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23 February 2011

Rep. Tom Rooney is working to bring jobs to Palm Beach County (see The Palm Beach Post website).  It is certainly a great thing to have more jobs at Pratt & Whitney.  Why are the only jobs those for “bombs bursting in air” while Republicans destroy any prospects for jobs helping us to see “America the Beautiful?”  President Obama proposes a high-speed rail system and the Republicans, in the name of a warrior nation, obstruct the development of ideas for “America the Beautiful.”  

Palm Beach County could benefit from a high-speed rail system, too.   Jobs could be  a benefit from such a system.  In addition, Palm Beach County was recently ranked as one of the worst metropolitan areas.  I have not seen the reasons, but certainly the dismally poor public transit system plays a role in the ranking.  Palm Beach County is an expensive place to live.  When gasoline prices rise, it makes it more intolerable.  Public transit can help.  But Rick Scott nixes high-speed rail and Dinnerstein obstructs public transit.  Yet, public transit could be an alternative when auto transportation becomes too expensive – that’s capitalism to provide choices.  But the Republicans nix capitalist choices.  

The other side of public transportation is the ability to make America energy independent.  Obviously, the Republicans wish to continue a warrior state which would prefer to fight to continue oil pipelines from the Middle East than to encourage energy independence.  

Screw the Republican patriots and the tea party goons.  It is more patriotic to desire “America the Beautiful” than “bombs bursting in air.”  I should not be ostracized or demonized in this free society, but alas that may happen to me anyway.  When will we begin to “heil GOP and the warrior class?”  Perhaps we are already expected to do so and I am one who chooses not to do so – or else my financial freedom will be removed – in the name of some other false agenda.  After all, I refuse the “offer I can’t refuse.”  (i.e., Don Corleone in The Godfather).  

I am not a Roman warrior.  I am an American and proud to be one.  But I resist the goons of perpetual war which impoverishes the land I love and the people I love.  

For the past 10 years, polls have shown the Danes to be the happiest people on earth.  They don’t go around the world as warriors telling others what to do.  They have great public transportation (monorails), healthcare and top-notch education for everyone, and the lowest business startup costs in the world. They also don’t just let anyone into the nation to leech off the money the Danes have invested for themselves.

What do we have to be proud?  “Bombs bursting in air” and monopolies which destroy small businesses, create huge business startup costs for Americans, and intervene (insurance monopolies) between doctors and patients – thus causing the highest healthcare costs of all developed nations.  

There is a warrior mentality because we fear the loss of an entrance to a port where oil is transported, rather than using Yankee ingenuity to develop energy alternatives to compete (remember – capitalism – free markets – and all that!) with the filthy rich jerks in the Middle East, thus making us vulnerable by NOT maintaining our infrastructure (while we build one in Afghanistan for a people who will NOT appreciate our efforts in the end).

Don’t tell me to go live in Denmark.  This is MY land, too.  People like me should all have a larger say in our supposed democratic government.  But we don’t – in the name of hierarchical top-down autocrats telling us, through propaganda which creates mob rule (via Fox News and Rupert Murdock and company), what should make us happy.  

We want “…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  The economy and the wealthy who are deliberately stockpiling money (deliberately stalling the economy) rather than investing in America remove these from millions of Americans – and then search for scapegoats to cover over  the Watergate-like lies.  Fascist pigs.

We want “liberty and justice for all,” not just for those with the most money.  Otherwise it is a farce to repeat, in public, such words.  Those words become a mockery of the land  we love and those who built it, fought for it in the past, and died for it.     

We want “America the Beautiful!”  Congratulations, Mr. Rooney!

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