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  1. bibsinger said:

    Pandora Free Radio

    I have a problem with Pandora Free Radio ( This “free radio” thing is a nice thought, but until bugs of the system (or perhaps security bugs that allow competitors to sabotage the operation) are removed, this Pandora Free Radio does not work well.

    Pandora Radio is a free radio service with a combination of “pre-programmed” radio stations according to artist or composer. But the nice part of Pandora is the ability to create one’s own radio station – a similar concept to creating one’s own newspaper with RSS feeds.

    A Pandora’s Box?

    Pandora did not work for me. Let me explain.

    This past week, a friend introduced me to Pandora Radio. Pandora worked as I listened to a Beethoven piano sonata one evening. Then I turned it off and went to bed. Today (Sat., 7.26.08), I woke up and, as on a typical Saturday morning, I decided to listen to classical music while eating breakfast, reading the newspaper, and drinking coffee. Forty-five minutes after starting Pandora it would not work. I identified various composers I desired and pressed the play button. After three or four minutes – nothing. I did the old re-boot. Nothing. So, I turned it off and turned on my Sirius radio subscription to advertiser-free pops classical (it took me about one minute to decide whether I wanted the “pops” or the “symphony hall” or the “opera” this morning).

    Perhaps I am a stupid geek who has worked around computers for 30 some years, so I don’t know what I am talking about. Perhaps. Perhaps I am an elitist who desires too much. Perhaps, but I doubt it.

    Accuradio ( has the same concept of pre-programmed channels and the ability to create individual channels. I have used the Accuradio pre-programmed channels and found them to be very good. Since I have not worked with the individual programming of Accuradio channels, I am not able to provide a comparison to Pandora. Perhaps when attempting to program Accuradio, it, too, works as badly as Pandora? Anyone who is more familiar is certainly welcome to comment.

    Nevertheless, I tried Pandora Free Radio this week – and so far, it sucks. There are other options,so I am not as concerned.

    Thumbs down on this one!


  2. bibsinger said:

    Mama Mia!

    I viewed the flim, Mama Mia! twice during the weekend it was released. It is not the best musical in the world, but it is upbeat and I needed something upbeat! I would see it again. Mama Mia! will become one of my favorite musicals and I would see it again, if I could. Mama Mia! will not replace my favorites of all time, Les Miserables and The Phantom of the Opera, but it ranks high on the list.

    Two things about Mama Mia! The memories of the music of Abba. We danced to “Dancing Queen” and other disco favorites of the 1970s. There was no superlative performance comparable to the “Dancing Queen” in the movie. You can bet on that. The memories of the carefree days described in the story of the movie – those memories. The pain exemplified by Pierce Brosnan about the love he gave up. The positive twist at the end. All of this was exciting.

    The second great thing about the movie was Meryl Streep. She had a decent voice and she bubbled with excitement. And that made the movie great – for me, at least.

    As I watched other people in the audience restrain themselves from standing up and dancing, I wondered why we don’t just do that! Why DON’T we just let go. I heard the quiet sound of people singing under their breath and just wondered why did everyone hold back?

    At the Moody Blues concert with the London Symphony (shown on video by PBS stations), the audience in London was certainly and by no means restrained. The prudish Brits – all our age! No restraint!

    Kudos to Meryl Streep! Pierce Brosnan is a great actor and many gals (and gay guys, too) may find him attractive. But he just cannot sing. Did anyone offer the man voice lessons? Or was it hopeless. Hate to say it, but Mr. Brosnan was the weakest part of the musical. At least Rex Harrison spoke the words of songs (My Fair Lady).

    Still, I would see the film again. But, most importantly, I am wondering how I missed out on the theatrical productions of the show? Where was I hiding? Perhaps I was too busy trying to locate local productions of Les Miz and Phantom – and ignored Mama Mia! Or, perhaps I was too busy singing. Too bad.


  3. bibsinger said:

    Mama Mia! at the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, West Palm Beach, was an energizing show. The leading players did an okay job, but the biggest memory coming away from the show was the excitement.

    The actor playing the role of Sam did a better job of singing than the actor in the movie. Meryl Streep, however, created a better “Donna.”

    For a person who can rarely afford tickets to Broadway, let alone touring shows at the Kravis, it is considered a blessing to be able to obtain the seats for this concert at such a low price (for the Kravis). But it also helps me appreciate even more the $45 tickets to see Hairspray up the road at the Sunrise Theatre in Fort Pierce – and sit in great seats there.

    I would probably go broke purchasing tickets to Jersey Boys, A Chorus Line, and South Pacific at the Kravis. And that is really quite a shame considering that it was easier for me to purchase tickets to road performances of A Chorus Line and Annie in Syracuse, NY, in the 1970s.

    But alas, thanks to Jeb Bush and his worship of Saudi fiefdoms and oil, we are deprived of “common man” ticket prices. The Bush family are traitors who have done more good for the Saudi Kingdom than for American citizens whom they have thrashed with their piggish wealth and “trickle down” horse s*** ideas. And don’t forget, “Who is John Galt?” Who gives a damn?

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