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Oakdale Commons, Johnson City, NY

Dear Editors:

You had a front-page story about the Oakdale Commons. It was written, if memory serves me correctly, by Chris Stone (?). The email address was included in that article. But I am damned at “rying” in an attempt to locate that email address. So much for the Gannett way of forcing digital technology down our throats by eliminating the Saturday print copy and not getting good delivery of the print copy to Newark Valley. Perhaps your newspaper has a thorn in the side prophesy and attitude, so as to taunt someone like me who speaks out against someone who speaks out about this?  How nice to treat customers on the demand side of the market in such a manner.  Oh, well. So much for conspiracy theory!  LOL!

If you wouldn’t mind, I have an add-on to my comments about the Oakdale Commons. I hope you will be pleasant enough to pass this along to that writer. PLEASE. Or maybe you all have such hatred about my attempts to seek the truth, represent humanism, not politics, and have this hatred for me. 

Here is my additional commentary.

Add-on to discussion about the Oakdale Commons (Mall).

I suggested adding a buffet style restaurant such as Golden Corral because it opens the door for a wider choice for more people. I am a diabetic and try to avoid breaded chicken such as what Chick-Fil-A has (or KFC or McDonald’s or … all fast food which is successful).

I recall in my younger years, there were more Phil’s Chicken House Restaurants in the Southern Tier. From Binghamton to Owego, there were Phil’s Chicken Houses. (In fact I worked one summer as a short order cook at the Owego restaurant).

Their rotisserie chicken was modeled after chicken non-tomato sauce, non-breading=type recipe developed by Cornell University. Firemen’s Field Days and many other events always featured this style of chicken.

The cause of the rise of obesity and diabetes in America has been attributed to the fast food proliferation and the resulting destruction of a vinegar-based, non-breaded type of chicken found here in the Southern Tier.

Today, people follow the “fad” too damn much and crave the stuff which proliferates throughout the fast food world. Meanwhile, Phil’s Chicken House has been curtailed to one restaurant in West Corners (Endicott). That is shameful, as these big businesses cater, like the media, to “what the majority want” and ignore what MIGHT be best for people, particularly for those who are intelligent enough to seek the right kinds of foods.

Individualism, from the time of the automobile, prevails. Let us have shallow fun, fun, fun til our daddy takes the T-bird away. Let us grab at the fads and trends, whether they are good for us or not.

Even with Golden Corral, they have breaded chicken and one of my favorites, breaded chicken livers (also fried). But not roasted marinated chicken on a pit in a rotisserie.

Don’t give me the BS that it is expensive to make because American ingenuity, when people want it, can overcome such costs, in one way or another. Apparently, American ingenuity is dead when we tailor everything to the majority and forget the minority of people in an overall picture of business.

So, I now endorse the idea that there be a Phil’s Chicken House buffet at the new Oakdale Mall, or Commons.

Humanism first and that is not speaking about politics one single bit. There is no politics with humanism. Then, I remain fearful of saying that I also put God and country first, because then I come under attack by atheists and others.  God help me.

P.S. YEAH!  My glucose fasting numbers this morning were 86!!!   Oh, that’s right, forget it. Nobody gives a damn anymore about fellow human beings. Gee. I should shut the hell up. 

Oakdale Commons, Johnson City, NY

RE: Oakdale Mall / Commons (23 Feb. 2022). We lived in Palm Beach County. The Palm Beach Mall was failing. New Owners put in an outlet mall. The old mall was torn down, to build the new one. Don’t know the reasons why. But the new outlet mall is fantastic. Just something I offer.

The ideas for the Oakdale Commons sound great. Someone suggested a coffee shop. We love Starbucks. But a local bistro coffee / bistro with art exhibits would also be wonderful.

As a person who has to limit his diet, due to diabetes, one establishment we really enjoyed in South Florida was Golden Corral buffet. You can pay a lower price and pick and choose the foods you want, rather than choosing from an established, pre-determined menu with combinations of foods.

Unlike Chick-Fil-A, the CEO at Starbucks is gay friendly and does not condemn same-sex marriage. Not so with Chick-Fil-A. We would never go into Chick-Fil-A. Shame on people who would go just to snub their nose at those of us who stand up for human rights and believe we don’t go “because we don’t like the food.” We never said we did not like the food. The question is about the treatment of human beings. Make the commons for the community, not just to satisfy those who want to push the LGBTQ+ back into a closet and keep us segregated.

One more thing. The idea of including health and wellness services in the commons is also wonderful. Another option similar to this is considering spaces where community college students training to be dental hygienists, dental assistants, cosmetologists, masseuses, and other vocations, could work with patients, under the supervision of instructors. They would clean teeth or do other functions in which they are being trained to do. This idea is taken from the old Sunshine Mall in Fort Pierce, FL, where Indian River State College had similar health offices just for the purposes I describe.

Best wishes to the new ownership of the Oakdale Commons!

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