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Federal Deficit

Morning newspaper story. President Biden attempting to work with McCarthy & Repubs on debt ceiling today!

Anybody understand history & what Fed budget is abt? If not, then I advise Americans to learn.

1. The House has say over budget and works it out with President. Why did stupid jerks use a nonsense hatred over Pelosi to put these Goddamn stupid Repubs in charge? Evidently un-intelligent stupid ones putting hatred of individual over process. Congress now seated based on voters with lowest level of intelligence with slander and lies against other human beings (i.e., Molinaro of 19) rather than discuss this isssue of budgeting, with intelligence and reasoning abt issue, not lies abt people. Scumbag liars who we need their heads on a platter.

2. Under Trump, the deficit rose. Since Biden, deficit has improved. Now bastard Repubs blame Dems.  Biden is to blame? You Goddamn bastards who say this.

3. When Reagan was in power, we suffered recession and inflation. Yet, the bastards remains popular and the basis for opposition to Biden. Grow up you snooty snotty little immature brats.

4. Reagan complained because House under Tip O’Neil had such control over budget. In California had line-item veto. Reagan moaned and groaned he did not have this at Federal level. First representation of freaking Repub desire for dictatorship. In other words, get rid of expenditures Repubs don’t like. To he’ll with what Dems who better represent people, not piggish corporate conglomerates (supply side) of Repub selfishness want.

Get a life. Get rid of nasty Repub leadership, before it is too late.

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