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1 August 2011 – Extra! Extra! Read All About It! Obama Lacks Balls!

Obama once again caved in.  There were more progressive demonstrators in Washington (compared to tea party small crowd of bastard fascists and military jerks) urging Congress to increase taxes to those who have the lowest tax rate in decades, but Obama and the Democrats once again caved in.  Yet where was the Media coverage?  Oh, yeah, the SOBs in the Bush / Armey bastard supporters believe the Media is nothing but liberal so therefore they PAY – no, they BUY the slaves in the Media to falsely portray what is happening.  George Bush supports the Sun Yung Moon ultra conservative newspaper.  Bastard.  Go to hell.

There were more progressive demonstrators than the bastards in the tea party who support the Saudi / Bush pigs, yet the Media never covered the fact that they don’t wish to curtail payments to seniors.  You bastard young people wet behind the ears and lack wisdom.  YOU ARE BASTARDS.  You are so ignorant you don’t realize when the wool is being pulled over your eyes.  You don’t even recognize the difference between a cup of vanilla ice cream and horse s*** of Hannity, O’Reilly and the f***ing Fox propaganda crew out to make money rather than provide substance of facts and objectivity – for the purpose of egotistical power and control.  YOU BASTARDS.  YOU FASCIST BASTARDS.

What choice did we have in 2008?  McCain or Obama?  Obama is a wimp who lacks any balls to stand up to Wall Street.  He and his Chicago cronies of the Daley Machine are bashing my Vietnam War Generation the same way they did in 1968.  F*** Rahm Emmanuel, you f***ing bastards.  F*** Bush and the others.  You inhumane pigs.  F*** Dick Armey and the others, you inhumane pigs who encourage animalistic tendencies rather than human ones.  Being king of the lions is a despicable role model to follow – you nasty bastard nazi fascists.  F*** ALL OF YOU!

Obama lacks balls!


31 July 2011

Often on this post, I have commented about my Dutch family relationships to the Roosevelt family.  By marriage, my Dutch family, the Schoonmakers, are related to the Roosevelts.  This is well documented in the Schoonmaker genealogy which is available from the Huguenot Historical Society in New Paltz, NY.

Had it not been for my ancestor, Capt. Frederick J. Schoonmaker, financing the American Revolution to the brink of his own bankruptcy, this nation may have had a Schoonmaker with a huge mansion running for president.  But Capt. Frederick “lost his shirt” by financing the building of the chain across the Hudson River (one end of the chain was on the present-day location of West Point).   He is an example, unlike the Bush family, which derives from the same geographic area as the Roosevelts and Schoonmakers, of commitment to community and one who takes a dim view regarding the love of money.  This is the same contrast of a wealthy Schoonmaker with the Koch brothers and others today.

The hateful people of the 21st century tea party quote the original Tea Party, but abandon all sense of community which existed among those who funded and supported the American Revolution.  They all do this out of love for money and reckless abandonment of love for the human community.  The tea party’s actions are being performed in the name of a 20th-century atheist bitch (so-called Jew – a traitor to her Jewish roots) who was pissed at the Soviet government when she came to America acting like she was some kind of expert about what life in America should be about.  These things are being done in the name of a wealthy family which once owned a chain of salons in a Caribbean nation and also in the name of a former legislative leader of the government on that island nation.  None of these people understand the American way of life and our heritage for love of community, so there actions are those of hatred – in support of the fascist Bush family.  There is no toleration of an opinion regarding hatred.  It is not an opinion.

Last night, I viewed the DVD, Eleanor and Franklin.  It was quite revealing.  Many people, both Republicans and Democrats, could learn from Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Having read a great deal about FDR and Eleanor, the film appeared to be quite close to reality.

A scene the ideological Republican tea party members need to consider.  A belligerent reporter approached President Roosevelt (standing on crutches, by the way, due to his polio – need I remind pigs today who don’t know what it feels like to be helpless), he asked four questions and the president addressed each one.  The reporter asked FDR:  “Are you a communist?”  The president answered, “no!”  The reporter continued:  “Are you a capitalist?”  FDR:  “No!”  The reporter:  “Are you a socialist?” FDR:  “No!”  The reporter:  “What are you?”  FDR:  “A Christian and a Democrat!”

Today, FDR’s answer to the last question probably should have been:  “An Episcopalian and a Democrat” – because so many so-called Christians have lost sight of the focus of Jesus Christ and mis-represent Him.   But then, a Nigerian Anglican archbishop, the Episcopal bishops in Pittsburgh and central Florida also mis-represent Jesus Christ, too.

A lesson for President Obama and the Democrats.  FDR made a comment about “putting Americans back to work,” but I never heard him talk about “jobs creation.”  To me, jobs are just one part of “putting Americans back to work.”  But Democrats today focus ONLY on that one little aspect, forgetting the opportunities (as do the tea party folks) which give Americans the ability to invest in their future.  On the opposite extreme, the tea party folks think ONLY about entrepreneurship (greedy selfish entrepreneurship which abandons any sense of community) and these tea party people toss out every aspect about creating jobs.  Thus, we have a polarization in America today – stimulated by the vengeful attitudes of fascists like the Bush family.

FDR created opportunities in the form of “bonds.”  Victory Bonds and the like.  Democrats never propose strings attached to the tax cuts of the wealthy.  For instance, Democrats never propose the following to the wealthy of America:  if you want the tax cuts, then here is where you need to invest the money from your tax cuts:  Bonds… in Housing, Education, Food, or Health bonds.  Government bonds underwritten by the private sector.  An alliance of public and private in order to make this nation healthy and “put Americans back to work.”

FDR believed in “unemployment compensation,” but I believe he would have been appalled at what he would see in the system today.  Corruption.  People who have become lazy and LOOK for the “shortest distance between two points.”  Construction workers located in the cold snowy areas of the nation who collect during times when weather prohibits them from working.  Teacher unions don’t get this type of unemployment during the summer, but are under attack today.  I knew a union member (now deceased) in the trades who was appalled at the existence of such horse s*** unemployment “handouts.”  Yet union members are the ones taking it on the chin today?  During World War II, this now-deceased CWA member fought valiantly against fascist Mussolini, losing a thumb in the conflicts in Italy.  This union member also admired FDR and Nelson Rockefeller of New York.

Solution:  if weather prohibits people from working, then the government provides funding to help such people bring home income, rather than handing out unemployment checks.  For instance, Vermont imports students from Australia to run the ski lifts during the winter – while unemployed construction workers in the northeast sit on their asses with no work.  The government could be the catalyst to help bring employers and potential employees together, rather than providing handouts which ultimately create lazy people.

I believe, if the Bush family and others would drop their goddamn vindictiveness against FDR – which clouds their decision-making capabilities – then we could, as a community of Americans solve our problems more effectively.

Drop the goddamn ideology and solve our problems  – NOW!  Stop the horse s*** and develop a better cup of ice cream!

30 July 2011

Wicked Evil tea party

I discover my heritage and belong to the SAR because I wish to learn from the past and make life better for the future by building upon our proud American heritage.  The tea party is negative and wishes to tear apart our American heritage – while proclaiming a false interest in our heritage.

I chose to reduce my involvement in SAR when I learned Jeb Bush joined it.  I believe the Bush family, in the name of fascism and nazisim, wish to mock our American heritage rather than build upon it.  Jebbie’s graddad, Prescott was a Hitler sympathizer when Hitler was spewing forth hatred in Europe.  I have no toleration for hatred and there is no opinion when it comes to hatred.  Obviously, President Franklin D. Roosevelt felt the same because he froze the assets of Senator Prescott Bush – due to Prescott Bush’s support of hatred.

That is what it comes down to.   You can call it what you wish.  But the Bush family has supported hatred.  They might have money, but they use that money to support hatred and invoke an ideology they believe, as all fascists do, there will be utopia if everyone conforms.  Obviously, they worship money so much that “frozen assets” would be a point of vindictiveness to put this nation through hell – all for the love of money.  I believe the agenda of Jebbie, George, Neil, Marvin, and George, Sr., is to tear apart what Franklin D. Roosevelt did.  And I believe they have many friends with gobs of money – friends who worship money and hatred – who are willing to help them.  The Koch brothers and others affiliated with Bush and the tea party are despicable lousy evil people – the type of people to whom Jesus Christ directed his anger while living on this earth.

If what I am saying is not true, then why did George Bush wish to tear apart Social Security – a government program implemented by a true American – in favor of a program from South America (Chile) where corrupt banana republic greedy bastards rule the nations?  The love of money would be so immense that Georgie Porgie and Jebbie would not wish to build upon what we already have in OUR America, but would wish to tear it down.  Why?  Due to vindictiveness and vengeance towards FDR.  That is a hell of a reason to force what these piggies are doing to America today – via the obstructionist tea party.

To the tea party person who denounced the idea of “all Americans having a home,” first of all, you can go to hell – you son of a military careerist who takes money from our people and then condemns the Middle Class.  Secondly, you and the other tea party dimwits condemn the ideas of American home ownership which have proven to be a better way to do long-term investments.  But then, I suppose that is too capitalist for your low-life tastes.  My investments outside home ownership have been volatile.  George Bush and company made home ownership into a volatile investment because they don’t believe in the wonderful humanism which COULD exist in this nation – among a wonderful people here.  Humans in communities can pull together far better than the 1% which owns and places in slavery a community of people by forcing conformity through fear and intimidation.  The contrast between the Dark Ages run by a brutal fascist church and the “re-birth” of humans during the Renaissance demonstrates the differences completely.

The tea party wishes to plunge our great people backwards into the age of feudal landlords and mercantile economics – a time when people were enslaved and not given opportunities to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and make life better for ALL PEOPLE, rather than just a greedy selfish piggish 1% of the population.

21 July 2011

Blog 0706


We don’t need tax cuts for the wealthy and an austerity budget.


Ronald Reagan said, “facts are stupid.”  Ronald Reagan was a stupid ass.


Facts:  Bill Clinton balanced the Federal budget with higher taxes on the wealthy and tax deductions for the Middle Class.  The Middle Class spent the money that the wealthy are NOT spending today.  The Middle Class invests in America, but the wealthy class invests in horse shit.  Thus, the Federal budget was balanced by the time George Bush (wrongfully) inherited it (the budget should have been Al Gore’s to manage, but thanks to unethical behavior by Scalia, we got Bush).


Facts:  there were 10 times more jobs created when Clinton was president than when George Bush was president.


“Seek wisdom, not certainty.”  (Laura Butler Bass in Christianity for the Rest of Us)

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