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Review of CBS News Report: Social Media Used to Embolden Kids to Vandalize and Attack Teachers: Sounds like a Bunch of Uncivilized and Ruthless Bolsheviks or Hitlerites

The National Education Association, for which I am a member (with AFT) is encouraging “social media”” to regulate what is published. The excuse given by Tik Tok is bizarre. Having worked with the Internet as a pioneer in the age of infancy of the Internet (even DARPANET), I can say that Tik Tok’s excuse is a flimsy one, at best.
We used moderators for anything published in forums and what not and we had no difficulties. Just as articles or letters to editors are submitted to editors who review for accuracy before publishing, a moderator on a forum (forerunner to blogs) moderates by reviewing for accuracy before publishing. It takes time and yes, we need to employ more people to do it. What a shame, right? Employ human beings rather than using computers and robots?
Those days were also the days when the Fairness Doctrine in media still existed. Republicans like Reagan and Bush tore down that doctrine which was established in a bipartisan agreement following World War II and gave us a more civilized nation rather than one with the mentally ill encouraging and emboldening young people to do acts of vandalism and assault. Hatred of fellow human beings was not allowed, especially when it is based on rumors, false conspiracy theories, and other false information. Once the Fairness Doctrine was destroyed, talk radio of hatred and false information sprang up, particularly that of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Then we ended up with “social media” and no controls over it. If someone tries to control it, then the mentally ill who propagate the hatred proclaim such regulations go against “free speech,” liberties, and is a form of censorship. I argue that it is NOT any one of these things because regulation and moderation of such information means the stories are not banned, but are evaluated for accuracy and, if there is partial truth, then the stories are so notated. That takes time and pushes the mentally ill who want instant gratification, like little brats in a sandbox kicking sand at one another – little bratty kid attitudes – upset. They should be upset when someone tries to kick their buttes and stop them from being little children, grow up and mature and become the adults ina civilized world.
CBS News needs to include this aspect for which I am discussing here. But CBS and other media outlets do not do this. Shame on them all. Rather than call this junk in Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, or other sources “social media,” let us call it what it is. “Social technology.” “Social online portal.” “Social online platform.” It is NOT news and information and shame on the media for not pointing this out. What kind of fear do they have? Losing money? If so, shame on such a media where LOVE OF MONEY predominates. Love os money is evil.

My thanks to those of NEA who were given a chance to speak up on the CBS report this morning. So many of us are not given that opportunity and that is sad, too.

To establish power in Russia, by the Bolsheviks, they used hate speech and propaganda (false news) to accomplish the goals of vulgar and vicious people. To establish the Hitler Youth in Germany, there was the use of lies of propaganda for vulgar, vicious, and uncivilized and barbarian attacks on other people. Let us stop this in America and stop it now. Don’t “appease” the other side by going along with their crap about “censorship.” Civilized society needs to moderate the barbarism and stop it. That is NOT censorship, so stop it, and stop it NOW. it is important for America and important for keeping civilization civilized.

2nd Amendment Used for Hidden Agenda of Hatred, White Superiority, and False Claims for Militias

Hatred by groups of white people who hold hatred based on unsubstantiated fear divides America. They falsely use the 2nd Amendment. Where are the justices in this nation to take a stand for justice in a rational way?

As one person who learned to use a rifle in basic training in the U.S. Army and then served in the Pacific during World War II said: “guns are for hunting animals, not killing our fellow Americans. Guns and rifles are the weapons of the dominant species over animals as humans are the predators.” When coyote and other predators are destroyed, that leaves their prey, deer, to proliferate to such an extent that they interfere in human lives.

Survival of the fittest means survival of the human species over other species. Only savages with hatred and uncivilized actions like those of too many white idiots, work to destroy fellow human beings, falsely claiming “survival of the fittest.” Yet, how many times have white bastards proclaimed that black people and indigenous people in America are “savages.” The truth is. Those who promote guns and rifles, particularly the automatic weapons, against those in our own human species, are evil and full of hatred. When will justices in the USA stop this hell being created by hateful people and stomp on their use of the 2nd Amendment in order to do it?

Bumper sticker read: “We got our freedoms by the protection of the 2nd Amendment.” Freedom from what? Freedom to be dictatorial white jackasses to rule over others? Freedom for wealthy white jackasses to create a caste system and rule over those who have less than what they have? Our freedoms were NOT just won by guns or rifles. Our liberty and justice for all was created, with freedom, by statesmen and justices with rational and reasonable thinking, not some damn jackass Johnson from Wisconsin or jackass whomever from Nebraska. They circumvent the freedom for many people. Our freedom is to NOT get the COVID-19 virus because of jackasses who won’t wear masks.

New Zealand has freedom from this and this nation with democracy and capitalism has been able to open up live concerts long before we will here in America. That is because they work out of respect for one another and freedom rings as a result. New Zealand did not win their “freedoms” by means of a 2nd Amendment. Period. The snotty white egotistical brats of fascists and Nazi-loving bastards in the USA are the ones who remover our freedoms and rip each of us against one another, creating a hell on earth.

We don’t wish to live in a hell on earth and demand these bastards be put behind bars, along with their hatred. Or else humble themselves to learn what it means to love one another. Snotty bratty people who have it far better than so many others in the world, yet they bitch and complain about their perceived lack of “freedom.” There is one thing to say to such people and their freaking ideas about the 2nd Amendment: YOU GO TO HELL.

20 July 2011

Fascist Michelle and Her Buddies

No one forces Michelle Bachman or others to have same-sex relationships.  But people like the Bachmans disturb and deny people their rights to the pursuit of “life, liberty, and happiness” by judging and claiming they can “convert” and “change” gay people.

The only “choice” a gay person has is to remain in the closet or come out of it.  When people like the Bachmans and the religious right use fear and intimidation – claiming their “love” for fellow human beings – they remove that choice from many people who just want to live in a free society and not bother other people.  BTW.  Holding hands and showing affection, as with heterosexual relationships, should not bother other people.  No one forces those others to show such affections.  In fact the only forcefulness for heterosexuals to feel compelled to show affection is to demonstrate, “we are not gay.”  That is stupid and ignorant – of people who are stupid and ignorant and are unable to come to grips with themselves.

My life was one of being subliminally forced into heterosexual relationships – because that was what society of the 1960s and 1970s dictated.  In reality, I may have had the ABILITY to choose, but societal pressures, such as those Bachman (the bitch) and others wish to impose on people in our society are sick.  It is Bachman and others who are perverted and have perverted all sense of reasoning by trying to force people to return to those days when society “spoke softly but carried a big stick” when homosexuals got out of line and actually THOUGHT about something different than a heterosexual relationship.

It is ironic I would use the statement of my hero, Teddy Roosevelt, to make a point here.  But the religious right have taken TR’s statement about carrying a big stick to high levels of negativity – to validate their position.  In reality, TR was all about civil rights.  He was booed in Georgia when he proposed the equality of white and black people.  He was instrumental in creating some of the first child labor laws.  He did positive things about human rights by “speaking softly and carrying a big stick.”  The fascists today (which includes Bachman and most Republicans today) use TR’s statements in a negative way – against a mere 10% of the population.  What a bunch of bullies and cowards.

Democracy is NOT about imposing the will of the majority in a negative manner upon a minority.  TR recognized this, but today’s ignorant Americans refuse to recognize this.  The GLBT community makes up about 10% of the population.  Just because there might be a simple majority which wishes to remove the “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness from this small group,” does not make the measures of such fascists who mis-lead the population as being correct.

TR, with his native Georgian wife, tried to stop the woes of Jim Crow Laws in the South, but was booed.   The GLBT community today stands up for its rights to have a life which allows these people to NOT conform to the closeted promiscuity, but rather to marry and to have children.   But negative people such as Bachman, in their false judgmental attitudes, rally up ignorant Americans to follow her negative ways – along with other similar candidates.  They mock the original roots of the Republican Party – as do the other Tea Party people.  TR, too, saw this mockery and split the party in two pieces exactly 100 years ago.

The ones who REALLY need to be ashamed are the black folks who support such hatred and figure this is some kind of “personal opinion.”  It was not an opinion when people imposed Jim Crow Laws on black people, no more than it is an opinion to impose fascist ideas against the GLBT community.  Shame on any black American who supports this horse shit because they forget those white people like TR who attempted to remove the chains from the black folks in the early 20th century.

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