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16 February 2011

Rick Scott and conservative judge statement.

It’s not so much that Rick Scott appointed a conservative judge, but it’s about what he said in validating that a political ideology in determining justice is more important than fairness and equity.  Rick Scott essentially endorsed the idea that the scales “Lady Justice” holds be totally and unequivocally tipped to one side and off-balance.

The fact that other conservative justices disagree with Rick Scott demonstrates one thing:  Rick Scott is a fascist, not a conservative. So why don’t we get our words correct here and call Rick Scott what he is:  a FASCIST.

In my life since the 1980s, I have often been bullied, badgered, and attempts to RECRUIT by those who claim to be conservative.  I have never been bullied, badgered, or even RECRUITED by progressives or, as John Ashcroft falsely proclaimed is so prevalent in America –  recruited by gays.  Ashcroft is stupid and ignorant.  Because the bullying I have received is that of people forcing their ideas of following only one way of thinking… shoving this upon me and, in many cases, imposing fear and intimidation upon me to vote the way of the conservative fascist.  Again, this has happened numerous times since Ronald Reagan. 

The last time I voted my OWN conscience for a Republican for president was for Gerald Ford.  But people like Gerald Ford have been booted out of the Republican Party – by conservative fascists.  In 1984, fear and intimidation forced me to work for and vote for Ronald Reagan for president.  This was against my will.  But human forces at work around me made me believe my job and financial stability would be at risk if I did not vote for Ronald Reagan.  I voted for him.  My job and financial stability was eventually eroded anyway. 

Driving in a car pool to work at an upstate New York U.S. Air Force base, I was bullied by two guys much larger than I was (in my twenties), insisting I was crazy if I did not vote for Ronald Reagan in 1980. 

On The Palm Beach Post blog, in response to Scott’s appointing a conservative judge, one person commented that the conservatives are “in the majority” so therefore we should have conservative judges.  That sounds like the days when George H.W. Bush contended that the liberals controlled all the media.  Just about as contentious.  Funny, but in those days, I remember all the conservative columnists I had read in that “MEDIA” which George Bush was condemning.  But, no, conservatives are not in the majority.  It’s just that the Democrats are not putting up candidates which really challenge the differences, so many voters are staying away from the polls.  And I would contend, just as I voted for Ronald Reagan in 1984, there are many voters who are being bullied into voting for the “conservative” *(yet fascist) candidate.  They are having fear and intimidation thrust upon them and making their decisions based on such emotional forces. 

Certainly, we have free will.  But the forces of fear and intimidation are powerful, otherwise, Franklin D. Roosevelt would not have commented about such forces as he tried to rally Americans against the Nazis and FASCISTS of Europe.  The fascists believe that anything or anybody who does not fully agree with their way of thinking is a communist.  They think in terms of black and white and no moderation or no middle ground.  In fact, fascism is no different from the fascism imposed by the left wing which we call communism.  Both believe that we will live in a utopia if it were just that everyone thinks the same – as auomatons or robots or animals in a pack of greedy stinking dogs.  Hitler believed he could create a utopia – if just all those little ethnic people and gays would just get out of his way.  Stalin thought the same thing.  Yet, both were on the opposite sides of an ideological horse s***. 

I don’t embrace either ideology.  I find good solutions from those labelled, “conservative” and “liberal.”  I seek wisdom, not certainty.  I seek to discover how human beings failed in the past and use those failures to make life better in the future – for all, not just me.  I don’t dwell on the fact that men established certain notions in the past, so therefore they MUST be correct.  I seek traditions, not traditionalism.  Big difference.  I don’t dwell on how much I can force others NOT to live in sin free .  I don’t judge others and force my way of life upon them if they don’t live up to it.  I don’t believe in puritanical rules of sex.  Instead, I recognize none of us are perfect, so therefore I seek to practice by showing respect for others and attempting to live my life in peace.  But I don’t seek purity.  I am not perfect and I don’t expect others are perfect, either.

The root of all kinds of injurious things is greed.  Love of money, not money itself, is greed.  Adultery and fornication without respect for our fellow human beings emanates from greed and selfishness.   Solve the problem of greed – the greed of Rick Scott, for instance – and many other problems will be reduced.  I say, reduced, not eliminated, because our human frailties will NEVER allow us to fully eliminate problems, whether we use unjust puritanical hard-assed approaches or we recognize and do something about the root of the problem – greed. 

Ayn Rand and the “virtues” of selfishness is wrong for our American society.  Dead wrong.  Especially when this “philosophy” is in the hands of the power brokers who are in our face in our lives today.  Rick Scott is wrong for Florida, just as I once believed (and believe ever more today) that Ronald Reagan was wrong for America.  The difference is that Rick Scott is even more of an extreme fascist that Ronald Reagan was.

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