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26 February 2011

“It doesn’t matter how many people show up here,” Ohio Senate Majority Whip Shannon Jones (Republican) is quoted this morning in The Palm Beach Post as saying.  “”This [bill to curtail collective bargaining rights of public employee unions] is about keeping as many people employed as possible to do the essential services, but having the flexibility to do it when we have more money.” 

Mr. Jones, the coward.  Koch brothers, the cowards.  It’s not about money, it’s about power or creating enough jobs.  It’s about establishing a one-sided autocratic power.  There is money and a good leader would know how to manage the public employee unions WITH collective bargaining rights intact.  Mr. Jones is a liar and lies to the people of his state.  Scott Walker lies and is a coward in front of the people of his state.  It’s not about money.  It’s about power.

These ideas about “business” first.  What about the rest of us, you dictatorial dirty tricks bastards?  You force one way of life upon us, rather than being a good leader which can recognize the DIVERSITY to jobs and work in America.  You lying cowardly bastards – from Fox Propaganda Mouth Organ to Koch Brothers.  You make no room for diversity because you are so selfish and greedy, you have one agenda and you stick to it – as Mr. Jones above has indicated.  You are liars.  You are selfish greedy bastards on the level of Ayn Rand.  You baby boom selfish brats who had everything growing up.  Some of us may NOT have had everything growing up, but we were happy.  And you wish to pull the rug out from beneath those of us who have wished to be teachers and public servants since our youngest days.  I wished to be a teacher BEFORE there were teachers’ unions.  I did not choose this profession because I felt it was some lush job.  And yet, even with a teachers’ union, my life has been hell when compared to the financial stability others have had in life.  I don’t moan and complain about those others who have had it better – that is, until I need to stand up for myself now as Republican jerks wish to yank the rug out from beneath me and my colleagues. 

I am in debt to lawyers which charged me a huge hourly salary when I wished to DISCUSS… nothing else, but … DISCUSS matters pertaining to a divorce.  I had no idea that the clock was running so.  And people of the USA, you think that teachers have is so good?  You lousy bastards who refuse to look at the entire picture.  Look at how much you SPEND on private sector insurance due to the high ROBBERY costs charged by lawyers.  And you dare attack public workers?  You SOBs who do this.   

Florida COULD reduce its shortfall by EQUALLY taxing private business.  Barnes & Noble stores charge a sales tax, but Amazon charges NOTHING.  It was figured that by placing Amazon on an equal footing with Barnes & Noble stores – CAPITALIST FREE MARKETS – the budget shortfalls could be solved.  But no.  It’s more likely Republicans will attack hard-working Floridians than to eqalize the tax rates and bring fairness to taxes.  Where are the judges which evaluate these choices the one-party state imposes?  Checks and balances.

I am upset that MY taxes went to pay for a domed stadium in a city far far away from where I live now.  Why should my taxes be used to fund the homes of millionaire players whom their management – PRIVATE ENTERPRISE – should be able to invest in its own venues, especially considering the amount of money these PRIVATE ENTERPRISE groups rake in.  I don’t wish for the rank and file Floridians to be thrashed about while MY tax dollars go to stadiums.  Yet, it was Republicans who may likely wish to thrash human beings today who supported such measures in the past – and placed us in this mess. 

(Note: the stupidity of Rick Scott of Florida rejecting Federal money for a high-speed rail is not the same issue as public dollars for multi-million dollar sports organizations.  If anyone cares to talk about it, I would do so.  It’s a completely different issue which began when upstate NY 19th-century wealthy people found that business and commerce could be improved overall better by pooling funds for “roads” and “canals.”  In NY, it was the Erie Canal, which was a boom for business in a very large scale and virtually touched everyone.  Stadiums touch only a proporation of the population – those who watch sports and there are many of us who do not).

The Republicans, particularly the tea party – cowards, liars, deceivers, selfish, greedy, money-loving bastards. 

Scott Walker has some working people – selfish and greedy ones – convinced.  What about the Wisconsin woman who has a job, but no union?  Her blog remarks indicate she ONLY thinks about herself.  “Well, things are going well for me in this situation, so why should teachers and others have a union?” These are words of a person who only thinks about herself. Think only about yourself, you emotional witch.  Don’t think about other people and that the situaions might just be different.  Just follow the script of Fox Propaganda Outlet and Scott Walker.  Pay no attention, you baby boomer greedy bitch.  Emotional, but ignorant jerks, who swallow what Jones and Fox Propaganda Outlet all say – never looking into the issue in more detail.  Emotional Ignorance.  And then, if you and your lying cowardly leader (Scott Walker) gets his way, and you are then in a pickle over something, but all your workers’ rights are removed, what are you going to do then?  

This issue about collective bargaining rights is about power, not about the lack of money.  It’s about a bunch of cowardly leaders – like Hitler, the genocide man against people who got in his way – who wish to have absolute power – and absolute power corrupts.  So if we make the changes desired by the Republican scum, we will be back in the same place eventually, perhaps even worse for the Middle Class. 

Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, naively thought, “if we leave humans to their own devices, they will automatically act like Jesus Christ and do what is right according to the words of Jesus Christ.”  Then, Mr. Smith encountered the 18th century banking crisis – the one on a level with what we saw in the USA several years ago.  He suddenly found out about his naive trust in human nature and condemned those bankers. 

THAT is the reason we should have the checks and balances provided by collective bargaining.  We need to maintain two sides in the economy and in politics.

I no longer respect those who make their choices based upon ignorance and emotions which are fueled by Fox.  Fox does not present “news,” it presents one-sided opinions with the sole purpose of lying to those ignorant jerks who refuse to look any further than Fox.  Fox needs to be shut down or called what it is:  a propaganda machine comparable to those created by Hitler of Germany.  Fox is paid primarily by the big corporate oligarchy which intends to establish a one-party autocratic state and destroy all the checks and balances which were created when this nation was founded and those checks and balances more fine-tuned since that time.  Collective bargaining is one of those checks and balances. 

Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  If you think it was bad when it APPEARED unions had the upper hand, think again.  In good times, unions still had to face management.  Some may have been a bunch of hot heads.  But now, who are the hotheads?  At least the union hotheads never proposed destroying management – the other side. 

Some of you jerks who base your thoughts on ignorant emotionalism fueled by Fox, think about this.  Just once, use the brains God gave you, rather than the emotions of the “treachery of the heart” – from Satan.  Power seekers on both sides are emotional jerks, too.  But at least when power seeking jerks face each other at a negotiaing table, there are TWO SIDES to help reduce and sometimes curb the corruption of power.

Management unwilling to accept unions are lousy leaders and cowards.  Period.  Every day that a teacher and professor is before a bunch of students, they learn the methods of being fair and firm – because they MUST.  Leaders who wish to toss away unions never learn how to lead – as the very teachers whom they wish to pull the rug out beneath them.  And that does not even address the nurses, police, sheriff deputies, and fire fighters, among others.  You bastard, Scott Walker.  You are a coward.  Same thing about Shannon Jones of Ohio.  A coward and a bastard looking for the easy way out.  Same thing about Rick Scott of Florida.  And many others.  You  are bastards and cowards, looking for the plantation-owner way out rather than to be the leaders you SHOULD be, but now only pretend to be.  You ignore all the other solutions and focus on one:  destroy people.

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