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1 August 2011 – Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Obama Lacks Balls!

Obama once again caved in.  There were more progressive demonstrators in Washington (compared to tea party small crowd of bastard fascists and military jerks) urging Congress to increase taxes to those who have the lowest tax rate in decades, but Obama and the Democrats once again caved in.  Yet where was the Media coverage?  Oh, yeah, the SOBs in the Bush / Armey bastard supporters believe the Media is nothing but liberal so therefore they PAY – no, they BUY the slaves in the Media to falsely portray what is happening.  George Bush supports the Sun Yung Moon ultra conservative newspaper.  Bastard.  Go to hell.

There were more progressive demonstrators than the bastards in the tea party who support the Saudi / Bush pigs, yet the Media never covered the fact that they don’t wish to curtail payments to seniors.  You bastard young people wet behind the ears and lack wisdom.  YOU ARE BASTARDS.  You are so ignorant you don’t realize when the wool is being pulled over your eyes.  You don’t even recognize the difference between a cup of vanilla ice cream and horse s*** of Hannity, O’Reilly and the f***ing Fox propaganda crew out to make money rather than provide substance of facts and objectivity – for the purpose of egotistical power and control.  YOU BASTARDS.  YOU FASCIST BASTARDS.

What choice did we have in 2008?  McCain or Obama?  Obama is a wimp who lacks any balls to stand up to Wall Street.  He and his Chicago cronies of the Daley Machine are bashing my Vietnam War Generation the same way they did in 1968.  F*** Rahm Emmanuel, you f***ing bastards.  F*** Bush and the others.  You inhumane pigs.  F*** Dick Armey and the others, you inhumane pigs who encourage animalistic tendencies rather than human ones.  Being king of the lions is a despicable role model to follow – you nasty bastard nazi fascists.  F*** ALL OF YOU!

Obama lacks balls!


22 July 2011

Blog 0707

(Getting ahead of myself!)

I am disgusted with the fascist line of the Republican Party.  I am disgusted with the wimpish reaction of President Obama and the Democrats to the fascist line of the Republican Party.

We don’t need tax cuts for the wealthy and an austerity budget in America today.  This will only lead to disaster.  Use your heads, America.  It was the same type of Republican stonewalling that dug us deeper into the Great Depression.

Americans need a lesson in determining the difference between “a cup of vanilla ice cream and a cup of horse shit.”  (borrowed from Lee Iacocca’s 2007 book, Where Have All the Leaders Gone?)

We have a bunch of career politician / lawyers in Congress who “don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground” (borrowed from my outspoken, now deceased, Republican mother).  They live in a fantasy world of writing legislation.  George Bush was an expert about beer kegs.  It showed.  Our current president is an apparent expert on compromising, compromising, compromising – until the ultra-conservatives WIN!  It shows!  Sad what the Ivy League is teaching people (Georgie at Yale and Obama at Harvard) these days.

21 July 2011

Blog 0706


We don’t need tax cuts for the wealthy and an austerity budget.


Ronald Reagan said, “facts are stupid.”  Ronald Reagan was a stupid ass.


Facts:  Bill Clinton balanced the Federal budget with higher taxes on the wealthy and tax deductions for the Middle Class.  The Middle Class spent the money that the wealthy are NOT spending today.  The Middle Class invests in America, but the wealthy class invests in horse shit.  Thus, the Federal budget was balanced by the time George Bush (wrongfully) inherited it (the budget should have been Al Gore’s to manage, but thanks to unethical behavior by Scalia, we got Bush).


Facts:  there were 10 times more jobs created when Clinton was president than when George Bush was president.


“Seek wisdom, not certainty.”  (Laura Butler Bass in Christianity for the Rest of Us)

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