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15 February 2011

Is it negative to stand up for one self?  Is it negative to stand up for one self when false negatives of lawyers in the Tallahassee legislature control the minds of people who believe lawyers are ok, but teachers and unions are not?  Is it negative to attempt to turn around false perspectives that wealthy people wish to make the norm? 

For all the “solutions” lawyer legislators have to squash the teaching profession in Florida, I have some positive solutions which really would save money in this economy.  But my solutions would go against the ruling wealthy and lawyer classes in this state.  So, therefore, like the protestors in Cairo, those at the top right now might consider these “negative.” 

We know that in other Western nations, single-payer healthcare costs less per person.  The negative mind-controllers at the top would have us believe those systems are just awful and there are always long lines.  There are many long lines in American healthcare, too, but no more than what exist in Canada or other Western nations.

Canada, I am told, has no lawyers making high fees from workmans’ comp.  That’s because it’s paid by healthcare.  In other Western nations, there are no multitudes of paperwork to fill out in the healthcare system – so as to “avoid lawsuits.”  In fact, in other Western nations, lawyers receive a set fee like the rest of us do and are not able to collect millions on frivolous lawsuits.  In this way, they are not so super wealthy they become the only people able to buy their legislative seats – others like teachers actually have a chance. 

Right now, teachers have no voice in the Florida legislature.  Yet, there are decisions being made about us which will impact us heavily.  J.D. Alexander, senator from Fort Pierce, has supported big business and the developers of this state 100% of the time.  Yet, he has NEVER supported issues important to the AFL-CIO.  Alexander has constituents like me in his district who believe unions play a role in keeping management honest so it does not rip off the Medicare system.  People like me who believe there are bad union people and good ones; just as there are bad management people and good ones; just as there are bad lawyers and good ones.  J.D. Alexander should relinquish his seat in the Senate because he is not representing his district properly, considering the diversity of people who live there. 

But what is a “bad teacher?”  Why does it that Rick Scott does not ask what is a “bad lawyer?”  Growing up as a child, I never saw advertisements from lawyers.  We never knew what an “ambulance chaser” was.  We never considered, based on lawyers, saying, “Do unto your neighbor before they do unto you.”  There were no businesses called, Who Can I Sue.  To me, these are bad lawyers who cause the cost of our living to rise exponentially.  I would say these bad lawyers cause our cost of living to rise far more than any bad teacher does. 

But people are brain washed by all the drivel controlled by the lawyers who control our government.  People don’t consider the cost of our insurance premiums (insurance of ANY kind) driven by costs it takes to pay lawyers for unproductive jobs – and the paperwork shuffler jobs created to support lawyers.  George Will, a CONSERVATIVE columnist, pointed out the high cost of lawyers to EDUCATION IN FLORIDA.  Yet, Rick Scott proclaims his “CONSERVATISM” and ignores George Will.  That’s because Rick Scott has a fascist agenda and stubbornly clings to it, despite any data or information to the contrary. 

People don’t consider the fact that many smaller businesses go down the tubes because they cannot compete with the big boxes.  And why are they unable to compete with the big boxes?  In retail, it’s more than the competition due to monopolistic characteristics such as volume buying.  It also has to do with the high cost of insurance premiums caused by huge amounts of frivolous lawsuits.  I know because I had family which experienced this. 

No, the tea party brain washes people into believing the ONLY cause of small business demise is due to taxes.  And the tea party plays this up even more with Obama’s healthcare.  Such reform is the blame for our woes.  I beg to differ.  And if I am considered negative because I beg to differ, I feel sorry for those who consider this negative.  You need your brain washed with facts and statistics which are true, not those driven by Fox News, Wall Street, and the lawyers which control our government – or business people like George Bush and Rick Scott who do the bidding of whatever the lawyers tell them to do.

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