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REVIEW: Hooked, by Michael Moss, on Morning Joe (26 March 2021)

Interesting discussion on Morning Joe, 26 March 2021, regarding the impact of the food giants in creating the scenario of craving food and ultimately drugs, for the purpose of selling foods. The author interviewed was Michael Moss who wrote the book, Hooked.

The increased numbers of obese people and diabetics is the result of this. Without locating the exact sources, the evidence has been out there and pronounced in documentaries and other sources in the health field. Type II diabetes may be of genetic inheritance, but there are many who, with the genetics, have fallen to diabetes at an earlier age than the generation before this one, from which the genes were inherited. Fast foods were not part of the earlier generations. High fructose corn syrup, developed for the purpose of selling more Iowa corn by creating cravings for sugar, was not part of that earlier generation.

Add to this “food giant” quest from the perspective of love for money, hatred towards human beings and prioritizing money over humans, and we have what Moss described this morning on Morning Joe. Moss is not the only one who has written about this phenomenon.

Since when does hate override love in America to such a point that stupid jackasses like the Republican Congressperson from Nebraska and others, defend the 2nd Amendment by playing lip service to it with a hidden agenda of hatred of one another, especially the hatred of some white folks of those with colored skins. These people need to be locked up, along with those of the big food giants because they all, with love of money, create a hell on earth with divisiveness and pitting American against American. Then they use evangelical fundie religious s***s of people to place the fear of this earth and pushing everyone to go to a heaven, in order to get away from the hell they create on earth. They are lousy evil people. Jesus Christ made it known his distaste for the love of money. Paul repeated it in a letter to Timothy. These s***heads hide the truth, but the truth will set us all free, not send us off to heaven, based on the hidden agenda of human beings.

Gender Wage Gap (Morning Joe, March 24, 2021)

Wish to solve the gender wage gap? There are solutions and a Federal minimum wage is NOT the answer. But does Professor Douglas Cornwell get the microphone on these analysis programs?

Ask a mother, now deceased, who owned a business back in the 1960s, about the damage done to small rural businesses when they are FORCED to pay the same wage which is paid in urban areas. This mother is no longer around to ask her. This woman was a Republican. Professor Cornwell, a Democrat today, sides with the Republicans and small business entrepreneurs with the idea of an across-the-board minimum wage, without considering the cost of living differences which impact ALL people, including female small business owners. Professor Cornwell has even spoken with a woman who owned a small business in URBAN Palm Beach County, too, and this woman is of the same mind as Professor Cornwell (common ground), even if Professor Cornwell got into an argument with this woman regarding Trump.

When listening to Morning Joe this morning, one recognizes talk ONLY about workers and no talk about those who run and lead small businesses in America. That sends a message that the only important people in America are those of the big corporate monopolies which were created by “free markets” and Reagan’s deregulation. These things and Professor Cornwell does NOT find common ground with Republicans. There may be no common ground with Kevin “Joe” McCarthy and his irrational approaches because he and others are too stupid to understand what it means about the goodness of government regulation of an economy called SUPPLY AND DEMAND. SURPRISE! That is not SUPPLY SIDE ONLY economics which was how things were run in the Dark Ages. As said, created by “free markets” which win the hearts of common folks by playing lip service to the idea of “capitalism.” These people mis-lead the people.

Professor Cornwell is not given the mike. But he served many years on the Florida statewide faculty union senate. He worked with a local union during negotiations. He has some experience in this.

The union faced a Republican-led Florida government which never accepted the ideas about cost of living when negotiating salaries. Is that why Democrats don’t go there is they know the Republicans refuse to be rational? After all, the Rick Scott administration in Florida was not rational when it came to unions and salaries.

When Professor Cornwell began teaching in New York, negotiations were done, not by a county-wide school district, but smaller school districts. Thus, one end of a county might have had a lower cost of living than one near an urban area. In this scenario, Professor Cornwell was paid nearly $2000 less per year than his wife, who was in a district which geographically sat closer to a larger urban area.

This is mentioned because, hearing about the disparities of the gender wage gap this morning and all people here is that the SOLUTION…. SOLUTION… SOLUTION… is only ONE SOLUTION – Federal minimum wage across-the board. Damn it, this is not the ONLY solution. But no one wants to hear it being said: UNIONS can also be the solution because they negotiate ACROSS THE BOARD on a contract and do not negotiate according to sex or sexual identity.

Then again, one can say that the teaching profession is identified a great deal with being one dominated by females. Teachers are paid less than other professions, as is the case with professions such as nursing. Yet, nurses sometimes know more than the male-dominated profession of medical doctors and medical specialists where the pay is much higher. Same with the male-dominated legal profession. (Note that every commercial about personal injury lawyers with all the money are males, not one female lawyer).

The point here? The issue is more complex and it is not discussed in detail, as with the problems surrounding why we build a wall on the border with Mexico and those who don’t like the results pick up their fucking guns and do mass murders, trying to defend what the hell they do with a mis-guided idea about what the hell the 2nd Amendment means. McCarthy on social media who proclaims what he believes and asks for a “whether we like what he says,” then takes a photo of the results which would favor him, never taking into account those who don’t agree and WHY they don’t agree. “Like” it or say nothing. (Example of Fairness Doctrine which no longer exists because it was destroyed by Republicans at a time when Professor Cornwell, then a Republican, called out, “Republicans are foul in doing this”). This issue about a gender wage gap is more complicated than simply putting a band-aid on it and ending up, as always, with a scar that continues to bleed.

Disgusting for an America which was once better than that and led the world as an example of democracy, as some try to work to join with Russia, China, Hungary, Poland, and other dictatorships in nations which SHOULD be democratic). Winston Churchill, who was a leader of a nation which was bombed by Nazis and many innocent people died, said: “Democracy is a very bad form of government, but all the others are so much worse.” IBM’s Thomas J. Watson was a benevolent dictator, which some might say is good. But like a monarchy, the benevolent one dies and the next one is often a real ruthless and vicious dickhead. The dickheads who took over after the death of Thomas J. Watson and his son destroyed something good. Putin is no different than Stalin or any one of the czars, all vicious and ruthless dictators.

Comment About Tolerance and Respect in America Today in the World of “Cancer Culture”

This morning on Morning Joe, a discussion centered on the irrational application of political correctness which has become so extreme that, with one mistake, people are losing their jobs. The issue was about a news media person who lost her job, due to some things she wrote on a Tweet a number of years ago when she was 17 years of age. She has changed since then and had apologized for her statements at that time.

The issue is about America no longer being able to forgive. A recent article was mentioned (Wood, Graeme (21 March 2021), “America Has Forgotten How to Forgive,” The Atlantic). Bill Maher’s comments about “cancer culture” (is this a new phrase?). Clips of Donald Trump on Face the Nation remarking about political correctness were provided.

At this point, I must comment about Donald Trump’s statements about political correctness. What a shame that Donald Trump is so mentally ill that the only conclusion I make is that “I agree, Mr. Trump, but you are a hypocrite when speaking about this topic. I agree, Mr. Trump, but to get your way, you embolden thugs who look for support about this statement and then accuse the rest of us of being on a ‘political witch hunt’ and losing ground by lying about the results of an election.” Trump divides America, rather than solving the problems like this one. We don’t need an asshole like that and this is not being said because of a “political witch hunt” at all, you asshole Trump.

I have read a book written by someone who served in the U.S. Education Department under George W. Bush (and did not act like an asshole DeVos elitist who wanted to privatize education, or Jeb Bush of Florida who wanted to privatize education with vouchers or the same with the asshole hospital privatizer (making a ton of money due to this) from Florida who sits in the U.S. Senate today, Rick the Prick Scott).

Dr. Ravitch’s book made a great deal of sense about the over-reaction and extremist values of political correctness or, apparently, as Bill Maher called it, “cancer culture.” The book was not mentioned in this discourse this morning, but is an important aspect. The book? Diane Ravitch’s, The language police : how pressure groups restrict what children learn. evidently, the person who lost her job recently did not let pressure groups influence her, as she wrote something politically incorrect on Twitter, while a teenager. In contrast to elitist snotty bitch, Betsy DeVos being appointed as Secretary of the Department of Education, Trump COULD have appointed REPUBLICAN Dr. Diane Ravitch and he would have had a person who agreed with him regarding political correctness. Instead, Trump became a mentally ill hypocrite when he appointed people, then became paranoid when people disagreed with him. Yep. Some “political witch hunt” and fraud in the elections. Asshole Trump.

Another book from Dr. Ravitch goes against the bitch, DeVos, Jeb Bush, and Rick the Prick, so probably is the reason why Dr. Ravitch was ignored. Book: Reign of error : the hoax of the privatization movement and the danger to America’s public schools.

Mister Doug, Professor (retired) Doug is pro-Ravitch, including other books the good doctor has authored.

The one issue which was hard to understand. Mister Doug has always liked Joe Scarborough. Today, however, we hear him talking about living in the South and “thinking nothing about the Confederate flag flying.” Scarborough cited the “five flags in Pensacola, FL, which included the American, Florida, British, and Confederate (and I must add the words, BATTLE FLAG to Confederate). That did not settle well with me, at all. Knowing so many people in Florida who found a battle flag from the past as being traitorous, never mind the symbol of white racism, I find the fact that the traitorous aspect was not brought up today. The British flag is the flag of another nation which still exists today and for which has been our ally, especially when they asked for our help during World War II and REPUBLICANS OPPOSED GIVING THE ASSISTANCE TO CHURCHILL and we ALMOST PAID A BAD PRICE FOR THE FREAKING REPUBLICANS DIGGING IN THEIR HEELS THOSE DAYS. Scarborough should have known about this. There is a difference between having the British flag present, along with a BATTLE FLAG. What is being said and not repeated by the media in America is that the battle flag is NOT ONLY a flag symbolizing white supremacy, but also one that demonstrates the treason and sedition of so many Americans who believe the war was not ended in 1865 an the BATTLES continue today. What the hell is Scarborough and others afraid of by saying this? Afraid of violating “political correctness?”

One final thought. Thank you, Rev. Al Sharpton, for your remarks about forgiving a white man who tried to stab him. Added to this could have been the forgiveness of Alabama Governor George Wallace, by John Lewis. In Christianity, one more thing to be added are these ideas: (1) “judge not lest you be judged,” in addition to the words mentioned on this program about “those without sin cast the first stone;” (2) “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free,” rather than just believing, as Trump and so many Americans believe, that the “truth hurts.”

Aretha Franklin’s song: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.”

Stevie Wonder’s song: “Love’s in Need of Love Today.”

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