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Advertisement Tonight on CNN, 10.23.2012

Once again, let’s expose lies of the Republican Party.  An advertisement tonight explains why a man is voting for Republicans.  He implies the other choice is socialism.  Oh, really?  I grew up on Main Street USA and had my own little capitalist businesses which don’t exist today for American kids.  Why?  Not due to socialism or communism or government, but our problems today are due to the fascists on Wall Street.  In 2008, Barack Obama made a distinction between Main Street and Wall Street and is then accused of being a socialist?

I am supportive of real competitive free market capitalism.  Republicans support oligarchic and crony capitalism.  A one-time Republican myself, I reject this stand by Republicans.

From a young age, I was working – on farms, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, and delivering newspapers.   It was not the union folks who removed these jobs from the kids today, but those who move in here from other lands, somehow claiming they have a better work ethic to succeed.  That’s baloney.

Who are the ones who refused – deliberately refused – to pay back student loans which our government was nice enough to grant them?  Look around.  They are more likely the ones who support Republicans and Libertarians today.

There should be opposite viewpoints on CNN when such lying advertisements are broadcast.

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