The intent of this blog is to promote human equality, human progress, human peace and justice, and optimism. To accomplish this, to encourage the discussion of ideas after identifying and discovering problems, and then creating positive solutions for "we the people," in order to provide for the "general welfare" and "domestic tranquility" of America now and its "posterity" into the future. To encourage an emphasis on separation of religion and state for all, no matter if this is for those "of faith" in a Maker / Creator (Deists, God-loving people, Christians, various people of spirituality) and atheists or agnostics.

18 February 2011

“Blessed are the [moderate ones] for they catch hell from both sides.”  – from a Kathleen Parker op-ed several years ago which Ms. Parker attributed to a sign on a door in the U.S. Justice Dept., presumably following the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The Huffington Post reports that the House fascists have blocked funding for the FCCs Open Internet Order.  Fascists in the form of cable television conglomerates wish to create a situation similar to Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union by forcing propaganda down the throats of Americans. 

Fasicsts and communists are no different.  They are each just as mean and inhumane.

Right now, my bet is that I am being demonized for my posting earlier this week about Abraham Lincoln.  The demonizing is likely derived from both sides of the political spectrum.  Yet, the events are in the past and me nor anyone else are able to change what happened.  But the nice thing about a democracy is we are able to think about “what if…” scenarios and no harm is done. 

But to narrow-minded thinking patriots who wish to take pot shots at their fellow Americans, learning from history in order to make life better in the future is an attack against America.  I’ll tell you about an attack against America.  It happened on 9/11/2001.  And Bush never avenged that attack.  Instead, he avenged THREATS which had been made against his daddy by a Middle East dictator.  Coward Bush.  Unwilling to truly find and bring to justice the Saudi people who attacked our nation on 9/11.  That’s MY patriotism and I stand by it.  And if you wish to demonize me for it, then I feel sorry for your low-life attitude. 

Bringing this back to Abraham Lincoln and the fascism which has always existed in the Republican Party, albeit to a lesser extent in the 1960s and 1970s, I believe my statements about a “what if…” scenario regarding Abraham Lincoln are consistent with my feelings about Muslims attacking the USA on 9/11/2001.  My solutions are also consistent with the “what if…” scenario about the North leaving the South alone in the 1860s and slavery would have been abolished more quickly and perhaps we MAY not have had the Jim Crow Laws because the CSA would have had to face world condemnation.  But while Dixie was hidden within the USA, the world did nothing while Yankees turned and looked the other way.

For crying out loud, Abie Baby made statements about his intent to send all Blacks back to Africa!  How do you like that, Mr. Fascist Republican, Allen West? 

Recently, I have seen bumper stickers and t-shirts with the word, “Coexist.”  Yet, the other day, Fascist, Allen West, deplored the existence of “multi-culturalism.”  Where do you plan to ship all those who don’t fall in line with your fascism, Mr. Fascist West?  You dingbat. 

Fascism = there is only ONE way.  I continue to say Allen West is a jerk and I really do not understand the mind of anyone who voted for him.  Stupid jerks, every one of them.  Because they endorse a hateful and inflammatory man, I have no respect for hate and those who are hateful.  I also have little respect for the complacent and apathetic who sit by and watch as narrow-minded ignorant fascists take over our government.  All the time, these complacent ones say, “oh it’s the same old thing.”  It’s NOT the same old thing.

The men and women in our Armed Forces have fought hard to defend the freedoms America has today.  Fascists like Allen West can remove those freedoms very quickly.  Yet, it’s the “same old thing” or “I see no difference between the candidates.”  There was a helluva big difference between Allen West and Ron Klein.  BIG DIFFERENCE.  Those who don’t see the differences are lazy people who don’t get off their asses and research the differences and find out for themselves, rather than just accepting the drivel from Fox News or their own favorite channel.

Yet, when World War I was over, there was a crisis in housing for the returning GIs.  At the time, we had a Republican fascist administration in charge.  Prior to WWI, both Republicans and Democrats had granted veterans land patents on the frontier.  At the end of World War I, such land was no longer available.  Rather than acknowledge there was a problem, the Hoover fascists, which came to power with the help of the KKK (because Hoover’s opponent was a Roman Catholic – Al Smith), denied there was a problem.  When veterans and their families PEACEFULLY encamped in tent cities in Washington, DC, the Hoover fascists shot on the crowd with the U.S. Army.  The U.S. Army took aim at its own veterans because we had a leadership which acted in the same manner as alcoholics do (General Grant was an alcoholic yet somehow the North won) and DENIED THERE WAS A PROBLEM.  As with healthcare in America today, you cannot SOLVE a problem if you don’t acknowledge its existence.  Fascism.  Republicans. 

Coexist.  It appears to be a pipe dream.  I can coexist, but not without justice.  I don’t sacrifice my own beliefs, which do NOT coincide with Allen West and others, in order to coexist.  As with the WWI Army veterans, I am a peaceful man, but I do demand justice.  And forcing me into a lifestyle which I don’t agree is NOT justice. 

“…with liberty and justice for all.”  Where was Allen West when these words have been repeated?

“…pusuit of life, liberty, and happiness.”  In the 1960s and 1970s, I had “life, liberty, and happiness.”  Today, I have life, but I watch as Republican fascists attempt to remove my liberty and tell me what it means to be happy.  This I have watched as these events have happened in America since Ronald Reagan took power in 1981.  Ignorant jerks defining a life for me which may soon be void of liberty and happiness entirely.  That is why I speak up.  Because I am a patriot who PEACEFULLY rejects the fascism I see exemplified in West, Scott, Bachman, Coulter, Limbaugh, Palin, Bush family, Boehner, Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, McConnell, Cantor, Camp, Rooney, Rubio, Toomey, Paul, Armey, Martinez, and a whole slew of other Americans who take pot shots at freedom-loving Americans when they don’t agree with the fascists.  All are cowards because they cannot tolerate competition from political solutions being offered and look upon the competition from ideas the same way Joseph Stalin, once a priest in training, did in the Soviet Union. 

At the beginning of the 1970s, I observed young men my age heading for Canada to escape the Vietnam horror.  I chose to stay.

Near the end of the 1970s, I had an opportunity to take a job in Canada.  I turned it down because the 1970s was a happy time for me in the USA.  For the first time in decades, the USA was at peace.  I did not wish to leave the nation of my birth because I loved this nation and was pleased with the Jimmy Carter administration, despite some misgivings about a few policies which I did not totally agree. 

However, my ideas about America are those of “America, the beautiful,” not “bombs bursting in air.”  However, I never rejected the National Anthem.  I never rejected this song which I thought was stupid in the fact it also worships a flag in the same way a golden calf was once worshiped – an act had condemned by Moses.  The Jehovah’s Witnesses go to an extreme by refusing to stand during the playing of the National Anthem.  They are not unpatriotic and, in fact, choose to do what they do without fanfare whenever possible.  Our Armed Forces died for this right.  I choose to stand, despite the fact I disagree with words like, “bombs bursting in air.”  I stand in the middle – the moderate… the middle man.  As I explain this, it is very likely I get condemned by self-proclaimed self-righteous Americans who define a narrow view of patriotism.  Also, as I say these things, I am condemned by Jehovah’s Witnesses for not taking a more firm stand – by not standing. 

Quite frankly, I don’t care if our “flag was still there,” I care whether our men and women were still there!  In fact, I knew a man who fought valiantly against Hitler’s forces in World War II.  When HItler finally capitulated, this man was part of the invading forces in Germany.  When he did not have a flag to hoist, he took an old Nazi flag and other cloth and asked a local tailor to CREATE the American flag.  So, when the battle was over, HE and his MEN were there, but the flag was not.  Yankee ingenuity went to work.

My father was in the occupying forces of Japan at the end of World War II.  He described a situation where there was little or no fuel for their vehicles.  Yankee ingenuity stepped in.  My father describes the use of charcoal to run some of those engines.  Yet, today, how many people would say things like, “you can’t run a vehicle on anything but gasoline – just impossible.”  Yankee ingenuity.  And yes we COULD avoid war in the Middle East if we had done what Jimmy Carter wanted to do:  invoke Yankee ingenuity and create an energy independence here in this nation.  Ronald Reagan, a nuclear and oil supporter would have no part of Yankee ingenuity.  The “Great Insulter” who evidently had pleasure in labelling and “red baiting” his fellow actors and actresses, rejected the very Yankee ingenuity which once made this nation great. 

Now, we are fearful that ther might be some port or what ever in the Middle East which might fall into the wrong hands and we would be stuck.  I am not fearful of that because I know I supported people like Jimmy Carter and Al Gore and others who wanted to direct us down the path which BRIC nation, Brazil, has gone.  I am not fearful because I put more faith in Yankee ingenuity than I do “bombs bursting in air.”  We could become energy independent so there is no longer money flowing to those nations which hope to destroy our Western culture, diversity, and MULTI-CULTURALISM (traitors hide behind their condemnations of others). 

But alas, there are many examples of Yankee ingenuity being rejected.  I wonder if the “brass” had not been so quick to reject the invention of a Lesbian woman and scientists at Cal Tech, whether we could have ended World War II more quickly.  Another “what if…” scenario.  Hedy Lamar, an entertainer during the war years, worked with engineers to patent ideas about radar which she based on the old player piano.  They were rejected then, but the ideas were later picked up after the war and are responsible for the later development of secure military communications.  See the article at … Also see the Smithsonian website article: 

Yankee ingenuity.  Even men from Georgia and Tennessee saw the value of Yankee ingenuity.  But men from California and Texas rejected these ideas – and furthermore led the Republican Party down the tubes of fascism in order to support corporate conglomerates and Big Oil – and the War Machine. 

“Blessed are the peace makers [moderate ones, men and women of moderation, those promoting coexistence] for they catch hell from both sides.”  Thank you, Kathleen Parker for sharing this itsy bitsy quotation which speaks mountains.

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