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CNN and Bias

I cannot remain silent.  Every time I sit at lunch and listen to the supposed “news” of CNN, I am disgusted.  Am I the only one who notices the subtle bias?

When one sits for some 10 minutes and notices 90% of the discussion is about “how Romney can attain a victory in Ohio,” I am disgusted with CNN.  Little is mentioned of Barack Obama.  is the fact that CNN emanates from the Deep South the reason for this atrocity?  Atlanta, GA, hates the McClellands and Carters – and now the black man, Obama?  But they like Gingrich?  Or is Gingrich paying them all off?

A balanced approach would be to also discuss how Obama plans to maintain his lead in Ohio!  W

With polls still open in Ohio, comments like, “getting those who are not likely to vote off their butts and vote for Romney” is clearly a violation – or should be – of election laws.  It’s a perversion of justice in America today and I am calling CNN on their lousy news “coverage.”

The same network which condemned a Democrat for saying Republicans are fascists should also be condemned for its lack of journalistic integrity.

No one forces Republicans into a lifestyle, but they fully intend to force many of us into a lifestyle and to put out to pasture those who are responsible, worked hard, and invested their money in America – while Republicans invest… WHERE?  Screw the Republicans and CNN – the cable news being paid off – apparently.  Or do I jump to conclusions?  What else explains the lack of journalistic integrity?

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