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22 February 2011

The Wisconsin Republican fascist power grab.

People in Wisconsin who are smarting from losing private sector union jobs deserve our empathy.  However, to now condemn the union benefit which maintained their lifestyle for so many years is playing into the hands of the wealthy people who run Fox News and are intensifying their money to back people like Walker (i.e., the Koch brothers), governor of Wisconsin. 

This episode in Wisconsin is the product of a bunch of cowardly fascists unwilling to learn how to lead a union labor force.  Period.  America wake up!

Think about this.  These greedy wealthy SOBs are able to control  manufacturing union jobs by shipping jobs overseas. Now some of these people who have lost their jobs are going to blame the unions when these wealthy cowards are NOT able to ship public service jobs overseas?  Give me a break.  The money is available.  The wealthy are using these strategies as control freaks to grab power in the USA.  These cowards have been using such strategies since Reagan grabbed power from Jimmy Carter in 1980 in the midst of uninformed voters who were easily swayed by the money of Big Oil and Big Nuclear.

Think about something else – and read a book by a former automobile executive – Lee Iacocca.  While he mentions the problems brought on by unions, he also places the blame on both sides of the table – management AND unions.  His 2007 book, Where Have All the Leaders Gone?, clearly explains the situation today  – cowards masquerading as “leaders” and they wish to take the easy way out of things, rather than learning how to lead effectively. 

I don’t dispute the past atrocities by SOME unions.  But you people who support Walker seem to forget the past atrocities of corporate leaders, especially before unions.  Americans have short memories and forget that it was GOVERNMENT by REPUBLICAN Herbert Hoover and his troops which FIRED on veterans returning from World War I.  Americans have short memories in forgetting it was a REPUBLICAN president in charge when troops fired on students at Kent State U. And some wonder why public employees need a union?  When cowardly despots like Walker are in charge, unions are needed all the more.

Check it out, people.  Public service employees are not draining the budgets.  But look at the makeup of your politicians today and see mostly lawyers – the ONLY ones with enough money to serve in legislatures.  Ever figure out how much lawyers make when compared to the public sector employees?  Why are the public sector employees being scapegoated by Beck, Limbaugh, the Koch brothers and others?  The answer:  Leadership cowards who want the easy life that a feudal corporate landscape in America will give them.

In Florida, the budget deficit could be made up by creating an environment of equality among corporate competitors.  Amazon has put out of business all the small book sellers in the state.  The small book sellers are required to collect taxes.  Amazon is not.  If all companies doing business, whether on the Internet or not, were taxes in Florida – a LEVEL FREE MARKET CAPITALIST MARKET THAT SHOULD EXIST – there would be no budget shortfall.  If you think we don’t have leaders deliberately creating this situation, you better think again.

Wake UP, America! Start investigating truly what is happening here, rather than speaking your emotions only.  Walker of Wisconsin and Scott of Floriida are cowards unwilling to face the other side of a bargaining table.  Period.  The same thing goes for fascist money pig, Donald Trump and the Koch brothers.  Wake up, America, before it is too late.

The survey that accompanied these New York Times articles is bogus when considering the number of people on the negative side of unions who likely never check out the facts and receive a daily flow of news and information – propaganda of the fascists – from Fox News.  The sound bytes are easy to digest, but are lacking any dimension to learn what is truly happening here.  As I say this, the pro union people outnumber the negative.  But such surveys are not scientifically based, no matter which side wins.  A true scientific poll would also measure where each side gets their information.

Finally, I tried to post my comment on Paul Krugman’s page, but it appears comments are no longer being accepted.  Here is Krugman’s link:  “Wisconsin Power Play,” NY Times, 20 Feb. 2011.

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