The intent of this blog is to promote human equality, human progress, human peace and justice, and optimism. To accomplish this, to encourage the discussion of ideas after identifying and discovering problems, and then creating positive solutions for "we the people," in order to provide for the "general welfare" and "domestic tranquility" of America now and its "posterity" into the future. To encourage an emphasis on separation of religion and state for all, no matter if this is for those "of faith" in a Maker / Creator (Deists, God-loving people, Christians, various people of spirituality) and atheists or agnostics.

According to the “Friends of Ron DeSantis,” “Freedom lives in Florida.” I just received an unsolicited email in this regard. Thank you for sending this to me. Rather than hide myself and speak only as my fellow Republicans do many times, behind a smoke screen and hidden agenda to stalk and proselytize those who don’t agree, I shall be upfront. I don’t receive much of that “upfront” communication these days because so many people are buried in snippets from social portals (not social media but social portals).

We have evidence that censorship and prohibition do not solve the problems of society. Ron DeSantis chooses to do this and has convinced “friends” that it does. He lies.

Fact. When the musical, The Producers, includes a song which is a satire on “springtime in Germany,” it is about the Hitler regime in Germany. “Springtime in Germany” was a time when the Hitler folk put a smoke screen up to hide what was intended to be done in Germany. Gay people accepted. Jews, at first, ignored. All the time, the Roman Catholic Church looked the other way, while a Protestant Lutheran named Dietrich Bonhoeffer spoke against Hitler. But how could Bonhoeffer been so bad. After all, it was “springtime in Germany” and everyone was having a delightful time!

Then the hammer came down and Hitler created a dictatorship.

Also, during that time, the opposition to Hitler was nothing but wimps, out of fear that if they challenged what he said, they were appearing “not to get along.” Then the hammer came down on their heads, even when being so kind.

Book burning, censorship, and prohibition began. But never a prohibition of beer in Germany, right? Because it would upset the white homophobic Gentiles, right? Dictatorship to support a portion of the population.

Hitler’s gang of goons was NOT the majority. Trump’s gang of goons is NOT the majority. Now DeSantis’s gang of “friends” (goons). Doesn’t anyone see this? It is there, right before our eyes.

Of course, being these are based on HISTORICAL FACTS, why would DeSantis and his “friends” like what is said here?

Then in Germany, the book burning and prohibition of people and things.

Historical facts. In fact, Hitler justified what he did in Germany by what white Gentile folk in Dixie of this place called the USA did to black folk. He justified what he did on what the Western white men did to the natives of America. Sadly, to consider it came from America. Well, here it is, once again, rearing its ugly head in America, whether it’s Trump, Taylor Greene, Goetz, Rick Scott, Ron DeSantis or, yes, even Jebbie Bush. Jebbie Bush, angered because he could never become president, like his brother (not that his brother was a whole bunch better).

No, Friends of DeSantis, you adopt the Southern ways of bigotry and white superiority which once resided in the Democratic Party of the South. I know. As a Yankee in King Repugnican’s Florida court, I witnessed it. DeSantis is a by-product of what happened. He does NOT support freedom, except to claim so and lead the path to dictatorship, as Hitler did. As Lenin and Stalin did. There. I mention both sides of the extremists. All dictators.

Freedom means it is something we need to work for and we have guidelines, not RULES, for being a civilized society which has people who can coexist. What are you, DeSantis? A supporter of the ways of the Roman Empire, which is where the word fascist derives? They CLAIMED to have freedom and democracy, while putting down the Ancient Greek people of the land where the “cradle of democracy” derived. The Romans destroying democracy and then claiming they had democracy when the leaders acted with vengeance against anyone who disagreed with the leaders. Perhaps the guy with a baseball bat at some home learned it from the Romans? Or the Mafia?

DeSantis, you are not a friend to freedom. Your idea of freedom is solely based on only YOUR interpretation about what it means to be free. It benefits YOU, but what about the rest of the people of Florida or the USA?

What about those who are homeless and not because of their fault, but the fault of Repugnicans like DeSantis who pull the rug out from beneath them?

What about those at colleges and schools in Florida who live in high cost of living areas, but are blocked from receiving a living wage? Speaking from experience, you and Rick Scott micro-manage such colleges, appointing lawyers, not educators, to head the colleges. You and Rick Scott block college faculty in Florida from receiving a living wage. If this is freedom, then you have a warped sense of what freedom is. Sure. Some of those professors got fed up and departed from the state – the “freedom of choice.” But what about the people left behind? Perhaps some really good professors depart and thus deny the FREEDOM of the kids to receive a good education. Sorry. That is NOT freedom and demonstrates how DeSantis and Scott know nothing about freedom, except what benefits THEM, just as Trump does.

Continuing about freedom.

What about the black youngsters jailed in Florida prisons run by for-profit Wackenhut for misdemeanors and, due to the profit margin and the need to fill the cells to make money, some very fine youth end up as hardened criminals so you, Jebbie, Scott, and the others can then blame black folk for being criminals? By placing so many people in jail, you deny them the right to vote. If that is freedom, it is a freedom which sucks. Those prisons sound like Hitler German concentration camps, except not yet as bad as the ones in Hitler land. I said, “NOT YET.” Some freedom, as the prison population in this nation is one of the largest in the world. And our society is one of the most violent ones, too. Freedom? What about the freedom for the victims of all of this bull manure for a prison system?

And have we eliminated murder in Florida by maintaining capital punishment? Freedom for the ones criminalized and freedom for the victims?

Reproductive rights. Another Roman Catholic who does not get heard as much as idiots like DeSantis, pointed out that states in America which worked to make abortions illegal have higher rates of abortions than states which REGULATE abortions. Facts. Just the facts, ma’am, not the opinions of dictatorial puritanical perverts in religious groups.

Freedom? Libertarians (aka, anarchists wanting the “anything goes” attitude). DeSantis and friends love those libertarians, as did Hitler during the period of “springtime in Germany” of the 1930s. Libertarians were Hitler’s best friends, opening the doors wider and paving the roads strongly for Hitler to swoop into power. Libertarians don’t like regulations and guidelines. So, for a dictator to take control, the method used (historically), whether Hitler or others, has been to drop all the rules and make people feel so good about life without rules, and then swoop in as barbarians making a killing. Such people like Hitler spit out the libertarians like seeds. Case in point. Castro in Cuba. Made it look like a libertarian movement, too. Then after taking power, he went after gay people and locked them up. Good for him! Reveal all the gay folk with the smoke screen of “freedom” so as to have a target to go after some people he hated. Libertarian and freedom, Mr. DeSantis (and Mr. Rand Paul)? You are nothing but sick puppies, mentally deranged, with your smoke screen as you spell out the word, freedom.

Freedom and people are losing sight of the important guidelines necessary to live in a civilized nation. Barbarism in the form of mass shootings and then blaming the other side, as Hitler did in Germany. All to then swoop in and say, “see, we need to take control… see, we told you so…” All the bull manure of sickos who only seek power for their own benefit alone.

Mr. DeSantis and friends among the Repugnicans. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I am a Lincoln Republican and believe in TRULY being socially progressive and fiscally efficient. When I was registered Republican, there were many who were of the same mind. In fact, I learned from such Republicans in Yankee-land. A relative of mine, Ezra Cornell, was one of the founders of the Republican Party of New York, at the time of Lincoln. He was accused by Democrats in support of white racism, to be a “radical.” RADICAL? Because he supported the abolition of slavery, which is not human and goes against human equality? RADICAL? Those pointing the fingers were also sick puppies, in going against overall humanity and denying FREEDOM for one group within the HUMAN RACE.

I suppose, Mr. sicko DeSantis, you would ban the showing of Hair in Florida? I can just imagine. Hair makes a dramatic statement about human beings with a very short (perhaps a minute of so) of the entire cast standing on stage in the nude. Then the curtain is drawn. According to one actor who is playing in Hair, the statement is about removing the “barriers” imposed by human society.

One can shoot down what this actor said. It is easy to do, especially when talking about how removing the “barriers makes us all the same.” But, you might say, men and women are not the same. You don’t get the point. The scene is such a flash and so quick, you don’t get to fixate on genitals or boobs, as perhaps many perverted ones do. In your mind, you end up seeing that, stripped down, all on that stage are equal.

That scene is so quick, that one does not have time to say, “there is a black man in this spot or an Asian woman in this spot or a Latino i n this spot over there.” Everyone is the same with one big picture of humanity.

And in my blog, you will see I wrote a review of a production of Hair in South Florida. I pointed out that it was wrong to give the actors the “freedom” to wear clothes or not because the message of that quick scene becomes lost. More likely, it blocks the men who are repressed gay and cannot see other male genitals, so as to compare them! In fact, in that production, there were several who DID put underwear on. One could pick those out more easily than the naked people. I guess, as Dana Carvey’s Church Lady would say, “they’re special!” In other words, more important than others, just because they had clothes and ruined the scene.

My response to that Lake Worth, Florida production of Hair was to say, if you cannot do the scene correctly, as intended, then don’t do it at all. But. That would be encouraging censorship, would it not? Or perhaps for those who did not wish to appear on stage during that short minute, don’t go on at all. That, too, would be curtailing freedom, would it not? The answer is to simply do it for the message intended. When one sees a group of people on stage for just one minute, what the hell is the problem? The world will not end should they appear nude for that one minute. Censoring it curtails the freedom of those on stage and in the audience. If someone in the audience does not wish to see it, then don’t go to the production.

That production is not like Oh Calcutta or Puppetry of the Penis where people are on stage the entire time and in the nude. Have I seen either of those? No. I had no interest. But why should those who might be interested be able to see those productions and NOT be subjected to judgment by sickos and puritanical ones? Freedom.

We were married in Lake Worth with a wonderful ceremony and reception that followed. We are thankful to all our friends and relatives who were there to help us celebrate. Our 7th year anniversary is just around the corner. But our freedom to do that DID NOT come about due to Democrat turned Repugnican, Bondi of Florida. And certainly, we likely can thank Ron DeSantis for the freedom.

Are DeSantis and friends trying to be the John Galt of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged? If so, being in Florida, you are in the wrong place.

Oh, but I forget. Ayn Rand may have revealed her “virtue of selfishness” in that novel. But unknown to selfish ones who wish to eliminate abortions, Ayn Rand supported abortions and Roe v. Wade. Sorry, but you are not living up to Ayn Rand’s standards regarding freedom. After all, that was freedom based on selfishness.

I could call the man a name right now, but I will avoid it. Instead, I have gotta go now and kiss my spouse good morning. And then thank GOD for the freedom we have by NOT living in Florida. After all, this and every other day is the day the LORD has made, so we give thanks and rejoice in it.

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