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25 February 2011

Fox News = Fox PAC.  Fox News = Fox Propaganda.

The word, “News,” should not be part of the Fox thing.

I truly wish someone would either shut that organization down or else force it to name itself what it is:  Propaganda Hitler / Mussolini Style.

It is irritating to go into doctors, dentists, and businesses and hear Fox PAC blaring it’s loud mouth.  If I want news, I would want CNN on the tube.  Or some organization which is giving me up-to-date events around the world.  I don’t wish to hear the hateful putrid fish emanating from one topic being beaten to death – discussed according to the Republican way.  I wish to make up my own mind on world events.  Just give me the facts.

Why do offices and businesses figure people like to hear the horse s*** emanating from Fox Propaganda?  WHY?  How many times have I asked people in charge of those stores or offices to put something neutral on the tube?  How many times do we have to become angry and let these stupid ignorant ones know that we prefer the news of CNN (not Talk CNN, either) or something more pleasant such as a music station.  Even if I don’t like CMT, I would rather hear CMT than Fox PAC.  Or to hear the music of VH1 – music a bit more neutral. 

One doctor has CNN Health News being piped in.  OK.  That’s fine.  Tips for my health, not politics. 

Screw these businesses and doctors who subject us to the politics of Fox.  Screw them all.  Someone shut down Fox until it broadcasts true news or else changes it’s name to reflect what it really is.  It is NOT NEWS!

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