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Who Blocked Me?

I am thankful for WordPress and the number of years I have had this blog. For many years I was able to share my blog postings with my main email, . One day this sharing stopped.

Since then, I have tried unsuccessfully to ask WordPress for assistance on this. I have received nothing, in all my attempts. Nothing in reply.

I have even posted my problems on my blog for many people to read, hoping I would find something willing to intervene on my behalf. Nothing. Everyone is so damn concerned with their own individualism and love of money and materialism, they don’t care about their fellow Americans.

Am I to conclude that someone, somewhere, within or outside WordPress is attempting to censor me? Who owns and runs WordPress? Why am I blocked from making attempts to move my blog from WordPress to some portal more willing to meet my needs? Again. Is this a form of American censorship governed by the extremes in politics? What is it? I need help on this and is there no American out there willing to take a stand and help me by taking my side and doing something? THAT is what is wrong with America today and I work to fix such things so that we are not breached by negative s**t from the big fat pigs and cats of America. Because that is what it is.

Is this short enough a message for my stupid idiocracy belligerents or do I need to make it the size of a tweet and that is the only way to get my point across, doing so with a message so short that it becomes ambiguous and interpreted differently by millions of people?

SHORT & TO THE POINT: Cowards of American Business

Those who set things up to not allow the consumer to speak and discuss matters of business are cowards. They operate out of fear, like dictator Trump, of being criticized. They don’t know how to work with constructive criticism so the consumer can be happy by solving a problem hurting the consumer. Cowards. Fear. American business follows these lines too damn much today. Case in point. How can I call and speak with someone at WordPress to resolve a problem with the blocking of sending my posts to my own email? I cannot find a person to talk with and so far no one at WordPress has replied to my words, whether on my posts or in email to the help desk at WordPress. Lousy American business for which we in a capitalist supply and demand market deserve better.


Go to h-e-double-hockey-sticks WordPress for blocking my blog posts from being sent to my Google email. What do you bastards hope to accomplish?

I just tried sending a blog to my gmail at least two dozen times and never once did it send it. Instead, it gives me these stupid “captcha” images asking me to identify motorcycles or tractors in such tiny images that someone who is visually impaired and zooms the pictures to see them and it is difficult to view. Must be no one enforces the ADA, as we were supposed to do when I was doing websites, web pages, and wikis. Go to h-e-double-hockey-sticks, you younger generation who are the crux of this matter. OK. I apologize if I ever offended someone at a younger age who was visually impaired. Maybe you want to rub my fingers in broken glass.

Ameri3an tycoons with their autocracy, go to hell, pound salt, suck eggs, and eat shit. You are disgusting people.

I hope a dog pisses on your captcha fire hydrants and destroys them. You push me into a corner and take away my control over my own computer and blog that you make me angry. If I bury the anger than it leads to depression and you bet I won’t do that. Go to hell.

WordPress Removed the Photo on my Blog, but WHY?

Why has my photo on my Tioga Herald blog been removed by WordPress? Why, when I try to contact WordPress, they don’t return my calls? Why?

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