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Shall We Discuss Infation?

Dear Editors:

Once again, I praise your newspaper for providing informative sections of the newspaper, from business to arts, culture, health, and overall op-eds not based on one political ideology. Please open up shop in Binghamton in order to compete with Gannett which is negligent in its duty in providing adequate news, information, and thinking puzzles on paper. Open up shop in order to provide the capitalist competition in GOOD journalism, not the inadequate in sensationalist, emotional, shallow entertainment which appeals only to those without a willingness to learn new things in lifelong learning of America.

As I have said for many years and not I reiterate. we need to move forward by learning from the past.


​Inflation. ​At its worse in many years.

Here is another angle based on what has happened in business and commerce cycles of the past. Historical. There have always been cycles of inflation, recession, and economic depression. What else is new? What is the stuff of snotty young bratty ones with big mouths complaining about this one right now? Is it all being led by Republican fascists who hate Democrats, so they grab at anything which smacks of Democrats, ignoring what has happened in the past.

We read that with the inflation is lower unemployment and higher wages. OMG. Since the last huge inflationary period, during the years of Reagan, CEO salaries have jumped by over 1000%. The common folk have experienced some unbelievable increases in prices, but no inflation? Sure At the same time, the common folk have been forced into flat wages and salaries, while their benefits and salaries have been STOLEN from them by big fat pigs whose incomes have gone up by 1000% over 40 years or more. Now, the crying and moaning by the big fat pigs is an attack against Democrats because now they have to dig into their pockets and pay more for labor. Good gosh. So, these fat pigs simply complain about making prices higher and still refuse to dig deep to pay government taxes and labor more money. Oh, boo hoo!  I feel so sorry for these fat pigs. I feel so sorry for the fat pigs called the Koch brothers and the Manchin they own in West Virginia.   What’s the song, “so sorry…. so sorry…” Country western one, is it not?

What about those of us who are retired and putting up with lousy private insurance companies and a Medicare put in place by Congress and government people who have their health benefits, for life, handed to them on a silver platter?

Does this mean, “government is a problem?” Or does it mean, “government needs to be reformed in various ways, including stopping the lobbyists in Congress, making PACs illegal, and using only government funding of campaigns? WOW!  GEE! Did America not have this scenario at one time, but it was replaced slowly by wealthy fat pigs and their control without justice being done of Congress and the Supreme Court? Like Citizens United?  Reform, not destroy. Put teeth in the reforms, but not to destroy, as Trump, DeSantis, Rick the Prick and other fascist wealthy Republicans wish to do so as to protect the wealthy fat pigs who love money over people.

Hike in gasoline prices? Hmmmmmmmm…..   That never happened before, did it? Stay tuned. It was brought to us in the early 1970s by the same people who, today, prop up opium sellers and executions in the barbaric style in Afghanistan. Did Trump ever stop those people in Afghanistan? Not on your life. One has to ask WHY NOT? 

At any  rate, as I graduated high school and began college, we experienced long lines at the gas pumps and high prices. All brought on by our favorite Arab freaks and creeps who work to prop up lousy fascist regimes run by the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS. 
Wait just one minute!  Did not it happen under the watch of DEMOCRATS who were COMMANDER IN CHIEF?  Obama and bringing down Bin Laden. Did Bush do it? NAH. Biden and a leader of ISIS recently brought down. Did Trump do it? Yet, big loudmouths, paid by big fat pigs, bloviate about how bad these Democrats were / are as commander in chief? I wonder why that is? Or is this done because of a WEDGE ISSUE for which the Republican fascists wish to use to divide America? Need I go into details? OK. I guess I need to keep it short. Forget going into detail so no one can LEARN as they should by seeking wisdom, not certainty.

​In the early 1970s, with the looming oil embargo and rise in prices of gasoline, did Americans bitch and moan and complain about our government, based on the lousy attitude of Sleepy Ronnie in the Cabinet? Oh, no. Because Sleepy Ronnie in the Cabinet had not yet become president! Oh!  That’s it!  We had not yet experienced the finesse and charisma of Sleepy Ronnie in the Cabinet and the destruction of the Fairness Doctrine in the Media!  THAT MUST BE THE CONCLUSION TO DRAW, RIGHT?​  I am so sick and tired about what America is experiencing today that I just cannot shut up and bring these peripheral things into the discussion, can I? Silly and foolish me, for sure.

I recall the number of times we students at a SUNY school car pooled going back and forth about four hours from the Southern Tier of Upstate New York. We learned t adjust. Car pooling became quite popular in those years. AH! But perhaps we were being directed by more reasonable and common sense people in the population, rather than the lousy perverted snotty bratty immature ones who think only about me, myself, and I. How dare we car pool and do things together for the sake of America. It is so damn disturbing to disrupt individual rights, right? (GD the Virginia governor for bloviating about Individual rights; Don’t put on that GD mask or get vaccinated because you will disrupt individual rights and fight a war against a virus, just as we fought a war against an oil embargo).

When prices increased, as they are now, what did we do? We used capitalism to its advantage. We used the U.S. POSTAL SERVICE (Trump wishes to destroy it) to enable us to get lower-priced items. With this, we have a mailbox, not dependent on some truck being able to open our garage door. GD that idea and invasion of our privacy!  BUT WAIT A MINUTE!  I thought these people who wish to destroy the USPS think that our privacy is being invaded by the conspiracy of a chip planted within a vaccine!  Some consistency, wouldn’t you say? Generated by immature bastards who lack intelligence and common sense. 

We were able to figure out whether it was best to drive extra miles to obtain a lower-cost gasoline or wait until we are visiting the area and doing other chores. We were intelligent and had enough common sense to know that it makes no sense just to drive to a place where gasoline was available and at a lower price and to plan accordingly. Car pooling helped. Using bikes helped. GEE! Even walking helped.  And dare I mention how much public transit helped? Those going to upstate for college no longer had the trains, so they rode Greyhound or Trailways. Oh, that’s right!  The fat pigs work to destroy buses and trains!  Silly me for forgetting that! 

Circulars in newspapers, sometimes free in a Pennysaver, gave us information about food. Today, we are forced to PAY for technology in order to see crap with a lousy search engines called Google.  But the newspapers for which we paid gave us a large amount of content, unlike what they do today, in many cases like Gannett in Binghamton, Ithaca, Melbourne, FL, West Palm Beach, FL, and many other areas. Change to technology for the sake of change and then complain about when inflation happens.  Go ahead, you foolish fools. 

If I want to make a meal with short ribs, I go to the store. OMG!  The price of short ribs, $10.00 per pound!  I MUST HAVE those for my WANTS not my NEEDS, according to shallow people who lack common sense. No. If the price is too high, I can adjust because there are many other options than to pay $10 per pound for short ribs.  I look for the cheaper meats, seafood, and foods. If I cannot find such, which I have yet to find this situation, maybe I will end up like my mom and dad, along with my grandparents, who had products rationed during the Great Depression and then during World War II.

​Have I made any sense here? Have I made my point in this discussion. If not, then shame on you.

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