The intent of this blog is to promote human equality, human progress, human peace and justice, and optimism. To accomplish this, to encourage the discussion of ideas after identifying and discovering problems, and then creating positive solutions for "we the people," in order to provide for the "general welfare" and "domestic tranquility" of America now and its "posterity" into the future. To encourage an emphasis on separation of religion and state for all, no matter if this is for those "of faith" in a Maker / Creator (Deists, God-loving people, Christians, various people of spirituality) and atheists or agnostics.

Perhaps I can be called weird. OK. So I am weird.

For instance, I write on Facebook how much Google and big corporations with no sense of the demand side of the market are hurting me and others. I write on Facebook about how big box corporations with free market advocates like libertarian/anarchists have created supply-side Reaganomics which has become a centralized monopolized oligarchy dictatorship which is just as similar to centralized economics of the old Soviet Union.

My intent may be to teach by explaining things not considered. But when I put a notice of complaint about facing obstacles because Google or Microsoft or Verizon (etc.), plus others, put updates in settings without my permission and then make them so the little guy, after trying hard to remove, cannot remove the settings which were trained.

OK. So you don’t want to hear my OBSERVATIONS. Evidently you don’t wish to work with the grassroots to try to solve and/or stop this from happening. You just want to have “fun, fun, fun til the daddy takes the t-bird away.” Right? Don’t bother me about YOUR complaints, right?

Wrong. These OBSERVATIONS just might be occurring with others, besides me.

So, why do i do this?

There was a song sometimes sung which begins with, “it only takes a spark to get a fire going.” Fires are not a good thing, but one can think in a positive way about a “figurative” fire which is helpful to society.

Having a father who was a jack of all trades with a business selling AND servicing appliances without nickel and diming folks, plus many other “trades” which he had been TRAINED over time, I only hope there are some well-trained jack of all trades out there among the younger generations who would do as my father did. Found a way to make a business out of being a jack of all trades AND be good at it, too.

My dad was trained and had a certificate in being a Maytag repairman. He received this certificate while working for someone else. When the other business sold out to a larger conglomerate of a business from out of town, my dad did not like the big conglomerate. He quit his job, took his training and that Maytag certificate with him, and started his own business. He ran a successful business for about 30 to 40 years (ballpark figure). Meanwhile, the bigger company for which he worked eventually pulled up stakes and departed. Like a big conglomerate buying up a local factory and then pulling up stakes and leaving many here without jobs.

My dad may not have employed as many, but he himself was a self-employed person and successful enough to be able to help put three kids through undergraduate college education.

Thus, I may be weird in thinking maybe, by explaining what is happening with big corporate conglomerate Google in changing my settings and not allowing me to remove those settings, perhaps there are some jack of all trades out there who might see an OPPORTUNITY to begin a business of their own at the local level. I cannot define the type of business such a jack of all trades might start, but if well trained and knowledgeable about computers (not just THINKING that way, but having been open-minded enough to LEARN it), perhaps we all might have a better life if such people moved to meet the DEMAND side of a capitalist market. With big business, that DEMAND side of a capitalist market is being squelched each time a Google changes the settings of PRIVATE computers without the knowledge or permission of the owners.

I am not looking for lawyers to answer the complaints and then file lawsuits. I am attempting to light a figurative “spark” to get a figurative “fire” going.

Apparently this approach is not working, so I am weird. More likely, it is not working because America no longer has younger people who were like my dad. If so, what a shame.

My dad was not an entrepreneur looking to start a business and then sell it off to the highest bidder. Such entrepreneurs are greedy selfish narcissistic fat pigs who only look to make millions in a method of instantaneous results. My dad was not a millionaire, but he was able to make a successful business by building it from the ground up. Where are the folks like him, or they just no longer exist? The better mousetrap my dad built was NOT an invention. It was based on best practices for running a successful business.

Those who are at the top of corporations, particularly one in which I worked, only wish to skim off the top of it, remove pensions and stock from workers, and then spit the workers out like seeds. Only for the benefit of the 1% at the top. This 1% lousy misogynist egomaniac group don’t give one damn about the products and/or services.

They CLAIM they do, but that is a smoke screen for the actual greedy and selfish attitudes.

My dad created and implemented a business by considering the products and services, by paying attention to the DEMAND side of the market for which he was on the SUPPLY SIDE of the market. That is TRUE capitalism.

People have been successful in trying to define capitalism based on the whims of the 1% at the top with their greed for monopolizing and destruction of competition. The model for this lies in the Medieval times when royalty claiming to have a divine right to rule, were in action. The Smithsonian economics called capitalism (defined by a moral man named Adam Smith, who was a colleague of our Ben Franklin) was designed as a means to overturn that Medieval junk of supply-side economics with a divine right which came from worship of money, not the true Deity (whatever wishes to name the true Deity of humans, based on the Deity who designed human beings and the universe, not the god of money).

Here we are in the 21st Century, and we are still trying to fight the notion of supply-side economics as advocated by lovers and worshipers of money who proclaim this as being capitalism. That is not the capitalism defined by Adam Smith (which I coin the word, Smithsonian capitalism). There is also proof that Karl Marx falsely accused the problems of economics being capitalism. In effect, Marx should have accused Medieval system of royalty money worshipers. If one thinks about this, one can also see why Marx and the communists proposed atheism, because the church mis-represented God, just as the Russian Orthodox church (and many others in many other nations) is doing today in support of Putin, the atheist.

So I am weird because I attack the norm which has existed since Smithsonian capitalism was defined in the late 18th Century. It was the same type of economics of the fascist Roman Empire in the 1st Century when Jesus Christ brought us the WORD OF GOD, as the Romans occupied Israel. No surprise, but there is a similarity of the 1st Century tax collectors (i.e., disciple Matthew) to what has been described of 21st Century tax collectors in Italy. Is that true or just hearsay?

So I am weird because I go against the grain of groupthink for what is defined as the norm? OK. Guilty as charged.

Again, my intent is to use examples of what is wrong to ignite a spark within those who seek opportunities to address the demand side of the market.

The inspiration comes from my dad. The inspiration also emanates from a love for God and country in the true sense of the words, as spoken here. If you don’t like my words and approach to inspiring good people to address these “problems” and utilizing such problems to THINK, consider, and create and implement opportunities which can address the demand side of the capitalist market, which is being shoved aside in favor of wealth of bigots, criminals, and lovers and worshipers of money.

Money is not a bad word. Profit is not a bad word. Karl Marx and others have made money and profit bad words (i.e., we common folk are forced to call this, with the forms used to file regressive income tax which punishes us for making a profit, “disposable income”).

A “common folk” person speaks against this “norm” defined by fat pigs and we are weird. Of course I am weird. Just listen to what the fat pigs are saying for which many common folk pick up on. Such fat pigs are afraid of the truth being known with regard to capitalism. Just ask the reporters in the Ukraine who have been shot by Russian troops (probably dead now, so cannot attest to it), out of fear of the truth being told to the outside world. The fat pigs of America, manipulating this nation through Repugnicans and media control in the USA love Putin and the communist Chinese. To cover over the truth, they use smoke screens of blaming Democrats (perhaps those of us who are “weird”) so as to cover up their schemes to lie and not have the truth be known.

The world is not out to get me. I am out to get the world. The intent is to put away pigs like Putin and churches which support him, and fat cat greedy, selfish, narcissistic, American egomaniacs with a love and worship of money. They are afraid because that figurative “spark” to start the figurative “fire” is dangerous to them. Whether it is Russian Putin (starting true fires and brutality against the Ukrainians) or the wealthy fat Russian pigs in nations like Britain, or the Russian mobsters with whom Trump is associated and Tucker Carlson answers to their marching orders to lie; or it’s the centralized fat pigs of American supply-side Reaganomics business with their big boxes and other means of destroying capitalist competition and democracy.

Fact. Democracy runs best when there is a strong and wealthy middle class. The big fat pigs are fearful of such a thing, so work to destroy it with their love of money. Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich recognized this when they increased tax credits for the Middle Class in the late 1990s. The fat pigs hate that, too, because it is a recognition and acknowledgement that the fat pigs are not the ones to stimulate the economy and balance the Federal budget. Big fat pigs are not amenable to helping balance the budget, only make trouble for managing a debt ceiling. Such big fat pigs shiver at the idea of infrastructure improvements because it is the Middle Class which benefits more from such actions. Stupid Americans just went in this past November and voted, based on lies and slander, for the fat pigs of America and their corporate PACs used to put people in Congress.

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