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Stupid DATE Functions in Microsoft Excel

Eliminate hassle with date and text formats for dates.User freely choose whether wants 4-,2-year formats, etc.User not in error situation, one way or other. Enable calculate & sequence dates.No confusion between month or day 1st.

Microsoft Monopolization & Lack of Answering Feedback of DEMAND SIDE of CAPITALIST Market: Topic ISBLANK Function

Microsoft stop ignoring my feedback & listen to customers, non-monopolistic & true capitalist supply and demand, which America SHOULD be. ISBLANK is too complicated when we need to “CLEAR ALL” on cell analyzed for being ISBLANK.

Microsoft Monopolization, Errors in Excel Formulas, Not Caring about DEMAND SIDE OF CAPITALIST MARKET

Microsoft wrong. Listen to customer on demand side of market.Don’t ignore.Your Excel too rift with stupid errors like #SPILL! & ISBLANK situation.Correct problems, stop making customers deal with stupid errors when create FORMULAS.

DAMNATION ON MICROSOFT: No more allowing me to do what I want to do and CUT AND PASTE cells in Excel – DAMNATION TO MICROSOFT

No longer can I cut and paste a cell in Microsoft Excel. Why? Why do they employ young programmers who program this in the manner to which it is working and removes MY control over my spreadsheets when a good buddy from my college had created a better computer program and operating system in the 1980s and he died. Some way that Americans treat one another. Shame on American business so being so bad, as lazy fat cats at the top make big salaries and bonuses and screw their employees out of benefits and pensions in the process. Meanwhile, screw these lazy fat cat bastards for blaming the American worker as being lazy. What should they expect when those bastard fat cats and pigs take all the money and want trickle down to the hard working American. It is disgusting and it makes it disgusting living in such a lousy America with lousy fat cats at the top. The demand side of the market gets screwed, as does the hard-working American trying to feed and house a family and live for retirement security and healthcare.

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