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Same Pandemic, Worlds Apart (2/6/2022)

Yesterday’s front page headline began with: “Worlds Apart.” The information provided was about the Pandemic. The “worlds apart” was defined only by New York and Florida.

Gannett Pravda did a lousy job. A number of weeks ago, The New York Times did a much better job at providing the details about “worlds apart.”

The line graph on the front page did demonstrate that the deaths in Florida surpassed those in New York in about the 3rd quarter of 2021 and continues to be ahead of New York right down to 1st quarter 2022.

If one examines this line graph and superimposes the leadership of the USA over the graph, one will see that the rise at the beginning of 2021 began to level off in New York and remains flatter up to today. In contrast, Florida’s death rate surged under DeSantis from second quarter 2021 and has only begun to flatten in the third quarter 2021, as it surpassed the death rate in New York. 

Furthermore, the surge New York experienced was first to second quarter 2020. New York suffered with the most numbers of COIVD-19 at that time while Florida did not even have as much from those coming in. After all, New York City is a larger transportation hub from around the world than Miami or Orlando. Add to New York, Amtrak trains which connect with Canada (Montreal) and the Buffalo airport on the border with Canada.  This new virus was not known and many people, like Governor Cuomo, attempted to meet the demand it brought on and did so with little knowledge about it. Florida’s DeSantis did not have to reckon with that. Yet, Trump and DeSantis remain a favorite, in spite of the sexual harassment of Trump. Where is Cuomo?  In spite of the heavy corrupt, unethical, immoral, human injustice (bigotry) practices of DeSantis, DeSantis is still there and Cuomo is not.  Give me a break. 

Furthermore, at the early stages of the virus, as New York suffered the most, Trump did nothing to help the northeastern states with the equipment to do so. Trump had, at his disposal, the Defense Protection Act. It is a war, not a political battle. Trump and lousy DeSantis treated it all as politics. Again. It was and IS a war.  So, when hospitals moved COVID-19 patients across state lines and put them in nursing homes, the stupidity of the population did not blame Trump who was responsible for cross-border transport, but directed at Cuomo, the governor of Michigan (Democrat), the governor of Oregon (Democrat), etc. All about GODDAMN politics and nothing else.  Why? To destroy democracy and implement an autocracy, on the part of Trump. Goddamn TRUMP and the Republicans, not the Democrats, you iddiotic lainbrains out there. 

The New York Times detailed article had a map of the USA and its 50 states. The writer compared facts and statistics regarding vaccination, masking, and other modes to help win the war against a virus. In other worrds, one could consider that in the third quarter or so of 2021, a Democratic Party governor in Oregon presided over over a mask mandate and did so before New York re-implemented the mask mandate. Florida never implemented a mask mandate. In fact, DeSantis acted like a dictator being vicious against those who DID wish to wear masks and the companies and organizations which wished to insist employees wear the masks.  All of this, by dictator DeSantis and dictator Trump needs to be considered. I see little of it being discussed openly and that is a disgusting thing which is happening in journalism today. 

Furthermore, some nations about the size of New York, Florida, and other states in the USA, there is no comparison. A CBS report mentioned Japan and how it’s vaccination rate helped give it the lowest COVID-19 positivity rate. Many other reports about Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand confirmed some of this. The one shortfall in the USA was the lack of contact tracing. Yet, when Biden, the CDC, and Democrats proposed that we increase contact testing, the voices of idiots in the USA spoke loudly with the microphone they were given and it was not done to the degree it should have ben done. When we are fighting a war, we can set aside the “voice of people who don’t know one Godman thing about the issue” and do it.  We did when fighting World War I and World War II. Some of it was not good (i.e., bigots and discrimination against black folks, Japanese-Americans, and the LGBTQ+.  As with the state of Israel and its ability to be an example for fighting war on a virus, Israel’s military has defeated their enemies and have not implemented DADT in the military and used females in its military. Goddamn the white supremacists and bigots against gay folks for insisting it is “patriotic” to have segregation and DADT. Goddamn them. Goddamn them with plenty of damnation for they have no sense of humanity and human justice. 

These idiots who push for a military-industrial complex based on a love of money, created perpetual war with a military-industrial complex, warned by former General Eisenhower that we SHOULD NOT DO, and wonder why we have a problem in drafting soldiers, so we create a professional military to defend oil and other issues, not to protect the USA and its human beings, when it becomes necessary to do so.  In the process, we have dictatorial assholes like Trump and the Republican leadership, now have a problem calling the bluff of Goddamn Putin and Russia, and take Putin’s position regarding bigotry towards the LGBTQ+. 

This is stupid, stupid, stupid.  It  does NOT reflect my idea of what it means to be a PATRIOT.  Go to hell in trying to force the ideas about bigotry towards groups o fpeople in the USA and shoving it down the throats of many of us who object to this and giver a PROACTIVE warning because a reactionary action will do little good and brings hell on earth.   idea on me. But perhaps to do so, you will support Trump, DeSantis, Scott, Gaetz, Marjorie the bitch, and others.   In this case, you are a traitor in support of Putin.

It’s the pandemic, stupid. Learn from the past pandemics and the errors made in first dealing with this one. Stop making claims that if we DON’T fight the war, then humans in America can succeed better than SHOULD we fight the war on a virus.  I can once again, mention what Kierkegaard said about moving forward by learning from the past, but not to just do what was done in the past. But it evidently does no good to say this, does it?

Cornwell Family Across the North

My Cornwell – Cornell family arrived in the Boston Colony from Saffron Walden, County Essex, England in 1638. We have not yet identified the ship upon which they arrived or why they were part of the “Great Migration” from England during that period of time.

Speculation (i.e., speculation is like a hypothesis to be proven and not conclusive) has it that because the family arrived here during some tumultuous times just prior to the overthrow of King Charles, they may have been seeking to “migrate” to get away from the tumult and chaos which ensued. They were also part of the Anglican Catholic Church (St. Mary’s of Saffron Walden) and this indicates they may have felt threatened by the puritans of England as they were being led by Oliver Cromwell. Cromwell eventually became Lord Protector in the overthrow and execution of King Charles.

Cromwell ruled England while the Cornwell-Cornell family was in Boston, living on a street which is now considered the center of the city of Boston in today’s world. They owned a tavern. Once Cromwell died in England, his son tried his hand at being Lord Protector and then relinquished it in order to return control back to the monarchy.

The progenitor of this family, Thomas Cornell, was doing well, from the accounts which have been recorded in a genealogy written by Rev. John Cornell in 1901. However, Tomas ran into difficulty as he wished to sell his beer / ale on Sundays. Facing an increase of puritans coming to Boston Colony, following the return in England to the monarchy, he was met with opposition by the puritans and banished from Boston Colony. Thomas then moved his family to Rhode Island with Roger Williams.

Most of the Cornwell-Cornell family remained in Rhode Island. Three of the children moved to what was then New Netherlands / New Amsterdam and were present when the British took control and renamed it New York. Following the death of Thomas, his widow was murdered and his eldest son, Thomas, Jr., was falsely accused of murder as Thomas, Jr.’s wife admitted apparitions into court as evidence and the court never utilized alibis of Thomas, Jr., being in a tavern at the time of the murder. Some speculate that Thomas, Jr.’s wife may have been the murderer and she manipulated things, with the help of the victim’s brother, to set up Thomas, Jr. They hung an innocent man.

The children who had moved to the New York City and Long Island area (Flushing) were in that area at the time of the murder. Richard, Sarah, and Hannah were living in the New York City area. Sarah lived near Westchester County and the Bronx. She was married to Thomas Willett. Richard and Hannah were living in Flushing and both were married, Hannah no longer going by Cornell or Cornwell. Speculation has it that Richard tried to be more like the Dutch who were in control at that time. The Dutch pronunciation of Cornell was “Cornewel,” with the “w” with a “v” sound. There are very good chances that was how those in the generations following Richard had changed their name to Cornwell. Only time and further research will provide conclusions.

While Thomas, Jr.’s descendants remained in Rhode Island and retained the name of Cornell, they eventually moved westward to New York and the Hudson River, then, following the American Revolution, further west to the area south of Syracuse, NY, known as central New York.

My line of Cornwells can be followed from Flushing, up the Hudson River to Dutchess and Greene County (then part of Albany County). Following the American Revolution, several moved westward to settle, as pioneers, in Cortland County.

My line remained in Cortland County during most of the 19th Century, moving to the southwest corner of Cortland County, bordering on Tioga County, in the town of Harford. Across the county line is the towns of Richford, Berkshire, and Newark Valley.

Following the American Civil War, my own branch of the family with my 2nd great-grandparents, George and Eliza Cornwell, headed west to Danby, Ionia County, Michigan. George had been a lumberer and worked to clear the land in Harford. He also worked as a lumberer in Michigan. George and Eliza left behind, in central New York, his widowed mother, his siblings, and a daughter who was married and living in the city of Cortland. My third-great-grandmother, Jane Cornwell, had moved to Cayuga County and lived, until her death at an age close to 100 years of age, with a daughter in Cayuga County. That was the late 1890s.

My great-grandparents met in Michigan and married there. The first child, May Cornwell, was born in Michigan. However, by the 1892 New York state census, Samuel, his wife Minerva, and their budding family, were living in Harford, New York, the land where Samuel had been born in 1859, before his parents departed for Michigan.

Samuel’s other siblings had moved further westward with their father who apparently had become a widower. By 1900, George and his son, George, Jr., and others were in the Sturgis, South Dakota area. George, Jr., had started a retail business there and was listed as founder of the local Presbyterian Church in Sturgis.

Samuel’s other siblings had moved on to North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and the state of Washington.

Meanwhile, George, Sr., had returned to Cortland County where he lived with his daughter in the city of Cortland. That was Alzina (Cornwell) Hammond and her husband, Ira Hammond, and daughter. According to George W. Cornwell, Sr.’s death certificate filed with the state of New York, George died in 1904 in Cortland.

My branch of the Cornwell family can be traced along the very same lines which early settlers of Massachusetts had envisioned happening with Massachusetts extending across America to what is now Seattle and to the Pacific Ocean. Massachusetts had, at one time, tried to lay claim to that swath of territory from Boston to Seattle, but it never happened. Interesting to note that Interstate 90 extends from Boston, through upstate New York, south of the Great Lakes and heading west, and across the Rocky Mountains to the state of Washington. I-90 covers the territory which some had wanted to be Massachusetts. Those developing New Amsterdam, the Dutch, squashed the idea for allowing this to happen, by extending its hold up the Hudson River and starting the settlement of Fort Orange which changed its name to Albany. When the English took over that colony, they had an advantage over those further east. Did the government in England, not being supportive of Puritans as those who settled in Boston, have a strong influence in blocking this? After all, one of the first governors of New York under British rule, had come from an Anglican Church clergy class which likely did not approve of Puritans.

The Empire State of New York was born after the American Revolution. Likewise, the city of New York became a huge commercial center, due to “Clinton’s Ditch” (the Erie Canal), which extended travel westward past the Hudson River. Today, I-90 through upstate New York, parallels the old Erie Canal. Of course, I-90 extends further west to the Pacific.

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11 August 2011

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