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17 February 2011

Happy birthday, Patricia Routledge!

I wish I could see one of Ms. Routledge’s shows in Britain.  I wish I could see Ms. Routledge’s show in the USA or better yet, perhaps on the “telly!” 

Carol Burnett appeared with Julie Andrews.  It would be awesome to see Patricia Routledge and Carol Burnett together in a show.  Ms. Bucket meets the Mop Lady!

I hope the rumor about Patricia Routledge – that she has passed away – is not true!  After searching through news items on the web, I have not been able to confirm this rumor.

Have a happy 82nd birthday, Ms. Routledge, and many more!  You have given so many of us multitudes of laughs as “Hyacinth Bucket” (pronounced Bouquet).  After all those “fake” jobs at singing badly in order to impress “Emmett,” I would sure enjoy hearing Ms. Routledge at her best!

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