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Short & To the Point: CBS News Sunday Morning Report on Homelessness

Kudos to CBS News Sunday Morning and its report today about Homelessness and Housing First. The report about the Colorado mayor hiding and living among the homeless population in his area was very interesting. No surprise that he found the biggest hurdles were economic instability and not being able to pay for the high cost of housing, addictive disorders, and mental illness. His experience reminds me of the inside information I had from a person working within the Mario Cuomo administration in Albany and reporting how Cuomo went out each day for a walk. He found homeless people and talked with them. He thought most of the homeless did not want the help. In working with homeless in Florida, I find this assessment by Cuomo to be bizarre. As a professor, I tutored one veteran and watched as he really DID desire to lift himself out of the position of homelessness. I find the Cuomo assessment several decades ago to be rather bizarre. Then, perhaps it was a time with different circumstances and situations? I also wanted to add to this story from CBS News about a program at my church in Florida called Family Promise. Churches came together and provided homes for the homeless as they worked to get back on their feet. In these days when Republicans claim to follow family interests but then boo Mitt Romney off the stage. This idiocracy based on Trump is teaching a false herd mentality about what a family is by working to make it illegal for gay couples to adopt, in states like Tennessee. My denomination accepts gay people and also supports the Family Promise efforts by opening the doors to our church for homeless families to live and do the activities they need to do. There are some very good people from our church who do this. In these days of rift between the idiocracy of puritanical crap about families, would it not have been a good practice on the part of CBS News to add this part about Family First and the Christians who are true Christians and reaching out to help? Oh, that’s right. We cannot go into details because it takes too much information to be presented to people. Keep it short and to the point, don’t you know? Nevertheless, gracious thanks to CBS News for presenting this report this morning. The statistics about the success of Housing First was really eye-opening and should have been to Americans today who fight this idea to help the homeless. Kudos to Housing First and to Family Promise for the success in helping homeless people get back on their feet. Sad that in one of the wealthiest nations on earth, we have lovers of money controlling real estate and pushing the prices so high that we have such a homeless population. At one time, the frontier was open in America, so people could head to the frontier and start a new life. The veteran whom I helped at been living in a nearby public park, along with so many other homeless people in Palm Beach County, Florida, not far from Trump’s home across the intracoastal waterway. The frontier closed and that was one of the reasons FDR introduced a “New Deal.” The “New Deal” was and is rejected by the stupid idiocracy of autocratic Trumpicans who are in denial about homelessness. They are worse than the Republicans who fought FDR in the 1930s and 1940s. Paranoid idiots are the Trumpican autocratic idiots. Love of money before love of the human species is becoming a “norm” which we need to reject and toss away. It takes more than just my words to do so. The French Revolution was fought and Napoleon ended up in charge. He, too, was a criminal on the level of King George of England and Donald Trump. Neither of them got executed and King George ended up secluded at the end of his life, due to his mental illness. Napoleon ended up being tried and banished to a heavily secured island. THAT is law and order, my friends, not the law and order defined by Trumpicans or Giuliani or others in the idiocracy of wealth and love of money. Am I short and to the point enough? Too bad if I am not.

Short & To the Point: CBS News This Morning Story About Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Bravo to CBS News Sunday Morning and your report about Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. What a wonderful ride down memory lane to the “Deja Vu” album we purchased at the end of the 1960s while just young kids. We loved listening to “Our House” and “Teach Your Children,” etc. America needs these values portrayed by this wonderful band. Glad to hear there is a 50th anniversary remake. What is disappointing is to hear the rift between the band members and hearing that this rift will likely never be fixed because it is like trying to put together a “thread which has been broken.”

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