmaker, refused to join the DAR, due to the racism.

Why did I join? Because I thought the SAR, over time, had changed. Oh, no. Thus, when black guys on an NFL football team wish to “take a knee” during the National Anthem, I am one patriot who stands behind them when they do so. And I am more of a patriot because I accept black folk into the realm of the SAR than those who call themselves patriots.

I had a veteran whom I admire try to condemn black folk for doing so. We agree to disagree over this matter. Furthermore, this veteran’s ancestors were not even here in America during the American Revolution, while many African-Americans had ancestors who WERE here and fought for America.

My above joking to point out the stupidity of stereotypes overlooks the Germans who came to America to fight for General Washington and America’s freedom from a Crown in England which came from Germans. It was one individual, King George, who was mentally disturbed. In pursuing what King George’s granddaughter, Victoria did, she overturned what King George had done. She married a German so all those since the time of Victoria have German blood.

Just in case you think you know everything about life but did not know about this. If so, you are like Repugnicans who think they are experts on life, with their wealth and “divine right” to rule, defining patriotism in your own warped way. I learned about Queen Victoria and I don’t dwell on anything something might think is negative, but on her great accomplishments. There were few great accomplishments of King George, the same as there are few accomplishments of little twit Donnie Trump.

Definition of an expert (as we once defined it when I was working with the U.S. Air Force): an expert is a drip under pressure.

Liars and hypocrites define Repugnicans. I can no longer call them Republicans, unless they are true to the Republican ideas about humanity, being socially progressive and FISCALLY EFFICIENT, as I grew up with as a Republican. Abraham Lincoln had his faults. One was not knowing what to do with those who had been enslaved and then he had freed them. Not knowing what to do? Damn. That was a downfall of Lincoln in his attempt to be a humanitarian.

Ezra Cornell was a Republican abolitionist in upstate New York. During the era of Jim Crow, the university which bears Ezra’s name was integrating black people with white people, in Ithaca, NY. Ezra Cornell’s son, Alonzo B. Cornell, became a governor in Albany, NY A Republican who respected people in humanity. Not like the GODDAMN Repugnicans who just removed a person from a committee in the House of Representatives with a smoke screen hiding the true intent of hatred for other races and what they don’t agree, while defining what a patriot is. Such people can go to h-e-double-hockey-sticks and stay there forever. For with their love of money over human beings, they work for Satan the Devil. 🤓🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖 All human beings are created equal and deserve opportunities to live long and prosper. It has been Repugnicans in Florida who have worked to REMOVE my opportunities to advance, at every chance they had to do so. As Gloria Gaynor sings, “I Will Survive.” I have done so in the past, in spite of some of the hardships imposed by Repugnicans. And they keep getting worse and worse. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. There. That was what was on my mind today, Friday, Feb. 3, 2023, just about 9 days to Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Be sure to remember him by purchasing the best President Lincoln Birthday sales items you are able to do — celebrate materialism. Then on the heals of Lincoln’s birthday, do the same for President George Washington. Materialism, materialism, materialism – first things first, after all, as is done in remembrance of the birth of a savior, Son of GOD. 🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🤓

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