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Drugs & A Wall?

Dear Editors:

Headline: Virginia Republicans wish to Tighten Marijuana Laws.

Headlines: Trump Convinces Americans to Build a Wall in Order to Protect us from Influence of Drug Lords.

Headlines: Trump Creates Time Line for Withdrawal from Afghanistan. New President (Biden) Follows Through with Plans for Withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Comment on last headline. What did Trump do to establish peace AND justice in Afghanistan? The timeline was about peace, but nothing about justice, was it? What did Trump do to stop the drug lords in Afghanistan regarding the opium trade? Does silence grow like a cancer so as to cover over drug lords and their business interests, both in the USA and in Afghanistan? Are people afraid to do anything about these issues, for fear of their lives? Is the “wall” a cover-up for the sake of American drug lord business interests?

Are marijuana laws being protected by keeping the substance illegal? Is this why we hear people being encouraged to resist the freedom of making marijuana legal? This is not only a question in Virginia, but also among Republicans in New York and other areas, too.

Fact. Illegal drugs are good for business for many people who wish to keep the silence about it going, due to an interest in covering it all up. By doing so, such people make more money than if the products were legal.

Fact. There were people who made more money when alcohol was illegal. America had to put up with guns and violence in the process, so such people could make more money illegally by silencing competitors and those who wanted to reveal what was happening.

Fact. It was Republicans and one particular Republican leader who always said, “what’ s good for business is good for America.” Anybody put these facts together and figure out how drugs, guns, and violence is spurred on by “business” and that is “good for America?”

The answer, in order to divert attention from the hidden agenda of the drug lords of America, is to use taxpayer dollars from the common folk (because the wealthy drug lords probably don’t want to pay taxes) build a wall. And this is good for business in America and also good for America?

And what is the result for us when we speak up? Consider whether we need to protect our life or death situations? After all, we ever thinks and speaks like Nathan Hale any more, unless it is to protect guns, violence and secretive illegal drug cartels?

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